With word last night — though, admittedly, none around here — that Sergio Santos was headed to the DL with a right forearm strain, the ol’ wheels started cranking about what move the Jays might be making next, as they continue to try to patch together something that, at least in their minds, resembles a coherent roster. But did anybody see this one coming?

According to a report on the Rogers-owned Jays from the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet and Shi Davidi, it’s Chad Jenkins who’ll be back up with the team… for some reason. And Jonathan Diaz!

Diaz adds a bit of what the club lost when they D’d Chris Getz FA in order to get Casey Janssen back on the roster, but will come at the expense of yet another roster move, which has yet to be announced.

So, for those of you keeping score: Jenkins went down when Adam Lind was activated back on Thursday; Janssen came back yesterday, with Getz being D’d FA to make room; Santos got hurt and will be placed on the DL, making room for one of Jenkins and Diaz to come back; and some as-yet-unannounced move will make room for the other.

As much as I’m sure everybody is ready for the Jays to just end the madness at the back of their bullpen already, the return of Jenkins suggests to me that madness is in full swing, and with Dioner Navarro having been healthy enough to be back behind the plate for two of the last three games, I’m thinking we’ll hear shortly that Erik Kratz is on his way to Buffalo. Of course, with the Jays this year, who the hell knows?

If it is Kratz, having Diaz up at least doesn’t offsets the removal of a right-handed bat, technically — though in Diaz’s case I use the term “bat” loosely, since he’s 0-for-24 with two walks in 27 plate appearances since being sent down to Buffalo less than two weeks ago. Which… is… fucked. But hey, but since the Jays probably have got to keep the suddenly-cold bat of Juan Francisco in the lineup by playing Brett Lawrie at second, it’s not like Diaz will see much of the field anyway. (Right???)

The team isn’t even that bad! This stuff is just a bit weird, though. Still.

I don’t know. The Jays are covered for any and all garbage time situations, at least. And look at the bright side: it might not be Kratz, it still technically might be Lawrie actually needing to go on the DL (though the rumblings out there don’t make that seem like the case at this point).


Santos, for his part, told reporters — including John Lott of the National Post, who takes us through Sergio’s grim injury history — that while he’s beyond frustrated at hitting the DL for the third time in three season, ““I’m hopeful it’s just a strain. I think it is. That’s what I feel. That’s what I believe.”

Not exactly a well-reasoned medical assessment right there, but fingers crossed — though… y’know… it’s not like Santos was doing the Jays much good at this stage anyway, so whatever it is, at least he’s going to get it right, and hopefully come back with some semblance of a repeatable release point, and the ability to go more than just a couple outing between monumental blow-ups. Because fuck, when he’s on, he remains a filthy fucker indeed.

So it goes…

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  1. Hmm… Maybe Santos throwing 75% (exaggerated but can’t find exact #s) sliders isn’t the best idea…

    • to be fair, he has serious control issues with his heater… that’s on him. No excuse for a pro not being able to locate their fastball. At least for one we assume to be a good player!

      • Baseball is hard.

        • EXACTLY! i’m not sure why they bother, TBH.

        • especially not at 100%… and over-use of sliders can definitely contribute to that…

          Santos seems to have some mental make-up questions, as he pitches best when he’s got something to prove, and not so great when he’s the top guy…

      • You say “locate his fastball” as if it is some binary condition.

      • Being able to consistently locate your fastball is something that few are able to do. Those who do, thou, go by the names of “Allstar”, or for a select few, “Cy Young”. There are several pitchers on this roster who have trouble locating that pitch some to all of the time, Morrow, Happ, Rogers, Cecil, so far this year, even Delebar, whose struggles this year have been attributed to this “condition”. So, yeah, baseball is hard, especially when your trying to throw all of your momentum towards home plate, contorting your body in a completely unnatural motion…. all while trying to pin point a ball 3 inches in diameter. Not as easy as said! Oh, but they’re pros, so we should expect nothing less than perfection. *sigh*

        • You’re right. It’s wholly unrealistic to have an expectation that a professional pitcher be able to throw a fastball with accuracy. What does the size of the ball have to do with anything? Smug ahole.
          Baseball isn’t hard, they’re supposed to be pros, not 12 year old children who need constant affirmation.
          Santos is garbage, there’s hundreds of guys out there that can throw a fastball with no consistency or accuracy.

