“Or… how about a nice run of J.A. Happ, reminding us of that long ago time ago — last April — when he was the only Jays pitcher a lot of people thought was any good?” wrote some insightful voice cutting through the howling about ‘Just Awful Happ’ prior to last night’s game. “Back then he had just pitched to a 1.90 ERA over 23.2 (admittedly meaningless) spring innings and then in 28 innings in April posted a 3.86 ERA (4.01 FIP), holding opponents to .222/.300/.355.” And would’ja believe, last night Happ delivered.

But OK, let’s not go nuts here.

Happ was alright. He got by. But any of the “well, if he can keep pitching like that” stuff is looking at some pretty results and not seeing how exactly they came about. Sure, he didn’t walk guys like it was the damn Grapefruit League, but that four walks in five innings, with only two strikeouts, causes some kind of welling up of good feelings about a pitcher says a lot (though, granted, one of those was when he pitched around Jayson Nix). He only had one clean inning. He helped himself with a pick-off of Ben Revere in the first inning. He helped himself by sticking his glove out and deflecting a liner to Chris Getz for the final out of the fourth. The National League helped him by having the Phillies’ pitcher, Kyle Kendrick, come to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs in the third. He was helped some by his defence, too.

Now, you can nitpick just about any pitcher’s outing if you really get granular about game events like that, so it’s not entirely fair to do that, but the unintentional walks and the jams and the lack of strikeouts? Yeah, that’s not going to fly for too long, but that is who Happ is.  As long as it keeps up, though, great. And if it stops and it means Stroman takes his place — rather than taking McGowan’s place — even fucking better.

So it goes.

Oh, and Hutchison and Hamels tonight looks pretty alright, eh?


Alex Anthopoulos was on Prime Time Sports this evening, and I tweeted out several rather interesting statements from him. To wit:

For more from AA, see previous post.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Philadelphia

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Steve Tolleson (L)
RHP Drew Hutchison (L)

Philadelphia Phillies

CF Ben Revere (L)
C Carlos Ruiz (R)
2B Chase Utley (L)
1B Ryan Howard (L)
RF Marlon Byrd (R)
LF Domonic Brown (L)
SS Freddy Galvis (S)
3B Kobayashi (L)
LHP Cole Hamels (L)

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  1. Im sooo excited.

    Im soo excited.

    Im sooo….SCARED

  2. This will be a good test for hutch with all the lefty bats in the phillies lineup. On the other hand, not liking the jays lineup vs hamels at all.

  3. Not much fresh news on Lawrie today.

    • Seemed like AA on PTS pretty much said his injury was nothing to write home about. I can’t remember his exact answers though.

  4. Hamels has been a bucket of shit so far. Let’s hope he continues the trend.

  5. Jays have this game. Hamels walking lots of batters.

  6. Love the movement on Hutchison’s fastball.

  7. Let’s see how Hutch does without his binkie Dinner.

  8. Shame they couldnt jump on Hamels early when he was clearly struggling with command again

  9. Zaun is such a complete tool. I’m not saying I want a homer for an analyst……but would it be so much to ask for an analyst who doesn’t clearly hate the team.

    And this is the second pre-game in a row when he’s clearly and unequivocally stated that, in his opinion, the quality start stat is not a true quality start unless his team is winning the game when he leaves. Without exeption.

    Meaning, of course, a 1 hit, 15 strikeout performance into the 8th isn’t a quality start if the score is 1-0 and that one hit was a HR.

    What a blow hard

  10. SQUAWK!!!!

  11. Crushed like the Terminator in a machine press.

  12. Braaawk brawwwwk braaaawk Eddy

  13. Kratz is a big Troy Glaus lookin’ mofo isn’t he?

  14. pffft. marlon byrd.

  15. Melky still runs like a raccoon that got caught stealing trash.

  16. Colby runs like an ostrich. Lind runs like a nancy.

  17. wow. total little league.

  18. LOL. Thanks, Philly

  19. That was pretty hilarious…

  20. Hutch!

  21. LOL Hutchison, get that ball

  22. Hutch for MVP. It’s official…

  23. he was safe

  24. Gotta review that, I think it was rather close

  25. Pat and Buck can really state the obvious, no? “Drew Hutchison is a baseball player.”

  26. dirty pants.

  27. Sweet baby Jesus thought Reyes would be barreled over

  28. I feel this feeling about hutch.

    and its more than like

  29. 33 games and counting.

  30. Bautista is unbelievable right now.

  31. Keep stretching your back Bautista, only 90 feet away

  32. PRODUCTIVE OUTS for francisco.

    What a smart ballplayer

  33. Loved the Philly Phail on Edwin’s dinker.

    If they have no shift on, it’s a dead routine groundout.

  34. Cletus!!!

  35. Yowsa!

    • Love how the first to greet him on the top step with double high 5′s is Alka Seitzer.
      This guy can hitting coach the hell out of a squad.

      • He comes as advertised.
        What impresses me most is that he’s got the whole team to buy into his take on hitting.

        • Yeah, I love how many pitches they are seeing and the better approach with 2 strikes.

