When The Goins Getz Tough…


According to a team release from the Jays, Ryan Goins has been demoted to Buffalo. A reciprocal move wasn’t announced, however according to a report from Shi Davidi of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet, the Rogers-owned Jays will be calling up middle infielder Chris Getz, though they first will have to find a way to add him to the 40-man roster.

So… that’s weird. But maybe not super weird. Yes, Munenori Kawasaki — also a middle infielder with a left-handed bat — is already on the 40-man, and wouldn’t require anyone to be removed. However, Getz is pretty clearly outhitting Kawasaki at Buffalo so far (a woeful .189/.205/.216 for Mune, compared to .309/.382/.338), and so you can understand the pressures to actually reward a guy like that. Plus, Getz has a little bit of speed — he stole 16 bases in 19 tries last year in just 237 PA worth of time with Kansas City — and we saw over the weekend how that could be useful off the bench.

Hey, at least it’s not going to be another damn pitcher.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There should be some roster shuffling over the next week or two, as the club tries to figure out what it’s going to do with its bench, with Moises Sierra, with Dustin McGowan, J.A. Happ, Todd Redmond and Esmil Rogers, while making room for the eventual returns of Casey Janssen and Adam Lind, not to mention a helping hand from Marcus Stroman at some point. There’s also the possibility of adding a guy like Steve Pearce, recently released by the Orioles, and the kind of outfield-playing right-hand hitting guy it’s been obvious the Jays were in need of since Rajai Davis left (however, MLBTR noted today that Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun explained that the O’s could re-sign Pearce and return him to their active roster in place of the injured Chris Davis — though a more permanent role here might be more enticing, I suppose).

It’s a shame that the guy who had never demonstrated that he can hit demonstrated that he didn’t suddenly, over the winter, for the first time in his life, learn to hit, but… yeah. No need to gloat here, especially since they’re not giving him an interminable amount of rope. In the meantime, it will be mildly interesting, I suppose, to see which other shoe drops tomorrow. I guess. And maybe interesting to reflect on how anybody with the club ever believed this was going to work, and what that says about their acumen. But it’s not like there were a tonne of perfect options out there either — and before you say Stephen Drew, while I agree that he’d be a terrific upgrade for the club, surely it’s not like the Jays are the only team with a middle infield need that isn’t willing to meet his demands (especially since he and Boras are building into their asking price their assumption that the market will inflate for him once the draft is over and the compensation pick null), and with the way payroll commitments were frozen this winter, signing him to the kind of long-term deal he’d supposedly require is hardly the kind of no-brainer in the overall that the part where you get to add him to the lineup right now for 2014 is.

Would be nice, though, eh?

As for this move, it’s not particularly inspiring or outlook-changing stuff. But that’s OK. It’s not like there’s a tonne of difference here between the way the club looks today and the way it looked when they left the field on Sunday. They’re sacrificing defence for offence — seems reasonable enough, right?

But also, mostly: whoopty fuck.


Crotch grab in the direction of @weirdscience for the title.

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  1. Goins had to go… Hes lost at the plate. But Getz? Awesome?!

  2. whoopty fuck indeed

  3. Sierra and Happ are big question marks. How long until we cut the cord ?

    • Sierra might not have much time left. Happ is far more likely to end up in the rotation than gone, I’d think. (Not that I don’t shudder at the thought.)

      • Can’t say I disagree, but you really think they will start him again ? Before rolling the dice with Stroman ? I have to think he does zero to inspire the troops ?

        • I do. Inspire the troops? Whatever.

          I’m completely OK with them not rushing Stroman, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave Happ the ball first.

      • If Happ made way less than $5.2 million, you think they’d just release him?

        • Doubt it.

          • If McGowan have another bad to meh outing, you think they will demote him, build up arm strength or send him to pen?

            Oh and also, whats the date for calling up a young pitcher and not starting the clock as early or something like that, I’m sure that is in play

            • It’s much more likely McGowan replaces one of Redmond/Rogers if/when Happ takes his turn in the roto. How long Happ lasts as the fill-in seems like the only delay for Stroman.

