It’s been raining on and off all day in Kansas City, and as of 37 minutes before first pitch, the tarp is going back on the field at Kauffman Stadium, which totally may be fucking with the Jays’ rotation plans! I say that because… well… because I’m listening to the radio pre-game show, and with Shi Davidi having been on the line from Buffalo, there was a whole lot of talk about tonight’s Bisons starter, Marcus Stroman.

Stroman, as you’ve surely heard, had his start moved to tonight, presumably in order to line up with the Jays’ fifth starter, Dustin McGowan, who is on the brink of losing his job after admitting to having fatigue set in around the 60th pitch of each of his starts so far. That has hardly been McGowan’s lone problem, but it’s certainly not helping his case to stay in the rotation, despite the fact that his arm reportedly feels great, and his stuff, while maybe not as good as ever (his velocity has certainly been down, for example), remains excellent.

Maybe helping him even less is the way that Stroman has pitched — especially tonight. Working on an 80 pitch limit, Stroman pitched six no-hit innings, striking out ten and walking only one. Holy shit!

I mean, yeah, it’s the Skip Schumaker- and Ruben Gotay-led Louisville Bats, but he can only face who the other team puts out there, and he sure did nail it. So that makes four of five starts with one or fewer walks, and four of five starts with more than a strikeout per inning, for Stroman so far in his triple-A career. His current totals are 26.2 innings, 36 strikeouts, 7 walks. Impressive.

His time could be soon, and as cautious as I’ve tried to be about it, the optimism sure is warranted.

Thing is, I’m still optimistic about Dustin McGowan, too. And Brandon Morrow. But both of them sure would do themselves well by actually, y’know, showing something in this next little stretch. They’re at least in the right parks and facing the right lineups to do it. If we can even get the games in!


Brendan Kennedy tweets that a press box announcement said that tonight’s first pitch will be delayed by 10-15 minutes, “but we will get it in.” A follow-up officially confirms that first pitch will be at 8:35 PM ET.

The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly tweets that it was the Jays who claimed O’s lefty-mashing-ish outfielder Steve Pearce on release waivers, however the player elected free agency instead, and negotiated a return with the Orioles. “Love you, though, Moises,” I’m sure the Jays were heard to say.

Barry Davis tweets that Adam Lind’s back remains stiff, so he didn’t play in an extended spring game today, and the hope is for him to get back to action later in the week.

In better news (though, actually, with some NL games coming up, they might as well be cautious on Lind), Davis tweets that Casey Janssen is with the Jays in Kansas City, and he’ll throw a side session tomorrow before deciding what to do next. If his return coincides with McGowan moving to the ‘pen for Marcus Stroman, hard to see Chad Jenkins and Esmil Rogers remaining on the roster. Though Happ and Redmond might have some nervous days, too.

Scott MacArthur tweets that he overheard someone say, ”What a ‘coininkydink’ that Chris Getz returns to majors against KC.” Not sure if that’s notable because it’s a gift to Getz or because someone actually said “coinkydink”. (Unless they actually really said “coininkydink.”)

Another from Kennedy, who tweets that the Royals have flipped their game two and game three starters for this series, moving Yordano Ventura to Wednesday against Drew Hutchison, and Jeremy Guthrie to Thursday against Mark Buehrle. “That’s a bummer,” he adds, because “I was really looking forward to seeing the slowest fastball in the game (Buehrle, 83.5) vs. the fastest (Ventura, 95.9).”

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 8:10 PM ET, @ Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
1B Juan Francisco (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

RHP Dustin McGowan

Kansas City Royals

RF Nori Aoki (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
DH Billy Butler (R)
LF Alex Gordon (L)
C Salvador Perez (R)
3B Mike Moustakas (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)

LHP Jason Vargas

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  1. FUCK, Stop pitching down the middle to a fucking giant

  2. ughh..

