Brandon Morrow has hit the DL. John Lott of the National Post was the first to tweet it, as far as my feed was concerned, but several reporters knew something was up beforehand, as Chad Jenkins had returned to the club this afternoon, with no corresponding move announced.

The Jays officially are calling it a right finger sprain, and, somewhat unfortunately, Gregor Chisholm tweets that Morrow felt something pop in his right index finger last night, and that he’s already in Arizona getting an MRI from his personal doctor, while Scott MacArthur adds that it happened in the fifth inning. So, naturally, I say it’s unfortunate because, assuming this is all really what’s happened — and at this point we have no reason not to — it does nothing to explain Morrow’s right-arm shittiness prior to last night’s fifth inning.


The Jays will simply go to a five man rotation, apparently, with J.A. Happ — who was already scheduled to start Monday in Philadelphia — simply taking a regular turn. Not sure why getting guys an extra day of rest is suddenly so unimportant, but I suppose that makes at least as much sense as all of the other roster management this club has undertaken lately — which is to say: enough, but not a whole lot.

So… Happ and McGowan are now in a battle to avoid getting replaced by Marcus Stroman, basically. And hopefully it’s a battle that doesn’t last terribly long — though, of course, that would mean one of the two (let’s be honest: likely Happ) getting himself shitbombed in one of his next couple starts. But hey, this team can afford to keep pissing away games, right?

I’d say that the Jays sure, bizarrely, seem to think so, given the presence of Happ, but while all this stuff with Morrow was going on, reporters were also learning that Sergio Santos has been removed as the club’s closer and that they’ll go with a closer-by-committee approach until Casey Janssen gets back. Barry Davis appears to have been the first to provide a tweet. I said the other day — and have been adamant all along — that I have all the time in the world for Santos, but… um… yeah, this is a move that had to be made. Gotta stop the bleeding… except where we don’t, I guess.

Oh yeah, and Dioner Navarro remains day-to-day with a strained quad muscle — though, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm, he’s available to pinch hit, if needed.

Also: it seems like John Gibbons would prefer to see Stroman here, as he’s quoted in John Lott’s story in the National Post last night, explaining that the club is having bullpen troubles because ”there’s no question, it’s a different look down there without Janssen … and McGowan not being down there. It’s a totally different look and I think we’re suffering for it.” (Hey, but imagine this: what if McGowan and Stroman get humming in the rotation while Morrow is on the shelf — do the people bizarrely making too-soon calls to see Morrow in the bullpen get their wish?)

Aaaaaaaaand Brett Lawrie doesn’t seem to like playing second base too much, according to another item from the Post. “ It’s for the team and if we can get an extra bat in there and it gives us a chance to win, then that’s what it has to be,” he told reporters yesterday, while also saying ““I’m a third baseman. I’m not a third base/second base type of guy. I’m a third baseman and that’s my position.”

Fun times! Hey, but at least you probably turned the game off last night before the 9th inning, assuming that they’d won. That probably felt pretty good, right? Right???

The real fucked up thing is, though, that the Jays are just 13-16 and only three games back in the division with five months still to play. So this all feels a lot worse than it really is, probably.

No, it’s not good that Happ is now a fully fledged member of the rotation, but it’s not like Morrow was doing them any fucking good either. And yeah, they’ve already pissed away more games than a team like this can probably afford, but the fact that so often the only difference between a win and a loss has been a hot garbage impersonation from talented relievers out of a bullpen that’s a legitimate strength of the club isn’t nothing.

It’s not good, but it’s not terribly difficult to see that the record doesn’t entirely reflect how well most of the team has played, and that it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they put together a run where they looked pretty alright. Negative shitheads, of course, won’t see it that way, and will want to make grand dumb pronouncements about everything, I’m sure — after all, what negative shithead doesn’t want to be able to crow all winter about how fucked they knew the team was all along, no matter how dumbly early he had to ass-facedly plant his flag in such a position? It sure is easy to look right calling a struggling team projected to be a middling team fucked at a season’s early stage in a sport where only a small percentage of clubs make the playoffs, and to feel like big tough smart guy attuned to some higher plane of insight than the rest of us hopeless dumb optimists, but that really only makes the person doing so as dumb as he (or she, but… let’s be honest, he) is a total fucking pissy pile of human garbage.