          • This is garbage

          • Holy fuck dude I was being sarcastic to what Oliver said. Plan and simple, if you have fastball command, your usually not going to have success. Doesn’t matter who it is. He has been garbage at times, but when healthy and in command, he’s dominant. No reason to think over time he can build more muscle memory and refine his approach, he could become more reliable then some of the options down there. But that’s just my fucking opinion, an opinion of a smug a hole.

          • Davesteibslider, if you wanted me to call you an idiot, you could have just asked instead of bothering to write out nonsense like this.

      • Not to mention that this “pro” just started pitching professionally, what, 5 years ago? Not sure that locating fastballs from short is high on the Jays farm system director’s priorities.

  2. According to a report on the Rogers-owned Jays from the Rogers-owned Rogers Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi, it’s Chad Jenkins who’ll be back up with the team… for some reason. And Jonathan Diaz!

    “Good Get” says Rogers Sportsnet 590′s Mike Wilner

  3. I have given up having an opinion on the constant moves, its just another thing to me now

  4. Jenkins would be the corresponding move for Santos since it hasn’t been 10 days.

    The Diaz thing…they needed a backup SS, and I’m assuming he got the call over Goins since he’s RHB. But it’s not like you would expect either him or Goins to hit so…

    Can they send down Tolleson for Pillar or Mastro now? I’m guessing he’s out of options?

    • Tolleson is out of options

      • Tolly has been hitting pretty well, and when he hasn’t, he has had good abats. I think it was Skaggs was dealing, and Tolly struck out, but he was able to foul off multiply pitches and dragged it out to a 10 pitch abat the other night. One big reason why the tires came off in the ninth for him. Why use one of Pillar’s options when we’re not sure if he is going to even provide the same caliber of abats at this point in time?

        • They’ve already used one of Pillar’s option years by sending him to the minors. They’re free to call him up and send him down as often as they please, and it won’t affect his options.

  5. I wonder how the Miami Marlins are doing(Rhetorical question) lol

  6. It might not be 100% true, but I’m just gonna assume it anyway: that picture, of Jonathan Diaz fouling a ball off his foot, is the best one available of him hitting.

    • Although I suppose it’s possible he’s just swinging right over a pitch too.

    • Apparently he’s in the process of hitting a single — at least according to the label on the side we use. Not seeing how that’s possible either.

      • only if he drove it into the ground for an infield single, or it found a whole.

      • well…IF the ball is actually on an upward trajectory after hitting squarely off the plate (which could be the case given the bat location), then it’s possible he beat out an infield single, one of those ones that bounce high off the plate and give enough time to reach 1st.

        • aaannnd, i see Middaughsome already posted essentially that. i must have been thrown off by ‘whole.’

  7. Please don’t be for Jose Reyes BTW

  8. i would pay at least $5 to see the Jays change their marketing slogan to, ‘The team isn’t even that bad!’

  9. Reading between the lines it appears to me that they’re going to give the Lawrie to 2B/Fat Juan at 3B an everyday shot, at least for a while. I’d even wager a small sum that’s why Lawrie didn’t return Saturday.

    Diaz is the late inning replacement at 2B while Lawrie goes back to 3B to close out games in which the Jays lead.

    Despite Fat Juan’s 0 for his last 10 he does have a walk, which keeps the dream of a 10% plus walk rate alive.

    • Ps. In this set up Tolleson would be the super utility guy with the odd start against a LHP to provide a regular a day off.

  10. Why no Muni? He is from Jaapan! He like to play basuboro with his team and eat sushi, the best food.

    We seem to win more when he is up.

