Yikes. This evening, after yet another fucking dispiriting bullpen blowup leading to a loss in Pittsburgh, the Jays announced — according to the busy Twitter fingers of several reporters, including Gregor Chisholm, whose tweet shows up first in my feed —  that Brandon Morrow’s examination has revealed a torn tendon sheath in his right hand, and that he has immediately been transferred to the 60-day DL. Chisholm adds that the Jays will wait to see how the injury heals to decide their next course of action, meaning that if he doesn’t need surgery he could be back in July. But if he does, he’s done for the year.


But there’s a small silver lining to this cloud: soon afterwards Barry Davis of the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet tweeted that the Rogers-owned Blue Jays will be calling up Marcus Stroman, and that, at least for the time being — and for fuck sakes, it will be a short one, so simmer down about it — he’ll be pitching out of the bullpen.

The Blue Jays, Barry Davis tweets, will announce the corresponding move tomorrow.

Fans have understandably been extremely frustrated with Brandon Morrow over the past couple of season. He’s generally pitched well when healthy, despite never living up to the expectations that come with having the kind of arm that he does, but those “when healthy” stretches have increasingly become fewer and farther between.

Thing is, despite nagging issues throughout even his healthiest of seasons, Morrow did make 77 starts over three seasons from 2010 to 2012. But the last three seasons have been a struggle when it comes to health, with a long layoff for an oblique injury (and some truly excellent pitching on either side of it) in 2012, last year’s nerve impingement, and now this. I’ll always be hesitant when it comes to calling someone injury prone, but also it’s not like all of our bodies react the exact same way to the stresses and strains of the extreme forces ballplayers generate. It’s certainly no longer unfair to wonder if there really is something about him, physically, that makes him susceptible to these issues — many will point to the fact that he has diabetes, though I personally don’t know nearly enough about it to suggest that there’s a direct link, nor do I suspect most who like to pontificate about such things do — but I still don’t think any of us armchair doctors can genuinely say that there has to be, and the fact of the matter, he’s now spent so much time not being quite right that figuring all of this out is about to be somebody else’s problem anyway.

In fact, if his attempt at rehab for the torn tendon sheath doesn’t solve the issue, and he needs to have season-ending surgery, it’s not inconceivable that Morrow has thrown his last pitch for the Blue Jays.

I hope that’s not the case, but Morrow is in the final guaranteed year of his contract with the Jays. The club holds a $10-million option for him next year (with a $1-million buyout clause), and it won’t be easy for Morrow to justify them exercising it even if he’s on the field. And it will be damn near impossible if he’s on the shelf. Plus, with Stroman and Hutchison on the verge of locking down rotation spots for the foreseeable future, and Sanchez not far behind them, time is running out for Morrow to establish himself. That he even still should need to says a whole lot, though, doesn’t it?

There’s still a great arm there, to be sure, but at this point the hope is that Stroman comes in and does what Morrow was supposed to be doing for this club. It’s a lot to ask of a kid getting his first taste of the big leagues, and he’s not going to be able to do it from the damn bullpen (but, of course, that’s only temporary — and at least helpful in keeping his innings manageable a bit for however long it lasts), but it’s not exactly the craziest hope, either.

He’s a pitcher to be truly excited for, and as bad as I feel for Morrow, and as unfortunate as I think it would be if he isn’t able to get healthy, come back, and pitch well enough to keep a rotation spot and convince the club to pick up that option for next year, running him out there every fifth day wasn’t doing this club any good right now. And Marcus Stroman has the potential to do a lot of good right now. I certainly wouldn’t say that the Jays are better off without Morrow, but Stroman mitigates his loss tremendously, and at least temporarily gives the club an option that John Gibbons might actually be able to trust coming out of the bullpen.

I’m still not entirely sure why Neil Wagner wasn’t that guy (at least not when they had a chance to recall him today, when Morrow first hit the shelf), but this is fine, too.

No, really! It’s not an affront that Stroman isn’t being moved straight into the rotation, even if it’s strictly out of deference to the veterans in his way. It’s not crazy that they’re potentially letting him be a Super Two — he’d have to be down until late June or early July to avoid that anyway, and this year is too important and much too far from being fucked to have waited that long.

Shit, it’s not even entirely crazy that, in all these roster moves of late, guys like Todd Redmond and Esmil Rogers have so far kept their jobs (not that they’re any great shakes — or, I suppose, that the season wouldn’t be fucked if it came to this — but lose those two now, then move McGowan to the bullpen, as expected, and your starting pitching and long relief depth looks something like: Sean Nolin, Liam Hendricks, Kyle Drabek, Ricky Romero, shoe, air horn, gum wrapper, sack). It’s easy when the team is so frustratingly pissing away games to let negativity oppressively push down on every single little thing, but all this is is pretty simple: it sucks that Morrow didn’t put it together this year and now is hurt, and it’s cool that Stroman is up and will be in the rotation shortly.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to think any more about it than that.

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  1. Ricky Romero…. we could really use you returning to form…

  2. About time Stroman came up

  3. Is putting Stroman in the bullpen better for his long-term development than him starting games regularly in Buffalo?

  4. This season is starting to feel a lot like last year…

  5. Man what in the actual fuck is this clown AA doing? Why Stroman to the pen? Move McGowan the fuck back there and give Stroman the job. Also, were you not constantly cutting people up who were saying Morrow is a huge injury risk? Different injuries or not, I think it’s time to concede that the guy is made of fucking glass.

  6. Guessing this would’ve been Wagner if his 10 days were up.

    • Morrow went to the dl, 10 day rule does not apply anymore

      • Jenkins came up for Morrow. Stroman is coming up for somebody that is presumably not injured and is just replacing demoted/optioned.

        • That image of Stroman

          Look at how long and spread his fingers are there. That man has Mariano Rivera hands.