Again: last year’s Jays came from being 13-24, nine-and-a-half games out, to reset the schedule, get over .500, and within three games of the Wild Card — tied then with a team that did make the playoffs. That doesn’t mean it’s not really fucking hard to sustain that kind of pace from there out (and yes, I’m being arbitrary endpoint-y here), but it’s not remotely impossible, and this ain’t remotely as bad as that was. Shit, from the point of 13-24 on last year the Jays went 61-64, and that was while variously missing a month or more from: three fifths of their rotation, Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera, Colby Rasmus, Steve Delabar, Sergio Santos, plus at least two weeks of Brett Lawrie, Brett Cecil, and Edwin Encarnacion, not to mention the fact that it was then still six weeks before Jose Reyes returned.

So… not that the vast majority needs to hear this anyway, but let’s all just relax and enjoy some baseball.

Consider this your game threat.

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  1. Feels like we’re getting BABIP’d to death here.

  2. Would you trade a bat for an arm at this time?
    (if that option were on the table)

    • no way. we have arms in the minors right now that could help solve this issue. its a fucking joke that we have long relievers in high leverage situations and pitchers with closer stuff rotting in the minors.

      • Yeah, people shit on the Marlins last year for Jose Fernandez.
        How’d that work out?

        I don’t think Stroman=Fernandez but…

  3. The murphy’s law going on right now is hilarious.

  4. Bull(shit)pen “strikes” again I see.
    Mostly due to The Gibbon’s mismanagement, of course.

  5. what should not be lost on us is how shitty this team we are blowing leads to has been playing .

  6. Redmond is the next least shitty guy left in the pen and apparently you can’t rely on him either. Awesome.

  7. I can’t watch this shit…it’s too much.

  8. Bullpen? Moar like bullshit, right guys? Who’s with me?

  9. Call the game now. I have things to do of more import than to watch the inevitable.

  10. Mr. Redmond, you’re allure was just passing

  11. Fuck this.

  12. i just… i dont even…

    god this sucks

  13. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

  14. Just got home… Did I miss anything?

  15. The rain started to come down hard just as Redmond served up that double to blow the game… pathetic fallacy much?

  16. It would be nice if a player would be a bit disruptive to the media regarding the management of this team. Anthopoulos seems keen on managing this club as if we are in a rebuilding year.

  17. I’m gonna try watching only the first 5 or 6 innings of Jays games and see how that affects my sanity.

  18. Hit a bomb lunchbox! Why the hell not?

  19. And that’s the game folks!

  20. Look, Im 40 years old and non athletic. However I feel If I can just get some MLB team to sign me and simply burn up my options without actually playing me, I can get the Jays to sign me and actually keep me up the entire year, and give me playing time.

    Think I have a shot?

  21. im such an idiot for buying a 20 ticket pack for this team.

  22. unbelievable. AA better be working the phones to shake this shit up and to rub salt in the wounds, the U.S.A chants begin from the arrogant American fans at PNC.

    • AA’s job has to be hanging by a thread right now.

    • Lol how is it arrogant? I find it so hilarious how some clowns get so offended by people having a little fun at a ball game. The Blue Jays market themselves as Canada’s team…basically setting a USA vs Canada rivalry. Yes some of their players are American, but who cares? More importantly though, why do you care? It’s fun when you travel and get to talk shit with the American teams fans.

  23. There was no need at all to take out Dickey when he was taken out. Gibbons does it every time. He made the bullpen throw more innings than was needed, as he often does, and as I said at the time, the best moment for the opponent is when Gibby walks onto the field and starts making his moves. LOL!