  3. Fawk me…I was mixing a drink and missed who put the runner on 2nd

  4. Darn.

  5. Christ. Dusty could have done that!

  6. There go the wheels

  7. Haha, wtf, KC hits like 2 HR all year, course they hit one against us, fucking horseshit

  8. It ain’t good but I like our pen.

  9. I don’t usually agree with Tabby, but what were they doing there? Throw one off the plate at least.

  10. wtf was that

  11. Why didn’t he just…

  12. ugh

  13. Why did he tag him?

  14. David Cooperesque.

  15. Oh no – here it comes… Delabar is the new Cooper

  16. DelaDoh

  17. Come on Cecil put a stop to this right now

  18. Why didnt he just throw it?

  19. Do any of you guys have any idea why in that situation, the player did not just tag the runner? Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Buck and Pat are frustrated right now,,,

  21. Just worry about the hitter Cece.

  22. finally a strike …geeez

  23. That’s it.

  24. If I may ask, why didn’t he just (not try to) tag him?

  25. I’m going to have to learn how to run a defibrillator if I keep watching these games.

  26. SWEET! We’ll done goggles.

  27. “well” too much brew.

  28. Melky set the team record for hits in April woohoo.

  29. Goggles can strike out the side..

  30. *crickets*

  31. We need a strike out and a dbl play here

  32. At first I though Diaz was coming in for Reyes as the defensive sub. Maybe he should have.

  33. Nice K.

  34. crossed him up

  35. Uh oh santos

  36. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

  37. I’m sorry but I dont like this

  38. Santos….FUCK

  39. underwhelming defense the last two innings. the Hosmer single was ripped, but Reyes showed all the range of a pylon in trying to make the play. then Melky gets caught napping in LF and makes in inexcusable mistake of letting a runner go first to third on single to LF.

  40. Yeeeeeup

  41. ughh…heart hurting

  42. Miss the lock down bullpen.

  43. Pen blows another! Poor Dusty. Santos for five outs was never going to work. Let alone three pitches. His fucking ERA measures bigger than my dink.

  44. The bLOLpen is in full effect tonight

  45. Fawk me what a fuckin bull pen we have. Why is it when are SP’s are on our bull pen is shit yet when are SP’s are off and were in the hole they pitch great.

  46. Forgive me; I know this should be known to me but what is Janssen’s timetable looking like?

  47. at least we got 2-3-4 in top of 9th

  48. Norris with another good game in Dunedin 2 ERs in 24 innings so far. 4:1 K:BB rate


  49. Cecil pwned Gordon so hard and gets the hook…

  50. Fucking christ another w blown by the bullpen. This is becoming quite a fucking problem this year

  51. I’m sorry but I’m so sick of this shit. The bullpen was great last year when it didn’t fucking matter and now when it does the blow pen is back. Honestly Fuck this team. I’m not spending another dime on them until they give me a reason too. 21 years and counting…

  52. On a rainy night, with Dusty warm, I’d have left him in. Not one single bullpenner has done well tonight. They’re in the bullpen for a goddamn reason: they’re not good enough to start!

  53. And Fuck Santos

  54. Gotta love how that pitch was closer than the called strike, ffs

  55. Fuckin ump is giving him nothing close now

  56. fucking Santos is like Frank Francisco from 2011…FUCK

  57. Brett Lawrie sitting down like we did in Little League when the pitcher couldn’t throw strikes!

  58. I’m a Gibby fan but santos was a stupid idea

    • I’m not a Gibby fan, and agree Santos was a foolish idea. No five outs saves for him. He’s not 1/18th of a Mariano Rivera or Henke, who used to be good for extended outings.

    • Would have let Cecil try to finish off the inning.

  59. i hate baseball

  60. You just have to laugh at this fucked up bull pen now

  61. Well, this game got shitty in a hurry/

  62. Basically no bullpen move has worked out for Gibbons tonight.

    • indeed
      bring in RH setup man -> HR to RH hitter
      bring in lefty setup man -> walk to LH hitter
      bring in closer -> GB double, walk, GB single

      • I don’t like the very first move. Got greedy with McGowan in 7th. Start the 7th with your best fresh arm. To me, it all went downhill from there.

