I want to meet this hobbit of yours–Bobo T. Baggins. [gasp] Oh my God, I just got that! I think I’m gonna throw up! I think I’m gonna throw up!

The Jays have moved away from the eight-man bullpen, at least for now, calling up Erik Kratz and demoting Chad Jenkins in time for tonight’s game in Pittsburgh. Dioner Navarro is day-to-day with a tight left quad that caused an early exit to last night’s game in Kansas City. Since J.A. Happ, for the last damn time, is just a spot starter and there is no six-man rotation to speak of, it makes sense, apart from not brining Neil Wagner back up (if they even can at this point), especially if they like Juan Francisco enough to want to keep his bat on the bench for a while, even after Adam Lind gets back, which…

Brett Lawrie starts at second base tonight for the Jays. Juan Francisco starts at third. And… well… as long as Francisco keeps taking walks and dropping bombs, that’s terrific. Just as long as we all recognize that he’s not going to do either at the rates we’ve grown accustomed to over the first eleven games of his Jays career, we should be able to keep this in perspective.

Continue fucking off, Toronto Sun. I barely know where to begin here, but… first we have Bob Elliott likening the Jays to the 2006 Royals, for some reason, ostensibly because, as he says, “the 2014 Jays seem certain of their 21st consecutive season of failing to make the playoffs” as those Royals were. Does he know what “certain” means?

Secondly from the Sun we have Steve Buffery, who has pointed questions for the Jays’ brass, some of which are entirely legitimate, some of which are just hopelessly off-base — “Contenders in the AL East don’t have huge holes like an unproven rookie playing second” – while others still — “Why aren’t the players the Jays bring up from the minors more schooled in the fundamentals? Why hasn’t the fact that the Jays need an everyday player who can hit for average not been addressed?” — are an exercise in idiot-empowering insanity. (Need proof? See the fucking winners in the comments who think this is the most incisive thing about baseball they’ve ever read — but don’t linger there for too long or you’ll end up wanting to shoot yourself in the face.)

Here’s one from the Sun that’s a bit better: Bob Elliott gives us a farm report and some praise for — shock! — maple-boner prospect Dalton Pompey.

More on Pompey, as Kyle Franzoni of Jays Journal talks to him.

Pompey didn’t make John Sickels’ list of the top 150 prospects in baseball over at Minor League Ball, though. However, five Jays’ prospects did: Sanchez (29), Stroman (45), Mitch Nay (92), Dan Norris (98), and Sean Nolin (127).

“Why don’t the Toronto Blue Jays win?” asks Tony Blengino of FanGraphs in a look at overtaxed bullpens and the upcoming summer of attrition for pitchers. Brandon Morrow, basically. He explains: “At any given moment, Morrow can be truly dominant, but his mere presence in a starting rotation all but guarantees bullpen overuse. His presence in a rotation beside fellow injury reclamation projects Dustin McGowan and Drew Hutchison is a recipe for disaster – the three have combined for an average of 4.76 IP per start in their 15 outings. As a result, the Jays have two relievers, Steve Delabar and Brett Cecil, who are on track for 81 appearances, and another,Esmil Rogers, on track for 89 relief innings. Unsurprisingly, the Jays’ pen ERA of 5.08 ranks 13th in the AL thus far.”

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan looks at the worst of the month’s wildest pitches, including one from Neil Wagner! (And, amazingly, no other Jays pitchers!)

Beyond the Box Score looks at hitters who give away the most free outs in baseba– OH HELLO COLBY RASMUS!

Jays Prospects sees new possibilities with a new hitting coach for Santiago Nessy.

John Lott profiles the Jays’ outgoing PR chief Howard Starkman over at the National Post.

In Richard Griffin’s latest Bullpen post at the Toronto Star, he looks at Mark Buehrle as a mid-season trade candidate, among other things.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet looks at how Ryan Goins is going to try to get his bat going during a stint in triple-A that he hopes is only going to be temporary.

Meanwhile, Chris Toman writes at Gamereax that nothing has changed, with respect to the Jays’ woeful second base situation, explaining that the Goins demotion “highlights the bigger issue, and it’s that the Blue Jays’ inaction this offseason is coming back, not surprisingly, to hurt them.

Elsewhere at Gamereax, Chris looks at how the club’s roster moves of yesterday, bolstering the bench, make a lot of sense.

Back to Sportsnet, where Arden Zwelling sees signs of progress in Brett Lawrie. You know? The Jays’ second baseman!

And elsewhere at Sportsnet, Shi Davidi wonders if the Jays’ bullpen woes are just a blip or a trend, while Ben Nicholson-Smith tells us that Canuck infielder Pete Orr wanted to play for the Jays.

Reyes throwing his bat as Jeremy Guthrie throws a ball into the upper deck forever. Forever and ever and ever.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned this a couple of times now, but it’s worth repeating, since a bunch of people contacted me disappointed that the Edwin/Parrot t-shirt that was available a couple weeks ago didn’t end up shipping, because it was deemed to be infringing on MLB’s copyright. Well, apparently they’re up and being sold again, without anything that should cause them to be shut down. So if you missed out and still want one, there are still a couple of days left to go over to Teespring and place an order, apparently.

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  1. i absolutely hate Lawrie at 2B.

  2. I’m a little tired of all of the repetitive posts from various columnists criticizing a lack of action in the offseason when we don’t really know what money was available for free agents, and most of us acknowledge that we never had many disposable trade chips.