    • Agree 100%. His 2013 bullpen management magic was lightning in a bottle. He needs to stretch out his fucking ACE Dickey, if you want to call him that, personally he’s a 3 or 4 on a true contending roster but that’s another discussion. imagine if he slow walked out to the mound to pull a Stieb or Halladay or dare I say Lilly….

  24. Remember back in the 7th when we were up 6-2 and Dickey was sailing?
    Was that tonight?

  25. Dickey should go fight Gibby. I know I would. Pitches into the seventh and gets jobbed by an inferior teammate.

    Clint Hurdle out-managed Gibby, big time.

    • The same Dickey who just gave up a double, was over a 100 pitches and has regularly shit the bed late in games this year?

      Yeah, he really had a big case for staying in the game.

      • Better for the clubhouse to at least have the starter blow. Dance with the one who brought you, ya know?!
        Last I checked, people don’t buy tickets to watch Loup pitch.
        Dickey is a part of the marketing campaign for a goddamn reason.

      • Oh the magic 100 pitches! We must always abide by this ridiculous number. HE’S A FUCKING KNUCKLEBALLER! Let him throw 170 it doesn’t matter.

        • I’m not saying 100 is some magic level. That was just used as a reference point saying his pitch count was high. You also have to account for the fact that he’s 39 years old and thus probably not in peak physical shape regardless of what he throws.

      • LS is right. If Loup had’ve shut it down, no one would be bitching about pulling a 38 year old pitcher who just gave up a lead off double in the 6th.

        • Sorry LS. Didn’t mean to steal your thunder. We must have been typing at the same time.

        • Yet he didn’t shut it down…possibly because no starter lasts into the 7th inning and the pen is now toast because of it.

          • Yes you’re right. But that doesn’t mean that taking Dickey out at that time with that lead was the wrong thing to do.

        • We should have the brooms out for tomorrow, but instead it is the well-managed Pirates who have the chance to sweep us. Pathetic.

  26. Had my Jays hat on this morning and got asked, in seriousness, how they were doing so far. I told her I really didn’t know how to answer the question.

  27. Travis Snider just drew a walk?

    Redmond, you sack of shit.

  28. The one thing I thought we didnt have to worry about this year was the fucking pen.

  29. I think an underrated part of this teams shitiness this season is how nobody has mentioned this team is wasting one of the best players in baseball (jbats) again. Cant be too long before he is fed up and asks for a trade like doc.

  30. I think we’re running out of bags of dicks for the bullpen to eat.

  31. Let me let you guys in on some info from the future. Around August, the jays organization and fans are going to look back at this stretch of incredibly shitty pen work…..and seriously wonder what could have been.

  32. Stroman to the rotation. Wagner and McGowan to the bullpen. Jenkins and one of Rogers or Redmond GTFO. PLEASE.

  33. Fuck, that was a bullet..

  34. Welp, got the big gunners up. If ever it were time for a comeback on a comeback of a game we had in hand that got out of hand. This would be that errrr, time.

  35. Redmond has gotta go. he has no redeeming qualities.

    survives as long as he can sneak his quirky 88mph fastball by opposing hitters, which is never very long. his slider is decent, but his change sucks.

    his combination of fringy stuff, good control but poor command are a match made in hell. guys have their bats ready cause they know he’ll be around the plate, and his below average repertoire doesn’t let him get away with his abundant mistakes.

    he’s also one of the most extreme flyball pitchers you will ever see.

    • Which spells death for a team in the AL East.

    • And you just don’t need this many mop of guys.

      If you’re going to roll an 8 man bullpen and deplete your bench, make it count. 7 short inning guys, one mop up.

    • Might I point out that prior to this game, Redmond was the most reliable reliever in our bullpen?

      Might I point out that after this game, Redmond might still have the lowest ERA in our bullpen?

  36. Jenkins on to mop us the loss in a game we were leading by 4 runs in the 7th when Gibby took out Dickey unnecessarily and began tonight’s run of shitty bullpen management. Dickey had only thrown 105 pitches and could have thrown 15 more. Instead, Gibby had to show why he is the worst manager in baseball by far, why no other team in baseball would offer him a major league job, by making sure it was him and not the players who decided the outcome of the game.

