Let’s not let this idiot on the right here have any joy and beat these fuckers. This picture was taken in 2014.


As you can see from the lineup posted below, Brett Lawrie moves back over to second base tonight, as Juanfran mans third, making it a real day for defence at the hot corner, as Carlos Santana is there for the Clevelands.

John Lott tweets that Colby Rasmus says he hopes he can be back in the lineup in about three days, but that the hamstring he tweaked last night feels about the same as then still.

John Gibbons says that he doesn’t think Rasmus will need a DL stint, according to a Gregor Chisholm tweet.

Mike Wilner adds that Gibbons says he won’t skip anyone — *COUGH* Happ *COUGH* — in the rotation, despite an off-day on Monday.

Chris Toman tweets that Gibbons says Kevin Pillar earned his promotion, though the manager noted Anthony Gose wasn’t eligible for a recall not related to a DL stint, as it’s been less than 10 days since he was last optioned down.

Toman adds that Pillar says he’s “more prepared” than he was when being recalled last year, adding, “I’m going to go out here and make it impossible for them to send me down.”

Lott tweets a link to his story from the National Post on Brett Lawrie, who is “doing it for the boys” when it comes to playing second base.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Cleveland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Cleveland Racist Logos

CF Michael Bourn (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Michael Brantley (L)
3B Carlos Santana (S)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (R)
RF David Murphy (L)
C Yan Gomes (R)
DH Lonnie Chisenhall (L)
2B Mike Aviles (R)

RHP Justin Masterson


Image via @ClevelandFrowns.

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  1. Lets kick the shit out of these asshats

  2. Fawkin A

  3. Nice first inning from the Dick….

  4. You got to love how a team that calls themselves the Indians also calls there ball park progressive field

  5. The 10 day rule is bullshit.

  6. These Masterson starts can be tough to watch.

  7. Hate these Dickey starts, game is half over before I can get out of the damn office!

  8. some interesting points about Dickey’s last 4 starts:

    3.65 ERA 3.22 FIP 3.96 xFIP
    50% GB%
    0.36 HR/9
    21.3% K%
    9.3% BB%

    his opponents? BAL, BOS, PIT, PHI. neither easy nor difficult.

    positively decent i say

  9. Free beer for any DJFer who makes their way to Edmonton if Dickey doesn’t no-hit these cocksuckers. Only 7 innings to go!


  11. Fuck, I was really hoping to have to buy a keg of beer for the collective minds of DJF.

  12. Joey Bats is fucking amazing.

  13. Looked like a catch?

  14. walked like a catch

  15. Amazing with all the technology in place every angle on that play was total dog shit. I think he got leather underneath it.

    • I think you could see the black rubber shit they cover the turf with shooting everywhere when the ball made contact…which would probably mean turf first, unless his glove did that.

  16. Can someone explain to me why Cleveland haven’t signed Masterson

  17. Masterson super tough.

    can’t take pitches against him cause he’s around the plate and has a great slider to use when ahead, so then you go aggressive and end up rolling over his sinker all night long.

    just gotta hope for some hangers.

  18. 27 pitches through 3 innings for Masterson? Shit might get ugly.

  19. Can we trade for Masterson during a game he’s pitching against us? He is perfect groundball pitcher for rogers Centre. Plus not having to face him each year is worth 2-3 war.

  20. KD to Raptors in 2016 is the latest.
    Oh man I hate when girls wear those cowboy hats and sing Ride a Horse Save a Cowboy.

  21. Wow think I better head to TO on country day.

  22. Buck likes saying Brett Lawrie the second basemen.

  23. Don’t see that changeup too often

  24. Dickey’s knuckler looking very Candiotii-like tonight; lots of swings and misses. Loved that guy.

  25. He likes lawrie shaken not stirred!

  26. They’re hanging there, hope it’s only matter of time before they get the offense going. Third time through lineup

  27. Beauty

  28. Thats how you hit masterson reyes!!

  29. Love me some triples

  30. Couple of good ABs there.

  31. or instead of waiting for a hanger, you could swing at one at your shoetoes and split the gap in left-centre field


    people, i give you baseball

  32. The Melkman! Harvey Melk!
    Melk 2 Go Sport!
    Mes Melker!
    Melk & Cookies!

  33. Extend Melky now. Sorry Cletus.

  34. JOSE REYES he has the right idea!

  35. Haja Buck just said Blackberry. Do they still sponsor the Zaun and Campbell desk? I doubt it.

  36. Damn that Reyes has an accurate arm

  37. Dickey is…er.. dicken?

  38. Gibby always looks like he could give a fuck if his world came to an end.

    • I keep waiting to see him say fuck it, dip his hand in a cooler and crack a cold one. There are nights this team can drive a man to drink.


