Can we just fucking do this already, please. I just looked at some of the comments from last night, and holy puking shitting fucking puking fuck. Let’s just get a damn win.


Brett Lawrie is in the lineup tonight, but Melky Cabrera isn’t. Barry Davis tweets, however, that Cabrera is available to pinch hit. (Yet, according to a later tweet from Brendan Kennedy, John Gibbons said that Melky “might” be able to pinch hit.)

Perhaps Melky isn’t available because he’s busy out burning the fucking shit out of his shoes by the demand of the club. I wouldn’t blame them.

Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says today’s roster moves were made because Sierra was scuffling, and Tolleson can offer a little more offence. Didn’t entirely seem like the reasoning to me, but OK. “Heading into interleague play, Tolleson provides more versatility as well, Gibby said,” we’re told in a second tweet. “But the big thing was getting more offence.”

Per an email blast from the club, Mark Buehrle and Melky Cabrera were named co-players of the month for the Jays today by the local chapter of the BBWAA.

Chris Toman notes that Drew Hutchison didn’t throw a single changeup to right-handed hitters last night, and points out that he wrote earlier in the week that Hutchison had been succeeding in part thanks to increased changeup usage to RHBs. Hmmm.

I tweeted this yesterday, but I’ll say it again: a bunch of people contacted me disappointed that the Edwin/Parrot t-shirt that was available a couple weeks ago didn’t end up shipping, because it was deemed to be infringing on copyright. Well, apparently they’re up and being sold again, without anything that should cause them to be shut down. So if you missed out and still want one, there’s still time to go over to Teespring and place an order, apparently.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET, @ Pittsburgh

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
2B Chris Getz (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
DH Juan Francisco (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
LF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Kansas City Royals

2B Omar Infante (R)
1B Eric Hosmer (L)
DH Billy Butler (R)
C Salvador Perez (R)
LF Alex Gordon (L)
3B Danny Valencia (R)
RF Justin Maxwell (R)
SS Alcides Escobar (R)
CF Jarrod Dyson (L)

RHP Jeremy Guthrie

Comments (145)

  1. Getz batting 2nd??

  2. Greasy Getz Gets Guthrie!

  3. Parrot time.

  4. Joey is locked in

  5. Oh yeah!

  6. JB is a poor poor baserunner.

  7. Guthrie is slooooow to the plate.

  8. If you want to preserve your own sanity, for the loved of all that is holy do not search “gibbons” on twitter

  9. Buehrle has saved our butt this season so far. Our record would be pathetic without him

  10. What is with Buck and Tabby’s love for Fransisco…He is really not that great

    • But he’s an Allstar during BP

    • Maybe they don’t like Lind. They haven’t mentioned him much at all since the DL stint.

    • great in BP apparently. Buck and Tabby love them big, strong guys.

      in fairness, Francisco has done well so far, although his K% indicates that his problems are the same as they’ve always been. against righties, he might not be a bad bat.

  11. Buerhle sitting at 83 and with good location and movement.

    The Royals are fucked.

  12. why not kick at a comebacker Tabby?

    1) broken toe/foot
    2) pulled groin/hammy/quad
    4) risk of kicking the ball into no man’s land and giving away an otherwise easy out

  13. Bautista seems a little distracted tonight.

  14. second basemen are allowed to get on base twice in a game? what is this voodoo?

  15. Fuck

  16. Walks are bad..Ummkay.

  17. Well played by JB.

  18. Gose’s gun pays off!

  19. Holy shit that was a good throw from Gose.

  20. i may be the only one but i’m not overly impressed with reyes since he joined the jays.maybe his best days are behind him.

    • I think it’s a tad bit early to suggest that Reyes is washed up.

    • the bat is still good, but he generally plays the part of statue on difficult plays. i feel like he still has the physical ability to make great plays in the field, but i wonder if injuries have sapped his enthusiasm for getting to those balls.

      • I think he pulls up on balls to avoid errors. Selfish. Like when he won his batting title with a bunt, and pulled himself from the game.

