Yordano Ventura is a hell of a thing, and the much-hyped Royals prospect is living up to all the good words said about him, but a funny thing happened on the way to his matchup tonight. A funny thing like this:

Player A: 9.72 K/9, 3.72 BB/9, 3.29 xFIP, 2.48 tERA, 3.23 SIERA, .277 BABIP, 4.5% HR/FB
Player B: 11.42 K/9, 3.12 BB/9, 3.12 xFIP, 3.17 tERA, 2.93 SIERA, .364 BABIP, 10.7% HR/FB

Obviously Player A is Ventura, and Player B is tonight’s Jays starter, Drew Hutchison. And while… OK, it’s a little early to be quoting some of these types of numbers — and it’s not like it should change the long-term outlook on these guys — um… how about that!

And how about a damn win! (How about just a Raptors win, at least?)


No Brett Lawrie in the lineup tonight, and Barry Davis tweets that it’s because he’s got a sore back. Greeeeeeeeaat.

Lawrie’s unavailability means that the Jays have Juan Francisco at third. Greeeeeeeeeaat.

Moises Sierra, then, gets into the game at DH. Greeeeeeeeeeaaat.

And the bench tonight, that means, consists of Josh Thole and Jonathan Diaz. Greeeee– you get the idea. Time to fucking fix it, Alex. Not cute anymore.

According to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, Casey Janssen threw a bullpen session today. He plans to throw another on Friday, and then head out on a rehab assignment. Scott MacArthur adds that it seems as though real, tangible progress is being made with Janssen.

Another tweet from Barry Davis tells us that John Gibbons says he’s toying with the idea of going with Juan Francisco at third and Brett Lawrie at second in some of the upcoming games in National League parks. Greeeee

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 8:10 PM ET, @ Kansas City

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
DH Moises Sierra (R)
2B Chris Getz (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Kansas City Royals

RF Nori Aoki (L)
2B Omar Infante (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
DH Billy Butler (R)
LF Alex Gordon (L)
C Salvador Perez (R)
3B Mike Moustakas (L)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)

RHP Yordano Ventura

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  1. Let’s go Hutch. Make ‘er three good starts in a row. And bullpen, like get back to being awesome ok?

  2. Okay, what the fuck? Francisco against the lefty and Sierra against the righty?

  3. I predict a big game from Sierra. Maybe.

  4. Shit. Is the wind blowing in or something? Thought it was gone off the bat.

  5. Tonight’s lineup sucks balls. Bench is laughable. But hey, at least we have Rogers AND Redmond AND Jenkins in the pen, just in case things get hairy. Come on Anthopoulos fucking do something.

    • At least we know we have many options to mop up if were down by like 8 early.

    • Still? If ya can’t get it all out of your system in 21 hours then baseball isn’t the sport for you.

    • Lineup sucks when we have the best 4 top of the lineup hitters in baseball? Have you seen the Yankees lineup!

      Don’t say dumb things

    • Yeah, he should totally bounce Bautista, Cabrera, and Encarnacion so we can get a proven closer like Jose Valverde or Heath Bell.

  6. C’mon Hutch; take us into the 7th with a lead and the bullpen can’t possible blow it again!

    Law of averages, right????

  7. God damn Bautista is a thing of beauty. 2 big hacks at 98 and 100 mph and then he stays away from a curveball in the dirt and goes the other way on a change up.

    I don’t care. I’m such a homer and Bautista is to me today at 32 what Alomar and Carter were to me at 12.My fucking wife can suck it. I’m moving the bautista poster into the bedroom.

  8. It sucks that Rogers tightened the purse and the Jays are already paying for the “thinness” of their lineup.


  9. Hey look, a free out!

  10. I swore after last night I was taking a night off….well here I am.

  11. Great at bat by Francisco

  12. Wait wait wait. Trying Lawrie at 2nd again? Better fucking be for interleague games only.

  13. The fact Melky chews a big piece of grass in the outfield is fucking amazing.

  14. Just tried to get MLBtv set up through my PS3 only to find out that since I haven’t touched the machine for months I had to set up my internet settings again and do a bunch of updates. Then I discover you need premium to watch through the playstation. I decide to pony up the $20 but MLB.com won’t accept my credit card info for some fucking reason.
    And, there’s no booze in the house tonight.
    It’s been that kind of an evening for me.

