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I should probably say a lot here about a great matchup between a couple of veteran lefties, but… uh… this is all you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Game on!

  2. 4 in a row…let’s do this!

  3. Crafticus Lefticus Ancianus

  4. Jays being half a game back of 1st after tonight sounds pretty fucking nice. Let’s make it happen ladies!

  5. not exactly a monster crowd there tonight…was hoping for a better atmosphere for the game tomorrow (going to it), but it looks like it will be a small crowd if tonight is any indication

    • Yes it’s looking cavernous and empty.

    • Zaun was giving the non-attending crowd the business during the pre-game.

    • Wednesday night in early May. Its been that way for years unless there was a super popular team in. It was WAY worse a few years ago. If this team is 19-15 right now and making noise about being at the top of the division you’d probably see more people there.

  6. Geez, save this lineup card to look back at.

  7. If somebody painted the flight path of a Cliff Lee curveball on a canvas, it would be a tremendous work of art.

    So pretty to watch.

  8. Melky makes everything out there an adventure.

  9. Nice to see Rogers injecting some sanity into a broadcast booth of senile, old crones.

  10. Nice catch and a classy little handing-off of the ball to the dad with the little kid. Joey Bats everyone! Trolls on the road; charms at the Dome…

  11. Kratz reminds me of john buck

  12. This game is going to finish by 8:30pm.

  13. Can’t wait for the day Pat Tabler and Buck Martinez are finally fired, hate listening to those simple minded homers broadcast Jays games

    • Almost every team has homers in the booth.

      • Word up. + it’s not something I would complain about. Besides, round these parts people are always critiquing Buck + Tabby for “ball washing” opposing teams/players. [which is also something that everyone does]

      • Maybe, maybe not–but ours are legendary fools with zero baseball insight. And even if they all suck they should all be fired then

      • “Buerhle delivers veteran savvy on the mound! Gets out of the jam!”

        See I could be a broadcaster too. It’s so easy! No wonder Buck is so awesome at it!

  14. Fucking Cody Aschole.

  15. Holy shit Siddel is on meth tonight – SHUT UP

  16. Nix the Prix should of got tossed for that look back!

  17. There was some damned good pitching there by Buehrle to those last two batters…

  18. Niceeeee

  19. I think Mark Buehrle is going to add to his collection of no-hitters this season.

    Also, how did I slip through the cracks? Boys & Girls Club wasn’t there for me. I dropped out and it took me ten minutes to type this.

  20. i see Buehrle’s throwing 85mph on the two seamer tonight. by mid-July that could hit 86! *gas*, man!

  21. … and Cliff Lee’s on pace for a Maddux – shutout w/ fewer than 100 pitches thrown.

    but we’re not going to let that happen – right?


  22. Nice swing Jose!

  23. Nice sac fly

  24. Why didn’t Tolleson tag up there?

  25. Reyes just missed the home run there

  26. Me too. Ah well

    • Re: Tolleson. Prob just too far off the bag.

      • I think that’s an OK decision on that hard-hit ball by Reyes. He scores from second with a decent jump if that ball drops in. Tag at 3rd, sure, but I’m ok with Tolleson’s decision I think.

        • On second thought, it was hit pretty hard, he probably had a decent lead, so tagging would have been tricky.

        • He scores easily standing on second if it drops into the gap.

          Tolleson screwed up there.

          • It wasn’t Tolleson’s call. If someone screwed up and that’s tough to say, it was Rivera.

            • No excuse for not tagging on a ball caught running away on the warning track.

              Blame whoever you want but Tolleson seems to have had a brain fart there.

  27. Yes please!

  28. BTW, whatever happened to that female ump that I heard about on the radio a few years ago. I think she was working in Florida and doing the whole umpire school thing. Is her voice not baritone enough or perhaps it would be too intimidating to yell in her face. I would expect her to have gained some NCAA experience by now.

  29. Watching Marlon Byrd mouth ‘Shit”. heh heh heh.

    Does Buehrle got another concert to get to?

  30. The game so fine its played on diamonds

  31. Mark Buehrle: Keeping regression demons at bay since 2000

  32. Asche can just fuck right off any time now

  33. Fuck that Kobayashi guy!

  34. This guy’s strike zone is kind of all over the map for both teams. I think that’s the most frustrating thing to watch in an ump…

    • Is that what that fan on the left was referring to when he yelled “What was wrong with that?” at the ball in the dirt?

