“Or… how about a nice run of J.A. Happ, reminding us of that long ago time ago — last April — when he was the only Jays pitcher a lot of people thought was any good?” wrote some insightful voice cutting through the howling about ‘Just Awful Happ’ prior to last night’s game. “Back then he had just pitched to a 1.90 ERA over 23.2 (admittedly meaningless) spring innings and then in 28 innings in April posted a 3.86 ERA (4.01 FIP), holding opponents to .222/.300/.355.” And would’ja believe, last night Happ delivered.

But OK, let’s not go nuts here.

Happ was alright. He got by. But any of the “well, if he can keep pitching like that” stuff is looking at some pretty results and not seeing how exactly they came about. Sure, he didn’t walk guys like it was the damn Grapefruit League, but that four walks in five innings, with only two strikeouts, causes some kind of welling up of good feelings about a pitcher says a lot (though, granted, one of those was when he pitched around Jayson Nix). He only had one clean inning. He helped himself with a pick-off of Ben Revere in the first inning. He helped himself by sticking his glove out and deflecting a liner to Chris Getz for the final out of the fourth. The National League helped him by having the Phillies’ pitcher, Kyle Kendrick, come to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs in the third. He was helped some by his defence, too.

Now, you can nitpick just about any pitcher’s outing if you really get granular about game events like that, so it’s not entirely fair to do that, but the unintentional walks and the jams and the lack of strikeouts? Yeah, that’s not going to fly for too long, but that is who Happ is.  As long as it keeps up, though, great. And if it stops and it means Stroman takes his place — rather than taking McGowan’s place — even fucking better.

So it goes.

Oh, and Hutchison and Hamels tonight looks pretty alright, eh?


Alex Anthopoulos was on Prime Time Sports this evening, and I tweeted out several rather interesting statements from him. To wit:

For more from AA, see previous post.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Philadelphia

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Steve Tolleson (L)
RHP Drew Hutchison (L)

Philadelphia Phillies

CF Ben Revere (L)
C Carlos Ruiz (R)
2B Chase Utley (L)
1B Ryan Howard (L)
RF Marlon Byrd (R)
LF Domonic Brown (L)
SS Freddy Galvis (S)
3B Kobayashi (L)
LHP Cole Hamels (L)

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  1. My heart just did what the Grinch’s heart did, only in reverse…….

  2. Thought that was gone

  3. I’m confused by Melky. 4 pitches not even close to the strikezone and goes up there bunting and hacking. Could have been a better inning with a little patience.

    • Melky swings. You take the good with the not so good

      • No argument with how Cabrera plays his game, but it seems more like common sense to take pitches until a strike is thrown by a guy who has had control issues all year. Oh well. He’s still awesome.

  4. Wilner: “2 run homer by Edwin on a night without wind”.

  5. I like that they’re running hutch back out there. Let him try to finish on a high note.

  6. They will gonna come back, Edwin is due for some multi home run breakout

  7. Darn one bad pitch and Hutch’s line gets all messed up… still feeling good about how he’s pitched this year.

    Hopefully the offense can get a little more for a W

  8. Believe it!

  9. Kratz homer inc

  10. So if that was overturned, where do they put kratz? 1st or 2nd?

  11. Hutch’s coming out for 8th too, interesting.

  12. Gibby just won’t be happy until Hutch takes the L, apparently.

  13. Well over 100 pitches and still hitting 94. Nice

  14. Gutsy performance by Hutch, let’s win this for him!

    Did Melky just fake a throw into the stands?

  15. Well this seems familiar…

  16. Pigfucker! Let’s bring this home.

  17. Dinner is served

  18. nice Hutch. too bad the big fly had to come with so many guys on. the only complaint i’ve had about him in general is a lack of GB’s. it does leave you prone to HRs and extra base hits.

  19. holy fuck Reyes, last blue jay that pooped up more then you was traded to the D backs, Aaron Hill.

  20. Who, the Stro.

  21. At least we didn’t have to witness Pig Fucker celebrating as if he just saved game 7 of the World Series.

  22. Okay, it’s all been worthwhile to see Stroman get a strikeout

  23. That Japanese guy is killing us tonight

  24. Evanka Osmak. Discuss.

  25. Did Pat Tabler just say “smooth asses”?

  26. Why is it that opposing hitters have set personal bests against our pitchers in 2014?

  27. 1 more Stro.