              Here’s hoping Happ/McGowan/Morrow perform well enough and stay healthy enough to keep Stroman down as long as possible.

              • I say bring Stroman up as part reward and part see what you’ve got. Nolin was brought up as emergency which is a terrible situation. Bring Stroman up for a few starts telling him up front that he’s there until McGowan can increase his pitch count. Maybe Stroman does well enough to stay and McGowan is sent to the pen?

    • Happ is still pretty solid starter depth.

      Sierra though doesn’t seem suited to a bench role. And when he doesn’t hit, he doesn’t really contribute anything.

      • Holy shit, the sidebar to this article reminded me how long Sierra has been kicking around in no-man’s land…seriously, he was on the team at the same time as Thames?

      • @Bob, It scares me that Happ is being considered for the starting rotation. He brings nothing to this team

    • Here’s what I think may happen
      Happ probably stays as two of him,redmond and rogers will have to go once Lind and Janssen are back. He can refuse assignment to the minors due to him being in the majors for at least 5 years, or the jays cut him and pay him full salary to not be on the team (don’t know 100%, but it is basically the team buying him out to play somewhere else) No matter if you don’t like hHapp or not, him as a long man in the pen isn’t the worst idea.

      Sierra is a different barrell of fish, as I don’t know why AA hasn’t swapped him for gose yet, though the playing time issue with gose might be the primary reason. Instead, bring mastrioianni up and expose sierra and one of redmond or rogers to waivers, as I they probably will sneak through.
      However, if you send sierra down, there is always the risk that he gets picked up by a crappy team trying to fill out games in a lost season before they risk their prospects to a potential service time conflict or an injury occurs.

      • Gose is a LHB, so I don’t see swapping them. Mastroianni would probably get the call if Sierra goes, I’d think. Seems possible it happens soon, but the other stuff, not so much.

  4. No one says goodbye better than Billy Ocean:


  5. Getz sucks, but he’s still a better hitter than Goins.

    Find a RHB replacement for Sierra next.

  6. “No need to gloat here, especially since they’re not giving him an interminable amount of rope.”

    I think this is an important part of the piece. It’s easy to rip AA for going with Goins but he clearly had nothing to spend and wanted to see if the kid could provide passable offense with an elite glove. When it started to appear that the offense wasn’t coming and the glove wasn’t all that elite, AA was willing to pull the plug on Goins and replace him with a functional 2B while the team is still in it. He has played the whole 2B situation pretty well with what he has available to him.

    • and bingo on the part of AA not being allowed to spend

      User Actions

      I’m told that Beeston’s been admitting privately that Rogers didn’t allow Jays to spend this offseason

  7. So Diaz takes over at two with Getz becoming our new late inning Rajai and occasionally spells the infield? Or does Getz take over at 2? Neither of them can swing it, but I guess at least Getz has legs.

    • Fuck I miss Rajai.

    • With all the shifting to the right side of infield I wonder just how much of an impact an elite defender will have over an average defender over the course of a full season.

    • at least Diaz can lay down a bunt. Honestly. thats all i ask for out of the 9 hole right now.. move the runner so Reyes can knock him in. when the Jays play a less power and more fundamental offence, they will win more of the “close” games IMO.

  8. Why not move Lawrie to second, where he would be an above average hitter, and play Francisco at third when Lind comes back? Lawrie is as defenisvely competent as Getz and is a much better hitter. Francisco could be a diamond in the rough just like Batista and Encarnacion were.

    • Do you not remember how that went last year?

    • Because Lawrie sucks at 2nd.
      It took him quite awhile to learn the postioning at 3rd.
      The percieved upgrade with him at 2nd,isn’t going to be the reality.

    • Francisco is not.

      • That’s a little unequivocal.

        I’d say that youneverknow if there’s a long shot that after two-three years of mediocre production he might turn over a new leaf. But to expect it would be foolhardy. (As would exposing his glove for any extended period of time, from what I’ve heard.)

        • Unequivocal is kind of warranted here, though OK, you’re right.

