Brandon Morrow has hit the DL. John Lott of the National Post was the first to tweet it, as far as my feed was concerned, but several reporters knew something was up beforehand, as Chad Jenkins had returned to the club this afternoon, with no corresponding move announced.

The Jays officially are calling it a right finger sprain, and, somewhat unfortunately, Gregor Chisholm tweets that Morrow felt something pop in his right index finger last night, and that he’s already in Arizona getting an MRI from his personal doctor, while Scott MacArthur adds that it happened in the fifth inning. So, naturally, I say it’s unfortunate because, assuming this is all really what’s happened — and at this point we have no reason not to — it does nothing to explain Morrow’s right-arm shittiness prior to last night’s fifth inning.


The Jays will simply go to a five man rotation, apparently, with J.A. Happ — who was already scheduled to start Monday in Philadelphia — simply taking a regular turn. Not sure why getting guys an extra day of rest is suddenly so unimportant, but I suppose that makes at least as much sense as all of the other roster management this club has undertaken lately — which is to say: enough, but not a whole lot.

So… Happ and McGowan are now in a battle to avoid getting replaced by Marcus Stroman, basically. And hopefully it’s a battle that doesn’t last terribly long — though, of course, that would mean one of the two (let’s be honest: likely Happ) getting himself shitbombed in one of his next couple starts. But hey, this team can afford to keep pissing away games, right?

I’d say that the Jays sure, bizarrely, seem to think so, given the presence of Happ, but while all this stuff with Morrow was going on, reporters were also learning that Sergio Santos has been removed as the club’s closer and that they’ll go with a closer-by-committee approach until Casey Janssen gets back. Barry Davis appears to have been the first to provide a tweet. I said the other day — and have been adamant all along — that I have all the time in the world for Santos, but… um… yeah, this is a move that had to be made. Gotta stop the bleeding… except where we don’t, I guess.

Oh yeah, and Dioner Navarro remains day-to-day with a strained quad muscle — though, according to a tweet from Gregor Chisholm, he’s available to pinch hit, if needed.

Also: it seems like John Gibbons would prefer to see Stroman here, as he’s quoted in John Lott’s story in the National Post last night, explaining that the club is having bullpen troubles because ”there’s no question, it’s a different look down there without Janssen … and McGowan not being down there. It’s a totally different look and I think we’re suffering for it.” (Hey, but imagine this: what if McGowan and Stroman get humming in the rotation while Morrow is on the shelf — do the people bizarrely making too-soon calls to see Morrow in the bullpen get their wish?)

Aaaaaaaaand Brett Lawrie doesn’t seem to like playing second base too much, according to another item from the Post. “ It’s for the team and if we can get an extra bat in there and it gives us a chance to win, then that’s what it has to be,” he told reporters yesterday, while also saying ““I’m a third baseman. I’m not a third base/second base type of guy. I’m a third baseman and that’s my position.”

Fun times! Hey, but at least you probably turned the game off last night before the 9th inning, assuming that they’d won. That probably felt pretty good, right? Right???

The real fucked up thing is, though, that the Jays are just 13-16 and only three games back in the division with five months still to play. So this all feels a lot worse than it really is, probably.

No, it’s not good that Happ is now a fully fledged member of the rotation, but it’s not like Morrow was doing them any fucking good either. And yeah, they’ve already pissed away more games than a team like this can probably afford, but the fact that so often the only difference between a win and a loss has been a hot garbage impersonation from talented relievers out of a bullpen that’s a legitimate strength of the club isn’t nothing.

It’s not good, but it’s not terribly difficult to see that the record doesn’t entirely reflect how well most of the team has played, and that it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they put together a run where they looked pretty alright. Negative shitheads, of course, won’t see it that way, and will want to make grand dumb pronouncements about everything, I’m sure — after all, what negative shithead doesn’t want to be able to crow all winter about how fucked they knew the team was all along, no matter how dumbly early he had to ass-facedly plant his flag in such a position? It sure is easy to look right calling a struggling team projected to be a middling team fucked at a season’s early stage in a sport where only a small percentage of clubs make the playoffs, and to feel like big tough smart guy attuned to some higher plane of insight than the rest of us hopeless dumb optimists, but that really only makes the person doing so as dumb as he (or she, but… let’s be honest, he) is a total fucking pissy pile of human garbage.