  7. Yeah, I’ve had it with this bullpen. Fuck.

  8. I can’t believe this team is only 3.5 games out of first.

  9. Wuss. Just chop off Morrow’s bad finger and have him make a comeback a la Mordecai Brown. Ol’ Three Finger had a pretty nice HOF career, no?

    (Just as well – no, wasn’t a surprise to me to see how quickly it went from a mere 15-day DL for a little finger owie into a 60-day DL and possibly out for the year.)

    • I’d be shocked if Morrow isn’t out for the year.

      Remember, Jose had that sheath injury and ultimately had to have surgery.

      The sad thing is, I’m kind of glad Morrow is gone. He was killing the pen.

  10. AA the ninja can make an appearance any time now… Been missing MIA for a bit too long ;)

    • He never was a ninja. He just got a fool to take Wells’ contract.

      IIRC it was the Angels that called him, he just had to say yes.

  11. I’m puzzled that they would send him to the pen. That’s not the normal course of action this club takes when promoting like this.

    It’s this knee jerk type of actions by management that worries me most.

    • It’s possible he only ends up there for a bit to get his feet wet especially if Happ and McGowan struggle. They should think about doing the same with Sanchez and Nolin this season at some point too just like the Cards did with Wacha and Kelly last year and teams used to do all the time years ago. Your best arms are your best arms.

      • This is it. Let him get the stage fright out of the way.

        He’ll be starting within two weeks.

        • I hope not and I say that because that means the rest of the rotation is doing fine.

        • It’s not that I don’t agree with the move itself. I like how the Cards do it and don’t mind it entirely at all.

          I’m not sure I know how to explain myself clearly, but I’m more concerned with managements decisions/in decisions when it comes to roster management, roster construction and asset management.

      • Agree. It is short term. Saves him innings too which is a side benefit. Club hope it helps stabilize the pen. He’ll likely move to the rotation relatively soon. But injuries and poor performance are the reason his promotion is happening early May rather than late May or later so I can see why people might think it is knee jerk. I heard or read one of his coaches say he still needs to work on a few things so maybe that is one of his pitches and putting him in the bullpen allows him to work on a pitch on the side? Just guessing.

    • How would you feel if you heard you were going to make your big league debut in only 14 hours? McGowan is set to go tomorrow and has prepared to face the Pirates. Starting Stroman would literally be throwing him into the fire. Give it time. Wagner and Janssen hopefully arent too far also

  12. Sorry Stoeten but I think it’s fair to say that you were wrong about Morrow not being injury prone. The fact that it’s always something different is pretty much the definition of being injury prone.

    I’m sure glad the Jays dicked Santana around all off-season.

  13. Do feel bad for Morrow. So much potential so much bad luck. Really turning into another bad luck McGowan.

    I do wonder though how much rope the pitching coach has fair or unfair as that might be.

  14. Morrow done for 60 days, wow, this guy is a porcelain doll ….AA fucking waiting out the pitching free agent market should be his fucking pink slip. Top of the rotation pitchers will remember AA’s penny pinching methods and consider other teams, team that contend, year after year. GM’s that have a need, get the shit done, no matter the expense, to win, to repay their fan base with consistent quality talent and playoff opportunity. AA and all of his infinite wisdom has fucked up a year where the offence was primed to be special with a little support from his rotation. pitching is our weakness, a fucking noted need during the off season and this GM did nothing about it. We have a very small window with Bautista / EE, Reyes, Melky, . If this continues, expect most of the aforementioned names gone by fire sale, the fan base crumbled and pissed and a new GM to head the ship. 20 years and counting…..

    • You assume that he had the budget to add this so called free agent pitching? He was waiting out the market because he had little choice.

      • The point is how is that possible.. You go all in adding salary and trading prospects one year and then literally have zero to spend the following year?? Something doesn’t add up there at all!

        • Change in Rogers management.

          • Presuming AA new about any new payroll parameters during the wineter… There were still options to get an SP by dropping salary elsewhere…eg trading Lind and replacing him with say Kratz, would have freed up most of what he needed. I don’t like Rogers much, but this offseason is on AA. Period.

    • This is all on Rogers. AA is not perfect, believe me, but he was hamstrung by Rogers this offseason. He did nothing because the money wasn’t there this time around.

      • Really hope Rogers brass is paying attention to the throngs of Raptors fans filling the streets for their playoff games…… IN THE FIRST FUCKING ROUND!!!!!

        Toronto is a ridiculous sports town if you can get some wins. Hard to believe Rogers is so shortsighted about this.

  15. It’s almost like having type 1 diabetes as a professional athlete makes it harder for you to recover and thus be injury prone.

    • Hard to use that as a reason for this injury

      • It’s not that it prevents you from staying healthy it’s that it is harder to heal once injured especially if his sugars are out of control. Body doesn’t heal well when it is basically pumping acid through the veins.

  16. Dont pick up Morrow’s option, re-sign him as a reliever. Thoughts?

    • It would depend on how much you pay him as a reliever. He could still get a job as a starter with another team. The potential is there. In my opinion the only way the jays move him to the bullpen is if they jock up his option.

  17. Shocking. Who could have possibly foreseen that Morrow, of all people, would get injured. I know I sure had him penciled in for 200 innings, yes sir.

  18. Holy shit. 4 errors and we lost?!?!

    Ruh roh.

    Party on DJF. Just got back from.the wine festival. Only puked 2 loads instead of last year’s 5!!!

    See yall in the hangover spot tomorrow

  19. I can’t believe Morrow is hurt. I mean, the guy has such a fucking STELLAR history of pitching almost well into June lately.
    It’s getting really hard to stay on the boat.

  20. What really sucks about his game is that for two innings in a row the Jays left the bases loaded. Not blaming the offense because they did their job but if you get a single in either one of those spots none of the rest matters..

