Things have been going swimmingly of late for the Jays, with their rotation holding them in games until the bats inevitably explode, and the bullpen not needing to pitch nearly as often, and not needing to be quite so perfect. It’s been a good week, in other words, and as much as it feels like this is the kind of a run that the Jays could really sustain for a while, once you get past the reasonably dependable Buehrles, Dickeys, and Hutchisons you realize that we might be putting the cart before the horse when we start dreaming on the possibilities here.

Brandon Morrow’s injury may have been a blessing in disguise, but we’re still looking at back-to-back starts from Dustin McGowan and J.A. Happ,  and as good as McGowan has been in his last two outings — since he began pitching with an insulin pump — we’re a ways off from feeling as comfortable with him as we are with even Hutchison, I think. Maybe another solid outing or two will change that feeling in a hurry — as soon as next weekend — but first he’s got to get through an Angels lineup that, for all its faults, still has two of the best hitters on the planet, and tonight, some additional hot hitters in Kendrick (127 wRC+), Cowgill (141), and Conger (144).

Fuckin’ do it, Dustin. How awesome would that be?


As noted in today’s Daily Duce, John Gibbons says he’s hopeful that Brett Lawrie will see action this weekend, and that he’s not going to go on the DL. He’s not in the lineup again tonight, though, as evidenced by the fact that Juan Francisco is in tonight at third base. Except… he might still there when Lawrie is back.

To wit: John Lott tweets that Gibbons smiled when asked about Francisco staying at third when Lawrie returns, and simply said, “To be determined.” He adds that Gibbons continued, “We’re looking at everything. But yeah, while he’s hot, we’ve got to find a way to keep him in there somehow.”

Chris Toman tweets that the Angels have said that both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols will serve as DH at some point during this series, in order to keep them off the turf. Raul Ibanez is in there tonight.

Toman also tells us that Hector Santiago, who has made seven starts for the Angels this year, is listed among their relievers tonight. He’s the only lefty available out of the ‘pen. He adds that Santiago was scheduled to pitch Tuesday.

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET, vs. Anaheim; Sunday, 1:07 PM ET vs. Anaheim.

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)

RHP Dustin McGowan

Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

SS Erick Aybar (S)
CF Mike Trout (R)
1B Albert Pujols (R)
DH Raul Ibanez (L)
2B Howie Kendrick (R)
3B Ian Stewart (L)
C Hank Conger (S)
LF Efren Navarro (L)
RF Colin “Reverse” Cowgill (R)

RHP Garrett Richards

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  1. I’ve seen just about enough from this fucker Richards.

  2. So I hear Angels bullpen isn’t too hot either. If it comes down to Jays BP vs Angels BP in a tie game, who will emerge victorious? Maybe we can end it within regulation time before we are forced to send out Rogers, otherwise we be doomed?

  3. Richards is pretty nasty huh? one of those guys with +++ stuff and a little effective wildness. doesn’t have command, but it doesn’t matter generally, cause the ball moves all over the damn place.

  4. We eventually want Santos back in the 8th or 9th, so why is he going more then an inning?

  5. Helluva game so far

  6. OK where’s the talk about all the balls that land on the warning track? Is Colby playing in on purpose? Coaching thing? Why’s no one asking this question?

    • You could argue that at this stage of the game he should be in the “no doubles D” but I love a CF who plays shallow. Take away so many more hits, but give up the odd double.

    • People have been criticizing that ever since Colby got traded to the jays. Either that’s where they’re putting him or that’s where he’s putting himself and they’re not moving him.

    • He plays shallow. Wouldn’t positioning come from the bench?

      • That’s what I’d think – even last year I only noticed Melky getting greased a bunch, but this year seems so much more.
        Devo would’ve ran to that, eaten a sandwich, then caught that ball.

  7. Huh? so you walk the righty bat to get to the lefty? Might as well bring in loup, gibby

    • I think that’s more – walking the best hitter in the last 10 yrs, to pitch to a living fossil.
      But it’s Ibanez who is eagle-eye, so of course he was going to walk.

      • I get that pujols is better than ibanez, but raul is no slouch. If you are going to do that, might as well bring in your loogy to face ibanez.

        • Ibanez isn’t top notch – but intentional to Pujols and then make the pitching change makes sense too – I can see that.