    Why should the players give a shit. Why should they come out tomorrow and try to score runs when they know that how ever big the lead, Gibby will blow it.

  37. I’m starting to miss those days where our offense was the problem.

  38. A break or a big fat cruel tease like Lucy pulling the football away?

  39. Since when is Walter White on sportsnet connected?

  40. Lawrie will pull this out for us.

  41. What is Gibby supposed to do? There’s literally no one left in the bullpen.

  42. Pittsburgh dude is butchering Encarnacion’s name worse than Buck.

  43. At this point is it unreasonable to say that Buffalo might have a better overall pitching staff?

  44. The best taser video was filmed at PNC Park. Dude just wouldn’t go down, and the crowd was in full Hacksaw Jim Duggan mode.

  45. Does Gibby get gassed twice in Pittsburgh? Nice enough guy by all accounts, and this ain’t all his fault, but someone has to pay the price for this horseshit. Besides, San Antonio’s weather is a fuck of a lot better… I’m sure he’ll be fine.

    It’s time for the “boy genius” AA to get out the fuck out of Dodge too.

    Big picture… We’ve been patient enough for 20+ fuckin years.

    And on a micro level, those “genius” moves 2 winters ago, and the non-moves last winter have to have now sealed the fate of this management team.

    It’s broke Rogers!!!! So Fuckin FIX IT before the Blue Jays become the Fuckin Cubs!!. This is so laughable now it’s pretty much what most die hard fans have to be thinking, no?

    Just imagine if this bullpen HADN’T caught lightning in a bottle last year…. The Jays would have probably lost 110+ games and neither Gibby nor the Greek would be anywhere near the Rogers Centre this season.

    It’s TIME!!!!

    • I’d be surprised if AA is still GM next year.

      • AA gambled two offseasons ago and lost. It wasn’t a bad gamble, I supported it wholeheartedly at the time, but it is looking pretty bad right now

        • THat’s not the issue. Those trades have more or less worked out.

          His roster management during the season is atrocious.

          • Yup. Buerhle and Reyes have worked out, Dickey has been underwhelming and Johnson was awful. Hardly terrible moves.

            And to Anthopolous’ credit, there’s hardly any bad contracts going forward.

            • Jose Reyes is batting .182, is as fragile as they come, and will be paid $92 MILLION DOLLARS by the Blue Jays through 2017. That is a BAD contract. Exciting player theoretically. In reality, not so much.

              I acknowledge that I’m frustrated beyond words with the false hope this franchise is providing right now, and I acknowledge that I, like 98% of fans were excited by the moves that were made in 2013….

              The fact is though, that WE are fans. We have every right to be reactionary and I am exercising that right.

              THEY are management and are paid handsomely to know just exactly what the fuck they are doing.

              When the considered and rationalized and analyzed moves THEY make don’t work out, for whatever reason, then WE have the right to demand that THEY pay the price for the SHIT they provide us that we end up investing (and wasting) our emotional capital in.

              I’m a relatively level headed fan who desperately wanted and expected this “new” Blue Jay era to give us 3 or 4 years of A1 fucking baseball. It didn’t. It ain’t. It won’t.

              Now I wish LIKE FUCK that there was Syndergaard, Nicolino, Alvarez, Hechavaria, d’Arnaud etc. to look forward to watching and rooting for for the next 5-10 years. We don’t and say what you will but that is the Greek’s fault and he now has to be held accountable for his failure.

              it’s time to turn the page AGAIN and try something, ANYTHING, else.


              This is a recording.

          • That’s right!

  46. C’mon JoeBob McPornstache!

  47. Seriously everyone, what were Gibby and AA supposed to do?

    This is the exact same bullpen that last season was one of the best in baseball. The exact same bullpen.

    Likewise, if you’re the coach, which reliever do you choose? Every reliever in that bullpen has been blowing games.