  63. my goodness. Santos has been shit again, but 2 grounders, two hits.

  64. Esmil ‘The Mop-up Man’ Rogers.

  65. so, thats nice. the third lead of 3 or more runs blown in the last 6 games.

    how many games have we won in which we were down by three runs? I think one.

  66. Minnesota Special tonight ladies and gents. Hope our offence can pickup our bullpen FTW

    • That, Mr. Dragonfly, is a fine name for this special occurrence. I’m guessing the Jays lead the league in ‘Minnesota Specials’.
      If I knew how to work the stats tables a bit better, I’d check myself.

  67. How many times does Santos have to be brought in in these situations for Gibby to realize this doesnt work? The problem with that is what happens when Janssen comes back and takes the closers role? Then Santos is gonna get these situations a lot more often.

  68. I think the BABIP gods demand a sacrifice.

  69. I thought, if anything, a loss would have been attributed to KC’s pitching.

  70. Just lob it in underhand, might get lucky

  71. I think AA should have to face the media after this garbage.

  72. WTF?

  73. What a fucking joke

  74. I’m done later y’all

  75. out b4 the trolls appear

  76. Man, just dfa everyone in the bullpen not named cecil, delabar, or santos. This is getting tiresome.

    • only those were exactly the three dudes that caused this shit storm.

      i dont understand why there isnt more concern over delabar. his velocity is way down and he is frankly sucking.

  77. AA please for the love of everything that is…….designate Rogers, FIRE HIS ASS …..This is fucking embarrassing

  78. As good as McGowan’s start was today, he could surely help improve the bullpen now. Wagner, too.

  79. This is rapidly approaching the 8 BB inning in terms of fucking farce.

    • Luckily I missed that one, so as far as I’m concerned, it never happened — it was just a bad dream.

  80. Incendiary! UFB!
    Toronto sports teams are cursed.
    Go Raptors.

  81. Gee, sure could have used Wagner tonight. Oh wait, he’s in AAA because anthopoulos doesn’t want to lose a shitballer to waivers. Cool.

  82. Seems like I got out when the gettin’ was good and headed to work. Just checked the score and comments here. I don’t know what is more depressing to be honest.

    • Aside from Dusty (and maybe some hitting), what is there to be positive about? Pray tell!

      • Well…..since you said minus Dusty’s performance….AND the offense….well…..I thought Buck sounded drunk a few times and that made me giggle a bit…

        Can’t even say the scantily clad lady in the 4th innning was okay too, BECAUSE EVERYONE IS IN PONCHOS TONIGHT FFS!!!

        Seriously though, I felt it move a little when Jose slapped his dinger tonight,

  83. You know what? Let’s just keep giving up more runs. I don’t think the bullpen has given up enough runs yet.

  84. The bLOLue Jays.

  85. C’mon base hits for everybody!

  86. at what point do we start to take the performance of the bullpen as indicative of how good it is rather than names and past performance.

  87. Current ERA’s of bullpenners we’ve trotted out tonight:

    Delabar 0.2 2 1 1 0 1 1 4.22
    Cecil 0.2 2 2 2 1 1 0 5.23
    Santos, S 0.1 2 3 3 1 1 0 8.31
    Rogers, E 0.1 2 1 1 0 0 0 6.28

  88. Edwin!

  89. Still in the damn boat.

  90. And loving the 8 man Blowpen

    Also LOVING keeping players with no options because they might be claimed.

    The honeymoon is over AA ….put the best fucking players on the field for the love of fuck

    And lol at Eddies HR

    • Dude. The guys that fucked that up were All Stars last year.The bullpen was never an area of concern until this freakish last couple of weeks.

      • Well of course….because for whatever reason nothing can ever break right in Jay land.

