I should probably say a lot here about a great matchup between a couple of veteran lefties, but… uh… this is all you get. Go Jays!

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  1. Ruiz was excellent yesterday in blocking the balls, not today.

  2. Hmm… the Phillies are kinda Jays like this inning.

  3. Shawn camp?? Cmon jbats take this shitballer deep.

  4. The bad side of Melky trying to hit everything – swinging at pitches 10 feet outside the strikezone.

    • yep there’s some of that creeping in for sure, but it’s only one game. he’ll heat up again i’m sure. in the meantime, the rest of the lineup is more than able to carry him

  5. This is getting more awesome by the second!

    Btw, it’s not fat Juan, it’s Bonifattio. Anyone else notice he could be Boni’s fat(ter) brother?

  6. if they didn’t already have Francisco to try to squeeze into the roster, the Jays should seriously consider keeping Kratz with the big team as a much needed RHB off the bench.

    honestly, the Jays have the rare problem right now of having too many guys mashing. basically Reyes is the only guy scuffling right now.

  7. Damn I got up for 5 minutes came back in and missed all the action.

    • Buck specifically warned us to NOT get up. Or to make some sorta crappy sandwich or microwaves ONLY. Please listen to Buck + his wisdom.

      As previously noted, my TV is visible from my kitchen so I’m free to go as I please.

  8. Shawn Camp!

  9. Anoyone else notice the Moosehead commercial ? Why not lug a 40 year old Coleman to the top of a mountain with 5 Bert’s in it. 5 ?? Big party

  10. 34 games and counting

  11. Poetic justice

  12. Dat streak

  13. Edwin~!!


  15. The heck? Someone turned on the cheat code on MLB 14?

  16. Man…..this lineup could very well be the scariest in all of baseball

  17. I have to say, this is a fun game!

  18. Wow this team is on fire.

  19. Damnit.

    And EE kills the rally.

  20. Haha oh shawn camp. Some things never change. Ee!!!

  21. 3 homer, 9 run inning

    Still only one out

    That’s a “never shit right again” asskicking.

  22. BRAWWWWWK!!!

  23. Mr Camp brought in some gas to put out the fire

  24. Did Rob Ford catch Eddie’s home run there?

  25. This is fucking beautiful. Single tear.

  26. Any chance we can blow a 10 run lead?

  27. It’s almost to the point I’d feel comfortable with Santos coming in.

  28. Edwin was hunting for that homer he thought he had earlier in the inning.

    Watch the fuck out AL East. The Jays are officially mashing.

  29. Fuckin loving the depressed looks on the phillies players… 9 run inning


  31. That’s right, Camp. Toss in those gopher balls, cheesearm.

  32. Cliff Lee looks impressed

  33. Burnett lookin a bit nervous in the dugout thete

  34. Burnette looks a little afraid.

  35. They should pull Dinner and a few guys.

  36. Utley stops, scratches his nuts, talks to Nix about dinner plans…beats Navarro by ten feet.

    • OK, that was obvious to everyone. Looked like a double play in MLB the Show where you momentarily fuck up the controls and you have to panic button mash to get the DP.

  37. Does a 10 run lead constitute a high leverage situation for Santos?

  38. That. was. awesome.

  39. way to reel that fanbase back in, boys!

  40. Santos in the game. No way we can lose now right? RIGHT!?

  41. More like what a difference a week makes.

  42. Oh Sergio.

  43. my goodness… just destroying the baseball right now.

    went into tonight trailing only the Rays and Angels for best overall lineup in the AL (hitting, defense, baserunning included). and with a team BABIP of just .290, it sure doesn’t look like a fluke.

    • Offense has been heating up in may for sure. Lets hope the pitching(besides buehrle ) gets their shit together.

  44. Revere looks like total shit in CF. Last night with that weak throw to home on that shallow sac fly from Juan to win the game, and now with the Edwin triple.

  45. Oh my…

  46. “I can’t believe the ball he hit at Philadelphia Stadium Ballpark.”


  47. Keystone Kops much?

  48. Holy shit, what the fuck was that?

  49. Tony Derp jr.

  50. Well that was embarassing

  51. Rogers Centre put a spell on Gwynn Jr, lol.

  52. Someone please make a gif of that shit.

  53. nice performance from Santos.

    his leg kick and arm action looked much more controlled tonight.

  54. Who the hell is Tolleson and how does he have two doubles and a triple on a day Cliff Lee was starting?

  55. so many runs in such a short game

  56. looks like Evanka is bringing her A game tonight

  57. Buck couldn’t wait to reference last June’s winning streak.

  58. Jays run differential now at +10?

  59. Four in a row,

    A merciless drubbing of Burnett would be sweet.

    • Awww. I like AJ.