Again: last year’s Jays came from being 13-24, nine-and-a-half games out, to reset the schedule, get over .500, and within three games of the Wild Card — tied then with a team that did make the playoffs. That doesn’t mean it’s not really fucking hard to sustain that kind of pace from there out (and yes, I’m being arbitrary endpoint-y here), but it’s not remotely impossible, and this ain’t remotely as bad as that was. Shit, from the point of 13-24 on last year the Jays went 61-64, and that was while variously missing a month or more from: three fifths of their rotation, Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera, Colby Rasmus, Steve Delabar, Sergio Santos, plus at least two weeks of Brett Lawrie, Brett Cecil, and Edwin Encarnacion, not to mention the fact that it was then still six weeks before Jose Reyes returned.

So… not that the vast majority needs to hear this anyway, but let’s all just relax and enjoy some baseball.

Consider this your game threat.

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  1. Couldn’t have said it any better.

  2. This year somehow feels worse than last year because last year it seemed like they would fall behind early and could never gain traction. This year– especially the last two weeks or so, it’s been a lot of brutal late-game bullpen implosions. Still time to get right, obviously, but yeah, gonna need some arms to step up.

  3. I’ve never seen a person make the facial expression Sergio Santos was making in the dugout after last night’s game. Best described as “seething.”

    • Santos was doing some crazy weird facial twitches coming off the mound in Minnesota too.

    • The nervous system will make you look, like, ridiculous. He’s a human being man, and he wants to do well. Those are amazing drugs.

  4. So when is Lind back?

  5. It’s worth pointing out that the Jays offense is third in the AL in WAR. (The Rays, interestingly, are second which belies their record. Sound familiar?) Point is, all they need is decent pitching to start winning a lot of games.

    • And I hate to say it, because in the big picture I don’t believe it, but moving from Morrow to Happ might even be an upgrade at this point. I mean, if he didn’t just hit the DL I’d still bet heavily on Morrow’s season over Happ’s, but you know what I mean.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking to myself (Morrow to Happ might even be an upgrade) and it was giving me weird twitches in my eye. This first 5 weeks has felt like an entire season already.

        • But the problem is a strong Morrow is still one of the biggest “musts” for this team to contend. So if Happ is indeed an upgrade, holy fuck.

          Hopefully he comes back soon but this pitching staff can’t afford any more setbacks.

      • I think it’s an upgrade too. Morrow has looked awful.

      • … Well from terrible to horrible is not the type of upgrade we dream on

      • That’s certainly one of things I never thought I’d hear this year.

      • Even if Happ puts up a similar ERA, if he can do it while pitching 7 innings instead of 4 or 5 it’s an upgrade.

        • Happ pitching 140 pitches to get through seven would be hard on him! I was getting tired of dreaming on Morrow,s potential and so where a few people here who are not too upset with Happ taking over. I know calling him injury prone gets abuse thrown at you but when each pre-season seems to start with “if we have a healthy Morrow than we have a good chance” makes the injuries seem more devestating than they are given his overall career to this point.

          The bullpen may be something to consider which sucks. Will santos and Morrow have their options picked up next year?

  6. Morrow has a bad finger? I saw a lot of fans giving him one when he walked 8.

  7. Time to bring up Sean Nolin and Marcus Stroman. Both have been lights out in triple A

  8. Sierra is now a White Sock

    not important but if you are doing a summary of events….

  9. In the interview with Barry Davis Santos was wearing a t-shirt that said “ONE MAN THRILL RIDE”

    Wrong kind of thrills there, Sergio.

  10. Turn that into a 2-bagger Reyes.

  11. Need a big game from you Robert Allen.

  12. … Makes it slightly harder to get on some kind of run when 2/5 of rotation is Happ and McGowan …

    • Yet we have 2 guys in AAA that are leading their league in K’s and Whip.

      Get the fucking kids up, I don’t need to see Happs ugly mug every 5 days.

      • If it continues to be a shit show like it has, that is exactly what should happen.

      • Stop.

        • You put up an interesting argument.

        • Ok, how come?

          • You honestly have to be told why acting like Sean Nolin is some kind of saviour is dumb?

            And quit pretending Happ is worse than he is.

            • You avoided Marcus in that retort.

              But lets talk Nolin then, how do we know that Nolin wouldn’t be better then Happ? He’s been incredible for 2 straight years in the minors and has only had 1 inning of work in the bigs.

              Only 16 hits given up in 29 innings with 28 k’s. Give him a shot, what can it hurt?

