Could it be? Two lame Game Threats in a row for games featuring really interesting pitching matchups?

It sure can!

Hey, it worked last night. Also, why should I bother when who knows whether anyone can comment? (That, by the way, is a WordPress issue, it seems, and not on our end).

Go Jays!

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  1. Comments are back! So… why didn’t he just tag him?

  2. Huzzah!!

  3. Third!

  4. So, is there going to be a like, 300 comments in the next minute or two related to last night’s game? Just like a hose you’ve been pinching, and all the water pressure is building, and now the hose is released and all the water/comments which have been building up will come gushing out?

  5. Esmil certainly made the 9th intriguing for a minute or two.

  6. you would think esmil can finally get put on waivers after that. What use does he have besides mopping up

  7. Fat Juan is a beast.

  8. The Jays are the only team in the division that has scored more runs than they’ve given up.

  9. That was quite a fun series of baseball.

  10. OK everyone let’s synchronize our PVR’s and do this!

  11. A nice swipe by Griffin at Jerry Howarth in this week’s mailbag. I’m really getting tired of Jerry’s miscues and “opinions”. I used to enjoy his work, but it is time for a change.

    btw Siddall is awesome.

    • Agreed. I really enjoyed him with Buck last night.

    • What’s up with Howarth? I haven’t listened to him in a long time but he used to be great.

      • I read over the mailbag quickly and didnt see the swipe…any hints?

        • Complete bullshit from a troll, Karl.

          • Griff made a comment that Morris Fan590 after a year because (a) he wanted to be closer to home and (b) people can only take Howarth for 1 season. This was in response to a question a reader sent about Pineda and doctoring the balls.

            • McCown said a couple weeks ago that Tom and Jerry hated each other. I think McCown and Jerry hate each other though, so grain of salt.

              (Jerry pressed Cito on the media being racist in the 90s, and it basically singled out McCown as a possible racist).

        • “As for Morris and Hayhurst and a backlash, no. Morris wanted to go home and work less, plus, it’s tough to work with Jerry Howarth for more than a year.”

    • Ha! Who’s posting this, Wilner? Here’s what Griffin has written about Jerry Howarth.

      “Dave Van Horne and Russ Taylor; Van Horne and Duke Snider; Van Horne and Ken Singleton; Jacques Doucet and Claude Raymond; Doucet and Rodger Brulotte; Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth; Howarth and Alan Ashby and those are among the best in the game.”

      Fuck off troll.

  12. You should bring back the day after posts…..I miss them

  13. Edwin hits a homer!


  14. Edwin hits another homer!


  15. See that shot of Lind on the bench?
    Jesus, the guy looks like he FELL out of bed in the morning….all the way down the stairs and into the street..

  16. Did you bring in Esmil Rogers to run the WordPress back end?

  17. Colby is slugging .935 in the month of May. Holy shitballs.

    • Tulowitzkiesque…. except Colby is mostly doing it ON THE ROAD, and not from the launching pad aka Coors. Jeebus.

  18. I really am enjoying the emergence of Juan Francisco–it’s amazing. I’m not surprised he is Edwin’s best friend–he plays like him I think Edwin and JBau taught him how to be pitch selective, and that has made all the difference. No, I have no evidence of this–but don’t you think it’s starting to get a little silly that every new Dominican power hitter that comes to this club seems to start eventually becoming their better selves?

    What is even more satisfying is that he is a decent third baseman(not excellent or very good) with a nice arm that doesn’t overthrow or rush. It appears we may have been handed a near all-star on a platter–again.

    Yeah, SSS and all that for a month, but….wow. What a trip!

  19. This Angels series is gonna be crazy I reckon. Pray to god the offense can keep rolling over the weekend. Would not want to be a pitcher in this upcoming series, I tell you hwhat.

    Also: what do with Fat Juan when Lawrie comes back?

    • Leave him at 3B. Lawrie is the true 3Bman of this team, but he’s played great defense at 2B in his short sample size.

      • I really dislike Lawrie at 2B but I suppose we ride the Francisco wade until we inevitably shouldn’t anymore. Or trade him for bullpen, make Stroman the fifth starter and all will be right in the Blue Jays universe.

      • I think that Lawrie to 2B in the short term is becoming quite obvious, at least to me, and probably Gibby from what I’ve read.

        That said, Tolleson has shown himself to be capable vs. LHP (SSS) and is the most versatile defensively, so I suppose Getz is the one who goes to Buffalo.

        Keep Kratz as a RH bat, and extra day off for Dinner (he’s not a 140 game a year catcher, 110 is about right) as a ice 2 for 1.

        Janssen for Rogers when the time comes and giddy up! PLAYOFFS!!!!

        • Also, move Lawrie to 3B and Tolleson to 2B in late game situations and there you go.

          • I don’t think that’ll sit well with Lawrie. He grumbled before the first time they switched him.

  20. Speaking of All-Stars, who on the Blue Jays could or should make it?

    Last night’s game was great. Bleacher Report has Toronto’s fan approval rating at 50% (the highest I saw for any team was 70, I think). If the bullpen picks up, September will be fun for once.

