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Comments are back up and running today. Apologies to those who dare enter that little cesspool for yesterday’s glitch.

Shi Davidi tweets that John Gibbons said this afternoon that Brett Lawrie is getting closer, and will play either tomorrow or Sunday. “He’s not going on the DL,” Gibbers said.

Awesomeness from GROF over at theScore, who looks at how Jose Bautista has single-handedly kept the Jays in contention, which… maybe not single handedly, but how fucked would they be without their superstar and his start at the plate, which has been overshadowed by Troy Tulowitzki’s, but is still thoroughly impressive. Jose sits second, behind Tulo, among MLB leaders in wRC+.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked theScore, with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, Drew celebrates baseball’s best moms.

Gregor Chisholm tweets that the main reason that Juan Francisco chose to come to the Jays was a recruiting job done by his friend, Edwin Encarnacion. Nice. Also: seriously, I know Kyle Kendrick is Kyle Kendrick, but holy awesome what these bats have done against Hamels, Lee, and Burnett this week. Holy awesome.

It’s back! Richard Griffin has a new mail bag up at the Toronto Star, and I’ll have a fresh hijacking for you Monday morning … most likely. (Podcast early next week, too, I swear!)

Elsewhere in the Star, Griff looks at Marcus Stroman from the ol’ “small stature” angle, which seems less and less of a concern the more people see him. Maybe different because he’s working out of the bullpen right now,

In this GIF from Dan Toman of Gamereax, we see that Marcus Stroman deals in filth. Even when he misses his spot. So good.

Measuring the Dick: It would be easy to say that it’s been a tale of two “seasons” so far for R.A. Dickey. The ol’ Dickster has pitched to a 3.65 ERA over his last four starts, holding opponents to a slash line of .240/.324/.365, compared to a 6.26 ERA in his first four and a slash line of .264/.375/.414. However, among those first four starts are the one where he was terrific against the Yankees, and ones against Minnesota and Houston, each of which he began by going four scoreless, before things started to unravel — especially since John Gibbons, in retrospect, probably left him in too long. In other words, he’s actually been pretty good. Not an ace — not the guy who tore the National League to bits two years ago — but not exactly the blow-up machine fans were worried about earlier. I tweeted last night that, according to Brooks Baseball, Dickey threw his hardest knuckleball of the year last night, and the velocity chart at FanGraphs bears that out as well. He’s about where he wants to be, apart from the walks, and it’s not unthinkable that he can go on a bit of a run. Aren’t nice thoughts nice?

John Lott of the National Post looks at how much the surge of Edwin Encarnacion is helping the Jays right now, too. And in a feel-good game story looks at where the Jays are at.

At Sportsnet, Shi Davidi recounts last night, beginning with how Dickey is building momentum. In a second piece he looks at Jose Reyes, who hasn’t quite looked himself yet, but is starting to show signs of becoming his old self — and how fucking awesome would that be? (Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail looks at Reyes too.)

Davidi also talks about Adam Lind and his hope for a healthy back, while Sportsnet’s the Tao of Stieb defends the caution Alex Anthopoulos has exercised in not simply shitcanning out-of-options guys like Esmil Rogers. “What happens when the inevitable injuries leave you with the decision such as moving a young and probably under-prepared player up while likely losing someone off your 40-man roster to accommodate him?” he asks. “It doesn’t take that many discards before you’re staring at a thin hand that you’ve dealt yourself.”

Chris Creamer tweets that today is Canadian Military Appreciation Day, so the Jays will be wearing their incongruous red hats with the red maple leaf tonight against the Angels. Of course, every day is Canadian Military Appreciation Day in the world of sports, isn’t it?

At ESPN.com (Insider Only), Keith Law provides his rankings of the top 100 prospects. It’s not a mock draft, so the guys at 9 and 11 — where the Jays pick — are mostly inconsequential to us. However, as I noted on Twitter, the guy in the eleventh slot, Derek Hill, is a centre fielder, ”explosive athlete,” “needs reps to work on pitch recognition.” Um… Jays-y enough?

Charlie Caskey of Your Van C’s writes a bit about the red hot HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!!!, and also provides us with a chat he had on the Team 1040 in Vancouver.

At BlueJays.com, Matt Warner tells us about Roberto Alomar’s Charity Home Run Challenge, while Jamie Ross talks with Aaron Loup, who is about to experience his first Mother’s Day as a father.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun reminds us that the Prime Minister of Defence is back! John McDonald is a member of the Angels, and therefore visiting Rogers Centre this weekend for a four-game set.

