I’m headed to the ballpark tonight, which is a bad omen for the Jays, considering they’ve yet to win a game in which I’ve been in attendance, but I figured I should mention it anyway, given that my unpreparedness had made it so that this may be all the Game Threat you’re going to get.

Hey, but you know what, after a bit of a doom-and-gloom couple of days with the starts from R.A. Dickey and Dustin McGowan, the Jays still have a chance to win the series. So that’s pretty good, right? And we’ve got a great weekend of baseball in store, too, with Buehrle-Peavy, Morrow-Buchholz, and Dickey-Lester all coming up on the schedule. I mean… it might not go terribly well, but there’s a lot of potential for those matchups to be fun as fuck.

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  1. Fuck Boston.

    Oh wait, I’m a game early with that.

  2. I’m headed to the ballpark tonight, which is a bad omen for the Jays, considering they’ve yet to win a game in which I’ve been in attendance

    Small sample size.

    Watch out for the television cameras, Andrew!

  3. Well the good things we can say about this team is, they have given themselves a chance to sweep a couple series this month. Way better than last year.
    Last night could very easily have been a win for us, but we still have a chance to win another series against a division rival.
    Let’s enjoy the show.

  4. You’ve NEVER seen the Blue Jays win? Dude, you should consider changing professions.
    By the way, why is DJF no longer linked to the \score’s main page? It’s messing up my bookmarks. I hate when my bookmarks get messed up.

  5. That change was filthy. Cruz can eat a dick.

  6. My game was rained out so here I am. With you goobers

  7. Hutch lookin sharp. Go Jays, fuck them shitbirds

  8. Norris with control issues. Excellent.

  9. The ump is calling a lot of strikes. Hopefully that cuts in our favour.

  10. He was safe by a mile…

  11. Man, if Melky didn’t slide, the throw might have hit him.

  12. Nice mix of pitches there…

  13. Hutch is pretty cool I’ll tell you what

  14. Hutchison is hinting at greatness

  15. Hutch is nails

  16. Donair!

  17. Dinner!!!!!

  18. Dinnertime!!! I’ll have what Stoeten’s having…

  19. Right on Dinner!

  20. Meatballs for dinner!

  21. Dinner is served

  22. I always loved Mo Vaughn

    Phat Juan is my Mo

  23. Fuck…harness the power of that dirt squirrel moustache man!

  24. Colby!

  25. I love you Colby…

  26. ‘Bama Blast

  27. He loves ‘em low.

  28. holy fuck Cletus…he nailed that bugger.

  29. Was that Stoeten almost catching that ball?

  30. Holy fuck he smashed that fucker

  31. AlabamaBOMB!

  32. I think that was Stoeten that the ball was hit to, or the guy right beside him.

  33. Thank god for the man in white!

  34. Buck: “He gave up 7 runs in 5 innings but didn’t break”

  35. Chicks dig the long ball…

  36. Good shift on there. Last year that scores 2…

  37. Nice job of not pitching around Davis.

  38. Nice play Goins

  39. Jays batters hitting HRs and the pitchers getting strikeouts gets me hard.

  40. That sucks because Melky had to advance towards 3rd even. Just missed…

  41. Melky has now picked up a hit on every DAY the Blue Jays have played this season.

  42. Come on AA, extend Melky now!

  43. Wow that was close

  44. Jesus Christ they should have knocked that shitbag out of the game…keep dealin’ Hutch

  45. I think I’m really going to like this Hutchinson guy.

  46. Hutch is dealing.

  47. Love the pace of this game so far.

  48. It’s a shame Hutch isn’t eligible for ROY voting

  49. Hutch is setting the bar for Morrow and McGowan

  50. Was Juan Francisco forced @ gunpoint to model that t-shirt? He looks terrified.

  51. with their stuff, if Morrow and McGowan could even come close to Hutch’s command, they would be unstoppable…I love everything about the way he pitches…it seems like every pitch is either on the edges or starts on the edge and breaks off…that tailing heater inside to lefties is a beauty…he even climbs the ladder effectively – any time Morrow attempts to get a hitter to chase high, he misses so badly the hitter is never even tempted…he is so much more polished than Morrow it’s ridiculous

    • When you have insane movement command isn’t there. It’s a trade off unless your name is Pedro Martinez.

  52. What did I miss?

  53. Hutch is dealing tonight. good velocity. late movement on everything. good command.

    lets see if he can avoid what’s been ailing this staff..that is the “wheels fall off” inning where they just fall apart all at once and cant get it back.

    I think he will avoid such a fate tonight.

  54. biggest crock of shit ever from Tabby, right there.

