Welp, we now have something resembling an honest-to-goodness bench (y’know, once everyone is healthy), as the Jays have gone and made some roster moves, including the highly encouraging D’ing FA of Moises Sierra. They’ve also optioned Jonathan Diaz to Buffalo, and recalled Steve Tolleson and Anthony Gose.

None of these guys are the lefty-masher that the club badly needs to pair with current DH Juan Francisco, or regular DH Adam Lind, but Tolleson has hardly been hopeless with the bat in the minors — he at least takes walks, leading to an OBP of .345 this year, .381 last year, and .358 in the Orioles system in 2012 — and provides some defensive versatility, having played at second, short, third, and in the corner outfield spots in the last couple of seasons. Gose, as you probably know, is a left-handed bat, so not much use as a straight replacement for Rajai Davis — who over the past few seasons had been used as a platoon mate for Lind, in addition to his duties as a backup in centre and as a pich runner — but he at least will bring the club some great outfield defence for when Colby Rasmus needs a day off, and can be a threat on the basepaths. Again, for Anthopoulos, versatility is the name of the game — covering for the ailing Lawrie and Cabrera is another game of his — as it certainly has its advantages when you’re running a damn three man bench.

It’s not as simple a call as certain cranks would like to to tell you it should have been — for example, Gose isn’t going to see a lot of action, and while dreaming on something eventually clicking with his bat sounds more absurd by the day, it’s certainly not going to help him, and Sierra, while wholly miscast in his role as a spare outfielder and lefty-masher, isn’t entirely a nothing piece to let slip away — but it sure feels like the right one. At least in so far as the internal options available to the GM.

Or at least a step in the right direction.

The big thing, though, like I say, is the fact that the club has finally cut bait on an out-of-options guy for the betterment of the current roster. Yes, they did this with Jeremy Jeffress earlier in the year, as well, but the fact that they actually recognize that wins for this year that this club needs to be picking up are slipping away because of how badly they’re clinging to guys who barely scrape above the title of non-asset (if they even do that), would seem to me to be a very good thing.

Now they just need to do it with some relievers.

That’s going to be a tougher row to hoe, for sure, just because of how valuable pitching depth is — yes, even pitching depth named Esmil Rogers and J.A. Happ — but you’ve got to think it’s going to happen, too. SO LET’S SEE IT ALREADY.

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  1. The most disgusting thing about all the long men on the roster is that right now they have exactly 1 RHP they trust late in games (non-closer) variety in Delabar. And it also forces unusual usage out of Cecil and Santos. In short, the pen construction right now is an absolute disaster.

    • If you are talking about right now..this moment, Delabar is not very trustworthy. Velocity down. getting lit up. Frankly I trust redmond more than him right now.

  2. I’d have thought Pillar would make more sense as the 4th OF. I wonder if Gose is up until Melky’s 100 per cent?

    • That’s what I thought, too. Pillar has been hitting really well, provides some versatility, some speed, a right-handed bat… I fully expected him to get the call. If Melky does miss a few games, though, then Gose getting some starts makes sense.

      • Or Mastroianni, has some major league success against lefties and has some decent speed, can play CF.

        • He would have been my first thought, too.

        • I don’t think an 80 wRC+ counts as “some major league success against lefties”. Hell, as much as Pillar struggled last year in his time with the Jays, he still managed an 86 wRC+, and he has a more pronounced split over his minor league career.

          He’s also been on fire lately: .962 OPS over the last two weeks, and it’s .837 since a 1-21 star in the first four games. I think he’s exactly what they want in a bench player, but Gose may be more of what they want as a temporary starter. I guess we’ll see.

  3. “…we now have something resembling an honest-to-goodness bench.”

    Really? I imagine Gose is here to cover Cabrera for a few days, and Tolleson to cover Lawrie, which still doesn’t leave much of a bench. And even if Tolleson’s on the bench, that’s not much of a bench anyway. Anyway, I don’t think any of us should weigh in on this till we’ve heard what Richard S.S. at Batter’s Box has to say.

  4. “I don’t think any of us should weigh in on this till we’ve heard what Richard S.S. at Batter’s Box has to say”


    I’m trying to figure out why he capitalizes Team and Offense and a few other choice words.

    • Hmm… Now that you mention it, you’re right. Trying to make any sense at all of what he’s trying to say is more than enough for me.