  36. Colbus Cletus!

  37. Colby!

  38. When Rasmus hits them out they look like golf balls. Smooth and easy.

  39. Ben Revere was doing circles out there like a 7 year old playing The Show

  40. Yea Colby!


  42. who do you think will win the cy young this year between hutch and buehrle?

  43. Rasmus in May

    9-22 with 3 doubles, 4 homers and 11 RBIs

  44. Kobayashi. Hee.

  45. So is it the general consensus that it’s a bad idea to keep Lawrie at second and Fransisco at third when they come back to the skydome? It can’t be a good idea, could it?

    • Betteridge’s Law Of Headlines:

      “Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’.”

      • Ya. (sign). And I know he’s NOT gonna keep hitting like he is, but I sure like watching Francisco hit more than Getz/Goins/whoever the fuck.

  46. HUTCH!

    What can’t he do?

  47. 2 FOR FUCKING 2


  48. Hutchinson for the Cy Young and the AL Battng Title!

  49. Hutch!!!!!!

  50. I heart Hutch.

  51. Hutch should be the DH.

  52. Hutchison now ties Sierra in hits

  53. I’m an A.L guy therefore I cringe when pitchers are on the base paths. Danger…danger.

  54. Why the complaints about the short bench? Hutch can pinch hit 4/5 nights

  55. Hutch the clutch!!!

  56. Getting tired of these Home Runs, we need a series of 5 consecutive Singles.

  57. Did Buck just say ‘shirtstop’? Is he drunker than usual?

  58. Would it be fair to say that right now Jose is the best all around player in baseball?

  59. shit, EE shaking his hand after hitting that one…please just be a stinger off the end of the bat

  60. So far his seasn, Hutchinson is a nice surprise. And we are overdue for a nice surprise…

    • I dunno if it’s a surprise. He looked pretty good before the surgery. Edwin and Bautista were pretty good surprises though.

  61. *this season*

  62. I’d like to see Hutchison steal a base, just for the gits and shiggles. Man is on fire.

  63. Jays will have played only 12 of 33 games at home so far after tonight…of course, I’d feel better about that if they weren’t under .500 at home…but still…

  64. Hutch at 56 pitches through 5.


  65. Tolly movin the line along so Hutch can hit again. Veteran move.

  66. Non sequitur:

    Cliff Lee pitches tomorrow. Is Lee/Sizemore/Phillips the trade of the century so far? Tiexiera to Atlanta? Something else?

    I’m not talking most lopsided, I’m talking bona fide All-Star-for-future-All-Star total blockbuster.

  67. The Phillies are playing little league ball. Not sharp at all.

  68. LJ Hoes is apparently short for Little Jerome Hoes. That’s adorable.
    The more you know…

  69. I really wanted Chooch this offseason but I can’t complain about or catching.

  70. I saw Colby in Fl a few years ago, up close. I remember thinking he doesn’t look like an athlete. He really looks to me like he has bulked up considerably since then.

  71. ugh. Byrd.

  72. Hutch getting some calls. I love it when it happens for us. It gives me tingles.

  73. Tabby is a blind squirrel.

    • I think he’s more of a gopher, and not the one from Caddyshack. That gopher was smart.

    • Did he get sprayed by the Phillie Phanatic?

      [that sounds waaaay dirtier than intended, but that's appropriate for Tabby]

  74. Nice to see Gibby have faith in his starter getting out of a legitimate jam, Hutch’s confidence must be soaring sky high. Love watching him work this Philly’s lineup.

  75. BEAUTIFUL job by Hutch on Brown – he elevated that heater perfectly, low enough to tempt him but high enough to get him…I love watching this guy pitch

  76. I’m not sure how much mound presence actually matters, but Hutch definitely has it.

  77. Cmon Hutch, 1 more out

  78. Ruh roh.

  79. well that wasn’t good, hutch.

  80. The Kobiyashi Maneuver.

  81. Fuckdammit.

  82. At least it wasn’t the pen, right? :(

  83. Well, there goes all the positive vibes from upthread.

  84. And just like that all my happiness was over.

  85. Well, I bet Hutch did just learn a lesson, thanks to his manager’s trust.

  86. Not part of the plan.

  87. goddammit…ONE really bad pitch all night…who the fuck is this clown Asche?

  88. Thanks for the kick in the balls.

  89. To be fair, the Kobayashi Maru is a very difficult scenario.

  90. ok Reyes, time to fucking earn your paycheck and get on base for the big sticks.

  91. whelp… time to get the bats going again. pretty well pitched game by Hutch, but he did make a fair number of mistakes, walking Mayberry being right at the top of the list.

  92. Fucking Kobayashi…….Fucking Kaizer Soze!!!

  93. Well that sucked.

    Still a great night for Hutch and the right move to leave him in. Gotta trust the starters a bit. That was a tough at bat that could have easily been an out.

    • He had what is known as the “Mike Wilner Quality Start”…..i.e. “If you just remove that grand slam, he had a great outing!”

  94. And why the fuck are they letting me know what is coming up next on a totally different, unrelated channel? We get it, Rogers… you own everything.

    • TSN just announced they are gonna have 5 channels. Darts ‘n poker ‘n cow chip tossing ‘n stuff I would guess.

  95. Lead off walk that’s always trouble right?

  96. Ugh… right at the wall.

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