Seriously, though. Look at this guy. In 2014. If that’s not reason to beat on his shitty team, I don’t know what is.

Image via CleveScene. Consider this your Game Threat.

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  1. This is disappointing and I know its early but Stroman needs more seasoning in AAA. His stuff is getting crushed at the major league level.

    • Yep.

    • Dunno if his stuff was necessarily the problem. Pretty much everyone stunk it up today, I felt like I was watching the 2013 Blue Jays.

    • On the bright side it has only been a handful of outings so he could always step it up (although he is looking like he could use some more time in the minors so far). I’m more worried that their’s literally no one in the system ready to step into the rotation right now, I don’t think I can take a year of Happ.

    • For his own sake, it is probably best to send him down.
      Last two outings: 3 IP, 11H, 1 BB, and 9ER allowed.

      Let him go back to Buffalo, work on his craft
      and regain his confidence.
      Hopefully, we’ll see him in Sept.

    • Shrug. He needs to learn how major-leaguers are vulnerable. Not sure AAA is the place for that. The ‘pen is, though, as long as there’s space for him.

  2. Wagner being very efficient in dispatching those inherited runners.

  3. AA was dead on in his assessment of the starting pitching needs for this club though. Why spend the big bucks for a guy like Tanaka when you have Dusty “best stuff in the organization” McGowan primed to anchor the rotation.

  4. stroman is a bust, he doesn’t need more time. the guy had a 1 era and gets bombed here.

    there’s a reason why 5.9 pitchers dont make it. the guy can’t even get 3 outs.

  5. it’s been a very small sample, and he’s had some bad fielding luck behind him, but Stroman is not really indicating that he’s ready for a turn in the rotation. he’s looked killer-dominant for short stretches, but then had bouts of poor command and periods where he doesn’t finish his slider and it backs up over the plate. i can’t see him making it through 5-6 innings consistently based on what i’ve seen, and i don’t think that’s being unfair. maybe he threw the ball better at AAA, but one wonders how many of his hangers went unpunished down there en route to that gaudy stat line.

    • that said, and i’m not sure why i feel this way about him in particular, i think he needs to get an extended look out of the pen with the big team. i’m not sure what would be gained by sending him down to dominate more minor leaguers (except the obvious benefits of keeping him stretched out).

      i think he needs to work on executing a game plan to get hitters out, and that may sound like “well, duh” but i’m pretty sure there’s not much of a science to getting AAA hitters out, particularly for guys with well-above average stuff. let him work on his execution in an environment where mistakes get punished. he seems like an uber-confident kid, so i’m not worried about his confidence getting destroyed.

  6. I hope Bautista didn`t tweak his back on that offspeed pitch. That swing looked awkward. Gave me a bit of a chill because it`s not like a swing and miss against a knuckleball pitcher.

  7. stroman looks like a fool blowing bubbles acting all cocky when he can’t get anyone out. baseball is a humbling sport, arrogant players usually get owned.

    • He`s young, he`s talented, he doesn`t have it all there yet. He hasn`t earned the right to blow bubbles and chew gum like he does if you want to play it that way. I have faith that he`ll get it, and be a productive pitcher for this team.

    • blowing bubbles = cocky and arrogant

      sure bud, not like it might be a stress reliever or anything

      and for your information, the vast majority of elite athletes are cocky beyond belief, and it’s usually part of what makes them good.

    • Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, ARod were all highly arrogant pricks. And they were all also amazing baseball players.

  8. Well, it seems like McGowan has to be concerned about whether or not he sticks in the rotation with tonight’s start. And Stroman might not be the guy to replace him.

  9. nothing good can come from high fastballs with ZERO FUCKING MOVEMENT.

    • Anything up in the zone spells TROUBLE! Doesn`t matter if it`s a fastball, change, breaking ball or knuckle ball. Anything belt high usually gets belted around the yard or at worst, out of the yard.

  10. Stroman and whatever AA can package to pry the Shark and his SUB 1.5 ERA looks good right bout now.

  11. By gosh, an ole fashioned behind the woodshed whupping! I tell ya that`s the beauty of 162 games. Unless something out of the extraordinary happens in the 9th, forget this one and try to win the series.

  12. You get a run, and you get a run, and you get a run! Everybody gets runs!

  13. In all fairness, though, that first ball to Cabrera was total BS.

  14. buerhle is 7-1 rest of team is 13-20

    assuming burle comes back to earth you’re looking at losing record rest of way 75 wins tops. happ and mcgowan stroman are going to give you nothing as starters

    • Again, like I said in yesterday’s game threat, that statistic would be true of many teams and their best pitcher.