  5. Got to be another move after the game tonite as this whole 4 long men in the pen is dumb. They are long and not much good. Got to believe Jenkins is sent down as a minimum tonite before we go to Pit and Phil as we need as a minimum another bench guy for FFS in those NL parks.Pillar will be called up in my guess with Mely wounded

  6. No huge surprises here.
    Sierra may clear waivers and end up back in Buffalo.

    But after all of this, if neither Melky nor Lawrie can
    go tonight,does that not still leave Gibby with
    a one man bench for tonight’s game?

  7. What a brilliant move by AA with Sierra. Puts him on the roster so he doesn’t lose him, and then waits until he’s so bad no one in their right mind would claim him.

  8. I don’t mind redmond as the long guy rather than rogers, no?

    • Totally.

      • I prefer Rogers. Better stuff. Better peripherals. That 25% hr/fb rate won’t sustain. Neither will Redmond’s smoke and mirrors.

    • this is one of those “do we have to?” choices.

      since i’ve posted at length about the futility of Esmil Rogers, I think I’ll agree and go with Redmond. other than substantially better K/BB numbers, which come at the expense of GB%, he’s really no different in terms of results

  9. Does anybody — the Diamondbacks? — take Rogers and give us anything at all for him?

    • interesting; the diambondbacks have a similar april record to the jays of last year and might need all the help they get (they are 9 -22 now)

    • Nobody trades for Rogers, but somebody claims him if put on waivers. This year 16 Ks, only 4BBs, xFIP of 3.56. Someone takes that.

    • I don’t know if Rogers is gritty enough for the D’Backs. When’s the last time he threw a pitch at someone’s head?

      • This is true. Brash, white, stupid and short on talent is some way to get through life, if you play for Arizona.

  10. Heres a question; if we dfa happ, does he have the option to elect free agency? And if he does, is he still owed his entire 2014 salary? I’m just thinking that it’s pretty unlikely anyone snaps up a six million dollar 6/7 starter on waivers, so wouldn’t he be the safest candidate to send down?

    Plus, if he elects fa and his salary is waived, worst case scenario that frees up payroll for Drew doesn’t it?

  11. Nice Mr Show reference

  12. I like all of these moves,
    the bench doesn’t have to be full of stars, just guys with various tools that aren’t repetitive.
    I’m proud of him for just cutting bait with guys he doesn’t think can get it done, apart from signing major league talent where you have glaring holes, thats kind of all you can do.

    • You can’t make trades?

      • a win now team can’t trade people off of the major league roster,
        and they’d have to line up with a rebuilding team who had an over-abundance of quality pitchers and middle infielders who didn’t require your top prospects in return…
        so probably not, no.

        • So a win now team can’t trade “top” prospects to improve the mlb roster?

          There are lots of options to improve the mlb roster without adding payroll. Not sure pride in management that puts together a win now team with glaring weaknesses and holes is something to be proud of

          • i’m happy the priority seems to be shifting from asset management to winning games.
            if he wasn’t allowed to spend, he can’t control that.
            if a trade didn’t materialize that they thought was a good deal, he can’t control that either.

            • But has it shifted much? These are minor and pretty inconsequential moves IMO. If the jays traded Sanchez for Shark then I would say a shift has happened with focus on winning more games now.

              Stop making excuses for the front office. It is their job to put a competitive team on the field, they have been given ample resources to do that, and any holes in the roster are entirely their fault

              • not like those other gm’s who have managed to create rosters with no holes whatsoever…. full retard

  13. Pillar had been struggling but looks like he’s starting to heat up, but I think his audition last year and the value Gose provides in the field and on the bases might’ve been the thinking when promoting him, figuring their bats would’ve been a wash anyway. Wish both of these guys could figure it out and be successful, though.

  14. While we’re prospecting, Hendricks’ 21/0 K/BB ratio is somewhat enticing…the hitting options, not so much.

    • Looks damn enticing. You never know when these pitchers suddenly figure it out. I’m not saying he’s Cliff Lee but I’m saying he might be Cliff Lee. Probably not Cliff Lee. But you never know. That’s what I’m saying.

  15. Have we accepted the fact that Gose will never hit well enough to be a regular, therefore bringing him up to be a utility guy with some speed and defense off the bench won’t hurt his development. He already is what he will ever be.

