The good news: I didn’t die last night of the one bite I took of the hot dogs I was pretty sure I’d seen centuries old corpses dragged out of peat bogs looking less weathered than (seriously, WTF, Rogers Centre?), but the bad news is I spent most of today feeling like I’d have preferred if I did. Should have went with the hair of the dog method, I think, but… y’know… hindsight… 20/20… etc.

Anywho, Mark Buerhle’s looking to keep on Buehrlin’ as he faces off with his one-time White Sox rotation mate Jake Peavy, who, of course, now pitches for Fuckface Farrell and the Boston Red Sox. And this one is nifty test for the Baseball Gods: Buehrle is certainly due a disaster sooner or later, and yet, the Jays can’t possibly keep shitting the bed like they have been a little too often lately, can they?

Well, I’m sure they can, but let’s effing hope not. I mean, who the hell wants to flip this game on when the Raptors hit halftime and see a crooked number on the board? Not I, though with Buehrle pitching, we might be into the eighth inning by the time they hit halftime in Brooklyn.


Only bit of scuttlebutt I’m interested in today is Scott MacArthur’s piece from TSN.ca, in which he tells us that Dustin McGowan plans to wear an insulin pump when he pitches — in addition to working on his conditioning more between starts — with the hope of being able to go deeper into games. I still think he’s their best option and should be given a bit more rope here.

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Next game: Tomorrow and Saturday, 1:07 PM ET, vs. Baltimore

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
RF Shane Victorino (S)
DH David Ortiz (L)
1B Mike Napoli (R)
LF Johnny Gomes (R)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
3B Will Middlebrooks (R)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)

RHP Jake Peavy

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  1. Buehrle doing this good pitching thing again

  2. GO JAYS !!!!!

    All about the defence tonight with the “burly man” on the mound !

  3. Buerhlin’ Buerhlin’ Buerhlin’


  4. What is this horseshit they have on sportsnet regular? Fukin OHL hockey or have they gone down to the midgets?
    Is there no fukin level of hockey that people here won’t watch?_ I mean c’mon?

    • Every single year, dude. Every single year.

      • At least it’s not poker.

      • Yeah and it’s fukin frustrating. Now I have to convince the wife to get off her ass from our main TV which has avey channel goin so Ican watch the game. Need a good excuse like “this is a real 2 pointer” Naw even sheknows that is fukin hockey again. How about ” I have to see if the Jays can set a record” Hopefully she won’t ask a deep penetrating question about , you kinow, which recors

    • That fucking amateur hockey thing was the death of me every year. Until I got MLB TV.

  5. http://www.c o o lsport.tv/stream17.html

    remove spaces

  6. NESN Mobile Poll: Who’s your favourite Ontario-based pop star? Bieber, Drake, Avril or Alanis. Christ. That and blah blah man in centrefield relaying signs blah blah Farrell would know. Christ.

  7. What’s with “the game one lineups…” Did I miss something? Or are you just drafting from an old post?

  8. another example of why we need natural grass

  9. Buehrle’s ERA has doubled already. DFA this bum.

  10. 10 game losing streak starts now

  11. Boy tight strike zone tonight. I hope to hell our guys start taking some instead of hacking at a home run.

  12. I know this sounds like hindsight, but after seeing the pitching fail a bit in the previous couple of games, why didn’t AA upgrade the rotation, so we only have to count on one of morrow/dusty and not needing both to pitch well

  13. Can’t wait for the Gibby close up.

  14. I really hope this series isn’t that cliched “turning point” for the Jays and the Red Sox seasons. Where both teams start playing like they’re supposed to based on preseason predictions. I’m not ready yet. I want to still be angry about losses rather than just accept them.

    Fuck. Come on Blue Jays. Not against the scum that is the entirety of Boston.

    • Well if the season goes into the toilet, who is to blame for it then?

      • Whoever is responsible for not fixing glaring needs in the offseason. So AA? Ownership? Both? Obviously AA would be the one to take the fall. But who knows what “payroll parameters” were set and when.

        • The fact the players had to pass a hat around to sign Santana for $14M when that would have been the JJ Q.O. is a fucking embarrassment and means Rogers shut the vault.

          It’s not AA’s fault.

          • But when all the spending happened last year was AA told “Ok, you get Buehrle, Reyes and Dickey and no one else. This better work”? You’d hope that there was contingency plan for more money if those moves didn’t work turn the team into a perennial contender. You’d hope.

    • Let’s not be insane, please.

  15. This game is over

    Hopefully Morrow stops the bleeding tomorrow as I think we go 2-4 on this homestand

  16. bloops extend the inning and now they’re starting to hit Buehrle. he wasn’t going to pitch to a .250 BABIP and 90+% strand rate forever.

    ugh. just wait for the HRs allowed regression.

