It sure feels like we’re still too comfortably in the early going to try to claim that a single game could be so massive, so pivotal, for what this club is trying to accomplish, but coming off an ugly loss as they are, this one is definitely a chance to show what they’re made of, and to show the people who maintained faith in them that it wasn’t misplaced, and that it isn’t all going to evaporate just as soon as the going gets tough. It should be a hell of a thing to watch tonight — or, at least, let’s hope so.

Hey, and the Jays are playing too!

Go Raptors!


Shi Davidi tweets that Casey Janssen will throw a couple of bullpens this week, and is tentatively scheduled to head back out on a rehab assignment next week.

I mentioned this in the previous post, but the Jays claimed former org. guy Darin Mastroianni today. He’s been optioned to Buffalo, and Kenny Wilson has been D’d FA to make room on the 40-man. Meh.

Also mentioned earlier — and again by me in a tweet — is the fact that batters are hitting .440/.533/.680 against R.A. Dickey on his third time through the order so far in 2014. Good lord.

Schaudenfreude alert: Benny Fresh tweets out the news on Yankees starter Ivan Nova, and it’s not good. Tommy John surgery has been recommended to fix a tear in his UCL.

In the National Post, John Lott looks at how badly the Jays need innings out of their starters on this crucial-ish homestand.

In a pair of tweets, Brendan Kennedy passes along a couple of items from Mark Simon of ESPN, who shows us the dire-looking heat map on Brett Lawrie, and where he lands in terms of Well-hit Average (which is among the bottom 20 players in baseball).

Great stuff from Parkes over at theScore, as he looks at the Raptors, referees, and whether this city’s plucky upstarts can get a fair shake.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the game one lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Juan Francisco (L)
CF Colby Rasmus
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Baltimore Orioles

RF Nick Markakis (L)
LF Nelson Cruz (R)
1B Chris Davis (L)
CF Adam Jones (R)
C Steve Clevenger (L)
DH Delmon Young (R)
SS Ryan Flaherty (L)
2B Jonathan Schoop (R)
3B Steve Lombardozzi (S)

RHP Miguel Gonzalez

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  1. Fuck you, Trolls.

  2. Walk the fucking parrot…….all the way around.

  3. Polly is back!

  4. Oh no. Wilner called it.

  5. Woo!!!

  6. Squawk!!!!

  7. Good call Shrimp.



  10. Now the floodgates open

  11. alright E Double!!! So happy hes off the schneid.

  12. Not a cheap dinger either. He crushed that.

  13. Damn that’s gotta feel good.

  14. “the chinamen is not the issue”

  15. So all the Showalter lovers on here. I guess he is a moron for leaving his starter in too long?

  16. Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,
    Would stand close together, with Edwin bells ringing.
    They’d stand hand-in-hand. And the Whos would start singing!

  17. I miss anything?

  18. Wow Lawrie didnt get out with that at bat.

    • you are a shitty troll. You have all 4 of your comments in a paint file on your desktop. Learn to use word you fucking neanderthal.

      • damn i didnt know the Lawrie love was THAT thick.

      • Nah, im a Jays fan, i just cant stand Lawrie.
        Everyone has a player they just cant stand regardless if its rational or not.
        I think .123 makes Lawrie hatred rational though.

        • you’d be wrong.

        • oh im with you, i just dont get why people love him sooo much just bc hes a nuck? and one who grew up 3,000 miles from toronto.

          • I’m no Lawrie fan – I’ve been really critical of him in the past. But the amount of doom + gloom + naysaying makes me feel like I should say something. Just because he hasn’t been doing well this season does that = terrible forever? Especially when he wasn’t terrible before?

            Whatever. I know I shouldn’t be surprised when people on here are so instantly negative all the time.

            • Its not just his shitty hitting so far this year. He is a hot head and a bit of a tool.
              Like i said, most people have someone on a team they just dont like. Lawrie is my guy.

          • I live 30 minutes from where the Canadian Jesus grew up.
            If that somehow diminishes me as a fan in your eyes, why in fuck would you post as New Jersey Jays Fan, hmm?

  19. Jays bottom 3 base hit tracker: 1, hit by pitch: 1

    • its hard not to be when alllllll the big young prospects we have NEVER pan out. See Snider, Travis.

  20. Jays bottom 3 base hit tracker: 2

    …. technically he got “hit” and he’s on base.It’s slim picking these days….I’m taking it.

  21. Can we hope for a Thole double??

  22. Edwin hit one out? Fuck, I must have been asleep being walked around the bases. :(

  23. no Dinner against a lefty? So he can leave Dickey in for more?

  24. Thole is really getting some good at bats in there.

  25. Pinch hit for fucking Goins, Gibby!

  26. Just 6 more walks and a couple wild pitches and Os’ fans can feel our pain.

  27. and Goins is gone

  28. Dinner time?

  29. the benching and demotion of Goins?

    • Let’s hope.

      Don’t know what’s more irritating: watching him hopelessly outmatched at the plate or listening to broadcasters talk about how fantastic he is.