    • At this point, I’d call it a “likelihood” rather than a “fact.”
      But is seems to be moving in that direction.

      • Crappy hitters with some speed has been the achillies heel of this organization regime:
        - Taking DJ Davis over Michael the draft
        - Insisting that Emilio Bonifacio be part of the Miami deal when they alread had Rajai Davis
        - Falling in love with Gose as a prospect
        - While not a crappy hitter, taking on the contract of Jose Reyes because of the idea of having a true lead-off hitter.

        • It’s not like acquiring Gose cost them anything.

          • It’s the opportunity cost, I’m sure you could have got a better player for Wallace at that time. The organization apparently was trying to get Gose for a long time, well, him and JA Happ.

            • I agree. Jays love specific prospects, make it known, and keep after them. Esmil Rogers is another with Gose and Happ. Jays tried to get Rogers from Rockies, but waiting couple more years until they paid way too much to Indians.

            • Wallace, Taylor, and Gose have all washed out. At least Gose isn’t out of options yet.

              • Anthony Gose is still younger than a lot of players who are considered prospects at this point. He hasn’t developed the way fans would like, obviously, but it’s kind of dumb to say he’s “washed out”.

                • I know I didn’t phrase it this way, but my point was that of the three that we know AA could have kept, Gose is the most “prospect”y one left.

        • DJ Davis is a crappy hitter?

        • I’ve heard that Wacha looked nothing like what he does now when he was drafted. Lots of people were surprised that it’s the same guy.

    • He’s 235/350/309 at AAA this year. That’s room for optimism and room for pessimism. The optimism comes from the high BB% and a relatively low (.280) BABIP. Pessimism comes from a .659 OPS at AAA. But I’m an optimist. He could still figure it out and needs the ABs in AAA.

  16. how long are they sitting Lawrie ? Haven’t heard one word on Lind except a troll saying he was put on the 60day DL. Is he swinging the bat or just growing his beard ? And it seems like Casey is still a long way off. Seems like April was 45 days long this year

  17. It’s a glaring indictment of the GM when everyone on this blog knows the moves to made a week before they’re actually made. Even wilner was getting exasperated as to why sierra was still here. AA reminds me of that animal that stands on the highway late at night staring at you frozen as you approach 100kmh.

    • is this a serious comment?

    • I know he struggled, but it was 35 AB’s

      35 at bats for a player who has never experienced not being an everyday player and getting at bats everyday.

      I’m not saying it was wrong to DFA him, but nonsense that it should have been done weeks ago is ridiculous. In 4 times as many at bats last year he had an .827 OPS

      • you don’t understand roster construction. the 4th of has to play cf. rh bat should mash lefties. he couldn’t do either.

        • Finally,
          a fan who knows better than stupid management.
          you are one of a kind bonehead

        • u mean he couldn’t in 35 AB’s right?

        • a) The fourth outfielder doesn’t have to be able to play centre field if one of the other outfielders is capable of playing centre field.

          b) You’re basing his inability to “mash lefties” on 35 plate appearances in 2014 while ignoring the fact that he’s been very good against lefties throughout his minor league career and over his 279 major league plate appearances prior to 2014.

          So… you’re wrong on everything you said, I guess.

          • except that nobody else could play cf that’s why you saw jose stumbling in cf.

            and he has a career .710 ops vs LH so no he can’t hit lefties either so I guess you’re wrong on everything so stop arguing.

            • lol atleast your name is accurate.

              Can you please name all the players that could have take Sierra’s AB’s that would have done better vs lefties?

              Seriously, do you realize how much of a douche you sound when everything you’re arguing is all about you having the benefit of hindsight?

              Sierra’s OPS vs lefties has been .720 which was dragged down because of his low obp, but he slugged them at a .426..

              who do you replace him with who is going to give you better than that, bonehead

              • mastrioanni has a career .330 obp vs lefties, can play cf, and can steal bases so no it’s not hindsight. and gose just replaced him, you know a guy who can play cf? once again STOP arguing about a guy who was just released.

                • I don’t think anyone is arguing that moving on from Sierra was a bad decision, but in saying that Sierra should have been gone a week ago, you’ve decided that his 11 plate appearances against lefties are enough to prove that he can’t, in fact, hit lefties, and that his .804 OPS in 98 previous plate appearances should be written off.