    • I too, would enjoy a drubbing

    • He should be due. He’s pitched above his peripherals so far this year. He’s been lucky to post that 2.06 ERA.

    • He took the money and ran. He learned how to pitch in TORONTO. He became a better professional in TORONTO. When he was on his game he was deadly. His curve is still one of the best in the business. I think AJ also perfected the changeup in between the fastball and knucklecurve when he was here. They could have had a dynamite staff if they had found a way to be a little more patient with Carpenter. A starting five of Hallady, Carpenter, Burnett, Marcum and Mcgowan would have scared the league.

  60. That WAS a fun win to watch, Evanka

  61. .500 baby. Feels good.

  62. That was the funnest game so far this year. Fantastic pitcher’s duel culminating in an explosion of runs (for the good guys).

    • I like a good pitchers’ duel (or rubber match, as some call it) but I also like kicking the crap out of the opposing pitcher.

  63. I’ll say it: I fucking cannot stand Evanka Osmak.

  64. I’m not feeling well

  65. Good game boys and girls.

  66. Nice bounce back in the last 4 games by a group that could have had this derail the possibility of a solid season. JB has really stepped up in every aspect of his game and he seldom chirps the umps anymore. This team has a feel to it that I haven’t really seen in years. Great contributions from almost every call up ??? No SERIOUS injuries so far. Lot’s to feel good about when you look around the league. Fun night.

  67. AA considering drafting that ball-boy and giving him a million dollar signing bonus.

    Probably better money spent than Jacob Anderson!

  68. Gwynn’s folly is pretty hilarious in slo-mo

  69. With Lind and Jannsen coming back and watching Dinner run,gotta wonder if Dinner should take sometime, hit the DL and get healed.

    • Thinking the exact same thing. It’s only May. I think Thole and Kratz can keep things tidy for then.

    • Pretty much have to DL Navarro. The whole no outfielder on the bench issue has to be dealt with too.

      DFA Rogers has got to be done.

      • Gonna be a tough decision making room.
        Bring up Gose again or take another shot at Pillar?

        • Somebody was thinking the same thing and asked Gibby.

          Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi ·1 min
          Any chance Dioner Navarro lands on the DL? “No, no,” says Gibbons

        • Either would be fine. Probably Pillar because of the lack of righties.

          But Rogers isn’t pitching more than once a week. They can’t carry him and hobbled Lawrie and Navarro anymore.

  70. I was reading on a Phillies blog just now. The fans were annoyed that they used a DH tonight, because Cliff Lee has a higher batting average than the person they used as their DH.

    I should note that under the scenario of Cliff Lee batting, they assumed Rollins would play SS, and Nix would be the one getting benched.

  71. 11 runs against Hamels and Lee. Impressive.

  72. The Jays bats made Lee look meh.

  73. Shit, I know its early but Tolle is hit’n over .450 at the 2 bag, small sample size and Fat Juan is rip’n and has found new life in the AL East…Gibby has a few critical decisions to make when Lawrie and Lind get back.

  74. Doubt it, someone else will get hurt by then.

  75. GREAT WIN by the boys.

  76. Massholes win, OriLOLes win, Yankees up 6-0 early. Would be nice if these teams would lose when we win a little more often.

    • Rays lost though. I still think they’ll be the main challenger for the division. Their offense has been one of the best in the league though their record doesn’t reflect it.

      The Yanks and Orioles pixie dust will run out eventually. Same for Boston but to a lesser degree.

      • Thats what everyone thought about bal and bos last year and both those teams made the playoffs and one of them won the world series.

        • Not sure which universe you were inhabiting last year, but Baltimore didn’t make the playoffs in this one.

        • Seriously, do you have to be a negative fuckwad about everything? Baltimore didn’t even make the playoffs.

          Boston’s a good team, but almost everything broke right for them in 2013.

          • Fair enough, i guess Bal made it the year prior. Still, nobody thought Bos would be that good last year.

    • The Jays still won, so they’re keeping up.

  77. The fireworks overshadowed another masterful performance by Mr. Buehrle

    Apart from that Boston game he’s given up 4 earned runs in 6 starts. Unreal

  78. Fuck off Griffen you FUCKING TURKEY VULTURE. This piece of journalistic puke has made me reconsider Griiffen as a legitimate reporter. WTF is his positioning other than tarnishing the jays organization? why associate cheating to the jays at this stage and bring question marks to positive momentum and quality individuals AA and org have assembled. There is always one city reporter to deflate ones hopes and dreams through conjecture, that reporter is Griffen.. He is the new PIG FUCKER.

    • Just wondering…did you read the article? He wasn’t calling anyone a cheater, only reporting on what others are saying.

