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Before we get to what’s interesting out there, let’s get to what you surely already know: the Jays made some roster moves over the weekend, optioning Munenori Kawasaki back to Buffalo to make room for the return of Jose Reyes, and bringing up Juan Francisco to add some thump (and strikeouts) to the lineup as Adam Lind and his wonky back move to the DL. Gregor Chisholm has the details on these moves, plus Casey Janssen’s latest setback, which will keep him out another two weeks, over at BlueJays.com.

Oh, and Jeremy Jeffress elected free agency rather than being assigned to Buffalo, and ended up coming to a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. MLB Daily Dish has the details (because MLBTR isn’t working for me right now, for some reason).

Outstanding stuff from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star, as he talks to each of the Jays’ hitters about how they prepare for a plate appearance. Read it.

“Remember when Stroman struggled badly this spring and everyone worried about whether a short pitcher would be able to generate enough downward plane to miss bats?” asked Jeff Moore of Baseball Prospectus in a piece last week. “Well, he’s still short. When Stroman keeps the ball down, he’s lights out, thanks to a plus change-up. He can get hurt when he misses up, but who doesn’t?”

Interesting test for Stroman tonight, tweets Ben Wagner, as he faces Red Sox prospect Brandon Workman, and a pair of rehabbing big leaguers in Will Middlebrooks and Shane Victorino.

More prospect stuff, and Stroman stuff, in particular, from Charlie Caskey at Your Van C’s. And also there’s some great “public sector scouting” stuff on his latest at Blue Jays Plus. Plus, David Laurila of FanGraphs talks to Mitch Nay about his grandfather’s influence.

And one more prospect thing: MLB.com looks briefly at Dan Norris’s scoreless inning streak, as well as his impressive 0.60 ERA so far. A move up to Double-A can’t be long now.

Elsewhere at MLB.com, Anthony Castrovince looks at the trouble R.A. Dickey has had so far, as he tries not only to get his knuckleball right, but to figure out how to combat the more patient approach that opposing hitters have taken with him so far this year.

Another piece on Dickey comes from Chris Toman at Gamereax, who suggests that it’s a command issue that’s plagued the Jays’ nominal ace this season — Dickey, he notes, leads the American League in walks issued with 15.

Jonah Keri’s weekly power rankings piece for GrantlandThe 30, finally looks at the Jays, and the inconsistent-yet-supremely-talented pitchers they’re going to rely heavily on if they’re going to do anything this season — particularly Brandon Morrow. Unfortunately, to get to that part of the article you have to see that much higher up in the rankings are the Oakland A’s, who are getting it done behind out-of-nowhere ace Jesse Chavez, who pitched nine times for the Jays, and 19 times for Las Vegas back in 2012. Ugh.

Back to Gregor Chisholm, who offered some excellent stray thoughts following the Jays’ loss in the first game of Thursday’s doubleheader. You can find them at North Of The Border.

Mop Up Duty looks at Jose Bautista’s awesome, ultra-disciplined approach.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun that, since joining the Jays, Sergio Santos has yet to make it past the April 22nd mark of a season while healthy — a trend he’s closing in on putting a stop to. Next year maybe he can make it past April 22nd healthy and with having an outing in which he walked all three batters he faced with runners on second and third with a goddamn two run lead. Ugh.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Todd Redmond says he is no fan of a prototype of padded hats for pitchers to wear, which has been in the news of late. Thing is, who cares what the people wearing these things think? No, seriously.

Hey and one more: Steve Simmons wrote this in his Saturday column: “You have to wonder — and I do — how much longer Jays manager John Gibbons will put up with pitcher Brandon Morrow. It’s clear there’s a disconnect between pitcher and manager here. It might be a matter who ends up going first.” I guess it worked, because I took the bait and quoted it. Screw linking this nonsense, though. If you haven’t yet figured out that Simmons is useless, there’s probably no hope for you.

In his latest at Sportsnet, the Tao Of Stieb wonders what the Jays do with their current surplus of bullpen arms.

At Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers wonders if the Jays’ bullpen is overworked. Simple answer: yeah, the starters need to start going deeper already.