    Stroman is going to be interesting. I give it one turn through the rotation before he makes a start. Theyes cant afford to not have their best pitchers in the rotation now.

  21. Wow: In the last few days afew comments on here about Morrow,and despite my barley sandwiches tonite I remember writng in last night that it w/b debateable about picking up his 10m option despite his electric arm which seems to be on a short circuit
    Now , if he is out for the year as many opine, then I now think you have seen the last of Morrow in a BJ uniform and they might as well plan on something else ( Hope Stroman can live up to the hype). For 8m this year, we got 1 win out of him, in about the only decent game he pitched vs the sad sack Astros, last year 0 wins for 7m. Giving him 10m next year AA will face thesame variables he had with JJ, which was 14m, true, but 10m will be deemed too much for a guy who hasn’t made it past June 15,now, for 3 consecutive years.
    JB is having a monster year and is atreat to watch busting his ass to win every day and then I have to watch this shit in the BP. The last 3 weeks I have seen the worst relief pitching since I had to endure Roy FAce and Don Shaw fuck up game after game for Montreal as closers” during the expos 20 game losing streak in 69 but they were an expansion club FFS. Nearly made it 21 but Face got the save as Willie Crawford’s ball was caught athe wall in the bottom of 9th with a man on and 2 out in LA.
    To me , stop taking the starters out at this utopian 1oo fukin pitch thing FFS unless they are exhausted, hurt , ot yeah getting thumped. Often , with Gibbons it’s highly debateable like taking Buerhle out at 90 pitches when he is cruising. Luckily for Gibbons, that was about the only time in the last 3 weeks it hasn’t. Not impressed with his handling of the staff overall.
    FWIW, on the macabre side, Gibbons listed as 2-1 in Vegas to be first manager fired.
    Not here to debate that yet, but that ‘s what some of the smart money set think
    Is it going to take an 11game streak to get to medicrity again this year?
    Christ this team better get it’s ac t together soon.
    I’m frustrated ( Yeah ,I know) and have forked out good coin to go to Wed’s game. Now wondering if I should just cut the lawn instead? Naw, I”ll go and have a couple of barleys( well maybe only 1 at that price) and hope they get this going before they play the NYY and Tampa again or they will be buried
    Forward Soviet!

  22. This is probably a blessing. Morrow hasn’t been good and as sad as it is, if we’re going to turn this around, Stroman being really good is probably the only way it happens

  23. Stro to the pen is the right call then he can be the long man that is gonna save the next retards ass ! And then take his spot eventually or showcase enough talent that the cubs give up smardjia or however you spell that tools name

    • I believe it’s Toronto who says no to Smardza for Stroman

      • I should hope so. They effectively now have control of Stroman for 7 years ( this one and 6 more now) so why give it up for 1.5 yrs of Jeff svasvxf?
        Besides, with Morrow gone and Happ in ( maybe slightly better but meh eitehr way) his arm would likely fall off anyway. WOuldn’t even worry about Shark anymore-fuk it we have Romero to give Morrow’s money to next year and those 2 were supposed to be our nos 1 nd 2 going into last year. Oh,man, what a colossal clusterfuck

      • No shit really ! Or have you seen the prospects aa has dumped for major league starters ?

        • This is an exercise in futility anyways as this management and ownership haven’t shown any desire to preserve long term players over shirt term gains or lack there of. Every trade can’t be a home run but for fuck sakes something’s gotta shake out on the good side don’t it ?

    • Why, at this point, would you possibly want to trade the next seven seasons of Stroman for two of Samardzija?

      • You were pretty high on Samardjia. too clever market efficiencies and all that. Samardjia is AJ Burnett 2.0. Fuck that!

        Here’s the deal. The Jays are gonna win or they won’t but they will do it with what they have. It’s the fact they have very good arms in buffalo that makes people angry.

  24. Is it good or bad that the Jays are simultaneously tied for the worst non astros record in the AL and only 3.5 games out of first in the east? Is it good or bad that they are 2-8 in their last ten and yet have all kinds of time to get back in it?

    • Right now, the difference between the Jays being in first place in the AL East and where they are now is a bunch of bullpen blow-ups. Otherwise, the lineup has looked great to me. Even the SP has been sufficient for now, anyway. Not great – but good enough.

      I really disagree with people who are looking at this team as a disaster – I only see the bullpen as a disaster right now and this can turn around. So they really can turn it around.

      Its actually a shame that its the bullpen, which was a strength last year, that has really hurt them. Its too bad, because I really like hitting and defense this year.

    • It is good. Everybody needs to simmer the fuck down. This is a damn good team. They have looked like shit but if you can put the bullpen implosions out of your mind for a bit there is a ton to be excited about. Look at that lineup. It is fucking scary. The starters are looking fairly good. Dickey did pretty well tonight, Buerlhe is going to burl. Hutch looks good. I am excited. It’s a bummer to lose like this but when this team is firing on all cylinders and it will be soon it is going to be a damn fun ride. GO JAYS!

      • I agree that everyone needs to calm down about this. This is a hell of a good lineup. they only need average-ish pitching to contend this year. the division is wide open. The only really negative aspect has been the bullpen. If they can turn that around, then they are in good shape.

      • Exactly. I think some are pushing the panic buttons here and it’s only the start of May. This is a very good team on paper that hasn’t found it’s groove on the field yet. No need to rush the kid Stroman. Give Happ a chance to show he can start again and hopefully the team hasn’t given up on Romero. How is that guy doing anyway? If they bring Kawasaki back, they should just keep him here and stop sending him down. His energy helps all causes through wins and loses.