    What is ripe for criticism though, and what could be argued rather than going back to the obvious arguments that have been made 239048239048 times, is AA’s fetish in clutching onto every possible asset that is either out of options (e.g. Sierra) or otherwise cannot be demoted (e.g. Happ) to the point that this starts to arguably affect actual wins and losses, and doing nothing to add to the bench (which generally doesn’t require much money), even if these players are stashed in the minors.

    When you bring up players like Tolleson or count on players like Sierra with such limited major league experience, even if they may eventually become significant assets, they will require major league time to incubate and develop. If the Jays really want to compete this year, they need more Mark DeRosa style players that don’t need to accumulate more experience. Would it not have been fairly easy to find players if this ilk in the off-season?

    At any rate, I wish journalists would go beyond the obvious arguments that everybody and their dog has already made.

  3. Sean Nolin ranks just ahead of the guy the Tigers just had to have for Doug Fister.

    • Is that you Dave Dombrowski? No? Then fuck off.

      The other 27 teams had their dicks in their hands too and maybe offered more. If DD wanted that package, that is that.

      Jesus fuck.

  4. I want that Rasmus shirt from last year. And the Cecil one.

  5. Only some consistent wins will shut down all this roster dissecting day after day.

    So, guys, just fucking win!!! No AL East team is off to a great start; let’s take advantage!

    That is all.

  6. Bob Elliot knows that the whiskey is “certain” to be delicious.

  7. I mentioned Pompey a few weeks ago with mixed reaction.
    Dwight Smith jr is doing pretty much the same thing at the same level (High-A) at the same age (21) without any of the notoriety. He’s a little less toolsy then Pompey but bats left, strikes out less and has the pedigree.

    He could be one to keep an eye on.
    I asked Badler about him last year and he said ” he’s very intriguing but he’ll need to keep hitting because he has the small size knock against him” . He’s listed as 5’11.

  8. I really hope there are no trades till the end of the season. Let it all play out and then make the decisions on the direction you want to go.

    • I tend to agree but if they are out of the mix my boy Cletus is done like chicken dinner and that hurts me even to think about it.

      • If Cletus is done, say goodbye to Lord Melkington and his babies too.

        • Nope, Melky would give a home town discount in a heartbeat, or at least I would bet on it. This team gave him a chance at redemption.

          • Melky wanting to be here doesn’t concern me; Rogers ponying up does, though.

            • Agree 100%. Melky is the precise player we’ve missed; good average, OBP, some power and some speed. All around good. I’m so fucking sick of watching Rasmus and ppl thinking he’s a better keeper than a guy like melky.

              • My post was in response to GSMC. Not sure why it came up here

              • Don’t get me wrong; I would take Rasmus quite happily. I worry that Rogers will let them both walk away rather than pay them – a huge mistake in my opinion.

            • Kinda getting tired of the Rogers angle with this team. I’m hoping the Ford brothers will put a consortium together and buy them out if this year doesn’t work out or at least give it a crack.

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if only Izturis had stayed healthy…

    • Izturis is a much better player than he showed last year.

      • Or a much worse player than he has showen in 30 some odd days but yeah I get it. You ever find that “we” as Jays fans fixate too much on past players and how that relates to the current well being with the club? I’ve done it, quite frankly a lot. It would make for a good write up.

  10. Buerhle as a mid season trade???? Our only pitcher that can eat innings???? Care to tell me where we will get his 200 from, Griffy?

  11. it’s not like the jays are the only team in the game to play someone out of their best position in an attempt to field the best overall team. The best defender in baseball is playing out of position for the orioles.

  12. Stoeten: I bet you a beer Jenkins w/b demoted before this game and someone w/b called up ( I said Pillar). I think I am more right than anything and you owe me a beer although you never formally accepted. You had just said “nope’. I’ll be in section 114 on Wed if you wish to pay off.
    Also, 2 guys out of position tonite with Lawrie at 2b and phat Juan the pylon at 3b. Are we nutz here? An all world 3b in Lawrie and we do this 2b experiment again? Fukin nutz!

  13. Friendly reminder

    It’s Sam Cosentino and irrelevant OHL hockey on sportsnet. Get your streams ready.

    There’s usually one posted in the game thread of the Jays subreddit.

  14. Juan Francisco is such a great example of why the club should have declined Lind’s $7 million dollar option this year. Platoon bats are so expendable. If they did that and moved some relievers (hi sergio) to free up money for a pitcher or 2B this team would have been in much better shape.

    And don’t say hindsight because I said this in the fall only to be rebuked here for referring to Lind as a platoon bat.

    • Garbage. Lind at $7M is a no brainer.

    • Lind and Francisco are not a wash though, not by a longshot

      Lind career
      .287/.345/.508 vs RHP
      .218/.262/.340 vs LHP

      Francisco career
      .257/.320/.476 vs RHP
      .163/.200/.202 vs LHP

      $7mill is a fair price for the way Lind has produced since the beginning of last season. maybe given budget constraints not the best use of the money, but we’ll see how expendable you think Lind is after we’ve seen more than a couple weeks of Francisco.

    • So a journeyman who was below replacement level last year is suddenly as good as an all-star who hit for a 132 wRC+ and a staggering 192 mark against RHP?

      He’s looking even better this year. 7m is an absolute steal.

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