According to my Twitter feed, and the various Jays beat grunts who populate it, Alex Anthopoulos spoke to the media ahead of tonight’s game in Philadelphia, and offered a few interesting updates…

Brandon Morrow

Well… sure, OK. Obviously there are some huge grains of salt needed here — nobody knows precisely how Morrow is going to recover (and his diabetes complicates things), plus Anthopoulos may not want to indicate that he’s more desperate for pitching than he really is, and he may simply be putting on an optimistic face — but that’s better news than bad news.

No, really. I know that when word arrived over the weekend that Morrow might be out for the year, a lot of fans seemed oddly relieved and glad to hear that the experimenting was over and of the possibility that the club won’t be hanging their hope on him for yet another season next year (given the unlikelihood of their picking up his $10-million option for 2015 if he were to miss the rest of the year). I do entirely get why, on a visceral level, knowing full well how frustrating he can be to watch pitch when he’s not going right (and how often that happens to be), people might tend to think that way. But it’s also ridiculous. Having a Morrow healthy and on the roster is a much better thing than not, and if your personal best case scenario is that, when he gets back, the rotation is rolling with Stroman and McGowan, and everybody’s healthy, so they just slide Morrow to the bullpen, that’s totally fine.

Shit, it’s probably my best case scenario, too.

Adam Lind

Sure, that works.

I mean… I don’t know. It’ll be great to have him back. It’ll be better if he’s healthy and not rushing it, so… yeah. Great.

Trades (aka Jeff Samardzija)

Can’t be any more emphatic than that, eh?

Except… does he need to be actively talking to anybody about a deal that was discussed in the off-season, and the shape of which is well understood, for any of the stuff that we were hearing today to necessarily be true? I think each side knows where the other stands, and knows where they may line up, which is why you might be seeing scouts checking out certain players regardless of how specifically “active” talks might be.

Or it might just all be bullshit.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that one side or the other can’t be leaking something here — and it should be noted that Harry also adds that Bruce Levine, who first reported the rekindled Samardzija talk is “not a hack” — it’s just… we don’t know. Here’s a rather hilarious/sad thought that just popped into my head: what if the Cubs were leaking talk of Samardzija possibly being moved to the Jays in order to entice him to extend with them. As for the non-trade talk, it sure generated a lot of talk about the value of prospects, and Aaron Sanchez in particular. Most seem to agree that while the Stroman-Sanchez price tag is too high, a package going to Chicago headed by Sanchez alone certainly makes a lot more sense, largely because the Jays aren’t getting anything from him this year, whereas Stroman is already a big leaguer. Trading the precious Sanchez is a total non-starter for a lot of Jays fans, and given the hype and the performance in Montreal and the scarring left by the Dickey trade, I can understand that.

However, there are reasons it’s not so crazy, either.

In other words, for all the talent there, his value may never be higher. Plus, the Jays have Stroman, a guy like Dan Norris truly starting to look like the blue chip prospect they originally thought they were drafting, a bunch of arms in the lower minors who would help absorb the loss of Sanchez, and two very high draft picks next month that would help offset the loss as well.

Of course, given some of those numbers — which, it should go without saying, can be misleading and certainly have small sample size caveats attached — it’s entirely possible that other clubs could, and would, beat a package headed by Sanchez without Stroman. If they couldn’t, though, and the Cubs were willing to make a Sanchez-headlined deal, I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be nearly as crazy a move by the Jays as a lot of people think. I’m reminded, for example, that Kyle Drabek, per his Baseball Reference page, was a more highly touted prospect than Stroman or Sanchez have ever been, landing at number 16 in MLB on the top 101 at Baseball Prospectus for 2010, and at number 14 for 2011.

In other words, what Eno said:


Just So You Know…

Lastly, Presented Without Comment (Because Gregor Nails It)

Image of Brandon Morrow’s splint via Brandon Morrow.

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  1. So, how many broken dolls in the China shop right now? 5?

  2. Agreed it’s crazy to not want Morrow back as soon as possible. He has been crazy frustrating this year though. I hope AA is being sincere in not pursuing any trade talks right now though, as it’s not the worst thing in the world to let this thing play out for a while. The team is just starting to take shape. They’ll no better by the all star break what they have.

  3. know better. duh.

  4. I would be shocked if Morrow is back. I think AA has the bullshit wurlitzer going on that front.

    • Says the fan with no inside information to the gm

      • Well, there has been a little history of the bullshitting.