  8. Adam yogi Lind

  9. Another Santos debacle in the making

    • I’d be interested to see how many times in his career he’s been asked to pitch 2 innings.

  10. And there goes the ballgame. Surgery loads em up.

  11. Well this isn’t looking good.

  12. Is mlb tv now completely useless for anyone else? I have Apple TV and it’s just a stuttering mess.

    • It’s probably your internet connection.

    • I use it almost exclusively on PlayStation + it does stutter/loop a lot. Sometimes it just plays older footage. This tends to happen most often with Blue Jays games. It’s annoying + weird.

    • It’s usually internet for me. I have 6 MBPS internet and when we have Netflix and gaming going along with it lags a wee bit.

    • PS3 as well. I think it is a issue. Jumps between innings , freezes; downright unwatchable at times.

      • I’ve seen other people complaining about it + I just upgraded my internet so that’s not the issue. Apparently it’s worse on XBox.

  13. My confidence is probably higher that Santos and that’s saying something.

  14. Darn. Ibanez was the guy you wanted. hitting just .146/.226/.281 this year, he’s pretty much done as a hitter.

  15. WTF?!?

  16. dear god, should have Santos in

  17. Holy shit Delabar.

  18. I can’t watch a run get walked in.

  19. wow, the bullpen just cannot throw strikes

  20. Here comes a slam

  21. I smell another bullpen implosion.

  22. Gross.

  23. Well this ones over. Might as well let Rogers get some work in.

  24. 6 FUCKING BALLS! are you serious, nothing has been fucking close.

  25. Put the bat down Stewart…no need.

  26. What in the universe is occurring right now with Delabar?

  27. are there no lefties in this pen? such as could have pitched to Ibanez or Stewart??

  28. Redmond up for Delabeard. Not a good sign.

    BTW, I think Delabar is breaking. He’s lost velocity – rarely see 96 out of him now.

  29. They could fire Gibby mid game and it wouldn’t be soon enough . Fuck this moron

  30. That could have been a lot worse.

  31. Wow. Some STRIKES!!!

  32. Whew. Just enough to lose … /whining.

  33. What the hell did Walker say?

  34. Good news, they got out of the inning only allowing 1 run. Bad news, chris getz is coming to the plate.

  35. Now we bring the thunder.

  36. Time for a rally, boys!

  37. That 1st strike on Getz was bullshit – there were at least 2 pitches to Santos that were balls in that spot, and then rob him of the E6.

  38. Fuck off Angel

  39. “New York makes the call”… Gee, I wonder who New York wants in the playoffs.

  40. Siddall says baserunners know when they’re safe, i call bullshit on that. most bang-bang plays are out.

  41. Nice to see us get the strike 6 inches off the corner (Delabar to Conger)

  42. Where the fuck was this Delanbar last innind. Hopefully the top of the order does ham

  43. Jesus. I know that last strike went our way, but that was really high and inside.

  44. I sure hope Jays pitchers got that message….throw 4 inches inside and it’s a strike.
    Fuck is this guy bad.

  45. Just 1 dinger boys. I’ve got lots of rum, I can watch a few extra innings.

  46. At 30 pitches thrown, today’s game was the longest Santos has pitched in a game this season.

    Santos had pitched longer than an inning only once before, during this season–a four-out save against the Yankees on April 5, in which he threw 24 pitches.

    The last time Santos threw at least 1.2 innings was Sept 27 of last season, an outing in which he also gave up a run as he did tonight. During that outing, it only took Santos 16 pitches to record 5 outs (3 Ks) while facing seven batters.

    The last time Santos threw at least 30 pitches was April 9, 2012, a game against the Red Sox in which Santos threw 33 pitches. During that outing, Santos was hit for three earned runs on three walks and two hits, while blowing the save; Santos only ended up pitching 0.2 innings on that outing.

    Prior to this, Santos was a member of the White Sox.

    In 2011, Santos only once went over 30 pitches. He threw 44 pitches against the Jays on Sept 26, giving up two earned runs, in one inning pitched. Santos managed to collect the save in this instance. He also threw 1.2 innings on Sept 14 against Detroit, yielding 2 earned runs.

    Prior to these September incidents, Santos pitched at least 1.2 innings on six occasions in April and May of that year. He only reached 30 pitches once in that stretch.


