It sure feels like we’re still too comfortably in the early going to try to claim that a single game could be so massive, so pivotal, for what this club is trying to accomplish, but coming off an ugly loss as they are, this one is definitely a chance to show what they’re made of, and to show the people who maintained faith in them that it wasn’t misplaced, and that it isn’t all going to evaporate just as soon as the going gets tough. It should be a hell of a thing to watch tonight — or, at least, let’s hope so.

Hey, and the Jays are playing too!

Go Raptors!


Shi Davidi tweets that Casey Janssen will throw a couple of bullpens this week, and is tentatively scheduled to head back out on a rehab assignment next week.

I mentioned this in the previous post, but the Jays claimed former org. guy Darin Mastroianni today. He’s been optioned to Buffalo, and Kenny Wilson has been D’d FA to make room on the 40-man. Meh.

Also mentioned earlier — and again by me in a tweet — is the fact that batters are hitting .440/.533/.680 against R.A. Dickey on his third time through the order so far in 2014. Good lord.

Schaudenfreude alert: Benny Fresh tweets out the news on Yankees starter Ivan Nova, and it’s not good. Tommy John surgery has been recommended to fix a tear in his UCL.

In the National Post, John Lott looks at how badly the Jays need innings out of their starters on this crucial-ish homestand.

In a pair of tweets, Brendan Kennedy passes along a couple of items from Mark Simon of ESPN, who shows us the dire-looking heat map on Brett Lawrie, and where he lands in terms of Well-hit Average (which is among the bottom 20 players in baseball).

Great stuff from Parkes over at theScore, as he looks at the Raptors, referees, and whether this city’s plucky upstarts can get a fair shake.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the game one lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Juan Francisco (L)
CF Colby Rasmus
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
C Steve Clevenger (L)
DH Delmon Young (R)
SS Ryan Flaherty (L)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)
3B Steve Lombardozzi (S)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. Yee Haw!!!

  2. wohooo! where’s all the lawrie hater’s now…

  3. Jays bottom 3 base hit tracker: 3, hit by pitch: 1, 3 RBIs

  4. Lawrie has a lot of power when he hits it at the shins.

  5. Hey look. Someone else’s bullpen is imploding.

  6. What is the “Jays bottom 3 base hit tracker:” at?

  7. Was Lawrie just talking eating pussy with Bautista as Buck talked about going deep?

  8. Leads the team in RBIs? lol

    Well at least that should shut up the Jays talk callers.

    There is meaning in that alone.

    • There is only one way to shut up Jays talk callers, that no to listen to the show.

      • To be honest I don’t. But I do listen to sports radio on the way to work in the morning and I dread them ever talking baseball. Gritensity!

  9. Baltimore pitcher heads “Meek-ly” to the showers…

  10. Also, I vote for phat juan

  11. The Orioles are in the same situation, they need to rest their bullpen. Jays need burn some more relievers which can set up well for the rest of the series.

  12. Someone turned the hitting difficulty to rookie.

    Sorry I just bought The Show 14.

    Good game. The one on TV and the PS 3.

    • I just bought it the other day myself. Ripping the dreams of AAA hitters to shreds.

      • It’s a lot harder to me it seems. More realistic.

        I never bought 13 though, been playing 12 for a few years.

        Subtle changes but a definite upgrade.

        • 2011 was the last one I bought.

          My BABIP against is over .400 which is bullshit. It seems like when you crank up the difficulty on RTTS as a pitcher, it just means that your defense wears cement shoes.

  13. Melky!



  16. I love this game.

  17. ORILOL!

  18. MELKMAN dinger !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Yea Melky!

  20. This team is kinda awesome.

  21. The Melkpocalypse

  22. Holy Toledo, eh?
    The Melkman delivers!

  23. That was a line drive. Holy crap did he crank that!!

  24. The bar I’m at changed the jays game to don cherry.

    Sometimes living in canada is a real motherfucker

  25. Melk man!!! get on that extension AA before he becomes more expensive!

  26. Thought Melky + Brett were gonna kiss there…

  27. Melky has 5 homers in 7 games at home.

  28. Well this game quickly turned into a laugher.

  29. Go ahead and tell everybody

  30. oriLOLs

  31. Holy shit, anyone see Lester’s line tonight against NYY?

  32. Shhhhhtrong hands

  33. All Hail Dickey The Adequate

  34. woohoo!