Great stuff on Colby Rasmus from Arden Zwelling in the April 7th issue of Sportsnet magazine. In another piece he takes an in-depth look at Ricky Romero.

MLBTR says that the Jays are one of many, many teams who took a look at that pederast Hanrahan.

Three gems from Getting Blanked, as Drew talks to Astros GM Jeff Luhnow, looks visually at the fastest men in baseball, and tries to make me puke in my mouth by lauding the superlative New York Yankees rotation.

Lastly, fascinating stuff from the New York Times, where Seth Stephens-Davidowitz looks at the ages when casual fandom becomes fandom for life, and the link between the success of teams during that moment in people’s lives.

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  1. One day, SOMETHING has to come up Milhouse!

  2. are we officially out of Buerhle Haters?

  3. lol @ no link for Steve Simmons

  4. Apparently MLBTR’s web host is under some sort of cyber attack.

  5. thought we ‘sold the farm’ (!) last winter.

  6. I’m not sure the Jays bullpen is overworked. Yes the starters need to go deeper, or they will be overworked. But it’s not like that’s the reason the two blow-ups happened.

    Sometimes bullpens blow leads. And sometimes they do it in spectacular fashion.

    • They’re not overworked yet, it’s only 19 games in. But a dangerous pace is developing.

      The Jays have already logged bullpen innings that puts their rate third in MLB (3.4IP/game).

      In 2013 they finished with a rate of 3.5IP/game, which was second only to Minnesota.

      I don’t care how heavy your weighted balls are, this workload is not sustainable.

      • A few things:
        – They have an 8-man bullpen
        – The multitude of off-days may have caused Gibby to have a shorter leash on the starters (e.g. pulling Morrow after 95 pitches when he wasn’t in much trouble)

        But yeah, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

    • Oh, I certainly didn’t want to imply that was the reason they blew leads, just concerned about the innings they’re logging already. Kind of went to shit a bit at the end of last year when it didn’t matter and not so many people were paying attention. At least, anecdotally that’s what I remember.

      • You are pretty much right.

        Overwork in April, May and June did them in: 242 G, 294.1 IP, 1,221 Batters Faced, 2.91 ERA (includes an unhittable June).

        The bottom fell out July and August: 156 G, 171.1 IP, 748 BF, 4.36 ERA.

  7. Fucking awesome Hanrahan reference.

    Jays are way down there in the MLB (24th) for cumulative starter innings (103.2), basically tied with Houston, Philly, Minny and CHC (three of my favorite names, Philly, Minny and Cubby). That’s right under 5 1/2 IP per game (aka 16 outs).

    Take out Buehrle (28 IP in 4 games) and it gets a bit scary: 75.2 in 15 games or ~5IP. Right now the starters are glorified long relievers.

    Add 42 BB (3.6/9IP) and it’s no wonder these guys aren’t going terribly long. Take Buehrle out of that (5 BB) and it’s just under 4.5 walks per 9 for Dickey, Morrow, Hutch and McGowan.

  8. 6/7 in 92/93. Innocence and flags are a dangerous mix.

  9. I’m gonna miss Colby when he leaves…. Fuckin’ Rogers.

    • Also, Arden Zwelling was the little scientist dude from Captain America, right?

    • I wonder if Colby is the type of guy that would take a discount to stay in Toronto, assuming he likes it here. He seems like they type of guy who might not care about maximizing the dollars.

      Not that I actually know anything about him…

      • i don’t see why he would.
        Also, even if he would, would it be enough to make a difference.
        I mean if some team is offering 7/130 or some such, it would be a hell of a discount to get him down to something that the Jays would (likely) be willing to stomach.

        • That assumes he gets to the open market, though.

          Has always seemed like a mid-season extension makes the most sense for both sides. Jays pay a little more to get a little more data, Rasmus takes a little less to avoid poor health/performance or having to take his chances as FA. Shouldn’t be tough to find a number that makes sense for both — issue is getting ownership to sign off.

          • Imagine this should be workable with Rogers based on what’s committed in 2015 (and beyond).

