Fantastic stuff here — by way of @DanToman — from Jose Bautista, who was evidently getting ragged on all night by the Philly fans out in right field, and had a sweet parting message for them after Brett Cecil finished off the shutout that J.A. Happ started (no, really). Let’s hope for more tomorrow night — of this, of the winning, of the pitching performances that don’t make me want to break things — it’s all good.

Amazingly, this may not even be the best Bautista GIF of the night. Check out Jose’s outstanding throw to the plate to get a tagging Marlon Byrd — who was on third base thanks to a triple off of Esmil Rogers — in the bottom of the sixth.

This one’s also via Dan, and via some place called¬†theScore¬†[both courtesy Sportsnet].

Oh yeah, and Jose has reached base in 32 straight games, to boot.

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  1. Love the confidence!

  2. Dominic Brown for Bautista, wow, imagine that actually happened.

    • Sad part is people actually took it seriously.

      • Anything is possible Bob, please refer to the Reyes trade.

        • I don’t get this last comment. The Reyes trade involved real talent and potential (offset by salary) moving both ways.

          • I hate that Wilner keeps justifying the Marlins trade with “but we got Reyes”…

            They could have had Reyes the previous offseason if they would have just bid on him…

            I’ve always believed the majority of the prospects they gave up were for Josh Johnson…

            • Reyes would never had voluntarily come to a team that had artificial turf

            • I’d rather have kept Escobar.

            • The player has to want to come here. That’s kind of important.

              • While I agree that Johnson probably was the centrepiece of the Marlins trade, I think it’s safe to assume that the Jays couldn’t have simply matched Miami’s offer and gotten Reyes on the free agent market. I would guess that the Jays would have needed to give him north of $120 million to sign here, especially when you consider the difference in taxes (which I admittedly don’t know much about, but I recall there being some talk about that around the time of the trade). Also, it’s worth noting that the Jays would have forfeit a draft pick if they had signed him instead of trading for him a year later. Lastly, remember that Escobar was coming off a career year and locked up at $5 million per season at the time as well, and while it makes sense in hindsight, there was absolutely no reason at the time to spend that kind of money on a shortstop.

            • What makes you believe that Reyes would have signed here?

              He wanted to play in Florida. Just because u bid on someone doesn’t mean you get them

  3. This makes me smile.

  4. What a fucking throw. Sleep tight Philly fans.

  5. Beauty

  6. I really didn’t think Byrd was dumb enough to run on that. Wasn’t that deep, but oh well! Made my night!

  7. Seems like Mr. Happ and Mr. McGowan have a message
    for young Mr. Stroman. It goes something like,
    “Hold your horses kid; we ain’t done yet.”

    • A little competition never hurt anybody.

      Maybe the kid’s presence lit a fire under their asses.

      It’d be nice to see Happ go past the 5th fucking inning though. Give me at least 6 man. 7 is what I’d really like.

      Nice to see Dusty get to 7…

      • He was cruising, set down 5 straight at the end, but Gibby pulled him early cause he wasn’t stretched out.

      • Agreed, SJF. We need more fans like you.
        As Robbie Burns said in his poem ’9 inches to please a woman’…well 7-innings to please a self-respecting ball fan.

  8. These GIFs are almost giving me motion sickness

  9. Shit like this is why I love the jays, fuck our flaws, we’ll pick it up and piss the whole league off when we crush the playoffs, go jays

  10. Glad you didn’t forget to mention that Jose is The Man.

  11. Somehow, those GIFs get even more awesome with 2 Chainz’s I Do It playing.

  12. dat throw.

    good win by the boys in blue, really glad to see loup k the side. pen may not be as good as it was last year but it certainly isn’t as bad as it’s been so far this year. let’s win tomorrow and take this series jays.

  13. there should be one more gif of joey bats kicking around hopefully. when he was also signaling to the fans in RF that the score was 3 to 0 lol

  14. This was a strong win for the Jays, and it was nice to see them win a replay!

    Tonight’s start was the kind of pitching Happ was doing before he got beaned in Tampa. Let’s hope he gets back to form, the Jays could really use another southpaw in the rotation.

    Speaking of lefties… I’m taking my boy to the Dome on Wednesday, Lee vs. Buehrle… should be a good one.

  15. Bautista is a Beast

  16. That’s like a gift outfield assist. Byrd is slow as shit.

  17. love the posts and banter here but the gifs don’t run anymore on here or twitter bummed they used to. any suggestions using windows 7 anyone else have this issue now be nice I know this isn’t a tech site help out a fellow fan

    • I’m seeing them now on windows 8.1/chrome no problem.

    • No problem on Win 7 pro. I suggest you use vanilla chrome or Internet Explorer and see if the gifs come through.

    • I’m using windows 7 64 bit and firefox (whatever the latest version is) and the Gifs are running fine. Maybe check to see that you have your browser up to date., and try firefox if you haven’t already.

  18. Throw so good, he got to stretch his back some as reward as they went through confirming the play

  19. To repeat what someone said earlier:

    Toronto has the best run differential in the AL East. Toronto is in last place.
    New York has the worst run differential in the AL East. New York is tied for first place.

    New York obviously isn’t going to win the division if it keeps up a -19 run differential per month pace–only Houston and Arizona are worse in all of baseball. There’s reason to believe things will even out.

  20. I surely hope AA is working on a contract for Melky. He can flat out hit and has an edge. Gotta lock up Rasmus too.

    • Would love to see it happen, but I’m so down on ownership right now I can’t see it happening and expect I’ll go to the early December wire on whether to renew my season tickets or not.

      Hopefully the boys have a good summer and Rogers gets their heads out of their asses to get me out of this malaise.

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  22. why did he need to two hop the throw? he can do better – blue jays fan (I kid, of course).

  23. what an incredible throw!!

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