          Seriously, though, we should stop this silliness.

    • Keep Lawrie at third where his glove plays very well.

    • It would be very difficult to replace Lawrie’s glove at third if you had your pick from any player in the league, let alone from Francisco. A move like that would be foolish.

  9. I like this move. Something I’m not sure about though is where Juan Francisco ends up? I mean, that’s a major league bat and as much as it would clutter the 1st base/DH situation, he can spell Lawrie here and there at 3rd while providing a potent LHB off the bench (diaz as super utility). So, that would mean Sierra waivered (could care less) and more than likely Redmond/Rogers. Although, sadly i think Redmond would get the boot.

    Donno… Unlikely.

    • That bat is MLB calibre for sure. Good problem to have

    • It’s not a major league bat, though. Pretty redundant when Lind gets back.

      • Lind’s gone for a while.

        • You got a link on the Lind news Radar? Thanks

        • You can feel free to not dumbly regurgitate this stuff, thanks.

          Possible, but nobody has said so but you.

          • @ Stoeten and Sandlot.

            Trusted source admitted to being sarcastic.
            Didn’t translate across the net.
            I shoulda waited for confirmation.
            I fucked up .
            My bad.
            I’ll go back to reading The Onion.

      • Well if Lind is out for 60 days, he is going to be MLB tried.

        You could do a lot worse for a late spring training waiver claim. and his defense cant hurt us from the DH spot, so there is value there IMO.

        The RHB is obviously the bigger need.

        • “Could do a lot worse for a late spring waiver claim” hardly screams “is a big league bat.” But OK, he’s actually a league average bat, it seems. Nothing to be excited about.

          And let’s not go believing Radar’s exclusive report here just yet.

          • waiver fodder ending up being near major league average bat is fucking score if you ask me. what we wouldn’t give for near league average at 2nd.

      • Shrug I’m kind of a fan of Francisco’s video-game power. If he didn’t K 1/3 of the time he’d be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

      • He is the PERFECT bat to have off the bench and available for platoon/DH situations against RHP. Nothing needs to be reported on Lind IMO, as back situations always tend to linger.

        “Francisco owns a hefty career HR/FB rate of 21.1% and his 306 foot average fly ball and home run distance last season ranked 10th among all batters.” That’s all I need to read to enjoy him being in the lineup in the right situations.

  10. This was loonnggg overdue. Goins is terrible. Sadly, getz isnt a huge upgrade but still is one. Drew is waiting, AA/rogers.

    • whatever. Lets just end the Drew talk for good.

      He’s not coming here . The reasons have been listed again and again. This is the team. It will succeed or it will implode there is no external help coming or it would have been here already. If this group is above .500 in late June you try and add, otherwise ….

    • What do you possibly think AA has to do with it?

  11. +1 on the title

  12. More like when it Getz too tough to watch Goins

  13. If .200 is the Mendoza line then .100 should be the Arencebia line. JPA is not even hitting that. Just a matter of time before he is DFA’d.

  14. From Lott

    Source confirms it’s Getz for Goins, as first reported by @ShiDavidi.

    And in more news.

    Jays surprise everyone and move Lind to 60 day DL

  15. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/how-ervin-santana-made-himself-complete/

    He might not have been the fifth best guy in the rotation though, at least according to noted luminaries MacCowen an Brunt.

    • the changeup stuff is interesting, but consider:
      - SSS
      - opponents
      - unsustainably high LOB%
      - this is the real kicker: a HR/9 that is 1/4 of his career rate

      let’s check in again at the AS break

      • his hr/9 isnt necessarily luck. depends on his ratio of fly balls to HR.

        • His HR/FB rate is nearly half his career rate though, and a third what it was for the previous two years.

    • I wouldn’t lump Brunt in with that.

  16. This past weekend, made my first 2014 trip to Toronto to see the local heroes.

    Friday night was a dog. Looked like the team was totally disinterested: hanging heads,
    shuffling feet, giving away at bats, sloppy fielding:. Looked terrible; played worse.