  25. Maybe I have missed him what with watching basketball and all, but has AA surfaced on any of the games lately to explain his byzantine moves and fucked up roster?
    In prior years he was all too happy to on the games and PTS but has been very noticeably absent this year, unless I missed it

  26. I made a comment last week that I thought it would be good if the Jays got Stroman up for the pen for a week or so to get his carrot wet before his first start.

    He can get the jitters out without as much pressure while at the same time helping a very taxed pen. I don’t mind it at all.

  27. I was hoping chats like this wouldn’t happen until late summer. Oh well. Here we are. Let’s go Stro!

  28. I am not trying to harp on it but why can’t Wagner come up? Is he blocked I.e. Because of the 10 day? He seems like a good person to bring up. If somebody could point to or explain the reason why I would appreciate. And I will appreciate even more if you can not be a dick about it.

  29. Fire up the StroShow!

    This is great news, eat drink and be merry.
    But mostly drink.

  30. On Morrow, I said last year when he got hurt that he was done with the Jays, so I missed by 4 starts. Unfortunate but had to be 100% expected at this point. He and Romero can be teammates on the Long Island Ducks soon because no ML team will be caught dead within 50 feet of either one.

    For those who say it’s early and we’re only 3.5 games out of first: get real!! The only reason the other 4 teams in the division are all clustered around .500 is because they’ve been beating up on each other almost exclusively. Meanwhile we get the Astros, Pirates, and Royals and we’re still 5 under .500. Once the Rays and Sox get a good run of games against the Central and West you’ll see their records change dramatically — and the way we’re playing now, we’ll be on the wrong end of some very very lopsided scores once we start playing the East teams again. The bullpen is shit, the starting pitching is mostly shit, and the offense is mediocre at best and due for some regression.

    In sum, this season is over and we need to be switching very quickly into rebuild mode. That’s why it’s such an absolutely indefensible move to bring up Stroman when there are a million guys at Buffalo who could shore up the pen and/or the rotation without burning valuable service time. This reminds me of when JPR brought up Snider to try to appease the masses and distract from how terrible the team was — a completely selfish move that sacrificed player development in a lame attempt to save his job. Disgusted that AA is doing the same. Can’t wait for his firing — I wish they’d do it now because otherwise I fear there will be no trades at the deadline, when there might otherwise be good opportunities to trade Melky and Rasmus for sure, and possibly JB, EE etc.

  31. Further evidence that getting literally nobody this offseason was beyond horrific. How much longer will AA get a free pass?

  32. In a world where JJ gets 8 million after the season he had last year

    I don’t see how there should be any discussion on picking up the option or not.

    Not like they will have 4 better options than a healthy morrow.

    • And just what was the ROI on the $8 million the Padres spent on JJ?

      Yeah, that’s about the return the Jays could expect paying Morrow $10 million for 2015.

      This team wasn’t willing to pay $14 million for a legit starting pitcher in Santana. They’re not going to spend 70% of that for the 5.50 ERA Morrow contributes even when healthy.

  33. Fucking disgusting last two nights. Actually make it the last week.


  34. I love the way people keep saying AA has no money. Have you heard of dumping reyes contract or happ’s or morrow’s? There would have been lots of takers. what’s the point in spending 130 mil payroll when you have shitty pitching? we’ve heard this a MILLION times but alex never learns. you can never have enough pitching!!!!

    • Good or bad Anthopoulos still had to compete with the team he had. I agree with trading Morrow but to be honest under the circumstances Anthopoulos had his hands tied because Beeston would not OK any trades.I usually don’t defend Alex but in this case he was not in rebuilding mode again but in that three year window to compete.

      Morrow was/is damaged goods are he is injury prone especially with the diabetes. After a couple of years it seems obvious that this would be his fate with the team: constantly getting injured.

      @oakville69 Rogers is not letting Anthopoulos rebuild. He fucked up already they’ll let someone else restock the farm,develop and build a team.

  35. nice to have an interesting story line to watch besides the bullpen’s new and inventive ways to wrench our still-beating hearts out of our chests.

    what really hurt about last night’s game was the fact that if Wagner or McGowan were in the pen, the Loup blow up could very possibly have been avoided. but alas… Rogers, Redmond and Jenkins, who apparently aren’t prime candidates to take a turn in the rotation or pitch in any high leverage situations out of the bullpen either. begs the question why the three of them are necessary on this team at all when guys of their ilk are readily available on the waiver wire 365 days a year, but i digress…

    i kinda like the idea of Stroman getting his first taste of the big leagues out of the pen. lets him use the best parts of his repertoire more often and maybe gain a bit of confidence (not that he needs it from watching him pitch in the spring). keeps his innings total down a bit too.

    • o, and as for Morrow, there is probably a 95% chance that he is not back with the team next season. i don’t have anything against him, i think it’s more a matter of where this Jays season is likely headed and the extremely small, non-zero chance that Rogers gives the team money to play with this offseason. very small chance he’d come back if they turn down his option. he’ll probably end up in a spacious NL park like Johnson and Santana in hopes of landing another big deal.

      he’s been a solid pitcher in his time here. obviously not worth his most recent contract, but there was enough surplus value from his first couple years with the team that they shouldn’t feel cheated. always teased with his high quality repertoire and occasional dominant performances, but pitching is hard, and he generally lacked both the durability and command to achieve his potential. i still do that trade 100 times out of 100.

      • no it’s not 95% it’a 100%. why is it other teams recognize players have no future and move on quickly but we have to wait 5 fucking years to figure it out?

        • Chris Carpenter. He got away, what, 14 years ago? So now we can never ever release a starter that has ever pitched more than 7 innings while allowing less than 3 runs at any point in their career ever.