                  That’s why you’re wrong, and that’s why it was worthwhile to continue to give Sierra chances over the last couple of weeks.

                  • I guess you can’t read either. that’s not what I said. and guess what he WASN’T being given chances. he wasn’t even being used to pinch hit for goins for fucks sakes. if you’re not going to play him regularly then just release him already. that’s why I’m right. it’s called common sense.

          • He looked really, really bad in those 35 ABs.

  18. *puts a star behind that one..

  19. For the cost of all the flights to Buffalo and back for Goins, Getz, Tolleson, Kawasaki, and Diaz, they could have just paid for a real second baseman.

    • Flights to Buffalo?

      It’s cheaper and faster to take Megabus. 14 bucks or so and the bus station is a block away from the Bisons ballpark.

  20. Maybe we should update “row to hoe ” to something more au courrant like “ho to mow”

  21. Great to think Gibby and AA had to have the classic ‘movie scene sit down’ w/ Sierra
    AA: Moises you’re a great guy, see you work hard, but it’s just not workin out. Not getting on base as much as we hoped, we’re going to have to DFA you, see if we can get you to Buffalo (but way more flowery, and a full essay).

    Sierra: Come on, how am I supposed to be able to hit when I get 3 AB’s per week? I just need some time at the dish. I can hit these guys, it’s just April, it’s been cold, I’m workin on some things w/ Seitzer and it’s taking time…
    Alright fine, you know what I’m going to catch on somewhere else, they’ll see my talent. Come back here with them and STICK IT BACK RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!

    AA: I hope you do Moises, I hope you do.

  22. Haha did you guys hear Tabby last night after the play at the plate review… “so if he was called safe would the man at first still be safe?” buck replies ” uh Ya the play at the plate has nothing to do with first base” Tabby “wow”

    • i used to not mind this announcing team, but this season they seem to be repeating them selves a whole bunch.
      And i totally disagreed with them on a few things last night.

      2-2 game, man on 1st, no out.. “you gotta swing away here, start a rally”
      or not..
      reyes could have moved the runner with a bunt and a good chance he runs it out for a single. he is the leadoff guy right? with a history of speed?

      this team can be so frustrating in close games, when required small ball can get you a W. Its exactly how the Royals won.

      they need to start moving runners. when was the last time they stole a base?

      • I’ve noticed how shite they are too. First game in KC and the two idiots mentioned 4 times before the 5 inning the Royals have only hit 10 HR for the season. Terrible. Definitely bottom 1/4 in MLB broadcasting circles.

      • Dinner plates Navarro is tied for second in on the team in steals. And Diaz is a “great bunter” but he strikes out a lot while trying to do it. Plus I don’t think that KC would have been successful at bunting except Delaware tried to tag him out… he was probably afraid of the why didn’t he just tag him line that has dogged the jays players in recent years

    • I think Buck and Tabby need a few weeks in the minors to get their mechanics in order.

    • I think even Buck was amazed by Tabler’s stupidity on that one.

  23. And there was much rejoicing.

  24. They wouldn’t have brought Gose up unless a) they’ve given up on him as a starter, which I doubt; b) Cabrera’s injury is more serious than they initially thought, and he’ll be out a few days; c) they’re idiots and plan on letting a young player who needs at-bats rot on the bench merely because they can’t find anyone else decent enough to fill the role.

  25. Gose does not captain the OF as he should when playing CF. Many times last year he ran into or nearly ran into his fielders, and his break on balls his weak. It’s obvious he’s made it this far on pure instinct and athleticism.

    • Perhaps, but we’ve also seen some strange positioning all season from Colby – balls going over his head and hitting the wall with regularity, etc. I also think the flux in the middle infield isn’t helping the OFers — communication isn’t there and no one is sure whose ball it is. That really comes in part from practicing together, though some of it is instinctual.

      I wish that Colby was having a better season with the bat. Honestly, at this point I’d give Gose all the chances he needs and see if he might have anything to offer longer term. Get him regular bats, sink or swim. Melky could DH while working through the injury, if he isn’t DLed.

      • Colby’s capable at CF, but there are games where he just doesn’t get a good read on the ball.