    • And just as soon as I rant I discover the problem. For some reason my contact number was listed as evening phone instead of mobile. Fuck me.

    • PlayStation updates + downloads are KILLER. I always forget about them. That bar fills so slowly.

      It will be nice to have another glitchy, looping, MLB TV PlayStation viewer to complain alongside. Though it’s running pretty smoothly tonight.

      • Is it usually bad?

        • Success!

        • MLB TV has gone out a few times this season – not in the past week + a bit though. But yeah, it tends to loop footage + can be a bit stuttery. Also, it’s a bit delayed even when things are running smoothly.

          • Ah, yeah. Been watching through MLBtv all season. Just finally got around to setting up my PS3 so I don’t have to hook my laptop up to the TV every night. Delays are kinda annoying but whatevs.

            • I’ve spoiled myself a few times by refreshing Twitter before MLB TV caught up, but it’s not a big deal. The looping can get irritating [I hear this is a PS problem].

  15. Hopefully the jays hitters pick up on the fact that the kid is telegraphing his off-speed stuff. He slows down his windup noticeably when he throws the curve and change… easy for me to say I know.

  16. How come when we plug a hole with Chavez we fucking end up in the cellar and when cheapy oakland throws him into the rotation he’s mutha fuckin cy young?

    • Kinda like that run of good starts we got from Rogers last year? Let’s wait a little while to see what happens with Chavez.

  17. There go the wheels

  18. New crack video…FORD IS OUT!!!

  19. How can you have an 094 obp?

    that is really hard to do.

  20. Danny Duffy. That’s a name you just pummel.

  21. Maybe we should get Gose one of those flared end bats?

  22. Season over for Melky

  23. Danny Duffy can go suck a dick.

  24. Well, that was a bad time to turn on the game.

  25. Fuck

  26. On the bright side….we gotta base runner!

  27. Ouch! I hope that just smarted more than it injured. Shots to the shin and knee hurt like hell.

    Because of the 3 man bench and Sierra being the DH, Diaz is going to have to play left.

  28. I was looking away and heard the scream. Yeeesh.

  29. Off watching the Raptors play with emotion and determination and kickingfthe Nets from here to Broklynn up by 21. Back to the Jays and I see 2 fukin hits and Francisco playing 3ryb. Is this a video game or something. C’mon FFS

  30. Two! Two base runners! Ah ah ahhhh

  31. Lol can you imagine if Lawrie and Cabrera have to go on the DL?

  32. For those screaming for Gibby’s head because of his bullpen management, I present exhibit KC

  33. Edwin!

  34. Another dumb base running move by Bautista. He’s out by 15 feet if not for a ridiculously bad throw.

    • Huh? Throwing a strike to third base from RF is hard, even for major leaguers. Plenty fine baserunning play.

  35. It’s time for some other team’s bull pen to have a complete melt down.

  36. Tie Juan up!

  37. What a pitiful at bat. Watches two dead straight fastballs and then strikes out on a breaking ball in the dirt. Typical Spasmus.

  38. I really hope the Jays don’t lose Sierra to waivers. You can’t just let talent like that go.

  39. “He’s due.”

    Or not, Tabby.

  40. Ah and now I see Melky got beaned horribly today. This could start to get mighty ugly.

  41. If we get the lead, Hutch is going to have to go 9 to get the W

  42. With both Lawrie and Melky doubtful for tomorrow,
    they almost have to send down/designate a reliever
    and bring up a position player. Gose? Pillar maybe.

  43. Why do Rogers insist on going to commercial with fucking lame techno music?

  44. And he’s not even at 80 pitches!

  45. So three starters in a row have pitched well thru 6 innings.

    Worth noting I should say.

  46. Seriously watching Cletus have 3/4 of a shit season then white hot for a month. What do you offer him for a contract?

  47. Getz the rally started.

  48. “John Gibbons says he’s just a baseball player.” [describing Getz]
    Well…that’s a terrific start.

  49. What is this common sense talking about not wasting an out?

  50. Faugh. I really wish Buck and Tabby wouldn’t try to justify the bunting/not bunting decision. Bunting now, when it’s late and tied, is less stupid than bunting in the third. Which they tried to justify yesterday.