  36. FYI: Vernon Wells is available. He’s been out of the game all year. Just sayin’.

    Also, check out the 2014 salary he gets NOT to play baseball!
    2014 35 New York Yankees $21,000,000 12.113 $18.6M paid by Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, $2.4M paid by New York Yankees (released)

  37. I am not as depressed about the team as many are on this forum.

    It’s still early….but I do wonder if AA will get orders from Rogers to go into rebuild mode at the trade deadline

    • The one constant of the last decade and a half has been that Rogers have been shitty owners.

      • @prolog

        I wonder why Rogers has basically left AA without any extra $$$ to fix the glaring holes.

        Rogers owns 50% of MLSE so why are they ignoring the Jays.?

        Has Rogers lost faith in AA?

        It seems weird that a year ago we had a playoff calibre team & now it looks like a mess.

  38. How much more poor management, from top-down in the Jays organization, will we need to endure? From glaring holes in rotation not filled this past Winter, lack of bench, flipping Lawrie to 2B when he’s supposed a top tier 3B in MLB, relying on Santos who clearly has consistency problems, relying on Morrow and McGowan for rotation. Fire AA and Gibbons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. Totally get the angst. Brutal stretch. Could be worse though. There’s 130 games to go. Personally, I tend to turn the game off around the 7th to do other things. Much better reading about these melt downs than watching them unfold.

  40. Why the fuck are McGowan and Wagner not in the bullpen right now? I’d put Happ and Redmond in the rotation, then switch the worse-performing one with Stroman after a week or two.

    The bullpen is bleeding runs.

  41. Really fucking excited to see Stroman though.

  42. Had the bullpen performed even just poorly to this point, the Jays would be at or near to the top of the division. This without Reyes and EE hitting up to expectations.

    People need to take the bags off their heads. As soon as they start getting near average bullpen pitching, things will turn for the better and they’ll claw back some of these games.

    Just don’t watch past the 6th until then.

    • I’ve been saying this for weeks now.

      If the bullpen could be even _mediocre_ they’d be at least .500 right now.

      This voodoo curse on the pen has to stop at some point.

  43. Can’t honestly say the team was better with Morrow healthy, blessing in disguise.

  44. You know, the Jays used to hardly ever let a kid’s major league debut come as a starter. Used to always start off in the pen. Probably way better for their nerves, not knowing when they’re going to get used. (As opposed to not being able to sleep before their first start, etc.) Stroman’s going to be nervous. I mean, did you see him in spring training?

  45. Also, it’s amazing how significant the Casey Janssen injury has turned out to be. If he’d been here and on his game, this team has a winning record right now.

    • +1. Also, the stupidity of sendimg Wagner to Buffalo to rot for 10 days while we bring up shitballer Jenkins a couple of times, all because he is a former n01 pick of AA. He is shit like Sierra and that is all there is to it. Wagner alone, I think would have rescued the game last night with those RH batters all in a row. Plus he has control, rarely walks a guy. You have to beat him with hits. Roster construction, man

  46. I’ll echo some of the earlier comments about the team looking good. Despite a few poor starts the rotation has looked okayish. The offence looks strong and the defence has been much improved. It’s really only the bullpen that’s sucked.
    And the nice thing about that is the bullpen’s the most volatile area and can swing the other way quite easily. Something as simple as a return of Janssen and Stroman/McGowan (if that switch happens) could immediately stabilize the pen.

  47. While I don’t expect anything drastic in the short term, the budget cycle will start for next year for them in about 3 months, around Aug or so. I’m assumimg it it is for the Jays what it was when I worked in Finance for a large US Entertainment colossus, the one that gave Eddie Murphy, a lifetime contract, and then 3 years later realized their mistake( think VW type issue).
    Anyway, scenarios for $$$ will start being devised. One will be based on the Jays doing well- ie we are contending, players are performing, revenue steady to up, dollar being no worse than it already is etc.( as I’ve said before, this is a big one, do not underestimate it).
    Another , at the bottom end will be based on poor performance by both individuals and team and perhaps the forecast of a weakening dollar.
    Unfortunately , folks, in this scenario, I can see the Jays jettisoning a ton of $$$. Namely, Reyes will be dumped to save 20m, Buerhle to save 19m, Morrow 10m, Cabrera 9m, or morre as he is a FA, Rasmus 10m or more and maybe Dickey too 12m. That is a cool 81m USD. Or portions thereof
    A harbinger of things to come might be in the behaviour of AA later this summer and in whether or not we hear about attempts to re-up Cabrera who is doing great and whether or not they even talk to Rasmus ( I’m not a fan but others are).
    Obviuosly there are other permutations but serious changes may be on the horizon if we don’t start playing like a legitimate contender

    • If you’re talking about a Miami style salary dump it sets the organization back 10 years.

      • It’s one of the scenarios, yes. Of course, if we had intelligent management ( maybe we do) like Boston did, maybe they actually reinvest that coin in other players. Don’t know. I imagine it’s on the table if…..they do not contend

      • How many times have the marlins won the World Series since the jays made the playoffs?

    • @Fukstik

      I agree with your assessment.

      If the Jays go ahead & dump salary, then they have to get someone who knows how to build a team from scratch.

      I can’t see Rogers letting AA do the rebuild. Would AA even want to stay here?

      Luckily, it’s a long season, so we could look back in September & laugh at the Doomsters

  48. Anyone else notice the look on Dickeys face as he watched his W disappear before his very eyes. Like he just watched his new puppy get run over.

    • Yeah I noticed it last night. When he shouldn’t have been pulled.
      He was angry, I was angry, anyone who has seen the bullpen in the last week was angry.
      He was sailing, gave up a double but it was like his first hit in 2 innings.
      I was angrier then he was.