              • Of course I did, because I’m confident Stroman would be better than Happ. Unfortunately for you, you lumped Nolin in with Stroman in your comment.

                Nolin is a guy who projects as a mid-rotation starter at best; he’s not going to hit the ground running even toward that end; he’s not facing nearly the same level of competition; his triple-A stats don’t mean much; he’s behind Stroman anyway.

                Hey but if you want to backpedal to “what can it hurt?” from “get him up here now” then I guess I can’t disagree there. But I’ll still take a look at the guy who has the big league experience, who looked like a nice upside play when the Jays got him, and who looked pretty good all of last spring and last April, before he took a line drive off his head. How quickly we forget when he was the only pitcher in the rotation who was doing anything remotely resembling a good job. I don’t have a lot of hope for him regaining that form either (it was not a terribly big sample, after all), but his last 12 months make a pretty compelling case for being extenuating circumstances and not a good enough reflection of who he is to pretend that he can’t be a big league pitcher or that he needs to be supplanted by a fellow back-end starter type because he has a nice WHIP against a bunch of stiffs in the International League.

                Also: incredible? I’m seeing 41 K and 21 BB in 46 innings at Triple-A.

                • Don’t cherry pick! 10 of those walks were last year.

                  But all right, all right, I concede. Give Happster a shot.

                  Don’t get your back up Stoets, while we don’t always see eye to eye, the conversations help us folks bring it all into perspective.
                  Appreciate the reply.

  13. According to this the Jays are just about as shitty as their record indicates:

    -5…I don’t know, maybe that’s a win or two unlucky?

    And Morrow’s outing yesterday was filled with seeing eye singles and a bloop hit at a bad time. Even the Pittsburgh broadcasters were like “how many ground ball singles do we have, six? seven?”

    And yes I am looking for every way to convince myself Brandon Morrow will eventually really help the Jays win.

  14. Do I have to watch the movie to find out what happened to those Indian bowler to pitcher converts?

    • To keep with the theme of hats, I like the Pittsburgh fdorah the young lady behind the plate is sporting.

      • It’s fedora night in Pittsburgh tonight. Like, actually, that’s a thing apparently.

        • Imagine the stench of loneliness.

        • Another team I was watching the other day was promoting a fedora night. Maybe Detroit? So yeah, it’s a thing. + while I don’t like these fedoras, I wish the Blue Jays had better giveaways.

          • Oh yeah, Derby Day. How did I miss that? I just watched it and have been perusing pictures of today’s finest millinery.

  15. Has this been declared an official game threat yet?

  16. Bunch of gangsters in the stands tonight @ PNC.

    + I’ve got a massive stack of comic books to keep me company during the creepy silent advert breaks of MLB TV. So everything’s okay.

  17. Lotta blue in the stands tonight.

    • I wonder how many fans in the Niagara/Buffalo area the Jays have picked up.

      Pittsburgh is a short trip from that area.

  18. Just wow!

  19. Didn’t need that run anyway.

  20. WTF was he thinking????

  21. Hope for the best but it turns out like always.

  22. Reyes heating up makes me very happy.

  23. One of these Days the Pirates have to have Dock Ellis night.

    Anyone that shows up with curlers in their hair or on LSD gets a free hot dog.

  24. I almost cringe when the Jays get an early lead, assuming they’ll blow it, and that ain’t right

  25. Wow! I’ve really been out of touch with the Jays lately. What the fuck is a Tolleson?

  26. weird throwing issues for the Pirates so far

  27. Jays should give out hats on the day of the Queen’s Plate, whenever that is.

  28. Lawrie looks kind of…calm

    It’s disconcerting.

  29. Wow, Marte played that like a bag of cats.

  30. Lawrie! You studly batter

  31. Atta kid Lawrie!

  32. Ca ca ca COLBY

  33. How long to they fire Gibbonw?

  34. This Tolleson looks like a stud, eh?

  35. why did Rasmus run into the tag there? should have hesitated and made Walker go to the bag. Tolleson would have been safe.

    • Good point. Probably thought he could get past him, I did at first.

      Lol at instant replay right now… and Pirates defense

  36. No such thing as a tie in baseball

  37. Test – posting issues

    • OK, a little thing regarding tonight’s game, and related to the presentation of Toronto sports in general: what’s with all the hyperactive/bad camerawork cutting in all sports broadcasts?!? We missed Sanchez’s errant throw to first on Tolleson’s strikeout live because the cameras were too busy showing the umpire (obviously we saw the replay but that’s not the point).