  28. Whew!

  29. Well done, Stroman, second appearance and not wild most of the time

  30. Hope I’m not the only one sick of that Asche sumbitch.

  31. Sweeet Stro

  32. Jesus, Kratz looks like Chewbacca next to Stroman.

  33. i enjoyed watching stroman

    • Yes, The Bastardo.

      • WTF is up with that name? It HAS to mean Bastard in Spanish.
        How the hell does anyone not change that?

        • Reminder

          Rusty Kuntz and Dick Pole were both ballplayers.

        • @Karl Sagan… Bastardo is just a name in Spanish, doesn’t mean anything in particular.

          • In absolute disbelief I just ran it through Google translator.
            They say it means bastard.

            I mean it does make sense (that that’s the meaning) but it’s probably some weird cultural thing that it doesn’t have the same impact as it does in english.

  34. So it begins!

  35. milk man delivers……again.

  36. Melky swings. And it’s often a hit.

    I am the Tabby of DJF

  37. Joey Bats

  38. Joey you sweet sassy bastard.


  40. i fucking love how on purpose that was

  41. If they take the lead here, do we see Sweet Sergio in the bottom half?

  42. Joey Bats laughs at your weak shift attempts

  43. Edwin’s due.

  44. Bautista adjusts and fucks up the switch. All star all the way.

  45. Bautista. He’s a pretty good ball player.

  46. Soft.

  47. how is ruiz stopping these?

  48. Yes!

  49. phew, thought that was going to be too shallow

  50. What a smart piece of hitting, get Santos ready!

  51. Frankie Clutch.

  52. Fuck yeah! Fat Juan!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Fat Juan!!!

  54. Winning feels nice.

  55. Hit Juan in!

  56. Fat Juan!!

  57. Loup is warming up to close it out

  58. That fucking Asche is going to make all star based solely on this game.

  59. Stroman standing in front of Stroemann sign.

  60. Stroman! Plot twist!

  61. holy fuck, I hope Gibby knows what he is doing here.

  62. I like that Stroman goes after the batters for strikes 1 and 2…no farting around.

  63. Sure looks like Stroman has TWTW

  64. Locked and loaded.

  65. Kratz just tried to put Stroman in his pocket. Apparently turkey bacon makes you grow 10 feet tall.

  66. Stroman looks sooooo good. Please don’t be wasted in the bullpen…

  67. Multiple chest pats by Gibby, he’s deviated from the conventional ass pat. Stro…good job

  68. The person I’m watching the game with , just said
    ” Is Buck saying ugly”
    I said no , he’s saying Utley.
    There’s a problem with him.


  70. Outside of that pitch to a no name, hutch deserved the win. Well done boys, see you in TO.

  71. The Wolf! (Assuming lupé is wolf en francais.

  72. Woo!

  73. Wahooooooooooooo.
    Gutsy Hutch
    Eddie charging.

    Anymore clichés people, add on.

  74. Wahoo!!!

  75. 3 wins side by each!

  76. Nice win.

  77. Well Hutch pitched well after the slam. Stroman got a win. And Loup didn’t blow the save. Nice night. And I’m still high on Hutch. He’s a keeper I think.

    • This was a very satisfying win after that Hutch hiccup.

      So nice to see the bullpen lock it down and keep it down.

    • That was so big league. Huge win. Stroman has balls. Hutch was so determined.
      1st in AL in Hr’s, 1st in fielding pctg. Only team in ALE with positive run diff.
      This team is soooo close. Love it go boys !

    • Yeah, he dominated them for 7 innings. Let’s not forget he’s only 23, he’s going to run into some rough patches, especially against veteran hitters. He came back out firing strikes, that was great to see.

    • Gave up the big fly, but knucked down and pitched 8 innings, keeping his team in the game. I’ll take that.

  78. Got me some


    FACT shun!

  79. Good win by the Jays. Liking Stroman, they displayed some circa 2010 hustle & heart version 2.0, and Hutchison is a beauty.