        • yeah, for sure. The bull shit o meter has to be fully charged when listening to these updates by AA. I’m a little skeptical myself given that JB , had a similar injury Ibelieve and ultimately needed season ending surgey

  5. With every AL East team all bunched up (until one team likely goes on a nice run), a trade for a #3 type starter is so fucking tantalizing. Sorry, call me a negative Nancy, but I just can’t see us going on a nice run ourselves with both Happ and McGowan in the rotation, despite their recent good starts.

    I’d love to be proven wrong, but….likely not.

  6. Why is it such a long shot that AA would pick up a $10 mil option on an oft-hurt yet promising starter?

    Exhibit A: Brett Anderson makes $8 mil this year and has a team option for $12 mil next (source: baseballreference)

    Not saying he would or should, but it seems like media (Griff/Stoet) is talking like Morrow’s days as a Jay are done.

    • because Josh Johnson

      because Rogers

    • Yeah, I don’t get it. The guy puts up 9.4 WAR over 3 seasons, runs into some injury trouble and now his career is apparently over.

    • Plus he has a $1M buyout, so it’s essentially for $9M.

      I guess it depends on what the other options are. If McGowan is healthy/good, Stroman, Sanchez, etc.

      You might be looking at a rotation of Hutch, Stroman, Sanchez, Buehrle, Dickey next year.

      With Nolan and Norris in the wings.

      Lots of Ifs, and way to early to make any kind of decisions.

  7. my big fear is that alex will try to lock up morrow at a lower rate trying to game the system again.

  8. AA on PTS right now. Wagner was added to the 7-day DL (apparently this exists in the minors), and they basically did it so that they could add someone to the Buffalo roster. The Buffalo staff had a big hole because they lost Stroman on his scheduled start day and were having to rest Wagner, so they needed another arm.

    • Also: Adam Lind’s beard is not likely contributing to his back problems. Even though, to quote AA, “you don’t know what you’re going to find in there…”

      • Yeah, I heard lind’s beard started doing yoga to build up it’s core and because it’s not really into hitting the gym

  9. The whole 5th year pro for Sanchez thing is kinda the point. They have 2 picks to replace him both of whom could be 5+ years for these guys too. Christ every time someone opens their mouths about Syndergaard looking good after the Dickey trade we lost our shit. It’s certainly not a trade you make without being really cool with the idea that Sanchez doesn’t bust but hits his ceiling.

    • It will hurt every single time when you trade for a starter. The prospects you will have to give to get some quality in return will always sting, but you have to look at where the team stands. The Jays are built for right now, so the sting of the prospects has to be out weighed by the big league talent you are getting in return.

      A building team will always need to win the trade. The contending team will always need to see immediate big league returns.

  10. Lawrie will be in the mix for a gold glove at 3rd. He’s worked hard to transition there. That’s why he wants to stay. Hard to blame him. However,from a team perspective…having him at 2nd and keeping Francisco in the lineup is hard to argue with. What Lawrie must realize is that his #’s would most likely make him an allstar at 2nd. He will have a harder time at 3rd as bigger #’s are generally expected.

  11. Lets say if there’s some Shark trade in the works, it goes down on July 1st, basically the halfway point in the season. Where do the Blue Jays need to stand for them to feel confident as buyers? I want them to win as much as anyone, but if they’re 5 games under .500 and 10 games out of first in the middle of the summer, I’m not sure trading Sanchez in a desperation play is the smart choice.

    Now if the club is say, 44-37 with no Jose injuries and in a dogfight for one of the top 2 spots in the division on July 1st, then I’m a whole lot more comfortable trading a big piece of future for some help now.

    But at the same time, if on July 1st a rotation of Dickey, Buehrle, Hutchison, McGowan, and Stroman is pitching well, with Nolin continuing to dominate Triple-A and a rehabbing Brandon Morrow just a few weeks away, would it make sense to trade for Shark? Sure you could bump McGowan to the pen as reinforcements and there’s a whole lot of IFs there, but I’m not sure a trade like this is obvious for a contending team in July, let alone a middle of the pack team in May.

    Basically, I’m in the “Lets wait and see how shit plays out a while longer” camp.

  12. [...] Morrow has once again landed on the 60 day DL and might even be done for the year [Ed. Note: Maybe not!]. And yes that sucks. But it’s not totally unexpected. I, for one, was hopeful Morrow could [...]

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