  21. Good recognition by Lawrie to let the throw go.

  22. Fat Juan!!!!!!!

  23. Honestly rhough the Dominican hitters are carrying this team right now

  24. Too bad Juan couldn’t play CF.

  25. You guys are right. Buck + Tabby have a total boner for Francisco.

  26. Amazing Burls, simply amazing

  27. of course it is so very, very early but Vancouver’s own Michael Crouse has been on a tear of late in NH, he is hitting .300 with .400 OBP and (.880 OPS) and hit his first HR of the season tonight. he is a beast athlete (son of an ex-CFLer), so that is encouraging


    • Don’t forget about Mississauga’s own Dalton Pompey. A nice interview with him on Jays Journal.

  28. Did Buck just botch the Bull Durham bar speech?

  29. Remember when we almost got Butler?

  30. Francisco and Dioner both displace a lot of water in the pool

  31. Cletus!

  32. Had a feeling Colby was gonna jerk one there.

  33. Razzamatazz!!!

  34. Schooled.

  35. Big catch there, Cletus.

  36. Fuck everyone who shits on Rasmus!

  37. am i wrong in thinking Navarro’s defensive game leaves a lot to be desired. i realize he’s not JP, and that’s great, but…

    he hasn’t thrown hardly anyone out (15.4%), and generally has been just average at it in his career (28.6% vs 27.6% league average over the last 10 years).

    his blocking has looked lazy at times, and he’s tied for 8th in the league in Passed Balls+Wild Pitches

    his framing appears subpar, particularly on low pitches (a couple examples even in tonight’s game where Navarro stabbed at some low pitches that were strikes per the pitchtracker and they were called balls). i think i remember reading that he wasn’t good in this regard, even worse than the infamous Arencibia.

    i dunno, he’s hit well enough that i dont really care yet, but he sure ain’t a defensive saviour.

    • Offensively, he’s been a pleasant surprise.
      Defensively, remember just how badly we craved an ‘average’ backstop last year.

    • But he’s not JPA and that should be good enough.

    • I agree with everything you said Kevin. But I don’t think he is known to be a defensive savior, but he’s good at game calling and a good hitter. He’s still a huge upgrade over JP.

  38. Reyes doesn’t look right

  39. Lets hope the pen can close this one and start May on a positive.

  40. ok bull pen please dont implode

  41. The bullpen is due for a good finish.

  42. Ok boys, make em pay

  43. Is Escobar playing marbles?

  44. squeeze play may be on here lads.

  45. you mean other teams can walk in runs?

  46. or not.

  47. Gose????!?!!?!?!?

  48. About time we had a laugher

  49. Gose actually hasn’t been bad in LF. Got to a few balls I’m not convinced Melky would have.

  50. Loupy goodness

  51. Damb Buehrle pitchs a fast game, it’s nice to finish up quick.

  52. Quiet boat in here tonight. But that’s ok. Long as we’re all in it.

  53. Did Buck just say Mark Francisco?

  54. Gose has as many hits now as Sierra.

  55. Rasmus has gone back to last year’s stance with the hands closer to his body. It looks more comfortable and he seems quicker thru the zone.

  56. Great game all around. Gose looks good.

    • Love to see him drop down a few bunts for base hits

    • You mean he looked good when he almost ran Reyes over down the line, when he got hung up between second and third, and almost got hung up between first and second?

      Not a lot of winning baseball instincts if you ask me…

      • Seriously? He saved a run with his arm (no way Melky makes that throw), made some tricky catches in LF and got the big hit with the bases juiced that Jays have been looking for all season. He did a lot more good than bad last night.

      • The good outweighs the bad here. If he consistently does that then we might wanna be more scared but for his first game back in the Majors, not the worst possible outcome.

  57. Love the way the bottom of the lineup got hits

  58. What a difference a win makes.

  59. So glad we got a win tonight. It’s good to keep the record near 500 so you don’t have to go on 11 game streaks just to get back to respectable.

  60. The Jays Talk host is pushing runs differential. The caller rightly said that wins and losses are where it’s at. Oddly Wilner agreed. There are no moral victories in sports. The last game between the Raptors and the Nets demonstrated that fact. The Nets made a tremendous comeback but at the end of the day,The Raptors won.

  61. Gose looked good. The one worry I have with him is if he’s staying on as the 4th OF, does that ruin his development (assuming he still has some) once Melky is back? That’s why I wonder why it wasn’t a guy like Mastroianni coming up instead.

    Buehrle and Loup were great. Hopefully this extra day of rest for the other top bullpen guys gives them time to remember how good they actually are.