      • This type a stuff is a serious affliction that all program directors (?) seem to suffer from. We can’t watch a Raptors game without stupid behind-the-basket views of foul shots and shots of players backpedaling while the ball is inbounded (and maybe stolen). We can’t watch a Leafs game without missing faceoffs while the camera is showing the coach digging in his ear, or we have to suffer through a powerplay with microscopic players as TSN seems infatuated with behind-the-net camerawork. And Sportsnet’s fetish for a thick ad bar at the bottom of the screen during play is egregious.

        • And Jays games? Constant quick cuts to frisky Jays fans and general game participants that would make Paul Greengrass jealous – all while missing live action. And the endless promos are insufferable.

          • Paul Greengrass made some mighty good films, Bloody Sunday and United 93 among them. And I can’t watch a Leaf game at the best of times.

            • I like pretty much every Greengrass film I’ve seen. The 2 Bourne movies he did make any James Bond film look like a McBain flick. Heck, I didn’t even mind Green Zone, and Captain Phillips was pretty good, too. And United 93 is definitely underrated – or shall I say, forgotten.

              Anyway that wasn’t my point. My point is he’s not a steady-cam, long, still take kind of guy as a director. Lots of quick cuts. Hence, he’d be jealous of Toronto sports broadcasters tendencies to do the same.

  38. Fat fedora guy in the background doing a Stoeten/Costanza.

  39. Dickey got wood.

  40. my goodness the pirates are having adventures in the field

  41. Shut the door, Dickey!

  42. Pittsburgh guys seem convinced it was clearly an out. Like no question at all.

    • I mean if you count the ball being in the glove as when you see if hit the glove (as it should be), it wasnt too definitive. Pirates broadcast kept freezing it when you couldnt see the ball anymore and Thole was clearly not on the base yet. Pirates announcers are getting bitchy though lol

      • I know eh. I mean, I think he was probably out, but it certainly wasn’t the slam dunk call the announcers seem to think it was.

        • Yeah in order to be overturned, it had to be inconclusive. So while he was “likely, probably” out, not 100% good enough to overturn.

          • The system is clearly a work in progress, and we knew that. It is a lot easier for us to say since the call didnt cost our team a run (and the pitcher leading off the next inning)

          • Agh, wish there was an edit feature.

            Conclusive, not inconclusive. *smacks self*

  43. This can’t be doing Clint Hurdle’s blood pressure any good, although he does rock a gorgeous shade of red when his dander is up.

  44. Yes, burn that bullpen.

    Lambchops can put the cherry on top tomorrow.

    Must really suck to be a Pirates fan right now.

  45. Dickey having his shit inning early today apparently

  46. Best thing about They switch off Greg Zaun.

  47. Remember how thick this place was with Lawrie haters a month ago.

    • Release him! And E5! And Lind!

    • They’ve just switched to kicking another dog, while biding their time wrt The Canadian Jesus.
      The first sign of another struggle…?

    • So the idiots are the ones looking at the full body of work and the bad swing/contact and not the ones looking at a handful of good games? Okay.

      Encouraging stretch, though, sure.

      • It was never a bad swing, his timing was off. Out on his front foot early and thereby topping everything he hit.

        And yes, they were idiots because they said he was useless/horrible/never would be any good etc……

        Had there been an rational reason or criticisms then I could understand it. There wasn’t.

        I’m surprised by your stance. Especially after just defending Happ.

  48. How many games has he bullpen poised away? The problems this season are a lot more defined than last year.

  49. I hate the national league

    • Buck doesn’t.

      • So I’m right

        • Yup.

          Also, I hate National League. + interleague.

          • What’s with all the interleague hate? Is it just the pitcher hitting? Cause that I get, but I love seeing different teams. I get so sick of watching the Rays and Orioles, etc.

            • Baseball = comfort for me. So I like seeing the same teams + players. Wish we got to see more of the AL + none of the NL until the postseason. I don’t know anything about NL players beyond obvious superstars + I don’t have the energon to know more.

              Also, I don’t like the pitcher hitting + the pinch hitting for the pitcher + all that business. + I like the DH.

            • You know you can watch any team just about any day eh?

          • As annoying as it can be, I’m not only glad we’re in the AL but the ALE, get to see the best teams, biggest crowds, best rivalries

            • Huh, to each their own I suppose. I get the pitcher hitting thing, but I love watching different teams. You don’t realize how many great players/teams you’re missing.