  11. As much as keeping Juan in the lineup is behind shifting Lawrie to 2B temporarily, would we be doing this if we had a reasonable body to put at 2B? I think no. That hole in the roster is so bad.

    • I disagree, The median 2B just isn’t that good in MLB currently. Also, Fat Juan is found money/lighting in a bottle type stuff.

      IF this works, the Jays could go from dog shit to very good at 2B.

      It’s a long and twisty road as to how we got to this point, but I’m willing to wait and see how it pans out because the pay off could be really good.

      • That’s possible but I already think juan is showing us his regression to the mean (technically negative variation after positive variation, if I want to be a pendants prick) in what is a small sample indeed but I think he’s in an 0 for 18ish right now. If our other 2B options weren’t Goins, I still think Juan would be out and Brett would be 3B but who knows.

        • He’s only 0 for his last 10 with a BB, coming off a 3 hit + 1 BB performance before this mini slide.

          • And we also know that he should never be allowed to face a lefty, and that slump includes an 0-for-3 with 3 Ks against Skaggs. His slump against righties (i.e. in situations where he should be in the lineup) currently stands at 0-for-7. That’s barely long enough to qualify as a slump.

            I know you have to take his numbers as a whole, but seriously… he’s beyond Lind-level bad against lefties. His wRC+ against lefties this year is -23,and for his career it’s 10. That walk rate that we all want him to be able to sustain is at over 16% against righties this year.

            It sucks having two potentially very productive hitters in the lineup who desperately need platoon partners.

      • @Famous

        Exactly the reason why it may have been a good idea to keep Laurie at second or at least give him some time in st there in case he was called upon during the year. There are not many decent hitters that can play 2b well and lots more 3b. AA recently saying Lawrie is good enough to be a plus defender at any position. What a silly statement. If that is true why is he at 3b

  12. Gibby leaves Santos in for two innings. Goes on the DL a few days later. Coincidence?


    • You’re right. Not a coincidence. Also, no correlation. Congratulations.

      • To be fair, you need at least two observations for there to be correlation.
        But you’re technically right.

  13. We still have no fourth outfielder…and way too many shit-balling mop-up guys!

  14. Going to the game tonight, really hoping for not another shitshow. If diaz and jenkins are involved, the odds increase.

  15. Wagner was activated yesterday, surprised to see him over jenkins.

  16. According to Sportsnet, Lawrie will play 2B against right-handers only in order to get Francisco in the lineup at 3B. hopefully that means that the last couple weeks have convinced them that Juan is quite simply horrendous against southpaws (as if they didn’t know that already from looking at his career numbers).

    overall it’s not a bad situation, since it gives the 2B spot a lift from the likes of Tolleson, Getz, Diaz, Goins, Kawasaki, etc.

    as to why Jenkins needs to be up, we’ll never know. i can see Redmond still not being available from his 4.1 innings on Saturday, but there’s still Rogers and Stroman to soak up garbage time innings, not to mention they could let Janssen get his feet wet or let Delabar continue working through his command issues in a hypothetical low-pressure situation today.

    not like we could use a proper 4th OF, right?

    it’s tough to be a fan of this team sometimes, especially since the ongoing roster nightmare is entirely their own doing after falling in love with so many marginal players.

  17. Please don’t be Lawrie or Reyes to the DL.

  18. If the Jays scored as many runs as roster moves they make, they’d be undefeated this season.

  19. can we fire alex already? this constant roster shuffling of useless crap is tiring. 130 mil for a last place team again.

  20. AA should have a weekly move limit put on him like can do in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball! The guy has gone from ninja to I don’t know what, his moves and lack of moves makes zero sense.

  21. I feel they should just say to hell with the new organist at the dome and just get some calliope music in there to complete the circus atmosphere.

  22. I’m not so sure it’s a circus. More like a wacky early ’80s sitcom. But hilarity ensues. It’s still possible that this shambolic team might limp into the post-season. It’s also possible that this shambolic front office might limp out the door with cardboard boxes full of their personal belongings. At this point I’m not sure which sight I’d enjoy more!