      • That’s the favorite excuse of shit-disturbers all over the world.
        “Oh, no…I don’t think that!! That’s just what I’ve heard others say”

      • Yes Joe Cool, I have read the article and my position hasn’t changed. Troll somewhere else.

    • It’s Olney and ESPN.com raising the question.
      Griff’s just reporting what they are saying.
      More rumor mongering and trolling from other reporters.
      This shit never ends.
      Bautista,man in white,etc.

      • agreed Radar, this shit never ends but for once, when we begin to build something special, regardless of past player indiscretions, it would be pleasing to have the media behind us and support the team with positive input, especially from a top beat writer like Griffen. Toronto is at a disadvantage in luring top talent to the city for numerous reasons, journalistic pieces like Griffen’s only dissuade. that’s all I’m saying…with a little FUCK OFF sprinkled in.

      • Typical ESPN shit.

  79. Fukin awesome ,man, WA s n sction 115 and none of you djfers came by to imbibe in a brewski. The dance pak or wahtever the fuk they are came by and I did get a BJ towel for waving purposes.
    Buerhle had them tied in knots tonite with great spotting and at least the umpie was mostly calling them.
    I thought I w/b home by 9pm when they were in the 6th at 8″15!.
    Those bombs they hit-wow! all 2nd deck shots, well except Francisco’s rocket which had it hit the top of the fence w/h left us with Navaroo on 2nd and Francisco on first with 656 feet of frozen rope as Navarro was just strolling all night. Good game to be at
    BTW broke my rule and had 2 $12 beeres ( wth tip).
    What will they do with Fat Juan when Lind returns? Hmm…
    Forward Fucking Sovier!

    PS did have a couple at the Loose Moose before the game. Nice place. Food?

  80. So I guess ESPN will contend that the man in white showed up late tonight.

    as far as the olney quote goes.

    Melkey Cabrera “has been a journeyman outfielder for much of his career. . . . Before he suddenly made a miraculous climb into the elite echelon of hitters, at the same time Cabrera —”

    Umm. ok. well, lets think about this with a little more of an eye for detail.

    Cabrera came up to the majors at the tender age of TWENTY. He then has his breakout year during his age 26 season. TWENTY FUCKING SIX…so in other words..the age when most players begin to hit their primes…perhaps that had something to do with it?

  81. Great job by the Jays tonight! I’m super excited about the rest of the year! It looks like we’re in for a lot of entertaining games!

    Also, I’m pissed about the amount of hate Buck and Tabby get from fans. I thought they did a great job tonight (with Joe Siddall). I’ve heard Buck and Tabby get criticized for being too homerish, and for cheering for players on the other team. That’s totally wack. Seriously, if I have to see another comment insinuating they’re anti-Blue Jays, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    Buck sounds half-drunk every game and it’s hilarious. That’s how I prefer it. Anyone who disagrees can go watch the White Sox.

  82. I know it’s early days still, but this current L/R platoon of journeyman 2B are doing a fine job.

    • Platooning was really big back in the 80s, then it fell out of favor during the juiced player era. Now it seems to be coming back with a vengeance. Rance Mullinix and Garth Iorge come to mind. Each would have sucked as an everyday player..but as platooners..they provided real value.

  83. Btw, for those of you who care, had a brief talk with pigfucker along the RF line as he was heading out to Rf before the game. I kinda think he regrets signing with Philly and seeing the direction they are heading. Hey Rogers and Redmond For Pigfucker and salary releif. Oh, and Jenkinss too, then we can add another bench player. Geezus

    • Well, at least JPap gave you the time of day. That’s something. I hear he likes a drink every now and again….

  84. ESPN lost all credibility for me after the man in white article. Now I only log on to ESPN to read Gregg Easterbrook, maybe occasionally Jayson Stark, or whenever DJF or Fangraphs points out an article especially worth reading. I don’t deign to give ESPN my page views.

  85. PS: Not that I am allowed a complaint after a 10-0 win, but I would really like to see a goddamn complete game, and I think tonight would have been a great time for Buehrle to Buehrle his way to a GC SO and really pad the stats. It will matter when the Cy Young voting happens!

    • Not after sitting so long. And Santos needed a chance with no pressure.

    • Half the teams in baseball don’t have a complete game yet and only five have more than one (they all have two). That’s baseball these days.

  86. Smart to get Santos in there without any pressure. Good call by Gibbons. Previous game it was Stroman that came in, granted in close game, but got enough work (4 pitches I think) to get the feeling of a tight spot, work out of it, and end up with his first win.

    Can’t wait to see this team with healthy Lawrie, Janssen, and stronger pen. If Hutch, McGowan and Happ are working 6+ IP lets get rid of long-relief for Kratz off bench.

  87. So it’s Janssen for Jenkins.

    I assume it’s Lind for Kratz? Or does Dinner go on the DL?

  88. Playoffs!

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