    At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m throwing these statistics at you. Here is why:

    The last time Santos has pitched 1.2 innings and managed NOT to give up an earned run was May 28, 2011, against the Blue Jays.

    The last time Santos has thrown 30 or more pitches and managed NOT to give up an earned run was April 2, 2011, against Cleveland. (An outing in which he stranded two hits and a walk.)

    Santos should be treated as a one-inning reliever. Stop trying to get more than one inning out of him, or you’ll pay. For example: tonight.

  47. These guys are going to shit kittens when we break their hearts in the 9th.


  48. That’ll do it.

  49. Point at that donkey!!

  50. Why would a pitcher go anywhere near the centre of the plate with this doofus calling balls and strikes?

  51. What a beauty!

  52. Jose strikes out a couple times, rattled by Fucknandez and his douchey strike zone. What will we do without our Jose? No worries! We has two Joses!

  53. Takin’ the donkey for a trot.

  54. Ba da BING!!!!

  55. reyes rocking the parrot now!

  56. Haha, nice swing!
    The Melky Way

  57. Jose’s gotta keep the on base streak alive

  58. All the Joses.

  59. anyone know why the jays broadcast on lag

  60. And the streak lives.

  61. Let’s get that wing out my friend.

  62. EE needs to chill a bit

  63. It’s Fat Juan Time!

  64. Phat Juan

  65. Wow the streak continues. #MVP2014

  66. Is this strike zone tiny, or is Conger just that bad at pitch framing?

  67. It’s cool, we’ll just walk it off.

  68. Hafta say tthis is a good test for the boys. The Phils aren’t what they once were.

    • The Phils are old with no farm and a large payroll. They are definitely sellers and in line for management change. I remember being trolled by Phils fans when they got Halladay so good for them.

  69. Wondering if those neon green arm things like Phat Juan is wearing catch the pitchers eye at times.

  70. This is concerning.

  71. Lock it down Goggles!

  72. Fawk Eddie.

  73. An Pujols gets the free pass again.

  74. We’re going to lose this one but hopefully Cecil can avoid a complete meltdown. We’re running out of guys who can more or less be counted on not to shit the bed.

  75. Why are we getting the Nuke LaLooshe impressions?

  76. that was just plain sloppy by EE.

  77. I suppose this begs the question if Ibanez is batting .144, why is he 4th in the Angels order?

  78. Trout out. Nice.

  79. Best possible outcome there.

  80. Fuck yeah, nice play boys. Sucks we’re down but hopefully that comes back to bite them in the ass.

  81. It seems like the bases are constantly loaded with our pen this year, ugh….

  82. Trout best player in baseball? Not with plays like that! 1 out & runner on 2nd in a tight game, TAKE IT

  83. Wasn’t there a song called ‘Video killed the baseball star’?

  84. Jesus, Gibby made the dumbass decision to intentionally walk a batter–even if it’s Albert Pujols that was stupid–when there were no outs and to load the bases.

    But that second Trout out wouldn’t have happened unless Pujols was intentionally walked, and the run would have scored anyways. Wow.

  85. Googles is going to take out Stewart. Make it so.

  86. And another intentional??? Goggle’s splits aren’t that bad…

  87. Well…at least Texas is leading the Massholes 8-0

  88. It’s not over boys. Cmon now, stay in the boat. BE the boat.

  89. Lol okay so Gibby has Cecil intentionally walk for a lefty-lefty match up… but Angels manager just pinch hits a righty….

    • And Johnny Mac comes into the game! It was a double sided strategy.
      Let’s get the ovation going

    • Apart from the matchup, Kendrick is a much better hitter than Stewart and likely Cron as well. Hard to hate that move, and if the game does go to extras, the Angels are down a bench player.

  90. This game can be won!

  91. Could have been worse. Only one run down. Mariano Rivera is not walking through that door people.

  92. Walkin it off.

  93. Bases Loaded – None Out and only score 1? Another ‘almost best case scenario’ there

  94. Put the Angels in the camel clutch and make them humble.

  95. man the dome is empty.

  96. The Kittenz were just ‘playing with us’. That looked good for a minute.

  97. cmon guys just get on base anyway you can.

  98. The Angels are closing out against us with a pitcher with a 6.14 ERA.

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