  51. Runner on second and top of the order up. Tabby and Buck need to drop the sack bunt shit they’re going on with.

  52. I haven’t seen the video yet, but it must be pretty bad if Ford is taking a leave of absence over this, when he didn’t take an absence over all the previous things he did.

  53. If the Royals hadn’t injured Melky, this would be an awesome scoring chance.

  54. That’s why not, FFS.

  55. Somebody needs to teach these assholes how to bunt for fuck sakes

  56. Go opposite field jose

  57. You heard buck. Diaz is a great bunter….

  58. Ho hum

  59. Sucked up by the Dyson.

  60. I think I’d have rather seen Diaz ground into a double play than whatever that weak ass shit was that he tried to do.

  61. I cant get mad at Diaz dont know why.

    The hell do they feed these pitchers in KC though. Chen’s fastball tomorrow is gonna look like a little league eephus

  62. Diaz really fucked that inning. He gets a bunt down and we’re talking 3-2.

    The best pitch to bunt he pulls the bat back.

  63. Is that what a speedy late game pinch runner looks like?

  64. So tonight were doing the leave the starter in too long thing, as opposed to the burn all the good relievers early thing?

  65. Now it’s getting ridiculous.

    #ford Ford enraged at Muzik nightclub when #bieber asked if he had any crack cocaine. A wild ugly time. Kevin Donovan story breaking soon.

  66. On another note, Raptors win. Fuck Brooklyn!

  67. Melky day to day, xeays negative.

  68. fuck sakes

  69. Missed Lawrie there

  70. Why double up on the high heat? Jays are dumbest team in baseball, bar none.

  71. God this team is so depressing. Finding a different way to lose every night. Same old Blow Jays year after year.

  72. Hutch should sue for lack of support.

    Butler’s bloop drops in front of Diaz
    Maybe a regular OF makes that catch.

    Parades is out if Navarro’s throw
    does not skip or if Getz can field it.

    Lawie would make the play on the Perez double
    and Hutch would escape unscathed.
    All Francisco could do was wave at it as 2 runs score.

    Three chances to escape unscathed
    but the scrubs are just not up to the challenge.

  73. Pretty amazing how they exposed us on that one grounder to third.

    first francisco is a statue and cant get to a ball lawrie would have eaten up.

    then our infileder diaz takes about 80 years to get to the ball in the corner allowing a fucking catcher to score from first on a hit to left field corner.


  74. Can we hire a shaman or something to remove the curse over this team. What can go wrong does

  75. In other news… Just wanted to share this with you fine fellows:

    There’s a burby league in Toronto. Aptly named the Toronto Burby League. Very cool.

  76. quiet… there are two men on base and nobody out.

  77. Got my mojo down.

  78. Cmon Cletus!!!!!!!! Dinger

  79. Cmon Cletus you fucking hick.

  80. Ball 3. Fucking useless.

  81. Time for AA to come out of hiding and fix the roster right?

  82. Holy fuck just DFA this moron.

  83. Couple of stellar at bats with first two guys on.

  84. so let me understand this.

    They are afraid that if the send Sierra down, he will be claimed by someone?

    Isn’t that a good thing? I mean it actually makes the team claiming him weaker.

    Win win.

  85. Sierra needs to go.

  86. Let’s go Reyes!

  87. Alright Chrissy Baseball.

  88. Now THAT is a smart at bat.

  89. What the hell just happened with Reyes?

  90. Nice one, Reyes. FML.

  91. Wow. Just…wow. Total dogshit.

  92. Now. Needs to go now. Draft him before the ninth inning. Have gibby announced it from the booth.

  93. Say goodbye to being over .500 for the rest of the year

  94. I would let Hutch get the complete game loss.

  95. Sorry dfa not draft. Damn auto correct

  96. What the fuck happened there?

  97. Sierra ducks.

  98. Trying to save for a trip to Australia so I’ve been avoiding buying as much beer, but I could sure use a drink or two watching some of these games.

  99. Sierra gives Dominican a bad name. We don’t need his sloppy baserunning, his inept defenceman or his premature bat

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