  55. Strikeouts don’t matter for Francisco ‘because he’s learning how to hit’.

    There is no turd that Tabby won’t try to polish.

    • What would he say about Romero?

      • Probably ‘he’s coming around’.

      • In other words, someone playing bad is always ‘starting to come around’. Francisco adds ‘balance to the team’ and looks like a left handed Edwin, rather than ‘only here because Lind in injured’.

        Come to the conclusion that Buck is not really that bad, if only they sat him with a complete blithering twat.

  56. There is something weird about Buck Showalter’s ass. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, ball all this series when he goes out to the mound, I’ve noticed something is off.

    I will study it a bit more and get you guys a final analysis soon

    • Stay the course AA

    • Please tell us more. Don’t just limit yourself to Showalter’s ass. We could get a whole roundtable discussion going.

    • Waiting with baited breath, so to speak.

    • File under ‘it takes one to know one.’

      • OK, after further review of my DVR, I’ve pinpointed what renders Buck’s ass so odd.

        First off, it is disproportionately wide relative to his body.

        It is also very flat. Much flatter than you typically see from people who were athletes at any point in their lives.

        there is also minimal taper between his ass and his thighs…creating an almost boxer brief look.

        thank your for your patience.

  57. Not sure if I’d EVER throw a strike to Schoop

  58. What is Buck talking about? That dinger was not the result of Hutch trying to go all out on every pitch. it was just a poorly placed slider. He has been doing a fine job of changing speeds and mixing it up.

    Now he has run into some trouble. Let’s see if he can keep the wheels on

  59. Classy Home Run trot.

    No bat flip.

    Hustled around the bases.

    Just a couple low fives, but he was just reciprocating.

    No Bullshit at the plate.

    Straight to the dugout.


  60. Shit this is the same scene as last night. C’mon Hutch get us out of this.

  61. Hutch is phenomenal tonight. So cool to watch.

  62. Give Buck another double

  63. Next game, I’m sacrificing a chicken before the 5th.

  64. Jones on 3 pitches. Hell yeah!

  65. Doea anyone else hear that little girl shrieking bloody murder. Good god.

  66. Nice back handed compliment.

    Those fans know the players and know how to spell their names.


  67. Uh Oh! here come’s the man in white again.

  68. Yankees beating the crap out of Boston.

  69. he was safe. they are going to challenge that i would assume.

  70. Nice EE

  71. Last replay looked like he was safe

  72. I ate some bugs.

    I ate some grass.

    I used my hand,

    To wipe my tears.


  73. WTF. we got away with one there. how do you not challenge that?

  74. “A squirrel on a treadmill.”
    WTF Buck.

  75. Boston getting a beat-down by the Yankees again. I’m torn. It’s better for us if NY loses. But I love to see those hurt little Masshole faces when things don’t go well for their entitled darlings..

    • They’ll arrive in Toronto thoroughly demoralized + upset. Which is how I always arrive back in Toronto. This is good for business.

    • The Red Sox supply far more Schadenfreude than the Yankees of late.

  76. I know it’s early and completely irrelevant to tonight’s game, butttt

    Buerhle has the best ERA in all of baseball.

    So yay.

  77. 9 Ks and 1 BB. I like that…

  78. Damn Hutch. Fine game

  79. Pretty

  80. Good call, Wagner doesn’t have it tonight.

  81. Cant get that fucking 9 hitter out.

  82. Swing Lough, Sweet chariot….

  83. Switched to the Baltimore feed. Fun to hear what the opposition says about the bullpen.

  84. This BP funking BLOW! Jesus doesn’t everything have to be a fucking adventure with these guys?

  85. Id take a 3/3 tie going into the bottom of the 7th .

  86. Fuck me these guys are good hitters

  87. Fuckkity fuck, fuck fuck.

  88. so lets pitch him away and play him to pull. great strategy there.

  89. Say, Bean, are you the only female on here? I could swear you had a female partner-in-crime at some point.

  90. So, why did we pull Hutch?

  91. PS: That’ll cost Cecil a return trip to the All-Star game.

  92. Sigh.

  93. I hate these Baltimore fucks. Always ruining a fun night…

  94. gotta love it when the intentional walk comes around to score.

  95. Startin to get ugly out there. Beugh.

  96. Gibby caught with his pants around his ankles on that double steal. COMPLETELY outcoached.

    Wonder how much longer AA and Beeston watch him falling flat on his face with his usual clueless expression.

    • Showalter is a pro. Gibby is the George W. Bush of MLB managers. He got to his position…but nobody knows how.

  97. Rogers in, game over. Bummer.

  98. Ishmael to save the day….

  99. Jesus I turn around and the pen has given it up AGAIN.

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