        The starting lineup of Reyes-Cabrera-Bautista-Edwin-Lind-Lawrie-Rasmus-Navarro-x should be the best in baseball, especially with the potential we’ve seen.

        The bench is shit, but for now Thole is a must, as is Francisco. Sierra really just can’t hit this year and he is 4A at best. Gose was #5 on the depth chart – bring him up.

        Tolleson leaves me scratching my head.

        What really makes me scratch my head is the decision to leave Happ / Rogers / Jenkins / Redmond up when they really only need 3 at most and 2 ideally (if we can get six+ innings out of four of the five starters).

        Doesn’t matter anyway. Wasted effort this year until the starting pitching situation is resolved, though it may be now that only Morrow and McGowan need to shape up. These next two weeks feature some pretty easy teams and the Jays should be able to build confidence (and wins) before they face Texas, Boston, Oakland, and the Rays.

  26. step in the right direction, but still a whole lot of non-ideal roster construction here.

    Diaz for Tolleson seems like shuffling the deck chairs. even Diaz has posted OBP’s of .358, .374, and .413 in his last 3 seasons at AAA – certainly didn’t translate to anything at the big league level. maybe a touch more defensive flexibility, but i doubt Tolleson is good enough in the outfield for it to matter that much.

    Gose is kinda interesting, although the pessimist in me says it’s because Melky is gonna miss a week or so’s worth of games. then he’ll go back down in favour of Mastroianni.

    still dealing with the bevy of shitballers at the bottom of the pen, which is the larger issue..

    • The larger issue is the complete inability to consistently pitch well across the entire pitching staff. The four long men or eight msn pen or no pinch runner or lefty masher etc hasn’t been the biggest problem. It is the how many? blown games by the trusted high leverage bullpen pieces over the past two weeks mixed with the inconsistent sp where they were out of it after three or four innings. How many long men who the fourth of is having 2b who can’t hit doesn’t matter so much when you have sp giving up 9 walks in under 3 innings and bullpen giving up 4 plus runs in one inning to blow leads a third of the games over two weeks etc

      • They are under strain. As noted earlier — maybe it was Stoeten who said it — Janssen over Jenkins, Wagner over Rogers, McGowan over Redmond in there nudges all of the pieces back and gives the team more options. And that’s still one too many shitbags.

      • if the rotation and the veteran members of the pen can’t figure things out, the season is toast, and no amount of roster moves will fix it in the short term.

        however, long-term i’m confident in 4/5 starters (all except McGowan) to be league average. and the back end of the bullpen will also be fine, especially if Janssen can come back and be relatively effective. what concerns me is the number of marginal pitchers and poorly-conceived bench players that this team is holding onto in their ongoing war against the waiver wire. those problems are much more easily corrected.

        they got rid of one such player in Sierra, who’s modest upside just wasn’t worth suffering through his current struggles and poor fit for the 4th OF role, and replaced him with a player who can actually play the OF at a well above average level and is a legit baserunner. it’s still not perfect, for the reasons stoeten highlighted (left-handed, can’t hit), but it is an improvement, and it means we won’t see Bautista in CF for the foreseeable future.

        baby steps

  27. Colby Rasmus looks horrible at the plate. What happened?

  28. This is shuffling deck chairs. Gose cant hit. Tolleson cant hit. Neither could diaz or sierra. Bench still sucks.

    • Jays are 8th in runs scored, and reyes and EE haven’t gotten it going yet. offense is fine.

      fine our second baseman suck, but every team has a black hole, offense can live without production there if the bullpen can return back to a strength

  29. I really miss Rajai.

  30. Last night was rough to watch. I don’t know how many times they had a runner in scoring position with 0 or 1 outs that they couldn’t cash in.

    Is there anything, strategically, that they could apply here? Selling out for the fly ball, perhaps, to scratch across the runs?

    Drew got hung out to dry last night, and the chances were there.

    • The offense was due a bad day or two given how they’ve been mashing lately. Just unfortunate that it coincided with pretty solid pitching on the day.

    • the inability of playing some “small ball” has buried this team for years now…

      • Small ball is somewhere very close to the bottom of the list of things that have hurt the Blue Jays over the years.

        • Yet there are occasions where it is useful, and occasions where the ability of other teams to execute it properly (not as an overall strategy, but as a tactic) has killed the Jays.