    • I agree that you couldn’t foresee Cecil, Loup, Santos and Delabar shitting the bed early, save for them being a bit overworked.

      But there are moves that can be made. Wagner, for example, would provide a nice shot in the arm.

  48. It would be a scummy move for AA to fire Gibbons when almost none of this is his fault. I don’t see it happening. AA would get canned first and they’d just ride out the rest of GIbbons’ contract.

    • You do realise that if they “ride out” Gibby’s contract, he’s going to manage the team till he croaks, right? He’s in an infinite loop of automatic extensions, so that he’s never in a contract year.

    • AA’s job is in far more jeopardy that Gibbons’ is.

  49. Holy Fuckballs this is bad

    Gregor Chisholm ‏@gregorMLB 6m

    Updated bullpen stats, dating back to Game 2 of the doubleheader in Minnesota: 7.45 ERA and a 1.82 WHIP.

  50. I haven’t listened to a post Jays game FAN show yet this year. I have a morbid curiosity to listen tonight and hear some of the lowest forms of humanity in the region.

  51. I’ve developed irritable scowl syndrome.

  52. Lose Gibby and AA or lose fans.

  53. Pitchers arent pitching, and Gibbons doesnt have the options to put guys into positions they are most likely to succeed in. Simple as that. Yes, we’re rage-filled fans, but are we that off-base?

  54. Gibbons is trying to find any reliever to step up and they are all disappointing. Loup hadn’t given up a base runner this year and gave up the first two hits to righty hitters. Redmond era was 2.25 coming in. They all suck right now

  55. lol

    what can you say? I don’t even really feel like looking at porn

  56. Morrow to the 60-day DL.

    Holy fucking shit.

  57. So here’s a question:

    Why fire AA for making moves that people more or less universally thought would make the Jays a contender? If a GM gets the process right, and the process doesn’t work out, do you fire the GM? I mean, at least if you keep that GM, you know you have a GM who can intelligently follow good procedure.

    It would be like firing a math teacher because all of their students failed, even though the math teacher did everything humanly possible to get them to pass.

    It would be like a construction worker following proper safety procedures, only to have an accident happen anyways, and the worker getting fired.

    See, if you keep the good worker who follows proper protocol, then you know you have someone who is ordinarily going to get the job done, and you decide not to penalize them because randomness happened. You fire that worker, and you can get literally anything out of your next worker–crap, more crap, or even someone else who knows what they’re doing, except randomness happens and screws them over like it screwed the last guy.

    • Because he isn’t putting the best talent on the roster.

      • Look, I’ll admit his recent moves have been very, very strange.

        I can see the eight-man bullpen from the standpoint that they’re just throwing shit against a wall at this point hoping something will stick; or from the standpoint that they’re the most overworked bullpen in baseball, so you need to spread out the workload. But the bench that left us with has probably cost us games.

        I’ll say that Rogers needs to be DFA’d.

      • More to do with Rogers handcuffing him than anything else. At least with guys like Rogers and Redmond they were trying to perserve depth with the financial resources he had to work with.

    • You should think about those trades more and really see if he did “everything” right.

      He basically bought the previous year’s free agents and an injury prone pitcher for prospects. The Marlins back loaded bad contracts, sold some tickets and found a sucker in AA. Amateur hour. I posted this at the time of the trade and got banned for it so don’t mistake the comments here as “universal”, they are heavily moderated.

      Dickey was a gross overpay and pretty much everyone knew it at the time.

      Other than that he made a terrible Rogers trade.

      GMs are the professionals they are judged by results and not he fuzzy feelings of fans when new players are being brought to town. This is why they make the big bucks. Fans have no responsibility to not judge moves in hindsight. After all that is the only real way to see if a move worked out.

      AA is far from golden right now. He started with Bautista and EE and has failed at every turn to build around that. All his stock piling of picks and ninja moves have resulted in an old roster with some very over paid players and not much in the system at the higher levels.

      • Pessimists aside, I certainly wasn’t referring to Blue Jays fans when I said this was universal. I was referring to the US national media.