  80. I love Hutch. Really showed his mettle bouncing back strong from the rough inning.

    Kid’s got a bright future.

    1st W for Stroman!

  81. Jays got the W and didn’t burn the pen. Today was a good day

    • “The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”
      ~~~~~Ray Wylie Hubbard~~~~~

  82. 4-4 on the road trip, could’ve been 7-1 but I’ll take it!

    Gonna be a helluva game tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  83. Fat Juan doing the job against a LHP.

    Take your time Lind.


    DO IT

  85. So… did Joey say anything to the RF fans after the game? Blow a kiss?

  86. Henderson Alvarez pitched another shutout.

  87. JBau’s line is obscene


    34 fuckin’ walks

  88. We are 1 game out of first in the division.

  89. Just watching the Angels/Yankees game and the Angels seem to be handling them fairly easily. The Yanks defence looks kinda lame.
    Maybe AA should go all in and trade for Samardzija.

  90. Lets review what we have learned post game 33.

    -Hutch has what it takes mentally to be a front end starter. He has what Morrow lacks in terms of bull doggedness.

    -Hutch gets in trouble when he falls in love with that change. He gave up the dinger on it. He also inexplicably threw it on 3-2 count to John Mayberry Jr..very weird given count, men on base, lead, and the fact that Jr is right handed. If Kratz called for that pitch..he is an idiot.

    -The way the season is shaping up, the second wild card team might only need mid 80′s wins. The teams are too evenly matched. Someone will pull away and take the division…but I dont see two additional non division winning teams doing so.

  91. Can’t help but feel a little uneasy any time I see Santos warming up in a close game. He needs much more work on being consistent with his delivery and locating his pitches. He’s not doing that right now. The sooner he nails his delivery and focuses on pitching in a rhythm, the sooner he will be the closer that this team needs. The guy has a good arm. He still may need to learn how to pitch after converting from position playing.

    Santos has been decent at best but has’t been close to duplicating to the 30+ save caliber performance when he was with the White Sox. Don’t know if I want to wait two or three years to find out how good he can be. I’m willing to look past this year in hopes that he just helps the pen and doesn’t give up too many runs when called into the game. If he wants back the closer’s job, I’m willing to have him duel it out next year with Delabar. Can’t say anything of Casey J till he gets back.

  92. How does Edwin not have 55 RBI so far with melky and Jose in front?

  93. Melky is showing everyone that the risk AA took on him was well worth it. He’s leading the league right now in hits. Hope Bautista stays on pace and Rasmus keeps thinking about driving the ball the opposite way especially between shifts. That home run to left center was nice. Need more of that from him with more contact.

    What to do with Francisco when Lind comes back? Liking his bat and his RBI capabilities. He’s playing a decent third base right now but he really hasn’t been tested. Lawrie at second doesn’t shock me with how good he plays there. He could probably play CF or catcher if called to do it.

  94. We are only 1 game out of first place, wow is the AL East weak so for this season!

    • I wouldn’t say the AL East is weak…far from it. The teams in the division are just beating the hell out of each other.

      This really isn’t any different from last season. When the Jays were that epic winning streak and creeped up to .500, they essentially caught right up as all of them were still hovering around. It wasn’t until the second half when Boston really ran away from it.

      • It’s been weak so far in that the division is sub-.500 with a negative run differential. Which means that when AL East teams have played non-AL East teams so far, they’re under .500 and have been outscored.

        The division hasn’t been dominating other divisions like usual, to this point anyway.

  95. This is the kind of win that good teams can pull off. Something clicked for the Jays and beside that one inning it was a pleasure to watch. Hutch has the mentality that Rivera mentioned his favourite 2B of all time shows time in and time out and it isn’t Cano. I’m going to enjoy Buerhle masterpiece tomorrow.

  96. Hutch was a joy to watch *because* of that one inning. He stayed in the game–which we have to thank Gibby for–and stayed in the game. He didn’t fall apart at all. That’s one thing that separates the good pitchers from the rest. Guys like Burnett and Morrow have amazing stuff. But one bad inning and they come unglued. And we lose badly.

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