    Different team showed up Saturday. They played hard and they played well.
    Would have liked a different ending, but it was a good game.

    Sunday made the trip worth while. We got a glimpse of what this team could be.

    If any team in the AL East were able to make a run, say 12-3 or thereabouts,
    they could open up some daylight and be hard to catch….particularly if they
    did not turn around and give it all back right away.

    If the SP can be even adequate, there is no reason the Blue Jays cannot be that team.

  17. Getz, Goins & Diaz will all give you a weak bat with good to excellent defense.
    Might as well give Getz a shot: he has some experience and his speed off the bench
    could be an asset. They can afford to carry one weak bat.

    Sierra may be a bigger issue than which of those three cowboys plays 2B.
    A platoon DH who can’t hit is a waste of a roster spot…particularly when he
    can’t play CF and his defense in RF is, on his best days, only adequate.
    Mastroianni, Pillar or Tuiasosopo could hardly be worse. I’d give the edge to
    Mastroianni because of his speed and his ability to play CF.

    • Reports are that Getz isn’t good/excellent at 2B, but hopefully he’s adequate when he gets here.

      Mastro seems to be first in line. Pillar would be next because he’s on the 40 and can play CF – even though Tuiasosopo’s bat is likely the best of the bunch.

      • I rather see Matt t up. Not like the jays have prioritized cf playing ability so far.

        Sierra looks lost. Time to give one of the other options a shot at the platoon with phat Juan

  18. Reading older off-season DJF posts about needing a second baseman. *gazes into distance *sighs

  19. I don’t care how muni’s hitting in AAA. He had a 1 WAR last year. getz has NEVER had 1 WAR ever. and all the jays do is win with muni. muni has earned enough street cred that he doesn’t have to prove he can hit, he already did it last year, that should be enough.

    • i’ll bet a good chunk of that WAR total comes from the positional adjustment for SS. He would partially lose that at 2B.

      when you’re a career .219/.306/.278 hitter, there’s no such thing as street cred.

      • how do you lose that when SS is much harder to play than 2B?????? there are a lot better SS than muni you know? and getz numbers are hardly better than muni, that’s what we’re talking about.

        • You get more of a positional adjustment for playing SS than 2B, so the same guy at 2B isn’t as valuable as he is at SS, hence less WAR.

          On top of that, it’s not a very good argument to begin with. Who cares who has hit some arbitrary WAR benchmark how many times? We’re talking about bench guys. We’re talking about skill sets. Plays 2B, hitting much better, able to be a pinch runner.

          • He’s not a bench guy, he’s starting 2B and he’s not a better hitter.

            vs RHP 2013

            muni .681 OPS
            gets .546 OPS

            his other skill sets don’t offset that. besides it’s not as if you can’t change your mind later if muni doesn”t work out.

            and if we’re talking about winning then why is sierra still here?

            • they’re roughly equal defenders over their careers, with Getz being the better hitter and baserunner.

              we’re splitting hairs over two guys who shouldnt be in the big leagues getting regular playing time, but there’s a pretty solid argument for Getz over Kawasaki.

  20. Considering Nick Franklin is as cheap as Gose and/or Pillar, perhaps a trade can solve what ails Toronto (and Seattle to some degree) if Rogers is in wait and see mode with the payroll.

    While Gose may be the CF successor to Rasmus, there isn’t a legit starting 2B in the organization either.

    Of course, one or both of Seattle & Toronto may not be interested since the fit is obvious enough that one would think it has been discussed.

    • Would you give up Stroman or Sanchez for Franklin?

      • Nope.

        But pretty much anything else.

        I’m really high on Franklin though. Top 50 prospect in the game last year and good power from the 2b spot.

        Mariners are likely after guys that can play on the big club now instead of prospects. Have you seen Seattle’s OF? It is terrible. Unfortunately our only valuable surplus OF is Gose.

        • I would add Dan Norris to that list. He seems to have figured out his early career control problems and his K rate has always been around 10K/9IP. He could very easily end up better than either Sanchez or Stroman.