    • which 80′s sitcom? how bout fantasy island? can’t you just picture beeston and alex in white suits….

      beeston: welcome to fantasy blue jays island!

      alex: look paul the playoffs! the playoffs!

    • Playoffs. You’d prefer to see them make the playoffs.

      • Not if they go out in the 1st round I wouldn’t. And I don’t see how this bunch gets any further. Also, if they do make the play-offs, then there won’t be any change in the organization–not that change is a given thing around here anyway–and I think change is long overdue. It’ll be all ‘hey, we got the team to the play-offs for the first time in 22 years!! And if we can prove that we can profit by improvement, the money will be there in the off-season to help us do that. Maybe.’

        • at this point any playoffs is the best we can hope for, unless you like shitting the bed and a long term rebuild.

  23. Chad fuckin Jenkins again? How many innings is he going to throw before going down again? 2?

  24. cant they just teach 2b to fat Juan and leave Brett Langley at 3b?

  25. I think it’s cool you guys can (even try to) follow all these moves. It does seem strange. At the same time, we’ll make it or break it based on Bautista, EE, Reyes, Melky and Buehrle, Dickey, Hutch, McGowan type players.

    If they’re healthy and play well, we could win the division.

    If not, who the utility infielder is, will hardly matter at all.

    • fair point.

    • unless you believe their core guys can go toe to toe with the rest of the division, in which case who the remaining roster spots are given to could make the difference between playoffs and not.

      i think the above statement is true of the lineup, which is currently second in our division behind Tampa (first if only offense is considered).

      the pitching staff i’m very much not convinced of. Dickey, Buehrle, Hutchison? Fine, but individually none of them are top of the rotation material. For us to have an average or good staff, the back of the rotation has to be relatively good. McGowan and Happ? ehhh…. I like McGowan, but they’re asking him to perform well and make adjustments in a pretty difficult pitching environment after years on the shelf, and the same will be true of Stroman when they realize Happ just doesn’t cut it.

      • Well Kevin I guess my point is that a real 2B or landing Santana (before people had a chance to get injured in spring training) would negate so much of this depth debating.

      • I think looking at the 2012 Orioles is a good exercise in the case of discussing whether you can make the playoffs with a middling staff.

        That team won something like 6.2 million 1 run games (give or take). Chances are, the starters weren’t sticking around in mos of those games. The middle and back ends of the bullpen are very important.

        I’d argue it was every last piece of that bullpen (wherever they were scrapped from) that likely made that a playoff team that year. And there were only 3 teams with pens that logged more innings.

        • There’s always a ying and yang though – the starters had to be at least good enough to keep it that close.

          Plus luck is a serious thing in 1 run games.

          Ultimately you are better off with a .350 OBP over 600 at bats than a .400 OBP off the bench for 100 at bats.

          And same for pitching – a 3.50 ERA with 200 innings is worth way more than 3.00 ERA over 60 relief innings.

          All at bats and innings pitched are worth the same ultimately.

          Do you want Ricky Romero + Rivera or Verlander + Esmil Rogers? The latter will win you triple as many games.

          • yeah people who keep using luck excuse are always the people on the wrong end of the luck

            • My point is you can’t just “plan” to win 1 run games. You can plan to overall mash lots of runs in and overall pitch well, but you can’t plan WHEN or HOW EVENLY it will all happen.

              There is luck: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_expectation

            • Thank you for saying this! It’s absurd that a blog so openly mocks commenters when they dare use taboo stats such as batting average or era, yet talk about luck as if its the damn holy grail of sabermetrics. Get it together, people!

  26. so when does a media member ask what the fuck AA is doing with his roster management, it’s embarassing with him him not upgrading the bench, having an 8 man pen, and saying that rogers is helpful with their budget

  27. #bringbackAaronHill


  28. How far away is Norris from being here?

  29. I would like to spend a week in the jays offices when stuff like this happens just to watch the wheels turn. Would be fascinating. Well fascinating in my wee brain anyway.