          • It’s the ownership signoff piece that I’m not optimistic about. Even with a discount for signing early/hometown discount/whatever there may be a very wide gap between the concessions Colby will make and what Rogers will approve.

            like, will it take more than what Bautista got? (probably)… will Rogers pay that (maybe not!)

            • I dunno. Total commitments for 2015-2019: $96.2M, $27.6M, $22M, $0, $0. Not hard to backload it, and it’s not like payroll is going to zero. You’d like to know what sort of percentage of payroll he’d be taking up, but I don’t know if it’s that big a financial issue. (Granted, there are option years on deals that could take 2016 up quite a bit).

              • Think that ownership commitment has everything to do with if they are in the hunt come June. Think it’s a wait and see game right now and if there isn’t great attendance viewership and record mid season there may be a mini rebuild and if there is an extension to Rasmussen and maybe Cabrera (assuming they are performing half decently of course). They kept the team together but didn’t add and look like its a wait and see what they have mid season

          • Pretty sure his dad won’t let that happen

      • Use whatever money Colby “strikeout machine” Rasmus was allotted and throw it all at Melky for a 4 year deal.

        • I’m surprised there’s more talk about extending Colby than extending Melky,
          the guy is a machine,
          a slow funny looking machine

        • I like Melky but are you comparing Melky and his 3 weeks of good batting to what Colby has brought overall?

          • I was more comparing how similar this season is to when he was an all star, and a darkhouse mvp candidate, and maybe suggesting his better play has more to do with no tumors and less to do with steriods.
            I’d be happy to see them keep both, they can both be studs, i just don’t get why the extension topic is so one sided to colby

        • Pretending the strikeouts undo the good Rasmus does is pretty dumb.

          • His OPS was .840, Sierra? .827

            SIGN MELKY

          • @me Stoeten? Colby is having a terrible start. But has 12 WAR at 27 years old. I’d jump on the terrible start + the threat of QO hell + that he likes it here* and extend him now (well try to anyway).

            * If (if if) anyone ever gets a “hometown” discount, it may very well be us. Colby really seems to have been miserable at STL and seems happy enough here. Toronto is a pretty chilled out environment to play in and maybe that means something to him.

            Note: I thought Melky was the biggest steal of 2012 offseason and am glad he is better now. Not knocking him at all. But it is just 3 weeks of greatness so far.

      • Pretty sure his dad won’t let that happen

  10. who needs jesse chavez? we are gonna have an out of nowhere Chad Jenkins starting for us in a month or so

  11. The enduring memory I have of Chavez was when he pitched out of a bases-loaded 0-out jam in extra innings against the very same A’s. But he was still mostly shitty.

  12. OK, hands up if at any point in time over the last 2 years, you have confused Jesse Chavez with Chad Jenkins, or Sean Nolin with Daniel Norris…

  13. To me, the reason why Dickey is having such a horrific time is only 22.1% of pitches outside the strike-zone are being swung at. That doesn’t tell me batters are being more patient, but rather Dickey is likely to be missing badly. In contrast, that percentage was 34% in 2012, and 30.7% last season. It’s obviously still early, but something to keep an eye on for sure.

    Also, Daniel Norris is a fucking stud that no one should even be close to giving up on.

  14. Both Colby and Melky may very well find themselves in qualifying offer hell.

    I think it’s a little early to assume one or both will not be back.

    • If they are healthy and perform up to expectations, then no, they will not. It will be a very easy decision for both of them.

  15. Well i’m glad you have everything all figured out IMW. Have you let Melky and Cleetus kow they won’t be back.

  16. Realistically what would you guys pay for Colby? I like him but I’m not sure about forking over a large chunk of payroll for him (fucking Rogers)

  17. Nothing at ALL about Edwin Encarnacion?

  18. You know that old pederast in accounting, too? Sheee-it

  19. Like Stoeten was saying, a short pitcher is more likely to get shelled. Stroman didn’t escape the 6th, giving up 10 hits in 5.1 innings.

    • 26/6 K/BB in 20.1 innings and a 2.18 ERA.

      If he keeps this up, or even something close to this, he’ll be in the major league rotation in a few weeks.

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