Lastly, Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun gets hopeful that the excitement that the Raptors’ surprising season and short-lived but exciting playoff run created has been noticed by the high-ups at Rogers, with respect to the Jays.

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  1. 8 game winning streak come Monday.

  2. Podcast?

  3. The funny thing with Bautista, is he doesn’t even look that hot right now. I mean his plate discipline is mind blowing and he is getting on base in all kinds of ways, etc., but I can almost see him turning it up a little notch more.

    I don’t mean this in any bad way – I’m saying I think he can sort of keep this up and even have spurts that are hotter. I would be so pumped to see him get MVP.

  4. Jays in first by May Two Four.

  5. I had withdrawal anxiety when I couldn’t comment on last night’s game. This offence when it is firing is impressive. The starting Pitching has moved up. I’d say, from MEH to average . Now we need to ge the pen to average,at least and we look good. The Q is whether they can do that or not.
    Offensively, I think they are mulling over moving Lawrie to 2nd so FJ can play third. The idea w/b to just outslug the opp and the hell with elite D. I disagree and think they should keep Lawrie at 3B and FJ gets a start or 2 per week plus pH. I’m glad to see they dumped Jenkins rather than Kratz. Fuk, the game I was at Kratz provided the cushion and contributed more with that 2nd deck shot than Jenkins ever will. Fuk him.
    Finally, I surmise, that upon Janssen ‘s return it will be Redmond that is DFA’d or someone else as Rogers, while shit this year, has the unicornian “exciting arm”. The big plus in his favor is we traded 2 guys to Cleveland for him and AA would be admitting he was a dope to make the deal, therefore won’t happen. If you have ever worked for a big comapny you know what I mean. Someone directly hired by the boss has a lot more rope than any staff member who was “inherited”

    • I think you have to get Francisco’s bat into the lineup against virtually all Righties so long as this more patient version of JF prevails.

      We need to see what we have here.

  6. This morning on the Fan Tim Brown made a good point about when you start actually looking at a team’s record. He said not until a third into the season cause before that a four game streak one way or the other can completely change the complexion of the team.
    Comparing that to the Jays it’s so true. That cold streak made them look like the test of the season would be spent in the cellar, now they look like the division’s theirs for the taking.

    • This is so true. While the unbridled optimism is a nice change around here, lets keep some perspective. .600 baseball the next month would be swell.

  7. Kudos to EE in convincing or at least encouraging Juan to join the Jays. So far the experiment is working and lets hope the bats remain hot for this series.

  8. Even in meaningless garbage time, Esmil Rogers still finds a way to get lit up. i’m not sure i can recall another pitcher who gave up as much hard contact as he does.

    That being said, Redmond would be be first on my DFA hit list. His repertoire and career path reek of AAAA. At least Rogers looks and feels like a major leaguer, and there’s a chance that live arm translates into something at some point.

    all roster mongering aside, the Jays are playing great ball right now. and although i believe you are never as good or as bad as you are playing during a given streak, there seem to be a number of positive regression candidates and improving health (Reyes, Dickey, Lawrie, Navarro, Lind just got back, etc.) to balance out some of the negative regression that is inevitably coming to guys like Francisco, Thole, Buehrle, Cabrera, etc.

    • Agree that Rogers has more upside, but Redmond’s still only 28 and put up pretty decent numbers in his first extended stay in the bigs.

      Rogers is like a ticking time bomb every time he takes the mound.

    • Redmond has done nothing to deserve a DFA this season other than getting lit up that one time our entire bullpen was getting lit up.

      How long does Redmond have to keep getting results before people stop treating him like the worst pitcher (other than Rogers) in the bullpen?

      I remember when Janssen was first closing games for us, and people kept wanting us to get or find an “actual closer” because Janssen didn’t have “closer stuff.” If I do recall, that was part of the draw of the Santos trade–we were getting an actual closer. Meanwhile Janssen continued to be awesome, and Santos sucked off the bat just before getting injured.

  9. looking forward to a fun weekend of ball !

  10. the only reason redmond can’t start is because he gets lit up third time through. In the ‘pen, he’s awesome.

    Rogers is awful. Really fucking awful.

  11. Next up: hosting a four-game set to the 16-17 Angels, who everyone treats as a sleeping giant, not too dissimilarly from the 18-17 Jays–the Angels at +23 even have a better run differential than us; followed by the 16-19 Cleveland Indians.

    Two eminently winnable series. I’m mildly nervous about the Angels, but we can do this.

  12. Morrow, johnson, jeffress, rogers, santos, delabar


    Buehrle, dickey, janssen, loup, cecil, redmond

    You’d think jays fans would be sick of the BIG ARM guys already.

    Pitchees >>> throwers

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