      • yep-this unicorn 100 pitch shiy has to stop. They whine about SP not going deep but fukin Gibbons yanks them even in the 90′s when they are sailing ( See Buerhle, Mark game in KC). Christ the LAD have even let Kershae go to 130 when he is rolling. Fuk, man, the starters only go every 5th day, surely they can throw more than 100 when they are rolling. Anyway,personally, didn’t want Gibbons back, don’t want him staying.
        IF , AS Some suggest , the manager doesn’t matter, then put RADAR in there FFS. At least he would sound like his moves make sense

      • That’s been the most frustrating thing to me about the bullpen management this year. Gibby sends out a starter for his last inning and pulls him after the first hit. Either give him a chance to finish the inning or let the reliever start with a clean slate. What he’s doing is setting them up for failure.

  49. Gose gets sent down, as per Shi.

    • Cause who needs a fourth outfielder, right?

    • He contributed mightily to our last win with 2 hits in KC and saved Buerhle’s ass throwing a guy out at the plate. Yeah, why keep him with his speed and all when you can keep Chad fukstik Jenkins and Todd shitballer redmond. Roster management, indeed.

      • @Fukstick.

        I really miss Rajai Davis. He could win game for the Jays in the late innings with his speed

  50. The calls for Gibby’s head are rather loud across the inter-webs today.

    • Vegas has him at2-1 odds to be first manager fired.
      Don’t think it’ll happen as AA went to a lot of trouble to sign him
      However, if the new broom at Rogers is a psychopath like most corporate CEOs . then they will want some “heads on a stick” if this shit persists and it could be AA himself who goes ( likey into some other corporate role if he wants and Lacava takes over)

  51. So when does AA answer to the fans and or media for his bad roster management? He’s been really quiet since the season started

  52. Seriously people….

    Bullpen or starting rotation for Stroman out of the gates is completely irrelevant for his development.

    Guy spent 50 games suspended last year and seems to be doing just fucking fine.

    Relax and enjoy the most hyped Blue Jay rookie pitching debut since Happy Drabekkuh.

    • Stroman can at least find home plate. Drabek is still asking councillors and pitching coaches what it is

  53. So, is Morrow done as a Blue Jay? I can’t envision the team spending $10MM on a guy who’s as injury prone and inconsistent as he is.

  54. It really feels like AA is just winging it sometimes.

  55. I agree with the poster who said AA would not be given the chance to rebuild the team. He’s had five years and there are some really black marks against him. The Farrell hire went horribly wrong. The Trade–and, yes, I loved it too, we all did– went horribly wrong in the first season. This off-season may not have been perceived as horribly wrong if he didn’t bop out and say he wanted to get two starting pitchers and then didn’t even land one. Myself I’d get rid of AA who I believe to be over his competence level at this position and put in Tony La Cave.

    • I disagree. If they do go into a rebuild I’d like to see AA have the chance to do it. I blame Rogers more for the current situation and think a GM who has had to deal with the owners pulling the financial rug out from underneath him once won’t make the same mistake again.
      AA has shown he can operate on a budget. He’s made some good signings on guys just as they’re about to break out and still has a pretty good reputation as far as drafting goes. If given a chance to rebuild I don’t think he’d try a Marlins-esque fast track again.

      • But the jays have never done a marlin esque rebuild before and have simply remained mediocre consistently. The marlins are very good at building winning baseball teams

    • @Isabella

      I agree. The optics of bringing back AA to do the rebuild would be bad.

      Rogers would have to remarket the team as the new Tampa Bay Rays ….

      Could the Jays lure someone from Tampa Bay??

  56. I agree with Deere5800 on this one.

    AA didn’t want to hire Farrel; it was forced on him. AA was repeatedly told that the money was there for him, if he needed it. When he needed it, the vault was slammed shut on him. The Trade is a bit of a wash; I’ll pass judgement on the Dickey trade when his time here is done. He hasn’t been terrible; he hasn’t been great.

    AA is far from perfect, and his dumpster diving and optionless “prospects” have driven me crazy. But at the end of the day, this is almost entirely on Rogers.

    • I respectfully disagree. We don’t know whether this is on Rogers or not because all we’ve heard either directly or indirectly has come from the front office. Rogers hasn’t said anything. I thought like you guys did for a long time that the team was hamstrung by tight owners. But in fact there’s no real evidence of this and it’s a convenient excuse. I would point out that many other teams have done a lot more with a lot less. As for the Farrell thing, if AA was unhappy about Farrell he should not have hired him no matter what Beedton et al said.

      • I think we’re going to have to wait for the book to come out. Since AA wants to continue working in MLB, we may never know. I suspect the truth is somewhere I between what we’re saying. I will agree wth you I this: the lustre has certainly come off of AA.

      • I guess we don’t know, but based on how the offseason progressed it really looks that way. They come out saying they want two starters and maybe a second baseman and catcher. Then all they do is make a cost-neutral move for a catcher. Plus the reports of the players offering to defer money.
        I will say this, though, AA sure holds true on his valuations of players, which can be infuriating but if we accept the money isn’t always going to be there than in the long run it’s probably a good thing.
        But yeah, the lustre is off AA for sure. I’m just worried that a new GM would make the exact same mistakes JPR and AA made.

        • But would not the first off-season move by the front office be to talk to Rogers about the budget? Ahead of talking to the media. That’s what makes little sense to me. They had to have known what Rogers would pay for before they started. Rogers isn’t a seat-of-the-pants kind of organization.

      • @Isabella.

        Is it possible that someone @ Rogers told AA that they gave him $100 million plus payroll last year & the trade so he gets no more money???

        It’s very strange

      • I respectfully disagree with both of you. We do know that the quality and performance of the team is entirely on the gm because he makes the decisions about what players play on the team. Well the players have to have accountability too. The ownership is not to blame when the team spends above average amount

    • What a cop out! The team has the tenth highest payroll. He has been gm for five years. How do you figure aa does not have any accountability with respect to the quality and performance if the team?