      If Tanaka comes down to earth, the Yankees are looking at 75 wins tops.

      • except that other teams best pitchers are usually good, buehrle historically is not this good

        and besides you didn’t disprove what I just said, both yanks and jays could be 75 win teams

        • Fun fact: Mark Buehrle is currently has the second-highest career WAR of all active pitchers, by either fWAR or bWAR.

          Maybe he’s not 2.04 ERA good, but Buehrle is legit.

    • So Buehrle will get worse but the other starters can’t possibly get better. Gotcha.

  15. Tabby says ” just make good pitches with a fastball” Every fastball Wagner thrown has been annihilated

  16. Hey, noopi, I’m down for popularizing that Lawrie drink. Lord knows I spend nearly every night at a bar. What would we call it?

  17. Is this what they call a “laugher”?

  18. Yan Gomes, everyone. Home run on a 12-pitch at-bat.

  19. This is a .500 team. good nights. Bad nights.
    Need a starter AA.

  20. Holy fuck Wagner out Tolleson in.
    Might as well.

  21. Man, look at that rally killing home run by Gomes. He should’ve just doubled it.

  22. Oh shit, this game is still on? I put it on for a second at 9:50 and then put it on the Ducks/Kings. Back upstairs, I’m channel surfing and saw the 15-2.
    The Wagner comment makes more sense now.

  23. Why does it not surprise me that Buehrle is the best starter of the bunch that came with all the big trades that AA made. Josh Johnson was supposed to battle Dickey as the ace of the staff. That sure didn’t happen lol. Dickey is pitching very well right now but Buehrle is the ace right now.

  24. I suppose we can find some satisfaction in that this implosion came when they were already losing

  25. there goes that +16 run differential. can’t wait to hear wilner’s excuses

  26. According to gameday Tolleson is exclusively a changeup pitcher

  27. Over/under on # of pitches required to dispatch our world-leading Offense in the bottom of the 9th: 7.5

  28. The Birds got their asses whipped and handed it back the Indians to get whipped some more.

  29. Comeback time! Put your rally caps on everyone, we’re scoring 14 runs in the bottom of the ninth!

  30. Yan torching AA again.

  31. Haven’t seen a 13 run beatdown in a long time. Somebody please don’t dig up a worse loss. The Birds still have to think about going forward.

    Lind has 2 hits.

  32. The run differential goes from a solid +16 down to +3 in one game. Everyone else still in the negatives.

    This is a good old fashioned whuppin.

  33. Stroman and Wagner down.tomorrow
    with two of Hendricks, Drabek & Nolin coming up?
    All three are on the 40 man roster.

    • they won’t send Stroman down so quickly.

      you have to figure if they felt good enough to start his clock and create the possibility of super 2, they arent going to change their thesis after a couple poor showings.

      Wagner could go down i suppose though with the expectation of needed fresh arms in relief of Happ.

      • But sending him down until September eliminates the possibility of super 2. Now that you know he’s closer to this year’s Kyle Drabek than this year’s Michael Wacha, you can send him back down and manage your assets a bit more wisely. Doubling down and letting him go super 2 anyway because it seemed like a good idea 3 weeks ago is just silly.

  34. Since when does Carrasco throw 98 mph? Could Buerhle touch 90 if he was put in the pen?

    • well-known that the Rogers Centre has a fast gun. Kluber hit 96-97mph more than a couple times this game, and he’s not that kind of guy either.

  35. heh… Wagner rewarding all our pining for him the last couple weeks.

  36. Lind runs like Melky did last year.

  37. There’s one! Thirteen more to go!

  38. A little hustle and respect late in the game.

  39. You’re not a man until you get your ass kicked.
    Tom Cruise might recover well from a crowbar to the head in the movies but it’s not like that in real life.

  40. See this is exactly the problem with retards who look at the aggregate offense stats. 4 runs! Pretty decent performance. Except half came in garbage time down 13 runs. When we actually needed runs we couldn’t do shit. If there was a way to back out runs recorded when one or the other team had a 5+ run lead I’m guessing the jays would be bottom third in what was left over.

    • You know runs count the same no matter what the score is, right? And I’m pretty sure your last sentence is bullshit.

    • that’s bullshit. you’re making it easy on us.

      how many games have the Jays actually trailed by 5+ runs late in the game? hasn’t happened enough for what you’re saying to actually skew the run total, and of course there are far better ways to evaluate offense than counting stats.

      but by all means keep coming up with new material. it’s amusing to see people try to prove that the mlb’s 4th best offense isn’t good

      • It’s amazing the mental gymnastics they go through to support their funny little agendas.