    • 4th OF but also a pinch runner and (sometimes) pinch hitter. And Colby hasn’t exactly been tearing it up. I think he has had a lot of time in the minors and that he is approaching that point where more time down there is of little use. It either comes together enough up here or it doesn’t.

  62. Question: does anyone on here ever score the games at home or if they go to a game? I quite enjoy this past-time. I was once scoring it, minding my own business, when an off-duty Martine Gaillard came and sat down next to me. She touched my shoulder (yipes!) and went “I like a man who scores the game”. True story. I was at the Dome on a bachelor party, so there are a host of witnesses.
    She then roughed-up this lovely interaction by taking a huge bite out of her burger, and had sauce dripping down her face. Cool chick. Her hubby, whomever he may be, is a lucky muthafucka.

  63. (Comes back online after coming back from rehearsal)

    Holy crap the Jays won one!

  64. Is it just me or do stadiums look much emptier than usual this year?

  65. Freaking Lansing had to face Aroldis Chapman tonight. DJ Davis….good luck with that one…lefty vs lefty…

  66. Rasmus hitting better when Gose shows up. Interesting.

  67. On the way back to my car last night, I ended up talking to some guys outside of a tour bus from Prince Albert, SK. I usually see a Canadian bus or two whenever the Jays are in town, and the friends I go with are always amazed at that sort of fandom. Good on you guys!

    • Western fans will travel a very long way to see the Jays play. I love that. There are times when I don’t drag my ass down to the dome from East York.

      • When I lived in Winnipeg, I know there were bus tours from there to Minneapolis for Twins and Vikings games. Prince Albert to KC is around 22 hours, so that’s mighty impressive.

        With it being a mid-week series, the collection of Jays fans along the 3rd base side wasn’t as large as in past years, when the games were on a weekend. Still impressive to come all this way, though. I thanked them.

        • 22 hours of nothing but corn fields. I hope they brought liquor.

          • If they drive through the western Dakotas and Montana, it’s actually pretty nice. If you drive down I-29, it’s turrible. Be sure to get the liquor on the US side though — save some $$$.

  68. Any 4th OF/DH Lefty mashers out there would be a good trade fit for Adam Lind?

    I know it’s early, but I’m pretty close to being sold on Fat Juan against RHP.

    • I think it’s way too early to make a move like that. Francisco fits well on the team, even when Lind is back, if they have a four-man bench.

      Thole – backup catcher, obviously
      Diaz/Tolleson/Goins/whoever – middle infielder
      Gose/Pillar/Mastroianni – fourth outfielder
      Francisco – bench bat who can hit enough to give guys a day off once in a while

      I think that works. I’m not sure there’s room for him with the eight-man bullpen, though.

      • I take your point, but if some how a trade of Lind could happen resulting in Cody Ross (likely a three way as AZ has a fine 1B) I would be pleased.

        Craig Gentry could be a fit too.

  69. Kratzup

    • There is that RHP platoon bat some were hoping for.

      • I’ve been practically begging for this…no official announcement yet kinda worries me though, might be waiting to DL Navarro…what happened to him?! I missed yesterday

        • Assuming Navarro is okay, or just a little “banged up”, the other issue that could use some attention is his amount of games played.

          At his current pace Navarro is on course for 140 games played.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Dinner, but having Kratz up to help keep Navarro in the 110 to 115 game played range plus some pitch hitting and LHP DH duties for Kratz makes sense to me.

          If they can make it work with the bench and bullpen that is.

          • No I agree, I went on a rampage the other day about how the Jays need to change their bench to Kratz + Thole + Gose + Diaz (looks like Tolleson bats right and plays a bunch of positions so just as good)…hopefully that’s what’s happening here, but kinda concerned that with no official announcement, they’re waiting to see how Dioner is to either DL him or demote Jenkins

  70. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/expected-run-differentials/

    Baltimore is fluking out wins yet again but watch out for the Rays…

    • Watch out for the Yankees too.

      I see they have that our offense is slightly unlucky, scoring three fewer runs than they ought to have; but our pitching is lucky, having given up six fewer runs than they should have, based on their performance so far this season. Overall our run differential is right where it’s supposed to be.

      This would put us at 3rd in the division, which is… exactly where we are right now. Only difference is that the Orioles are supposed to be in last place and Tampa is supposed to be in first.

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