  35. Get the fuck outta here kodyashe

  36. Stfu Zaun.

  37. Omg Zaun, you clearly had parents who bought you ice cream for bringing home a C+. They probably hung it up on the fridge, too.

  38. Odds the game’s over by 6?

  39. Sweet pitch

  40. This game’s only been going for an hour and we’re already in the fifth? Whoa.

  41. I know he’s the enemy, but watching Cliff Lee pitch is just so amazing…

  42. Been wondering all year – who is CB and why is he emblazened on the Phillies unis?

  43. I’m pretty sure Buehrle does in fact practice some obscure form of black magic.

    it’s the only explanation for how he can continue to lose velocity, morph into an extreme flyball pitcher, and yet be as effective as ever.

  44. High Driving eh

  45. Been had a little batter named Ben Revere
    Just me and my Benny and a quart of beer!

  46. Jose the man

  47. Holy fack Bats.

  48. Buehrle be Buehrlin’ it.

  49. Normally I hate watching rubber matches almost as much as I hate the phrase ‘rubber match’, but this is amazing.

  50. Nice at bat by Reyes.

  51. Reyes acting like a spoiled child . Fuck off Mr 19 million. Settle down and swing. You look like a fool

  52. Haven’t seen many fugly swings like that out of Jose this season.

  53. Mr. Soza’s attorney is a tough out.

  54. Buerhle’s a fucking stud.

  55. Wow I’m slow. I just realized that it’s Kenny powers

  56. Unless the Jays get some hits, Bautista’s streak is probably over.

  57. I think it was last year – went to see Lee pitch against the jays and he lost giving up something like 2 hits. It was an absolute gem. The Phillies always fuck him for run support.

  58. Edwin!

  59. Fuck, I bet that hit felt nice

  60. Hell, yes EE!


  62. Karts attack!

  63. Sweet!!!!

  64. Murdered the fuck outta that he did.

  65. Turkey Bacon Power!

  66. Holy shit!

  67. Oh yes! And off Cliff Lee.

  68. Upper tank.


  69. Kratz destroys!

  70. Navarro not even at first base.

  71. We mashing! We Mashing!

    Also if looks could kill…. Lee at Revere on the EE ball there.

    • I doubt Revere catches it anyway.

      • i’m not sure, Revere is fast. If he didn’t give up on the ball, realize his mistake too late, and then lose the ball and run a route similar to a beheaded chicken, i think he catches Eddie’s triple.

    • Revere is a butcher out there…does he bring anything to the table besides speed on the basepaths? doesn’t take much to carve out a job in the NL I guess…

  72. this is fun

  73. Woo Hoo!

  74. Fat Juan!!!!

  75. Holy SHIT.

  76. Lovin’ this!

  77. Francisco! Helping out Donair by not making him run!

  78. I was gonna suggest pinch running Navarro but Fat Juan changed all that.

  79. This always happens to Cliff Lee at the RC.

  80. Kratz with the whitest bat flip maybe ever.

  81. Francisco’s first career HR against a lefty?

  82. Thanks Juan for not aggravating Navarro’s legs on the basepaths!

  83. Fat Juan? Nope. Phat Juan!

  84. I can still make this a game

  85. Still no outs 0_0

  86. Do you think Adam Lind would bring us anything in trade. Because…

  87. I think I like this Francisco feller…seems like him for the corner IF, Tolleson/Muni/etc for middle IF, Thole at C, and Pillar as 4th OF is not a bad bench…if only we could bear to part with that big steaming pile of shit Rogers…he’s out of options I hear…

  88. Gibby needs a golf cart.

  89. Wow just getting a reliever up now?

  90. Why the fuck is Sandberg leaving Lee in there?

  91. Man, Tolleson, and Kratz are making Cliff Lee look like Tolleson and Kratz

  92. Rolled up a Fat Juan there

  93. Jays hit for the cycle this inning.

  94. Bautista definitely gets another AB now.

  95. I think Lee was very angry about Ben Revere’s attempt at fielding Encarnacion’s triple. It just messed him up.

  96. I don’t Juan to get my hopes up…..but this Francisco fella…..

  97. Remember when we used to have a somewhat derogatory (or maybe just a somewhat mean..) nickname for Encarnacion?

    Francisco keeps this up aint nobody calling him fat. How bout Big Jaun or San Juan or John.

  98. For all the bitching Reyes is having a great game.

  99. The Oracle tole me he is The Juan

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