      • Ah yes, most of the national media/baseball writers/fans liked the marlins trade, but it’s just AA who is the sucker!

        • They aren’t the one’s holding the back ended contract for diminishing returns.

          • Which back-ended contract did we pick up that is untradeable?

            At the rate Buehrle is pitching, he would net positive value in return at the trade deadline.

            Jose Reyes remains one of the top SS in the game, in a game where there are not many good offensive SS’s out there.

            • If AA can find a bigger sucker I will be the first to give him the credit. I’m not going to get into hypotheticals of a trade market that neither one of us is privy to information on.

              Right now, he has two pretty bad contracts on the roster that aren’t going to get better. Reyes is a middle infielder in his 30s who get injured all the time. This contract will not age like wine.

              It was a highly criticized free agent signing at the time and the Jays traded players for the right to pay it. The Marlins paid very little in contracts, sold tickets and were able to dump the players for some sort of value. I can’t see how AA is flawless there.

    • It doesn’t matter that people really thought that Anthopoulos’ actions would work they didn’t. The vast majority of pundits thought the Red Sox would be in last place and John Farrell was a middling manger. Guess what? They were wrong and the Red Sox won it all.It’s all about results and Anthopoulos has presided over fourth and fifth place teams. His teams haven’t even contended.

      In essence , Anthopoulos is failing where Cherington,Cashman,Freidman and Duquette have succeeded. The other AL East teams have been in the playoffs in the recent past and the Jays are still in a 21 year playoff drought. The team needs to be rebuilt BUT by someone else. Anthopoulos’ drafting,development , coach selection has been less than mediocre at best. For instance, why would he keep Pete Walker for when the pitching was so bad last year? It makes no sense.Did he expect something magical to happen this year?

      • Development you could argue, sure.

        However, you are uninformed if you think his drafting has been “less than mediocre”

  58. Stroman up for the bullpen.

  59. Stroman up!

    Will pitch out of the pen for now per Barry Davis tweet.

  60. Stroman up, goes to pen.

    • For who?

      Apropos of nothing, I’ve been thinking a little bit about this much-heralded pen and what kinds of regression candidates it contains:

      Cecil: failed starter.
      Delabar: out-of-nowhere narrative guy
      Santos: failed IF, never a control guy
      Loup: 9th rounder who came out of nowhere
      Rogers: amateur free agent
      Redmond: fringe AAAA vet

      That isn’t exactly a resounding pedigree. We shouldn’t be shocked if Delabar balloons into a slightly below average guy, Santos and Rogers never find command, and Redmond demonstrates that he belongs in the minors. I like the lefties’ odds of retaining value a little more, but this could be a high-variance bunch.

      • Isn’t every bullpen full of failed starters? Does anyone start their career saying “I wanna be middle relief!”?

      • you aren’t wrong, but I’d bet the story is the same for every pen in the league. failed starters and converted position players define bullpens.

        maybe the lesson is that everyone should think twice before they christen a bullpen as proven.

        the red sox have had horrible luck in that regard (think Bailey, Hanrahan, Melancon and especially Bard). it’s not uncommon, even for the most talented relievers.

  61. I wouldn’t be totally bummed if McGowan stinks it up tomorrow. I hope the Jays don’t waste Stroman in the bullpen.

  62. Wilner claiming its not that bad..we are only 4 games back and 4 games under ….well…at that rate, we will finish 24 games out and 24 games under.

  63. that must be one very unhappy locker room right now.

    AA has to call up Stroman now.

  64. Scott MacArthur ‏@TSNScottyMac 4m
    Marcus Stroman will arrive tomorrow and will start in bullpen. #BlueJays #MLB

  65. Blue Jays transferred Brandon Morrow to 60-day disabled list with a torn tendon sheath in his hand

    Cant be making this shit up

    • he is injury prone. i dont care what anybody says.its not dumb luck. the guy keeps getting these soft tissue injuries…either others get them and can play through them..or he is more susceptible to them. either way….you cant count on this fucker for anything.