          Obvs the #1 problem facing this team right now is the blow-ups from the high-leverage bullpen pieces, with the redundant mop-up crew that is limiting the bench a close second.

          I’m only saying that on a night where you are getting baserunners but can’t quite close it, and the hits are not coming in bunches, going for the sac fly now and then can keep you in the game until you get to their bullpen. Having four for Drew to work with instead of two might have made a big difference both in his comfort level and in Gibbons’ in terms of whom he had to use.

          • I guess I shouldn’t have written that in such a dismissive way. Small ball has its place in certain situations, but the list of times when it should be used is pretty small. Over the years, the Jays haven’t really been in many situations where the odd bunt or sac fly or hit and run here and there could make much of a difference.

            It’s nice to see players who are actually capable of laying down a bunt. It’s nicer to see a team where they don’t bother intentionally getting out.

    • Well, Ventura was pitching last night so I was expecting the Jays offense to be a bit slow. It would of been nice for the offense to turn it on after he left after 5.

  31. Can’t say I’m sad to see Sierra go.
    Honest to god…I can’t recall him ever getting a hit, let alone one where it MATTERED – and his outfield routes were a real adventure at times.
    AA’s biggest downfall is his propensity to grab up guys terminally on the cusp – AAAA types – and have none of them blossom.

  32. boneheads a troll

  33. Hey guys. I’m currently hanging out and drinking beer with Shea Hillenbrand on the Costa Concordia. Just talking Jays and Rogers stuff you know.

  34. Is there any trade value for players like J.A. Happ and Esmil Rogers. I’m sure worst case scenario you could get some form of prospect could you not?

    • Probably a very low rated prospect. Happ is overpaid in which the Jays would probably have to cover his contract to go away and Esmil has no more options.

  35. Mike (Toronto)

    Any early reports on Phil Bickford (sigh)?
    Klaw (1:51 PM)

    Terrible. Upper 80s at times, still no breaking ball. I criticized the Jays for taking what I saw as a second round talent at best with the 10th pick, but the end result will probably be OK for them.

    So… that’s good?

  36. I remember when everyone here thought Yan Gomes was useless. I thought he had good plate appearances and wasn’t happy about him going.

    Now I admit Sierra has looked terrible in 35 at bats this year. But he sure looked great in 4 times the number of at bats last year.

    • Yeah and let’s not forget about Bonifacio either. Or Kelly Johnson. Or Aaron Hill.

      Players that sucked with Toronto and went on to be good elsewhere.

      • Well Hill had lots of chance and either the concussion or the hitting coach or something wasn’t helping and the Jays didn’t have much choice. KJ.. meh.

        Now Bonifacio I was surprised about. I thought he was just like the whole team last year – just a mess. But I certainly would have rather bet on him regressing back to being halfway decent over playing Goins there. I almost wonder if there was more to it, like something personal with him and a teammate or the club.

        Come to think of it, people are now hindsighting the 2012 offseason and picking on AA, but look at Bonifacio and Melky this year. If we had them playing like that last year…

      • Let’s not forget about Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion.

        Players who sucked elsewhere and lit it up in Toronto.

        (It goes both ways – every team will hit or miss with players in trades)

        And as for Bonifacio, take away his first three games and he’s at .271/.326/.329 – it’s a long year and give him time, he’ll be a lot lower than his current .337 BA. One month doesn’t make him a superstar upon leaving Toronto.

        • Did….did you….did you just pull a reverse Wilner to make somebody’s stats look less shiny?

  37. The re-shuffling of the chairs on the Titanic. The ship is sinking!!!

  38. The Jays lineup is starting to look pretty greasy again — Chris Getz batting 2nd!

  39. So, now we are going to use a 6 man rotation….ugh!

  40. Joel Hanrahan getting some looks coming back from TJ surgery. I’d like to think the Jays would be interested, and they probably are given the struggles of the bullpen. But likely only if he agrees to make $10.25 an appearance – $11 an hour if he holds out for more money come June 1st.

  41. This 6-man rotation can’t be for real. It just… can’t.

    Just stick Dusty in the bullpen and be done with it.

  42. […] sending down Jonathan Diaz, removing Moises Sierra from the roster, and calling up Steve Tolleson. Andrew Stoeten of DJF analyzed these transactions, justifiably calling this set of moves positive, though it was bound to […]

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