  17. Buerle’s at 55 pitches and crushing everything….FML.

  18. Someone get the Jays pen to sneeze on the Boston pitchers so they catch the sucking epidemic thats been spreading lately… its our only hope

  19. I fear for our bullpen.

    • Its just extra depressing how its gotten to everyone, even the guys that dont suck. Everyone has a bad game, but when its all condensed like this it implies the situation is worse than it really is. Doubt we’ll have to get used to what weve seen the past week and a half…

  20. Well our starter is shitting the bed tonight so our bull pen will be deadly

  21. And the Blue Jays go quietly……fuck i hate that sentence.

  22. Just got home from work and turned the game on. 5-0.

    What a bummer.

  23. FUCK this fucking organization. Why do they do this to me every year?

  24. Buehrle should go at least 6.

  25. Jose is a baseball god.

  26. Tonight I can watch American Horror Story on DVD or Canadian Horror Story on SN.

  27. WTF was that. down by 5 and taking a chance like that, I don’t give two turtle fucks what Bautista has to say but Gibby needs to pull his Spitz eating ass of the seat and manage.

    • Not sure you can pin that on Gibby. Joey might just be a stupid likable guy that can hit home runs.

  28. How in the fuck do you attempt to steal third down 5-0 with two on and one out? What’s the upside there vs the risk and potentially destroying your only chance to string together some hits for a big inning?

  29. What in the blue fuck.

  30. umm… jose, you’re great and all, but that was just dumb. like 12 year old, little league dumb.

  31. (Wakes up, checks score)

    Fuck Boston.

    (Goes back to sleep)

  32. Tomorrow Bucholz vs. Morrow and Sunday it’s Lester vs. Dickey. Tonight was the only chance for a win.

  33. It’s a long season….go Raps go!

  34. at least buehrle should get them through 6 and spare the bullpen a bit.

  35. LOL, it’s game 23 and I feel tonight (more than any either thus far this yr) I’m watching the same team we’ve had for 20 yrs (trapped between 74-86 wins). it’s like a bad fucking dream.

    Maybe she’s right (wife) my undying love for the Jays is like a battered wife syndrome.

    • Compared to other years these guys aren’t even that much fun to watch. Been loving the defence but that’s not enough.

  36. Yeah, girl, keep licking that ice cream.

  37. On the bright side, this year the team waited until late April before completely giving up. Last year they packed it in after Reyes got hurt, and two years ago I think it was in the third week after they got swept in Baltimore. So this is the latest they’ve played like they mean it in at least 3 years. Maybe next year we can get into may before we throw in the towel.

  38. I wonder how many times I’ve seen this movie in the last decade or so? Sox scuffling, not playing well, yet come to Toronto and appear quite lively. This likely sweep will set up glorious Sox run to second WS under Farrellball.

  39. All I know is I am so filled with rage right now it is almost comical. The funny thing is all of these clowns make millions of dollars to do nothing basically.

  40. its games like these that highlight the fact that you can ill afford to lose games like the previous two….

  41. There’s still a chance, right? I mean if the O’s can score 6 runs in an inning last night, so can we, right?

  42. Holy fuck, people, you know this is baseball and teams slump, right? There’s a hundred and thirty something more games

  43. Checking in… and checking out.

  44. our pen is so burnt that all 3 long relievers are unavailable!

  45. Who here is drunk?

  46. Sounds like Stoet was rocking a hangover today

  47. What’s worse: this game or opening a bottle of beer that you’re misled to believe isn’t hoppy?

  48. that was quite a shot by fat bonifacio

  49. wait..pitchers can throw over 100 pitches ?

  50. I’m really to this.

    A) Was this just one of Buehrle’s “33% of the time you don’t have it” nights?
    B) How bad was Bautista’s caught stealing?

    • i dont think buehrle looked that bad. they were just not biting on his change. making him get his pitches up..and crushing it when he did. they also had 3 or 4 el cheapo hits that initially got them going. jam shots and broken bats.

      bautistas cs was perhaps the worst baserunning blunder by a jay since lawrie tried to steal home with the bases loaded and jose at the plate.

      he was being held on pretty tightly at second yet chose to run anyway…it wasnt really close. i could see if he wasnt being held on…or they were paying him no mind. but it wasnt like that at all.

  51. *really late

  52. Very pleased I am stuck at work for this one. In fact, for pretty much the entire series.

  53. If you don’t smell like a bottle of wine, then tonight you’re not a Jays fan.

  54. ha ha you guys really suck without me

  55. the combined BA of goins ramsus and lawrie is lower than jbau’s slug%

  56. Haven’t been under .500 since 3-4.

    Let’s hope Buchholz is the losing streak elixir.



  58. What a joke the Red Sox front office is. They walk around saying, “we don’t spend big money like the Yankees, we don’t play that game. We’re responsible business people”.