      • Im no doctor but I think the diabetic thing is also an issue when it comes to these injuries and his poor performance.

        • It is

        • he says it’s not, but one wonders. at the very least it probably increases the length of his DL stints, or at least that was always the rumour on McGowan.

          • That’s about how he feels.

            Diabetes definitely affects tissue with blood sugar and hydration levels. It makes people far more prone to injury.

          • I really hope the Jays don’t pick up his option for next year.

      • A torn tendon sheath doesn’t sound like a made-up injury, given that is what screwed over Bautista one season.

  66. Guys, I hate to be that guy but if your relying on a 23 yr old rookie (stroman) to save the jays season, well thats not good.

  67. If the Jays call up Stroman and Wagner and leave Gibbons as manager, it’s a complete waste. Gibbons will blow out Stroman’s arm in no time. Pull the starter at the first sign of trouble. Panic if there’s a baserunner. Change pitchers cause there’s righty coming up. The worst manager in baseball by far and they’re shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic.

  68. Is it Hugh Burl or Hube Earl?

  69. Good to see them bringing up Stroman for the pen as I talked about yesterday, though I wonder how long that will last with McGowan and Happ in the rotation. Honestly can see them bringing up Sanchez sooner rather than later as well.

  70. Is this caller trolling? claiming that the three best analysts are kypreos, don cherry, and greg zaun? caller of the decade.

    • Jays Talk/Ford Nation

      Same fucking idiots

    • It was all going somewhat well until that idiot had to get through the phone lines. Thanks for ruining my first Jays talk of the season Dave you scumbag piece of shit.

  71. the front office has fallen in love with too many guys who are entirely fungible. what’s the use of 3 pitchers in the pen that you can only trust in garbage time?

    if you think you’re a contender, act like one. Rogers, Redmond, Jenkins were never going to save this team’s rotation in the event of injury. the Jays were fucked if they ever had to use those guys long term. make a real upgrade or dont, but don’t cling to marginal talents for dear life like those are the guys that are going to save your season. they belong on the fringes of a major league roster (or in the minors) for a reason.

    on top of that, even the most talented relievers can be volatile, never mind the marginal ones. Redmond in particular has been a step away from being DFA’d his entire a career, why are we the team giving him job security? because he had 77 innings of mild success last year?? is that seriously how we’re evaluating players in this organization?

    a couple weeks of success from Goins after an entire career of non-existent hitting in the minors = starting 2B?

    a nice month from Moises Sierra after a shit year at AAA = Lind caddy and 4th OF?

    106.2 garbage innings of starting from Esmil Rogers = depth starter?

    and god knows what Chad Jenkins has ever done in his minor or major league career to deserve callups over Niel Wagner.

    and there doing it AGAIN with Juan Francisco, moving Brett FREAKING Lawrie, the jewel of this god-forsaken organization, one of the few players on the big league team that you can actually dream on – they’re moving that guy off position to get a bat that has been entirely mediocre in it’s career into the lineup.

    i’ve working myself into a rant here, and someone in a calmer state of mind could probably pick this shitty and over-long comment apart, but i absolutely despise how much this organization is simply “flavour of the month” with regard to it’s player personnel decisions. and the list of moves along those lines continues to get longer. i get that payroll restrictions hampered their ability to make tangible upgrades this off-season, but this front-office have been using microsamples to make decisions for a long time now, and it is starting to show in the win column.

    there. rant done. deep breath.

    • AA is very guilty of wanting to have his cake and eat it too. He’s very tentative when things aren’t perfectly to his liking and he gets a bit of tunnel vision about certain things.

      In my mind he’s more of a career oriented guy that puts his rep over the teams success.

      • He’s the guy holding a 9, J and K of spades, always hoping for the 10 and Q to complete things.

        • well you can only play the hand you’re dealt, and i think most teams are in the position of waiting for the right cards to appear. but in this case the hand you’re dealt is the hand you (and ownership) dealt yourself. there not many other places for the blame to go.

