Great catch from Dan Toman, who was quick to throw the following Vine out into the digital ether, while the Blue Jay Hunter’s Tumblr had another part of the… um… festivities?

I don’t even want to know.

Hard to fault young Brett for feeling good on a night when he broke a 3-3 tie with a three-run bomb — or any of the Jays, really, after what looked like it might be yet another disaster for R.A. Dickey, who cruised through five innings before a Steve Lombardozzi pop up double (not taken by either Melky Cabrera or Jose Reyes) was followed by a Nick Markakis walk and a Nelson Cruz blast to open the scoring. Shit, it looked like it might get worse when Dickey managed to walk (and HBP) the bases loaded before getting out of that inning. Or when a single and a ground rule double from Markakis created a gigantic jam as Dickey finally, mercifully was pulled in the seventh — a jam that nearly erased all the good of Edwin Encarnacion’s game-tying three-run blast in the bottom of the sixth, but was spectacularly worked out of by Neil Wagner and (mostly) Brett Cecil, setting the stage for Lawrie’s eighth-inning heroics (and another three-run blast off the bat of Melky Cabrera, to boot).

Or, at least, so I heard from Twitter while watching the basketball game.

Anyway… yeah… you be you, Brett Lawrie. You be you. Whatever the hell you are.

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  1. It looks like a creepy gesture, but I think that’s more about his new slump-busting mustache.

  2. A bro with a stache. If he played for any of the other AL East teams, most hated player ever right there. Canadian or not.

    Hopefully this bit of hair is a new mystical source of power for him.

  3. He’s trying a little too hard right now as is Rasmus. Brett seems like he’s a little pissed with himself still after the home run. Love his attitude and his intensity and my advice is to do what he does best and keep playing hard. Always stay on the good side of the umps and try not to swing after too many ball fours just because the BA isn’t there yet. Be aggressive at the plate but smart. No need to prove that you can hit bad pitches out of the infield.

    • Lawrie’s swing looks goddamn ugly. I can’t help but think that if he kept his swing a little more even and a little quieter (he doesn’t bop around as much when waiting for a pitch, but still moves A LOT as he’s swinging) he should be able to hit it the other way and line it up the middle a lot more often.

  4. that is awesome

  5. Whatever it takes!

    20+ years

  6. It’s his home run flavour saver.

  7. Brett Lawrie and John Olerud: Have any two Blue Jays been more dissimilar?

  8. Lawrie has 4 home runs in 20 games that puts him on pace for 32 home runs not tooo shabby when you think about it. The average has to come up obviously but he has 275 talent…. if he can hit 275 with 30 home runs …. Thats pretty great for 3 base now a days….. I more encouraged by his power then worried about his average

  9. Yeah I was surprised to see Dickey out in the 7th. And even more surprised he stayed after losing to the first batter. But it worked out so whatever I guess.

    It was an ok start against a decent AL East team.

    • Fuck, it was a great start, sons. Aside from Buehrle, none of our guys can fuck with a lineup like that for five innings…and it may have continued save for the bullshit effort by Reyes and Cabrera on that flyball.
      That being the case, he does need to be able to overcome adversity and right himself.

      • Yeah – definitely better to have a guy start well and know that he might start falling apart suddenly in the 5th or 6th inning versus being down 3-0 in the bottom of the first. At least you might have some runs by then.

        This start really should have been 2ER in 6 innings against a decent AL East team. And that is despite Dickey clearly having some stamina or control issues. I remain optimistic that he’ll come into form over the next month or so and really look good.

  10. Maybe he has graduated from Red Bull to something with a little more kick?


    And there’s someone in there ranting about the man in white and stuff. Pure gold.

    • Consider the source.
      Orioles Hangout is nothing short of hilarious, any day anyway.
      O’Day O’Day O’Day O’Day
      O’Day O’Day.

    • bahahaa I think I prefer reading that websites comments more than DJF when Jays/Orioles series roll around

    • Wow, some of them would prefer Swisher over Lawrie…that’s some serious hate!

    • He is also complaining about how some of our power hitters use black bats which can hide pine tar. But the origin of the pine tar rule is the avoidance of getting pine tar on the baseball (to save money in the early days as it necessitated switching to a new ball). It has nothing to do with its actual effect on hitting.

  12. Seeing Lawrie in first GIF I hear “Yo cheese……. Stud… Stud” when looking at him.

  13. from orioles’ hangout (enjoy this one):

    “I agree with you 100%. Lawrie has joined the CHEATERS Club in Toronto. With their supposedly Canadian maple bats and the guy who flashes signs in CF this will be a bad series for us. It is what it is. Toronto crushes the ball with some of the longest HR’S you’ll ever see. Their players know they are cheating and act like jerks on the field and in the dugout. Some day MLB will investigate. Their announcers even joke about their long HR’S in Toronto. They say on the air “Wow.” How did he do that?