  30. Niiiice move Gibby. I dunno know if I could have handled a Goins ab

  31. Fuck, nice to see the replay of the eddie c’ya bingo.

    No fuckin’ doubter.

  32. Wouldn’t Sierra have been the better choice then?

  33. for chrissake Gibby, why can’t we be happy with a QS and hand it over to the BP? top of the friggin order coming up too

    • Baby steps. This start he at least had the bullpen warming up. Maybe the next start he’ll pull him proactively.

    • At least shouldve been out after the first single… not complaining too much about giving him a chance to eat one more inning

      • yeah, i mean for sure with how he pitched the 6th, he’s gotta have an extremely short leash in the 7th.

  34. ya maybe should have not gone back with Dickey.

  35. Wait, why is Dickey still pitching?

  36. Wanted to give Dickey the chance for: 1) the W; 2) 7 IP

  37. Why the fuck was Dickey still in there

  38. And with the horses mere spots on the horizon, Master Gibbons bravely closes the barn door.

  39. Maybe I’m a looney conspiracy theorist, but it feels like TPTB give Dickey way too much power + control. Ridiculous. Like they are afraid of offending him by pulling him. Starting pitchers are such divas.

  40. Goggles time.

  41. It was good to see Dickey show some negative emotion.

  42. Can someone explain how ERA Dickfingers won a fucking Cy Young pitching at an open air stadium in a city with weather that is similar to Toronto’s?

  43. Fuck you ump, don’t you know that’s an all star pitching???!?!?!?!?!

  44. A CF where fly balls go to die, versus a CF where HR fly out…

  45. Cecil doin some work.

  46. Nasty Goggles

  47. C’mon Goggles, finish this chump off

  48. Nice job bullpen.

  49. Fuck Cecil has become a stud.

  50. Nails

  51. Goggles is the fucking goods.

  52. Goggles gives me a semi.

  53. Godgles

  54. Fucking love me some goggles.

    Crotch grab to Wagner.

    • Apparently that’s a $25000 fine in hockey.

      • I still say that if he had of said “Fuck the Nets” rather than “Fuck Brooklyn” he wouldn’t have been fined.

        Laughing about it on the radio probably didn’t help either. But I get it’s hard not to…it was funny.

  55. Fuuuuuuuck Yeeeesssssss!!

  56. I didn’t know we were supposed to be showing our photos tonight. Picked a bad night for it as I’m under the weather.

    That being said, I’m loaded on NyQuil + NeoCitron. This is the closest I come to being drunk [aside from my dental visits]. I finally feel like I fit in.

  57. Keep Cecil in for the 8th please. Our most reliable arm in the pen.

  58. I’d call that 3 strike outs plus a douchy ump, but I’ll take it, good job Brett

  59. Brett just put a huge grin on my face now let’s fuck these guys up

  60. Brett motherfucking Cecil, everyone

  61. thank god for adam jones. that was a laughable AB.

    dynamite stuff from Cecil.

  62. Dickey needs a pair of speed goggles, and throw with his left arm. Maybe then he can be effective like Cecil.

  63. Goggles Pisano

  64. For Brett Cecil:


    Off to the next door bar now

  65. Decided to forgo the beers, as I was late to the party that is a Jays ALE matchup, and hit the rum hard with an “attention getter”, instantly feeling better about being me.

  66. Why cant our pitching staff just be like 12 Brett Cecils?

  67. Just goes to show you, Gonzales was pitching like a G, but only managed 5.2 inning with 102 pitches.

    We should remember that the next Morrow or McGowan start.

    Modern baseball is hard.

  68. Why don’t they just IBB him every time and save the pitches?

  69. Nyquil and all other sleep aids are awful. You’ll feel really groggy after your ten hour sleep.

  70. The EE tunnel scream was pretty awesome.

  71. Bautista is well on his way to a very special season, I think.

  72. I am the only one that’s happy with Dickey’s start?

    He pitched into the 7th, only walked 3, gave up 1 HR and left with the game tied.

    I’ll take it right now.

  73. Now that the rangers got a two goal lead back i can put the jays back in the pip corner…


  75. The umpire has been screwing us liberally in his interpretation of the strike zone.

  76. The Delabarber takes care of it.

  77. Delabeard!

  78. Oh what a beautiful DBP!

  79. Goins with the sick D!!

    Oh wait.

  80. Diaz>Goins

  81. Holy fuck, amazing! Diaz for mayor!

  82. Sweet defense

  83. Oooh Francisco.

    That’s fun to say.


  84. The fat Juan delivers!

  85. TWO walks for Cletus

  86. The Sweet Canadian Baby Jesus, by God.

  87. Lawrie!? I don’t believe it.

  88. Didn’t see that shit coming!!

  89. REDEMPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. NO WAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. The ‘stache. I credit the ‘stache.

  92. Awingdangdinglydoo!!!

    Holy shit.

    Lucky mustache.


  94. Holy shit, CJ delivered!

  95. Jays bottom 3 base hit tracker: 2, hit by pitch: 1, 3 RBIs

  96. Gibby saw that coming, obviously

  97. This is why i’m a longtime lurker.

  98. Lawrie.
    I like a bit better now.
    Just a tiny bit.

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