          • That’s just it. He’s holding very good cards. He fucks it up by trying to be too clever.

            This is the year if there is going to be one and he’s obsessed with keeping fungible replacement players like Rogers and Sierra.

            The offense and defense is the class of the AL east but his idiotic stubborn ego has fucked the bullpen and bench and cost them wins. Players get down when they think the management isn’t working towards the same goals.

    • Don’t entirely disagree with you except that it was Rogers tying AA’s hands for the most part. More cash equalled more roster options.

      Bullpens are easily the most unreliable part of any team year to year. Top notch arms like Santos, Loup, Cecil and Delabar have been average at best to downright horrible and they have easily cost the team the most this year.

      • you are correct, but a lot of blame still has to go their way. it was the FO’s expensive moves last offseason and their crappy returns that lead them to where they are. a lot of that was the baseball gods taking a giant shit on this organization, but last year’s team was still imperfect and underprovided for with depth.

        the other side of the coin is that the front office had to understand the realities of their corporate ownership. Rogers was not going to be burned twice on payroll increases that yield little for the team in the win column and in the pocketbook, especially with a sinking dollar and a massive expenditure in the media division.

  72. and now i hear Morrow is basically done until the all-star break (note: FUCK)

    and so much for the SP safety net of Redmond and Rogers, since they’ve basically gone straight to Stroman (i know Happ first, but he or McGowan are not long for the job). how many times can you say i told you so when one their player personnel decision backfires?

  73. For all you asshats who still defend The Gibbon, consider the following:
    LHP Loup was in to face ONE left handed batter (the first batter he faced) and, as it turned most dismally out, SEVEN right handed batters. Here they are with the result and their BAs against LHP:

    Harrison – DOUBLE, RBI, .286
    Walker – SINGLE, .400
    McCutcheon – WALK, .273
    Alvarez – FIELDER’S CHOICE, RBI, .227
    Mercer – DOUBLE, 2RBI, .232
    Marte – SINGLE, .250
    Sancez – K, .316

    EVERY SINGLE ONE of these guys’ averages against LHP were higher than vs RHP except McCutcheon, who mashes everybody anyway.

    Having Loup in there AT ALL to face the oncoming slew of righties was asinine in itself – to LEAVE HIM IN after the first three right handed batters went DOUBLE, SINGLE, WALK was just nothing short of fucking retarded.

    It is not so much the bullpen but the UTTER AND COMPLETE MISMANAGEMENT of it by The Gibbon, indeed his utter and complete mismanagement of the entire pitching staff, that has turned this into yet another lost season in the last two weeks. Go ahead and defend the stupid cocksucker, I need a fucking laugh after this latest goring.

    • righties have hit .250/.302/.391 off Loup in his career, so they’ve hardly torched him. and the relevant question is: who else do you use?

      Redmond? Rogers? Jenkins? do you burn Delabar with 2 innings of crunch time still to come? do you throw Santos to the wolves again? Cecil unavailable…

      the larger issue is that Wagner/Janssen/McGowan are not in the pen. if one of those guys had been available the decision would have been easy.

      • According to ‘kevin’ Gibbons needs a whole new bullpen or he’ll blow every game. NO other manager in baseball blows every game like Gibbons does, and they don’t have Jannsen and McGowan in their pens.

    • Righties were 0-23 against Loup (albeit with 7 walks to 7 K’s) so far this season. Not saying Gibby has been flawless, but he doesnt exactly have a bunch of other options that would be considered “good”… unless they work, right?

    • Dumb.

      • Ha. Fucking brilliant retort as usual, Stoeten you arrogant little prick. Sorry I can’t fall in line with your stupid Pollyanna rah-rah bullshit. Simple righty-lefty matchup thing the Gibbon should have made…at least after Loup began to fail hard – but I guess that’s just “dumb.” I take it back, leaving him in there was a GREA IDEA.

    • Best comment I’ve read this season. Thank you Mr. Pewty.

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