  57. Gibby is a fuktard. Dickey was fine in the 7th, under 100 pitches, maybe gibby hasn’t figured out he can throw115-120 no problem. Then Loup in to face a series of right-handed batters, and hung out to dry. Nice double hit over Rasmus head, no-doubles defence something else gibby doesn’t have a handle on.

  58. A little sad to see Moises Sierra gone. Hope he puts it all together with more playing time and doesn’t hurt the Birds too much as an opponent lol. The kid had 5-tool potential and it is hard for any ball player to come in off the bench and produce in very limited playing time. Definitely had a gun that Jesse would be proud of.

    As for Morrow, losing him hurts but I’m really not surprised. I wasn’t putting a ton of faith in him going through a full season without avoiding injury. We’ve been spoiled by Doc and to some degree A.J. Burnett before he took the money and ran. Buehrle could have stayed out there are little longer because he was cruising. Same with Dickey. On the other hand it’s the beginning of May and there’s still lots of baseball left to play. No need to stretch the starters this early and you want to give your bullpen every chance to right themselves. This is still a team game and you give all your players the opportunity to do their jobs. Maybe Gibbons is playing soft with the starters because of the injuries. You won’t find out who’s capable of pitching complete games with that mentality though.

    We need Casey Janssen’s arm. He’s the guy who some were running out of the closer’s job that this team is missing right now. Would prefer our starters to pitch a little more like Casey. He locates the ball so well with the stuff he has uses the right pitch for every count, every situation. I don’t really agree with throwing the young kid Stroman immediately into the rotation. This right now is Happ’s job to lose. Keep him quiet and give him the chance to prove his worth as a starter again. If he fails, he can’t whine if he’s demoted. I do feel for the guy because he earned the job out of spring training last year before he absorbed that wicked hit to the head. The best thing that can happen right now is that he takes Morrow’s spot in the rotation, pitches with some decency and you give Stroman a few opportunities out of the bullpen first. No need to rush him. Maybe give him a spot start after a few weeks of bullpen work. You split the spot starts with the other long men in the bullpen or the pitcher whose’s earned it by performing the best when called on from the pen. I like Rogers in the 8th inning set-up role. He can easily be a guy that can pitch two or three of the late innings before the closer finishes the game. He can close out non save opportunities as well.

  59. So even a dude like me on the couch can see that going into this season with a thin rotation was a recipe for failure.

    Any injuries and you were relying on shitty scrubs and rookies. (Stroman is cool but ughg)

  60. Can we have a less depressing game threat please

  61. I don’t agree with Zaun often, but he was bang on saying that demoting Gose in fear of losing out of option players is stupid.

    • Definitely stupid, because you know and i know, it won’t be long before they are going to lose 1 or 2 anyway so why weaken the team keeping thse fukstiks?
      as soon as Janssen and Lind come back, goodbye 2 shitballers, likely Redmond and Jenkins. Meanwhile we weaken our outfield defence, speed on the bench and backup agility. Fuckin smart, AA

  62. Could be worse. AA could have

    1) Picked up JJ’s option
    2) Completed the Santos for Brett Anderson trade

    and the Jays would then now have a rotation with Morrow, JJ & Anderson on the DL.

  63. *****Crickets chirping******

  64. Ahh yes … The old lead off triple.

  65. Resorting to new drinking game: every time Tabby says “right there” or “right here”.

  66. come wallow with me friends. An ocean of despair

    tide goes in tide goes out

  67. The good news is all the Raps are in foul trouble

    o wait

  68. First Pirate batter triples. Watch Gibby get the bullpen up. LOL!!

  69. When do we get to see Stroman’s dad and Rasmus’ dad arm wrestle?

  70. Gibby about to get swept by the Pirates, who were 10-18 coming into this series.

    If the Pirates score enough runs, they don’t have to depend on Plan B, which is to get Gibby into the game.

    How long is AA going to let this AA manager run the team. Until we’re all in AA?

  71. Edinson Volquez: 17 pitches: 6 strikes, 11 balls.

  72. Why would you swing at that Rasmus? Volquez has shown no abilities to throw strikes this inning, and you just swung at a pitch that was nearly a foot out of the zone.

  73. Colby!!!

  74. Again, fuck everyone who shits on Cletus!

  75. Cletus!

    Will a 10 run lead be safe today?

  76. Blue Jay fans shit on Rasmus and the players and cheer their AA manager who blows every game. LOL!!! Maybe Gibby is the manager these fans deserve.

    • How is Gibbons responsible for the bullpen’s performance? It’s not like he’s telling the relievers to shart.

      • Really? How is Gibbons responsible for his bullpen management? is that your question?

        • Please go back over the last bullpen performance and tell us how you would have managed it better.

          • The question isn’t how I would have managed it better. It’s how a major league manager would have managed it better. I agree that you and Gibby are about equal when it comes to managing. Thing is, that’s not good enough for the majors. Go see how many 3 or more runs leads Gibby has blown this year. Compare it to any other team. Unless you think every other manager has an all-star bullpen.

            • I agree with you Justafan. I think Santos and Loup would pitch significantly better if Joe Torre was waving them in from the bullpen. That is your point, right???

            • Oh sweet, I didn’t know about that statistically valid approach to measuring a mangers bullpen management. Could you please link to the post outlining it?!

            • What did Gibbons do wrong and how is he reaponsible for the meltdown, Justacunt? Answer the questions instead of asking a bunch of questions and then passing it offf as analysis.

              • How about leaving Loup in for waaaaay too long? How about pulling Dickey too early?!

                • How about looking at Dickey’s numbers the third time through the lineup and the fact that there wasn’t much left to choose from in an overworked bullpen? It’s not like he’s making decisions on a whim, ffs.

                • “If Gibby pulls dickey two batters earlier, jays win that game.”- everyone, three weeks ago

                  • You’re absolutely right. A shitty manager doesn’t have to only make one mistake repeatedly. A shitty manager like Gibby makes all kinds of mistakes. And you’re absolutely right. Sometimes he leaves guys in too long, sometimes he takes them out too early.