  21. I think the Jays rotation problem can be solved by trying more pickoffs. It’ll save pitches if they keep trying until they pick someone off as opposed to trying to pitch. They should also appeal more swings. It seema like the other team does it more often and Navarro needs to appeal more. One more thing would be to try pitching out with nobody on base. The other team won’t know what to think, and it’ll throw them off.

  22. Interesting timing for Getz. Gets called up to face his former team.

    Probably sent goins down now as well because jays face two lefties the first two games.

    Diaz likely gets the first two starts. He sucks and looks like a gnome.

  23. If McGowan has another disappointing start tonight, you have to think he gets bumped to the pen and Happ into the rotation. I like the guy and his return to the rotation is a really nice story, but the bottom line is to win games and one solid start with potentially 4 atrocious starts isn’t a recipe for winning games.

    Stroman in ~2 weeks?

    • One would guess that once that super two deadline passes stroman is probably in the rotation

  24. McGowan will have a good start tonight. He knows he’s on a short leash with Stroman matching his starts and Happ looking to prove himself worthy. And if he fails to have a quality start, he is a great long man, someone who can come in for 2-3 innings, rack up a few K’s, make the odd spot start, and bump Redmond from the pen (I still like Rogers over Redmond, all day).

    One thing I do not understand is the whole “Gose needs more AB’s in Buffalo” concept. The guy has had about 2000 AB’s in the past year 3 years, he batted .260 in 52 MLB games last year, we know what he is: a plus defender with speed to burn. The fastest man in the organization. I like him as a 4th outfielder (CF), bench guy and pinch runner. With Rajai gone we could use some speed. The kid is only 23, maybe he can learn to hit a little, if he could steal first he would be lights out.

    Dump Sierra and bring up Gose! #freegose

    • Let’s not forget about the other top pitching prospect (remember the 9th inning in Montreal?) pitching very well in New Hampshire:

      Aaron Sanchez pitched well and allowed only one walk in five and two-thirds scoreless innings. According to Chris Mellen of Baseball Prospectus, Sanchez was commanding his fastball down in the zone and hitters had a tough time handling the heavy pitch.

      Aaron Sanchez better with FB tonite. Worked down and spotted up more often. Very explosive and heavy pitch in lower tier of zone. #BlueJays

      — Chris Mellen (@ChrisMellen) April 29, 2014

      • still walking a shit ton of guys and also not posting dominant strikeout numbers.

        unless he’s got some Kevin Brown movement on his pitches, he’s got a lot of work to do.

      • Let’s forget about the guy with a handful of innings above double-A for the moment, actually.

        • Why?

          It’s really looking like they need two starters at minimum based on performance. Not a chance this rotation doesn’t have at least a month long DL stint. You can’t coddle players when they are needed for some bullshit future.

          If Sanchez doesn’t pitch in the bigs this year something is wrong in the front office.

          • No, it is not looking like that.

            Yes, you coddle players, yes, you push back their service time. Especially ones still looking for their first BB/9 below 4.00 since rookie ball.

            • That’s a luxury right now.

              Rasmus and Melky are most likely gone next year. This team’s shot is now or never.

              • Again: over 4 BB/9 in double-A. He’s not ready.

                • Compared to 8 walks in 2 2/3?

                  I’m not saying now. But if he’s not up in August then AA is in dereliction of duty.

                  • Hardly. How many guys make their double-A and big league debuts in the same year? Not many, especially not outside of September call-ups.

                    And absurd to talk about the 8 walk performance in a conversation about track record.

                    • No it isn’t. Morrow hasn’t pitched “adequately” for a long time. It’s better to think of him as a borderline starter at this point.

                      You keep talking about bringing Sanchez along according to a schedule but they just don’t have a better option right now. Hell, Deck McGuire is probably better than Morrow right now.

    • It’s more a “Gose kinda sucks with the bat and AAA is the right place to fix that” thing. You’re right that he’s had tons of ABs, but he’s still not great.

      • Gose is head and shoulders above fucking Sierra. Risking Bautista in Centre is just idiotic.