              • Just my preference. Hear what you’re saying. If I lived/moved close to any MLB team, NL or AL, I’d follow that team. Just grew up with the Jays and the AL. Like Bean said, it’s a comfort thing I guess.

              • I follow four MLB teams + watch a lot of baseball. + you’re always missing good baseball. You can’t do everything. Have to learn to let it go.

    • I don’t mind the NL, but I hate interleague.

  50. ohhhhh nut shot to the ump

  51. some encouraging and discouraging numbers on Dickey…

    this year is the latest in a 3 year decline in his Zone% and F-Strike%, from 53.1% and 63.1% respectively in 2011 down to 45.9% and 58.6% this year. predictably, over that time period, hitters have started swinging proportionally less.

    the good news is that his whiff and contact rates are similar to his Cy Young year, and his knuckler is at it’s highest velocity since that time. now if he could just throw more strikes…

    • You’d think he’s only really need to throw a few more. Make batter’s think twice about letting it go.

      • i’d like to see him ambush a few more hitters with a first pitch fastball to get them in swing mode.

        he is using more fastballs this year, but my feeling is that it’s mostly been in situations where he’s fallen behind and forced into using it to avoid walks.

        • Yeah I’m down with that. Just seems everyone’s too prepped for him. You’d think a knuckleballer would have everyone off balance. Haven’t seen as many goofy swings as in the past. Might just be me. Or the garbage Lambs rum I’m drinking.

  52. beast

  53. Joey finally did go yard Smasher.

    Nicely done.

    • I’m trying not to say anything, I’ve seemed to have pissed off the boss.
      Still watching, still white knuckled, still imbibing.
      C’mon boys, close it out.

  54. Now all is left is for the pen to come in and mop this bad boy up for a W. Easy money boys.

  55. The Toronto fans in attendance really pretty that crowd up.

  56. Leave him in!

  57. Best case scenario for the Pirates, Gibbons is now in the game making decisions.

    The catastrophe shouldn’t be long. Fun to imagine Gibbons on a NL team where he’d have to make more decisions. The fuck ups would be countless. Might lose 130 games.

  58. Gibby!

  59. This is kind of a theme.

  60. why Loup to so many righties? and good hitters no less.

  61. oh no here we go again..

  62. If the Jays blow this one I’m going to have to go find a virgin goat for the baseball gods.

  63. Gibby has Redmond up warming in the 7th with a lead!! LOL!!!

  64. Ca-rap.

  65. This is fucking unbelievable!

  66. Is it really unbelievable?

  67. Base hit ties it here. any doubt he will get one

  68. Mason Jar time!

  69. Well that escalated quickly

  70. It’s Gibby Ball!!

  71. Oh for fuck sake

  72. How many times are they going to throw a fastball when they have a guy 0-2? This is fucked.

  73. There you go! Chalk another one down to the Bullpen From Hell. The starters must hate them.

  74. Ok – why is Gibbers leaving Loup to rot out there?

  75. The guy is 0-25.. why are you throwing at the plate?

  76. Anyone who finds familiarity to be comfortable (looking at you, bean) should be in a pleasant catatonic state, thanks to our reliable bullpen.

    • I’m volleying between this game + the Tigers/Royals tilt. I’m pretty comfortable. Like, in a bad way [for the Blue Jays @ least].

  77. Fucking depressing.

  78. Hey his day s not yet done. He needs to groove another one to really put this game away.


  80. i take back questioning Gibby use of Loup. there’s really nobody else.

    no Cecil, i’m guessing Santos is a no go in any kind of high leverage situation, Delabar available, but then who pitches the 8th and 9th? after that we’re down to Rogers, Redmond and Jenkins, who are very adept at serving up meatballs.

    Gibby’s between a rock and a hard place here.

  81. Gibby is a great manager. It’s just that every move he makes turns to shit. But we can’t blame Gibby just because every game that he has 3 or 4 run lead, he blows it! LOL!!

    • I must have missed it, was it Gibby that came trotting out of the pen?

    • I don’t hate Gibbons but on what planet is he “great”?

    • If every pitcher in the bullpen takes a turn at shitting the bed, it’s not really something the manager can control, is it. You can run the pitcher out any fucking order you like the last two weeks, it still would have been a fuck fest.

    • It’s not like he’s setting these guys up to fail. Pretty sure Loup doesnt suck against righties and you have to give Redmond his own inning cause you know he’ll probably allow at least one base runner and is usually able to pitch around that, but not when you put guys on for him.