    Yet, if they hadn’t gotten the Dodgers to take the Crawford, Gonzalez and Becket money off their hands their payroll would be off the hook. But they pretend like it never happened.

    Fuck them.

  59. I’m back from the Tigers-Twins tilt for the 9th inning. I’m assuming now is the time the Blue Jays come storming back?

  60. at least today no one can say they wasted some good offense or spoiled a good start.

    just a bad game.

  61. Oh well…

  62. I’m projecting 142 straight losses.

  63. Is this dude a prospect in any sense of the word?

    His numbers are sort of stupid thus far.


  64. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I hope the Jays win tomorrow.

  65. Jays are getting swept

  66. from wilner

    Gibby: Perfect time for day off for Edwin, he’s struggled with Buchholz. Lind resumes baseball activities Monday. #Bluejays #Jays

  67. So Bautista doesn’t regret what is probably one of the dumbest steal attempts in the history of the game. At what point is this team going to sack up and start benching idiots who do stupid things? We’re not contending. Not having his bat in the lineup for a week isn’t going to make any difference to where we finish at the end of the year (in fact for Tank Nation purposes it might help). Send a fucking message already. Bautista won’t be on the team for much longer but he influences people who might be, like Lawrie.

    • So does that mean we can bench you for not regretting what is probably one of the dumbest comments in the history of this blog?

    • Tanking in baseball is pretty dumb at any point in the year. Tanking in April? Do you really think that’s a coherent thought?

  68. Being at that game last night was painful.
    had to resort to heckling Gomes cuz there was nothing else to do. Even fuckface Farrell didn’t show his smug-ass face on the field to give us something to really boo about.

    J-Bats’ steal attempt was unforgivable. Who made that decision?

    And how soon before the Fire Gibby bandwagon gets stoked up?
    I feel like this season is still salvageable- would it make sense for a change of managers to bitch slap this bunch of underperformers back into reality?

    • The season is still salvageable? If they were to win 3 or 4 in a row they’d be back leading the division…

    • I think Gibbons at best is a little bit below average as a manager. At the same time I don’t think he really has much of an impact on the team.

      What happens when you fire him and keep getting the same results? Just accept that the responsibility is on the players? Or look for someone else to fire as if that’s a solution?

  69. By “still salvageable”I guess I meant that with the tightness of the division right now and some of the positives we have seen, we shouldn’t write them off just yet.

    However we have seen some bad habits that we’re all familiar with begin to sneak back into play lately. Thus my question about wether a new manager would be make a difference. In other words, make an impact as AAA suggested above.

    Maybe it’s the litmus test management needs to find out if this group is going to work or not. If the answer is “not” then I suppose that’s when the fire sale would start. (again)

    • meh.. when Buehrle is your best pitcher then its not a new manager that’s needed. its new and better talent that’s needed. and that’s no knock on Buehrle; i love him, just not as our ace.

      i think we just have to sit and wait for the kids to arrive… and i mean the pitching talent.

  70. Wonderful.

    Ump isn’t calling strikes

  71. Fuck this ump already

  72. ————Game Threat———

  73. Bucholz only had one marginal pitch there.

    He sure runs his fingers through his greased up hair a lot.

  74. Melky is the hit macheen.

  75. Buchholz needs some more arm sludge this inning.

  76. I’ve been waiting for a 1,2,3 like that for over a year now.

  77. Jose Reyes is wearing a Spiderman suit under his uniform today. That is all.

  78. Gotta try to steal third here.

  79. Ump is pretty generous to Buchholz on the fringe strikes.

  80. Run producer!

  81. I see Brett didn’t get the memo about taking a few pitches.

  82. Seriously, what the Christ has happened to Lawrie?

  83. Newsflash: we might see some deep counts.

  84. Fuck off and die and in car crash Farrell. Rot in hell.

  85. Farrell can go eat a dick.

  86. Hollaaaaa

    Missin jays this weekend because I gotta mc a fucking wedding. Fuq dat

  87. Fuck you, Morrow.

  88. Jays can’t trust morrow as a reliable starter can they?

  89. Morrow is kind of terrible.

  90. If that 1st pitch down the pipe was called a strike the jays are batting by now

  91. Holy shit, he has no idea where the balls going.

  92. SEVEN walks in 2/23 innings

  93. The ump blew that cross up pitch in Carp at bat. Right down the middle.

    • The strike zone is shit right now but he still has about 4 legitimate walks in 3 innings, that last pitch to walk Ortiz was dreadful too.

  94. That was disgusting.

    Fuck this rotation.

  95. As many walks as outs

  96. At least the no-no is still intact.

  97. Should have walked over to the ump and given him a hearty fuck you. Not all those pitches were bad. Also, are the Jays hitters paying attention? Quit swinging.

  98. RIP Jays Bullpen

  99. Okay, gotta laugh now.

  100. I’m gonna try to keep positive, but it’s getting to be more of a challenge every game.

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