    Lawrie I believe hit his first HR of the season the last Sunday game recently at OP. He hit a homer to deep left field that went to the concourse area where fans walk just below the lower reserved seat section. It was like a lazer. I was at the game Rasmus hit the two out two strike pitch to tie the game off Hunter on Saturday night when they were here recently. I believe they said it was a high outside 97 mph fastball he pulled and crushed to right field. They were still talking about this HR a week after he hit it and they wondered how he pulled that pitch and hit it that far. The guy was a bust with St. Louis and gets traded to Toronto and suddenly finds his HR stroke just like Bautista and Encarnacion. You can google the story from last season or the season before when the Red Sox bullpen saw a guy in the CF seats flashing signs to their hitters. I think they had already hit several HR’S that game and Boston stopped the game and told the umpires who made the guy move. I noticed after the last HR tonight they hit Buck was looking out to the outfield it seemed a long time. We need someone from the team to sit out there in CF and look for the guy. On their next long HR Buck needs to ask to see the bat and have it checked. Not sure about the rule on this. I know the old pine tar story but this is different. I haven’t been watchingToronto closely this year when they bat to see what kind of bats they are using. Last year their HR guys were all using black bats. It’s harder to spot anything on a black bat.

    Back to Lawrie. I’ve read and heard players talk about him and they say he is a real jerk and most players don’t like him.”

    • oops this wasn’t meant as a reply to the above guy…though they’re both about equally dumb

    • Absolute GOLD, pastlives. GOLD.
      They probably allow this guy to breed.

    • If the jays had a system of relaying signs from the outfield to the hitter, why has not a single former jays player alerted his new non jays teammates to the issue?

      why wouldn’t the mother fucking FORMER JAYS MANAGER AND CURRENT RED SOX MANAGER ..say a damn thing?

      • Someone post this on that forum. I’d love to see the responses

        • I never normally say this, but the Orioles series are the one time of year where a small part of me misses jesuschristo.

          • Well that guy didn’t say he was an OriLOLes fan for nothing. That shit is hilarious! Oh and by the way, where was Mr Centre Field last season? Personally I think he followed Farrell to Boston where he had an excellent year until he fell off the Green Monster, hurt his back badly, and now can’t get his wheel-chair into position in CF for the calls.

          • thats just crazy talk

    • Ahahahahaha oooooh MAN I havent had that much fun reading since Clash of Kings.

    • So Lawrie is batting in the 100′s and Edwin only hit his first home run tonight but somehow this is proof of a man in white that we were caught for except there was never a game stoppage or any video of the man in white despite 100 cameras at the game every day and the whole thing being ludicrous and borderline impossible.

      Amazing the lengths people will go to, to make themselves somehow feel better.

      • Not to mention that there’s obviously something weird going on with Jose and Edwin breaking out late but Quad-A Chris Davis can come out of nowhere and it’s totes legit.

  14. Stoeten.
    A neccessary move I guess.
    Took away some of my fun but I understand.

  15. in 74 at-bats he’s got 10 hits and 15 rbi. 7 of his 10 hits have driven in a run. 4 of those 10 hits have been a home run. 3 of his 4 home runs have been for two runs or more. with RISP he bats .298 with a .278 OBP. he has a mustache.

  16. Sporting a stache increases your mass which in turn increases the force you create when you transfer said stache/mass into the ball.

    It’s just fuckin science.

    If I was George Pulis I’d get Lawrie to grow out his pubes.

  17. That gesture is like the neutral waters between signaling for licking sweet twat, pedo-creeping, and showing manliness. Only so few can hit that zone without sparking any negative press or getting fined.

  18. I would let Lawrie lick my asshole. And i’m straight.

  19. Lawrie would look good licking Stoeten’s Dutch hairy ballsack

  20. Lawrie is starting to look like Dorothy Stratten’s murderous husband with that stache – not a good look.

    I must say though, I enjoyed that game immensely. Its been a long time since I shouted and raised my fists in triumph while watching the Jays. I really hope they prove me wrong this year.

  21. Also, where do I get one of these magical “Canadian maple bats”?

  22. Lawrie can still be frustrating to watch at the plate, but in a season where it seems every single inning runners are being LOB (Jays have the 7th lowest average with RISP and only a slightly better OBP), Lawrie is doing pretty alright in getting them home (.300, 3 HR, 16 RBI). Pat on the stache for him.

    • RISP stats, though?

      • Is ok to look at past RISP stats and say “you’ve done well” and give em a good ol’ pat on the butt, no? You just can’t use the stats as any kind of predictor of future performance and or proof of magic beans.

      • I think there is meaning there. With RISP the pitcher is more often nibbling and throwing their best stuff compared to bases empty where they are throwing more strikes / making sure not to walk anyone.

  23. Doug Walton ‏@JaysProducer ·2 hrs
    AL East Starters ERA
    Blue Jays 3.86
    New York 3.94
    Tampa Bay 4.03
    Baltimore 4.50
    Red Sox 4.57

    • Lovely but…IP?

      • And % of quality starts? The jays numbers are heavily skewed by Buehrle’s strong efforts. A lot of the loses especially earlier on were due to the starting pitching putting the team far behind near the start of the game. Quality start % I think is very under utilized stat – who cares if the starting pitcher gives up 6 runs in 4 innings or 8 runs in the first – in both cases the team is most likely going to lose. How many of the starts did he give the team a good chance to win is important, who cares how badly he shit the bed otherwise – of course dominant starts are quite a bit better than fringe quality starts too

  24. just checked out the HANGOUT .. under OVERVIEW from last night this is what is written …
    “Canada does not deserve Baseball any more than St. Petersburg does. No one attends their games.”

    nice start to a game recap! the Orioles have drawn an avg of 1,500 more fans / game then the jays this year …

    • It almost makes you wonder if there might have been another sporting event going on in the general vicinity of downtown last night?

  25. Sorry to hear GB is gone but glad Drew is still around.Enjoy Jack’s pieces also.

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