  40. Welcome back, Juan!

  41. Phat Juan is on the radar!

  42. Fat Juan! Fat Juan!

  43. Free cable and internet for a month if you hit the Rogers sign.

  44. o really Zaunie? tell me more about the evils of HRs

    • Rally killers.

      Three tripes is way better then three HR’s…..yes, you’ll score less runs with three triples, but at least those runs were MANUFACTURED!!

      • You could argue that three triples would be more fun to watch. Manufacturing runs is part of the charm of the game, for me at least.

      • they count more if there’s a sac bunt involved dontcha know? that’s REAL baseball right there

    • He wasn’t on about this tonight, was he?

  45. lol Tabby

    “See that red area there?……that’s where he really pounds the zone”

    I’m guessing they thought they were off the air

  46. Pillar is going to have nightmares of Masterson’s sinker-slider combo.

    awful guy to have to face in your first game up. definitely no pitchers like Masterson in the minors

    • I was just thinking that. Get the call up against the guy slaying righties this season. Better game for Gose.

  47. Poll time? Should jerry replace buck?

  48. That’s my boy.

  49. #growingfondofthisteam!

  50. Put up another 10 boys than we’ll turn the bull pen loose.

  51. See what happens when you stop trying to pull masterson

  52. yesssssssssssss

  53. I LOVE how the hitters have adjusted and are producing on the spot.

  54. Enjoyable game

    Last chance for a 5 dollar pizza at Pizza Nova.

  55. Shit, I’m about ready to really believe in this lineup.

  56. I don’t know what it is but looking back at the Los Angeles Angels of Aneheimlick of Los Angeles series….The Jays always suck on playing the best coast teams. And now we are back into a batting frenzy. Need an MLB team on the west coast of Canada!

  57. Holy shit, they just knocked out Masterson

    Is this the apocalypse

  58. Is there a chance that Francisco might be for real?

    • Hes always had pop. Just strikes out a ton and doesnt walk which is what hes given them pretty much. But the slugging cannot stay at this level. I think hes just a good bench bat.

    • The MLB The Show simulation predicted he would hit a homerun + that he would be player of the game. So clearly our robot overlords think he’s the real deal.

    • I strongly suspect that Fat Juan is for real. It seems too good to think that he’s like a second Edwin but maybe he is. A second EE who can actually play third base even. And like Edwin his attitude is good and the other guys like him. Yeah he could be real.

    • i doubt he’ll ever solve left handed pitching, but otherwise yeah he might be.

      the Jays have the lineup flexibility (as long as Lawrie is fine playing 2B) to put him in a good position to succeed. it’s really a good situation for him.

  59. Masterson’s only weakness is left-handed hitters

    he compensates by dominating righties, but the Jays have pretty good balance in their lineup. tonight almost all the damage has come from our switch hitters, Lind and Francisco.

  60. Jesus, how did they get a swan to swim by for that shot??!!

  61. Still wonder why Pillar was in AAA. Awful awful swings.

    • It’s almost like scouting stat lines from a league where guys like Ricky Romero, Liam Hendriks and Kyle Drabek get regular rotation turns doesn’t tell us as much as we sometimes think.

      • Fuck Stoeten quit running down your readers because it is getting quite sickening!

        • Thanks . It’s ok there are plenty of nice people on here,

        • Your search – chicago cubs trade smizardi – did not match any documents.


          Make sure that all words are spelled correctly.
          Try different keywords.
          Try more general keywords.
          Try fewer keywords.
          Search Results

        • I was agreeing with him, you dope.

    • Pillar had one awful, awful swing; it was in the 6th. Other than that, the Clevelands’ pitchers were hitting the corners and getting the calls.