        But my point is- Wagner and potentially Stroman could help this team NOW , (with Dusty going back to the bullpen) but instead you keep trash like Rogers, Happ, Jenkins and to a lesser extent Redmond in your ridiculous 8 man bullpen which leaves Delabar, Cecil and Santos as your only go to options game after game….now start fielding the best goddamn team and you can add dusty and Wagner to the back of the pen and also have a 4th bench player like normal teams do.

        But AAs roster construction is based on options 95 % of the time over the BEST options.

  91. Dang blasted!

    Can’t really blame Gibby for trying to play the match-up game and give his bullpen a chance to hold the lead for a few innings. I would have kept Cecil in there to try and finish the inning and now all of a sudden the Birds are down by three. Crap! Perez hammered both right-handed pitchers.

    On Bautista’s throws. The first one was easier for a strong armed right-fielder by reputation. It’s a much tougher throw on from an average right field arm but makeable at third. A weaker arm probably goes for the cut-off man. Both of Bautista’s throws were impressive even though the second one he didn’t get the out. Still a definite gun. I dare say a prime charging Barfield gets the out at home by at least half a foot to a foot. Same with a prime Ellis Valentine. They probably wouldn’t try to run on Jesse in either situation if the ball was hit to him.

  92. Those stats just blew my mind. And that definitely looked like it hit the outside of the foul pole.

  93. Dinner dong?

  94. Stop trying to blame everyone for the shitty pen performance besides the fucking players themselves. It was too cold, it was too wet, gibby misused them.

    how bout..hey, these guys have been pretty shitty and leave it at that?

  95. my god, Rogers is so bad

    i figured his shit career ERA was due to all his failed attempts at starting, but then i see he has a 5.44 ERA as a reliever with a .282/.356/.436 batting line against.

    horrible against lefties in his career, but not really good against righties either.

    a somewhat decent GB%, but still major, major problems with HR’s in his career.

    i’m looking for redeeming qualities, but there just aren’t any.

    • there are reasons why he is out of options.

      • what sucks more is that we have Wagner wasting away in the minors who could fill the exact same role and give them better quality innings.

        Rogers kept as starting depth is pretty laughable when there’s a solid argument that he isn’t a big league pitcher in any capacity.

        • I dunno. You could have made a similar argument (and I think Parkes did) about Delabar at the time of that trade. Or Bautista at the time of his trade. Or Encarnacion a couple years ago. The Jays see his arm and aren’t wrong to try to develop it.

  96. Most entertaining part of this game is all the fans doing the Rick Flair ‘WHOOO” on every pitch.

  97. What the fuck is going on with this team

  98. Fuckit, lets get drunk.(er)

  99. Plenty of positives in that game.

    Let’s get ‘em tomorrow.

    • Aside from Dusty, what positives, FAG?

      • Oh you.

      • I dunno… let’s try…

        Reys and Melky both with a couple hits.

        EE and JB going yard.

        Colby and Lawrie with a couple hits.

        Dinner reaching 3 times.

        McGowan going into the 7th.

        • Pointless EE HR ….weak groundball an inning earlier when it mattered

          • Kicking noise into your measurements makes your measurements suck more. EE hit a HR. Who was standing on base isn’t under his control, hence noise.

            • A homerun off a guy on mop up duty…I’m really not impressed.

              Do you care when Rogers or whoever gives up a homerun up 5 with 2 outs to go?

              • What the fuck? He hit a fucking home run! Of course I care.

                The HR may not affect the outcome of the game, but that’s not the only thing I care about. It definitely impacts how I think about the pitcher who gave up the HR and the hitter who hit the HR, though.

                The point here is that measuring what happens when a guy steps to the plate is a lot less noisy, easier, and a better predictor of the future, than fucking around trying to correct the outcomes for the score of the game.

      • Not cool.

  100. A friend asked me what I was doing tonight and I said I’ll probably end up watching some kind of shit storm and he said yeah he’s going to watch the game too.

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