  82. if anyone is wondering, this is why Loup and Cecil can’t close.

  83. I think I speak for all jays fans when i say


  84. We need Gibbons to kick someone’s ass like the good old days to show everyone who’s boss.

  85. If only we still had Brian Tallet

  86. Jays have just announced a trade, Sergio Santos to Minnesota for jeffers.

  87. At this point, the jays should make like the St. Louis Cardinals and bring up Stroman to fucking close

  88. Well I was the one who said it was OK they didn’t sign a starter because what they had was likely good enough. Which makes me as dumb as a box of rocks. This team needs starting and relief pitching yesterday. And what do we have? We have Happ. Hooray for the front office. They sure know how to pick’em.

  89. Can you blame Gibbons? It sure would be nice to have another hard throwing relief arm, like say…Neil Wagner? Nah, he has to go to AAA so we don’t have to make a decision to dfa either Rogers or Redmond.

    Fuck me…

  90. Perhaps we should call it the bear pen…….Stock market humour.

    I’ll see myself out……….

  91. Now it’s Gibby on the appeal! LOL!

  92. He’s safe.

  93. What reliever do we have left that we trust? Redmond is the only one left with a sub-4.00 ERA, other than Delabar’s 3.86.

  94. To those of you old enough to remember the late 80′s early 90′s Jays while building towards the ws winning team, the Jays had a well deserved reputation for blowing games during the late innings hence being coined “The Blow Jays”. So I have lived this nightmare before and can only hope for the same long term results.

    • I like where your heads at.

    • Joey Mclaughlin slump shouldered on the mound in Tiger stadium after giving up the walk off homer in 1983 is one of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking images I’ve ever seen.

      Baseball can be such a cruel bitch.

      • The troubles of the Jays bullpen in 83/84 led to the Bill Caudill trade. He flamed out and they brought up a guy from the minors in desperation that no one in baseball thought would make the bigs.

        Tall guy, wore dorky glasses, forget his name.

    • I don’t rightly remember this as I was too young, but the timeline coincides with my first live ballgame where I ate half of a hot dog + then threw up on a fat woman seated in front of me. I clearly grew from that experience, along with the Blue Jays.

    • Bam!

  95. Pirates announcers will flip if he’s called safe

  96. That’s not even close to being overturnable. No clear evidence at all. Stupid move to lose your appeal.

    • It’s a tie game in the 8th, what better time to use it? Save it just in case there is a close call in a possible 12th inning?

      • Huh? You think you should use your appeal just because it’s the 8th inning, even though you are almost certain to lose? LOL!

      • I thought the appeal thing changed in the later innings or in extra innings? Like, the umpires can decide it’s a close play + challenge it.

    • I talked to Gibby the other day and he said he really regrets that he didn’t call you after that nice seafood dinner but he just got real busy and didn’t have the time. But now that you have this strange obsession with him he just feels awfully awkward about it all. In other words, you should probably just get the fuck over it.

  97. The review times seem to be getting longer not shorter. Aaaaand that review call was wrong! Fuck I hate baseball today.

    • The worst one was in the TB series on that foul ball or home run call by Colby. That one felt like it took forever. All because of that ridiculous Trop Field.

  98. Dickey has asked to be traded to a team that has at least a AAA manager. He says he thought he could live with a AA manager but he was wrong.

  99. Gibby’s argument for McGowan to the pen just got louder. He or Wagner would have been perfect for that situation. Speaks volumes that he’d rather Loup vs a lineup stacked with righties than Redmond or Rogers. If that’s true, then rightly or wrongly those guys are practically useless to this team.

    the pitching situation has to change soon. guys are now getting forced into situations not conducive to their success. Recipe for disaster.

    • Lalalalalala I can’t hear you lalalalala.

    • Maybe Gibby should have thought about that before he used Delabar and Cecil in every game the first month. Gibbons burns through a bullpen like kids through candy. He’s a joke. If he’s still the manager by June 1, they’re waving a white flag. LOL!

      • I like your “LOL!” after each non-sensical post. It at least leads us to believe that you might just be trolling and not a complete idiot.

      • So you’re saying he should have let the starters go deeper?

    • Loup was capable of working that… but there are better arms for that situation when it comes to success for the team. You cant expect miracles from everyone as a manager, but I cant say he isnt doing the best with what he has.

  100. Ike Davis – gimme a break!

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