  35. Keep Diaz, free Muni and demote Goins.

  36. Burger King with another less than spectacular

  37. And that’s the ball game. Very. very nice win and the guys are looking pretty good.

  38. Really liking the Diaz. Good ABs, more than serviceable D, just does what he’s supposed to do.

  39. Brett Cecil – Player of the Game.
    Old Googly-eyes gets ‘em out of a bases load jam.

  40. How art thou, dost though requireth another ale

    Why yeseth.

  41. Lawrie’s keeping that moustache.

  42. I’ve definitely been a Diaz supporter since his inception.
    Good for Lawrie for getting screentime to wish his parents well.

  43. Did that ‘stache save him from becoming the new Strike3bia?
    Raps about to blow it with 18.2 secs left.

  44. It feels some good when having a little faith is rewarded big time.

    I trust that those fools who rushed in where angels fear to tread taste ashes.

    • You poetic sonofabitch.

      Can I prepay you to write something nice for my headstone. (too drunk, I can`t find the question mark on this space aged tablet)

      • The future is going to be the death of us, Smasher.

        Do not go gentle into that good night,
        Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
        Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    • Yeah well don’t count your ashes too quickly. I was one of the optimistic ones and I still am. But there is plenty of season left for these guys to totally screw up. So let’s take it one game at a time right now. And this was one nice game!

      • Cheers, Isabella.
        You may still feel optimistic, but you have lately been clawing back your faith to such a degree that you could conceivably live with just about any result.
        Free your feelings.
        Risk loss.
        Dare to win.

        • No. But I’m neither looking forward nor back. This should be a very good team. They were a great team tonight.

  45. Ashes have turned to joy in my mouth.

  46. Raptors 100 Nets 95 is yer final

  47. Raps win too.

    Leafs still suck

  48. If Kawasaki got a bobblehead night against the Astros, would the Jays get a sellout?

  49. Guy at the bar just called me a fag because “nobody cares about baseball or basketball ”

    What year is it?

  50. Jig is up, the O`lady didn`t buy my reasoning for leaving the pool multiple times for the washroom in our room. She caught me checkin in on the game and you boys & gals.
    I think she would have been less upset had she caught in here with a girl rather then watching Esmil close one out.

    Tomorrows agenda: Buy something shiny.

    • I trust that she loves ‘His Bobness’ as well?
      That would go a long way in assuaging her hurt.

      • She knows who he is. That is to say that she doesn`t mind when his songs cycle through on my Pod. She`s partial to Shelter from the Storm.

        Which I didn`t get any of from her today.

        There`s always tomorrow.

        • Do I understand your question man, is it hopeless and forlorn?
          “Come in,” she said,
          “I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

          If I were you, I’d graciously (to say nothing of gratefully) accept it.

          But that’s just me.

    • Women really get pissed about this kinda thing? Wee-ow. I could learn a thing or two. + have more shiny things. That is to say ANY shiny things.

      My partner begrudgingly leaves me alone with my baseball time.

      • So does mine. But once or twice a year we go to a game and I think he enjoys it but I’m not sure he understands what’s going on.

  51. Here’s hoping that fat tater was Edwin’s slump buster.

  52. NY beat up on Boston. Fenway will not be a happy lace right now.

  53. *place*

  54. Another day without injury and above .500
    Building blocks
    Great game
    for us

  55. This was the game I wish I was drunk for, not the Twins shitshow.

    • There’s no excuse for this.
      Please peruse said blog’s name.
      In the future, please prepare yourself accordingly.
      Is this too much to ask?

      We will say no more of this.

      • I am, of course, the exception to the rule. I’m the lone accepted teetotaler. Except for tonight.

  56. And Passover is now over. At long last Passover is over. I can have toast for breakfast :)

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