In the top of the fourth inning tonight Brett Lawrie bounced a 1-2 pitch up the middle to Phillies shorstop Freddy Galvis, and though it looked like the kind of play he would normally make close, Lawrie didn’t cross first base like he was blasting across the alkali flats in a jet-powered, monkey-navigated… [consults notecards] … and it goes on like this.

Replays showed Lawrie grimace and slow down while running down the line. He gingerly walked off, and when the club returned to the field for the bottom half of the inning it was Chris Getz who was manning second base (with Juan Francisco at third, of course).

The club has since officially listed the hot-hitting Lawrie — who hasn’t been nearly as abysmal as his totals look since around mid-April, having batted a tasty .319/.359/.569 over 18 games stretching back to April 13th – as day-to-day with right hamstring tightness.

Tightness is better than a strain, so it could be worse, and perhaps he caught it in time to prevent it from being overly bad — it sure looked like he was being as cautious as he possibly could — but if Lawrie can’t go Tuesday, that leaves the club with an even shorter bench than the absurdly short one they’re running tonight. They’re helped by the fact that Dioner Navarro is almost ready (he was available to pinch hit Monday, and hopes to start behind the plate on Wednesday), and if they need to add a warm body down there it’s not like they weren’t going to be making some kind of move to accommodate Adam Lind in the next couple of days anyway. Maybe Navarro pushes up the timeline and Erik Kratz  can go, or Chad Jenkins goes back down, or Esmil Rogers gets D’d FA a day early in order to get some temporary reinforcements up here to help the bench until Lind returns — or maybe even Lind’s rehab  assignment gets cut short.

Hard to say. Hopefully it doesn’t come to all that and Lawrie is OK in a hurry.

I’ll update this post if we get further word on his condition tonight, and if there are any roster moves to share.

11:15 PM Update

According to reporters assembled down in Philadelphia — including Scott MacArthur of, whose tweet was the first to show up in my timeline — Brett Lawrie is saying that the hamstring issue has been lingering, and that he needs to shut it down for a couple of days in order to avoid a long-term absence. So, his exit was precautionary, but… also sort of not.

Gregor Chisholm adds that it’s been “well over a week” that the injury has lingered– in fact, Lawrie missed a day near the start of camp with a tight hamstring, though I can’t find which side was suffering, and obviously it wasn’t a big hindrance. In a separate tweet, Gregor explains that Lawrie “could continue playing through it but doesn’t want the hamstring to get any worse. Will take at least a couple of days.”

Juan Francisco is your third baseman, folks! Hopefully not for long, as t doesn’t appear as though Lawrie will hit the DL just yet, but ask Jose Reyes about hamstrings. So… let’s hope that way-low O-swing% Francisco is sporting really does show he’s found some kind of new plate discipline, otherwise get set for some Steve Tolleson. But hey, at least Lawrie is doing it right and trying to minimize the hurt.

Midnight Update

Some great stuff from Scott MacArthur at, with quotes from Lawrie after the game. Although… it doesn’t exactly paint young Brett as a picture of health.

Lawrie has a history of muscle-related injuries, most notably his oblique problems which cost him time in each of the last two seasons. He sat out the second game of last week’s series in Kansas City with tightness in his back and often times, after games, he’s essentially mummified in elastic bandages holding down ice on various parts of his body.

I’ve hit a point where I can’t keep doing this every single day,” said Lawrie. “In every game that I’ve played in the last little bit it has been little things that have just grabbed on me and almost resets it a little bit and just kind of says this is how it’s going to be, it’s not better yet. That just says to me, as much as it sucks and I can play, I just can’t do it the way that I want to … so I’d rather take a couple of days rather than do something really bad.”


Scott’s piece has more Lawrie quotes and news and notes on some of the club’s other injured players, so hit it up.

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  1. At least he hustled. #LoveThisTeam

  2. Fuck. Fuuck. Fuuuck. The construction of this club is fucking baffling. Let’s hope for the best. Fuck.

  3. Esmil would seem to be a good target for a team like the Phillies that is desperate for relievers.

    Rogers for Mayberry?

  4. good inning by loup

  5. but yea i was dumbfounded when rogers hit for himself.

  6. Who cares?

    Juan Francisco is our everyday 3rd Baseman now.


  7. Its my fault
    I put the curse on him when I posted
    that he had the look of a guy
    who was starting to “get it.”

  8. Lawire has been vocal that he doesn’t like playing 2B so I’m sure he doesn’t mind resting and missing an NL game.

  9. Was happy to see some late night DJF content, but not of this variety…back to the Bautista GIF I go!

  10. Lawrie’s play is very physical, he’s like wound up real tight every time he sets to do anything. Dunno if that kind of playing style contributes to the wear and tear, hopefully he finds some regimen of diet and exercise that fit his play and take care of his health.

  11. When your muscles are fueled by only Red Bull and Adrenaline, you ride close to the edge. The tendons are literally tearing away from the bone in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

  12. At least he’s not playing through it (anymore) and possibly hurt it enough that he’s out for a long time.

  13. Simpsons quotes always help to ease the pain.

  14. I’m just going to assume it’s the RedBull.

    - Dr. IMW

  15. Should we be concerned that a lot of Jays seem to be going down with muscle-related injuries? They should be getting massages, ice, warmth, tensor wraps, etc, in order to prevent this kind of thing from happening so often, shouldn’t they?

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