    • You mean when everyone rolls their eyes while AA defends keeping Esmil Rogers, repeating his name like Steinbrenner going “Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps”.

  30. So Sabathia loses weight and THEN has knee problems?

  31. I wouldn’t say Navarro is healthy, he didn’t seem to be running very well yesterday still, and his last six games he is only hitting .167, so maybe he could use some time on the DL to get his legs healed properly so he can at least somewhat run.

  32. I wonder how much you’d have to give up for Utley?

    • Rather have Utley any day than Drew. Cot’s is showing:

      ■14:$15M, 15:$10M, 16-18:$15M vesting options ($2M buyout for 2016)
      Not bad, but not something AA or Beeston would like.

      And he’s 35. I’m sure the bat will be ok. Just don’t know about the wheels.

  33. Kratz sent down

  34. Reyes not playing today. #Madeofglass

    • Lawrie is however, at third.

      • Calm down
        @BKennedyStar: Jose Reyes is getting a day off today, so Jonathan Diaz will play SS. With lefty on the mound for #angels, Brett Lawrie will play 3B.

    • reyes has missed half of all blue jays games. why exactly are we paying him 20 mil?

      • Because that’s what the contract he negotiated with the Marlins stipulated when they traded for it.

    • doesn’t matter. Buerhle gonna buerl

      • Not accusing you directly, of course, but I seem to recall quite a few “release Buehrle! He’s garbage!” Etc. comments around this time last year.

  35. Gibby says routine day off, so that’s good.

    • Seems strange to give him a day off against a lefty where the lineup is already weakened by having Lind/Francisco unable to hit.

      Then again, I haven’t calculated the entire teams career splits so maybe it doesn’t matter much in the end.

    • i only half believe that. days off during a long consecutive game stretch for guys with a history of nagging injury issues are a good idea, but it is a rather large coincidence that he slid awkwardly yesterday, and Diaz is called up today to start. you’d think if it were something planned ahead of time, they wouldn’t have to make a roster move to accommodate it.

  36. Has anyone else noticed that ever since a couple of weeks ago Gibbons has been leaving the starters in longer now? Before it was as if no pitcher would be allowed to pitch more than 100 pitches (except Dickey), now it seems like the starters go 110-120 if they’re pitching well.

    • I’ve noticed it.

      I’ve also noticed improved performance and efficency from the starters as a whole as well.

      I’ve also noticed the calendar now says May.

      So , um, yeah.

      • I thought he bailed on Hutch early yesterday. he gave up some weak ass hits his last inning and got yanked. better served to let him learn how to pitch his way through those games.

        • He did leave him in for eight after that one bad inning in Philly. Maybe he just felt like Hutch didn’t have it last night, and to be fair, his command was pretty spotty.

          • exactly, the manager has to make an evaluation based on the process, not the results. Hutch generally has good control and yet walked 4 guys in 4 innings last start, he clearly didn’t have it.

  37. Janssen’s hesitation before following his opinion on offense being our strength with pitching and defense being not far behind made me lol. It was a fluffy PR piece, which, to me, made it funnier.

  38. Hate to be “that guy”, but having a solid defender at SS in place of Reyes’ 87 wRC+ and pylon-esque range at short, with Mark Buehrle pitching on turf, maybe isn’t such a bad thing.

  39. god zaunie is a blowhard. i’m not sure which AL East he’s been watching his whole career, but nobody in this division manufactures runs with small ball like he’s talking about, except maybe Tampa. It’s a patient, powerful division that by and large doesn’t waste its time with sac bunts and hit and runs.

  40. jeez, how many pitchers make that play?

    it’s part of the reason why Buehrle has always been able to outperform his peripherals

  41. Can someone please tell me why with Trout up to the plate, men on first and second, Cletus is playing shallow enough to have a ball hit directly over his head?

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