                    The results don’t lie. Gibby is one shitty manager.

            • Didn’t realize that gibbons throws the pitches. Very tough to blame him considering every member of the staff has imploded and the one who has looked about the best is in aaa

        • You ever sleep in a tent with a mosquito? Buzzy little summabitch will not just bite you and be done with it. Has to land then buzz, then fly around a bit. Land again, buzz, buzz buzz buzz.

          • Excellent analogy!

            • Let’s put it another way. What has this minor league manager ever done to deserve to be a major league manager.

              He was fired in 2008 because his team which was supposed to compete found new ways to lose every day. Do some of you remember? Or was 2008 to long ago, before you started watching baseball. No one else wanted him as a manager. Not one team. He landed a bench job with KC, but they unloaded him. They didn’t want him on the bench. He ended up in the minors for SD. Only job he could get.

              All of a sudden, Farrell leaves and he’s the manager here. Why? What changed? And what has he done since he’s back? 87-102.

              So let’s hear all the poor Gibby excuses.

          • +1

  77. That at-bat drops McGowan to 2-for-11 for his career, with five strikeouts, one sacrifice, and one run scored.

  78. Dustin looks different today. Fastball’s more explosive, slider’s got some more bite.

    he’s actually missing some bats for a change.

  79. Colby’s having himself a good day.

  80. The Cletus show today…..wait that doesn’t sound right.

  81. I guess it’s makes me feel a little better when I see what a mess Tampa Bay’s bullpen is.

  82. Just dropped in to say Justafan is a retard. Bye.

  83. Ump seems to have a small strike zone today. Seems to be squeezing Volquez more than McGowan, though he’s squeezing both. I wonder if it’s the framing.

    • Just looked it up. Pirates are one of the top teams in pitch framing this year, with numbers slightly above average.

      However: they’re starting their backup catcher today.

  84. The Melk man cometh. The Melk man hit it away.

  85. What happened that got Hurdle ejected? Watching gameday on a split screen.

  86. Oh Melky, you so crazy

  87. Love the Melkman. Right there.

  88. Jays have had 3 big leads in this 3 games series.

    In game !, they blew a 2 run lead when Gibby’s own appointed closer, Santos, blew his 3rd save of the short season. Santos did nothing to earn the closer job, like Gibby did nothing to earn being a major league manager. Only one player has more blown saves than Santos, and he’s had 3 more chances. Santos is Cordero 2.0.

    In game 2, they blew a 4 run lead when Gibbons got involved in the game unnecessarily. He took out Dickey early, because he says, Loup is “no joe shmo”. If it had been anyone else but Loup, he says he would have thought twice Well, next time think twice Gibby. Then he left Loup in while batter after batter got a hit or walked.

    We will have to see what Gbiby does for game 3.

    Gibby has lost 8 of the last 10. in most of his losses he had a late inning lead and blew every one. His managing is mess. Worst manager by far in the majors. it’s why no one else wanted him.

    • For fuck’s sakes,we get it.
      You like to troll and get atttention.
      At least make a valid point somewhere along to the way.

    • Last I checked he doesn’t throw the pitches.

      You can’t expect reliable all-star guys like Cecil, Delabar to be so poor. Loup had been pretty good so far.

      It’s just bad coincidence that so many had so many problems at the same time.

      Should he be fired for having one of the best offences in the majors too?

      The problem on this team is so localized that it is fixable. The team is not struggling across the board. It ain’t out of the race yet either. All of the AL east have problems… almost all of them with their BP too.

      Ultimately AA knows he gave Gibbons these horses and he should be the one responsible.

  89. Remember last season when the Blue Jays were #unsweepable? It’s happening again! So…there’s that?

  90. Lol
    @TSNScottyMac: Funny comparsion: It’s May 4 and Bautista’s reached base 64 times. ALL of last year, Arencibia reached 116 times. #BlueJays #MLB

  91. Jays need 2 more runs. That way the bullpen gives up the customary 6 run inning and we still win.

  92. McGowan has given up six hits in his last eleven innings pitched.

  93. Another good JP stat: Navarro has 1000 more career at-bats than JP has, and 60 fewer strike outs.

  94. Good god. America – this is why you’re fat.

    • Ha Ha! French Fries on the sanny?

      • French fries on a sandwich is fine [I've never had this, but I'm not profoundly averse to it]. It’s the loaf of bread used per sandwich + everything else! Just huge portions!

        • I always eat fish %chip sandwiches, ever since I saw my DAD do it. But then, he was, British. I don’t have an excuse

    • Primanti Bros. – delicious, but I would only have it once in a while if I want to live past 50

  95. Np for dustin so far?

  96. It seems as if McGowan is probably done for the day. So a good coaching move would be to pull him.

    BUT, if you’re afraid of the bullpen blowing yet another game this series, maybe you ignore the fact McGowan is at 94 pitches and let him open the seventh until he gives up a baserunner. Of course, that has a chance of backfiring, as it would mean whatever reliever comes in has to deal with inherited runners.


    • Stro?

      • I’d love to get Stroman into the rotation, but if McGowan’s last two starts mean anything, I don’t think McGowan is the guy he should be replacing. I’d tentatively have Happ on notice.

    • I say do what you outlined.

      He did walk two the last inning, but both were long at-bats with lots of fouled off pitches. Then he got the other guy swinging.

      I don’t think he’s done yet, unless he tells you he can’t do it.

  97. Raps in trouble.

  98. Kyle Lowry playing like our MVP.

  99. We have a five run lead. There is no question that Dusty should get the 7th inning. Six

  100. I meant to say “pitching only six is for pussies”.
    - Nolan Ryan

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