  21. Good time for a podcast, no? Yes?


    God, Edwin and Melky watch Fat Juan’s home run. Special appearance by Jose Reyes’ photobombing head.

  23. Comment From Cito Gastons Moustache
    How impressed are you by Jose Bautista’s 2014 season? Is he the 2nd best hitter in baseball?

    Jason Collette: Extremely impressed. He owns the strike zone and is punishing mistakes pitchers make. As Encarnacion is heating up, pitchers can’t just work around Bautista.They have to hope he hits it at someone right now. That lineup is really scary to face right now with so many cylinders firing at once

  24. Hey, the comments are back!

  25. Saw this about Francisco and Edwin in the Post. They’re friends from playing for the Reds and Edwin basically got him to sign here.

    Even as Encarnacion struggled early, he made a behind-the-scenes contribution that would prove constructive. He was instrumental in luring Francisco, a fellow Dominican, to the Blue Jays. After Francisco was released by Milwaukee in late March, he drew interest from several clubs. Encarnacion gave him a call. He wanted Francisco in Toronto, and wanted to keep him away from other AL East clubs whose right-field fences are inviting for left-handed power hitters.

    “He’s one of my best friends,” Encarnacion said, explaining that they had been teammates in Cincinnati. “He had a couple more teams to [explore]. So when I called him I asked him to come here because [the Blue Jays] can give him the opportunity to play here at this level. He knows he’s a big-league player, so I try to bring him here so he can help us to win games.”

  26. At least until Fat Juan comes back down to earth:

    SS Reyes
    LF Melky
    RF Jose
    1B EE
    3B Juan
    DH Lind
    2B Lawrie
    CF Colby
    C Navarro/Thole

    vs lefties:
    SS Reyes
    LF Melky
    RF Jose
    1B EE
    C/DH Navarro
    DH/C Kratz
    3B Lawrie
    CF Colby
    2B Tolleson


  27. If I hear another person call him fat Juan I’m going to snap! Show some respect and at least give him a Phat Juan! The man can mash.

    Aside from that, boy what a week can do to a baseball fan. The team was basically in the fucking gutter last week, now on top of the world. Mighty Fylnn said it best:

    Hopefully we can keep Poo-Holes at bay this weekend and take another series!

    • In spanish speaking cultures calling someone “gordo” or “gordito” (fat or fatty) is a term of endearment.

      I understand your twisted yet common North American view on the word fat, but I’m not interested in it.

      Fat Juan sounds and reads awesome.

      • I understand the point you’re making, but Mexico is Spanish-speaking AND in North America. Just saying.

    • Agreed, until something better comes along it’s Phat Juan.

    • I can’t keep up with you kids and these new expressions.

      So now it’s supposed to be

      Phat Phucking Phrancisco?
      I just wanna be cool like the rest of you.

    • You are making the assumption that someone cannot be fat AND awesome. We are not.

  28. This is much more of a test. The way, against the Yankees, Trout got that triple and the how Pujols sac flied. People are being way too happy and positive now. It’s like you had supportive parents that patted you on the back and called you “sport” or “champ” when you were a kid.

  29. Another flashback to the Rolen trade to Cinci. Yonder Alonso was the can’t miss prospect that everybody wanted and Cinci wouldn’t part with, giving EE instead.

    His line with San Diego this year

    16 OPS+ 157/183/217

  30. Also I wanna see a good ol Georgia Dippin’ Contest between Cletus and Fat Juan

  31. tonight’s lineup, to nobody’s surprise:

    1. Jose Reyes (S) SS
    2. Melky Cabrera (S) LF
    3. Jose Bautista (R) RF
    4. Edwin Encarnacion (R) 1B
    5. Juan Francisco (L) 3B
    6. Adam Lind (L) DH
    7. Dioner Navarro (S) C
    8. Colby Rasmus (L) CF
    9. Chris Getz (L) 2B

    • Vs.

      1. Erick Aybar (S) SS
      2. Mike Trout (R) CF
      3. Albert Pujols (R) 1B
      4. Raul Ibanez (L) DH
      5. Howie Kendrick (R) 2B
      6. Ian Stewart (L) 3B
      7. Hank Conger (S) C
      8. Efren Navarro (L) LF
      9. Collin Cowgill (R) RF

  32. No Lawrie tonight, Navarro catching

    the number 8 hitter has a slg. % over .900 in May.

    • I would take our #8 hitter over any hitter in the phillies line-up except Utley…holy shit you wonder how they got swept 4 in a row, what a boring team

  33. Lawrie still not in the lineup?….Is the injury more serious than initially suspected?. Haven’t hears an update in a while

  34. Richards has been really good for the Angels so far. I get the sense that absurdly low HR rate could jump a smidge tonight though.

  35. Comments shit the bed again?

  36. Wanna brighten up your day? Go read some of the Philly papers.

    Señor Poo Holes and his stanky crew of Angelitos up next. May the Force, Dusty’s insulin pump and the ghost of Roy Hartsfield be with us. Huzzah!

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