  62. Oh, Kevin. Leave that one out there.

  63. Pillar’s last two at bats were some of the worst I’ve ever seen at the mlb level. Overmatched doesn’t begin to describe it.

  64. Gotta love leaving work down by a run then coming home, turning on the game and seeing fat juan pound a double and see we’re winning.

  65. Alright that was pretty funny.

  66. Ryan Goins would have had it.

  67. I’m gonna start building a narrative around Francisco.

    In fact, his breakout is perfectly normal, expected even. See, despite the Jays flaws (inability to sign free agents, poor prospect development etc) one thing they’ve proven themselves very good at is developing late 20′s journeyman 3B utility guys from Dominican Republic into power hitting superstars. In fact, they’ve consistently done this every two years since 2010, so really, Francisco’s breakout in 2014 is completely sustainable, and was completely expected.

    • Life is nothing more than a series of patterns.

    • Reminds me of the Dodgers churning out ROYs for several consecutive years back in the 90s.

      • Gotta stick to your strengths.

        Jays are good at turning journeyman scrapheap Dominicans into stars, and the Dodgers were really good at developing prospects that start out really good, and then kind of regress the rest of their careers.

      • fuck………this game was due to be mopped up a few min ago with a 5-1 lead in the 7th……

        Now it’s a game again.

  68. Sphincter tightening.

  69. There go the wheels

  70. o dear, this got bad fast. and Dickey was pitching so well…

  71. Poor Dickey. That stuff always seems to happen to him. Should have been at 6 2/3 with nobody on base. Hopefully Louper can get ‘er done.

    • He should not be allowed to pitch as deeply into games. He sucks @ it. Just a fact.

      • Cause turning it over to the pen inspires such confidence?

      • I dunno, Bean. I think if he had a 140 pitch limit, as a knuckler should, he’d be fine.

        • So the choice is between a sucky bullpen + a sucky late-innings SP? Yay.

          • I’d like to find out what Dickey is like in the 8th inning this year. I think he’d smell a CG, and be a bulldog. I just think starters have more of a vested interest in cleaning up their own mess. Especially guys with ace-mentalities, which the Dickster definitely has. His 3 CG’s last year were great. I suppose I was spoiled by the years Roy tossed 9 CG’s regularly. That’s like one in four starts!

            I understand that all of the above further cements my bias in favour of starters. They’re the thoroughbreds…and Esmil is fit for the glue factory.

            • + I’ll cop to a serious bias against SPs. They are divas. Dickey being a prime example of this.

              • I’m with you on Dickey, Bean.
                Pray tell, why are you late to the party every night? Do you have an actual life after work?

                • I don’t work. But I do eat dinner late-ish [or so I'm told] every night + then sit around with the dude until he gets bored of baseball + wanders off. I like to give him my full attention.

  72. They should change Lawrie’s play to an error so that some of these runs are unearned.

  73. I maintain one (Gibby) should allow his aces to work their way out of jams.

  74. So far having Francisco at third gained 2 runs.

    Having Lawrie at second cost what, 2? 3?

  75. Still got the lead. Let’s tack on a few more

  76. Time for the bullpen to shut this game down.

  77. WTF Swisher

  78. Cecil needs to get his shit together. Hes a big part of the pen

  79. Melky done real good.


  81. fuck me i like outfield assists!

  82. melk my day

  83. Fairly decent toss by Melky at a somewhat important time.

  84. break out the pen AA and get the Milk Man signed.

  85. Dinner channeling his inner JPA there.

  86. Janssen warming up?

    Hey fate, don’t look over here. Certainly not trying to tempt you.

  87. Anyone else *not* miss having to spell Rzep….uh….wejiopfjawefo?

  88. Was that trade really Aviles + Gomes for Rogers?

  89. Money in the fucking bank

  90. Vintage Casey

  91. Is this what having a real closer feels like?

  92. Scoring change in favour of Dickey! Another fabled ‘Quality Start’!

  93. 2 weeks ago, we’re fucked. Fast forward 2 weeks and BAM… Janssen is the TITS!!!

  94. Good win!

  95. I just love Casey Janssen

  96. Holy fuck did I ever miss Casey.

  97. Casey is such a joy to watch. his command is sublime.

  98. Melky gets a save too!

    But instead, ESPN offers this up:

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