        If your going to have a three man bench one of those guys better be a Swiss army knife. That’s Gose, Sierra can barely play left field.

  25. Maybe I’m way off base here (read: usually the case), but this feels like a bridge move before a larger one.

    Is it possible some sort of trade could be in the works? If you have Janssen coming back and Stroman possibly coming up, does someone from the bullpen get packaged with someone not on the roster (and maybe even Sierra), for a more serviceable 2B solution?

    I just don’t see how Goins/Diaz/Japaneeese/Getz are anything approaching a season-long 2B solution.

    • I seriously doubt it. The only bridge this is , is one leading from a very shitty neighborhood to a equally shitty neighborhood with a slightly different lay out.

      • I’m holding out hope for someone like Nick Franklin, who’s lingering in No Man’s Land these days.

        Maybe Seattle would like Rogers as a starter.

    • They probably won’t all get hurt at the same time. I’m not too enthusiastic about their bats, but they field 2B competently. So it’s a solution; it’s just not all that great.

    • Why wouldn’t they have done this already if it was possible?

      • I mostly agree with this line of thinking, but you also have to consider how things have changed for other teams over the last month. Seattle, for example, may not have thought it worthwhile to give up Franklin for a back-of-the-rotation starter because they thought they had enough depth to deal with the injuries, but now most of that depth has turned in some pretty rough performances and they’ve decided they need someone who can eat innings and give them a chance to win.

        I’m not saying that’s how I think it’s actually playing out, but I don’t think it’s as simple as saying “They would have done it before if they were going to.”

        • Their spare parts just aren’t worth giving up a legitimate starting second base option who is cheap and under team control, though.

          • Of course. But keep in mind we’re talking about the Mariners here. It doesn’t have to make sense for it to be a possibility.

  26. I’d bet that Diaz gets the Lion’s share of starts, and Getz is used as more of the utility guy/pinch runner. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s gone after this NL stretch and then they go to Muni or back to Goins.

    • Good catch on the NL games.

      Also, it’ll be 10 days when the Jays return to turf, so depending on how things go Goins could be back up as a turf specialist having stayed the minimum 10 days in AAA.

      • McCoy them both? If the turf/Goins thing is real (eye test says it is) and the effect is big enough (not so sure about that; seems like maybe a run every 10 games), it’s kind of an interesting idea.

  27. Oh good. Let’s sacrifice the d. Again. That worked out so well for us last year.

  28. Esmil came into Sunday’s game and worked really well. Buck/Pat said he changed his grip – maybe on his breaking ball? Did anyone catch that news? If he consistently hits his targets he could replace McGowan and not Happ.

    • Rogers really impressed me as well.
      He was throwing absolute filth in his appearance on Sunday.
      If he could reproduce that effort on a regular basis – he’d be a very good late-innings guy.

    • Rogers had a six run lead on getaway day. Your Gramma could have pitched that inning.

  29. Mickey Storey has been DFA’d to make room for Getz

  30. why is it so certain our new juan is gone?
    does he really provide less value than diaz?
    wouldn’t it be nice to have a major league hitter on the bench that you can turn to?

    • Completely different positions for Diaz and Francisco.

      • this just drives home how brutal it is to have a 3 man bench,
        you need a back up catcher,
        you need a backup versatile infielder,
        and you need an outfielder….
        instead of having a legitimate bat on the bench, we have todd redmond.

        • It’s easy to scoff at Todd Redmond when he seems like a luxury. Things can change in a hurry. Doesn’t mean the three man bench doesn’t still suck, but it’s more complicated than whining about the eighth reliever.

  31. Too bad about Goins, I had hopes he would figure out his role @ 9. His ability to make all the routine plays in the field had to be a comfort to the staff. After he took over at 2nd last year the team ERA dropped by something like .30 runs a game. It might have been a coincidence, but still, solid defence up the middle is a nice luxury to have when you can afford it.

  32. Please stop with the puns in the titles. Puns are generally regarded as the lowest form of comedy and yet for some reason you and so many others continue to do them with regularity as if it is in some way clever or humorous.

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