      • 3rd in wOBA
        4th in wRC+
        7th in BB%
        10th in K%
        2nd in ISO
        23rd in BABIP so no fluky shit

        9th in baserunning value
        10th in O-Swing%
        11th in SwStrike%

    • So look at WPA or something instead. Don’t join the retards.

  41. Sometimes your the windshield, sometimes the bug. Phew ’twas the bug tonight.

  42. Why do these idiots only show up when the team loses?

  43. 130 mil for this garbage

  44. I find it funny wilners propoganda article about the best yet to come came before this shitshow. If this is the best to come, well its gonna be a loooonnnngggg season folks.

  45. Cleveland had two batters (Murphy and Chisenhall) go five-for-six. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.

  46. At least the Habs won last night

  47. I didn’t read through many comments, but I’m glad to see no one stepped off the ledge after last night’s shitshow. Yes the Jays got spanked like newborns, but it’s still just one loss, the Jays have a shot at taking this series, the OriLOLes lost, and it’s still just one loss.

    The only disappointment was the spanking didn’t commence sooner so I could watch more of the Habs game.

    • Fuk the Habs-Go Go Rangers!

    • I just scrolled through and it seems like a whole lot of people DID step off the edge.

      They’re still 7-4 in their last 11 games. This one doesn’t count any more or less than any other result, just like they didn’t get to add bonus wins when they beat the shit out of the Phillies.

  48. My anger isn’t with the loss at all, it’s with the ongoing Dustin McGowan experiment. Let Stroman fucking break in as a starter, not everyone is suited for a bullpen role as it is completely different. McGowan was lucky to get to the 5th inning last night, could have easily been out in the 3rd. It’s just a typical ridiculous AA move.

    • Did you have the same complaint while McGowan was putting up a 2.50 ERA over his last three starts? Or were you just sitting around waiting for him to struggle again so you could bitch and complain and pretend you know what you’re talking about?

      McGowan hasn’t been great this year, but he’s shown enough, especially lately, to deserve a chance.

      • You’re a moron. Firstly, because you just started your argument by giving me a sss ERA lol. Do you actually watch his starts? Sounds like you’re the one sitting around waiting for someone to say something negative so you can pretend you know what you’re talking about. His start against the Angels he also only lasted 5 innings, throwing 96 pitches, again forcing the bullpen to come in early. So “especially lately”? Far from. He’s given 3 quality starts out of 8 appearances, that’s a bit ridiculous, considering it’s not like he is looking any better. Sure he had a nice game against the Pirates 2 weeks ago, but that’s not saying much. So how about you actually have a look at a subject before you whine and complain about people whining and complaining? LOL!

        This is a Blue Jays blog, where people come to discuss what’s going on with the team. If you want to just be a cheerleader fuck off and post how much you love the Jays on your little Facebook account. Otherwise, let’s discuss what’s good and what’s bad with the team.

        • @ riggs, spot on man. Your last paragraph is a problem I have with many of the posters here. They are wearing rose colored glasses and dont want to see the bad things.

        • Ok, I probably shouldn’t have gotten so frustrated at a simple disagreement. Sorry.

          I still disagree, though. We knew McGowan was going to take some time to build up to the point where he could go later into games, and that’s part of the reason I think his recent performance is more telling than his first few starts. Prior to last night, two of his last three starts had been very good, and the other was… I guess “good enough” in that he cut down on runs and gave them a chance to win. In those games he averaged six innings per start. If he can do that consistently, then he’s a good back-of-the-rotation option. I don’t think last night’s start is enough to undo the progress we’ve seen out of him recently, and I don’t think it takes rose-coloured glasses to see it that way.

    • Pretty much agree. Having Dusty mostly labor out there every time isn’t going to work every 5th start. Out of 27 starts or so, he may give you 5 great ones-that’s about it. Following him up with Happ ( and previously Morrow) another 100 pitch by the 5ht type guy and no wonder the bull pen gets fried ( and they have their own performance issues).
      Mcgowan would work out in a fantasy story but not so much in MLB. .I guess they will have to let Stroman start to see what hecan do-admittedly he has looked poor so far, buthe is learning quickly that in MLB , location is critical and you can’t just fire it over the plate as it will get smoked by these guys unlike AAA. Mcgowan and Happ have both proven they really have no command at all. Enuf

      • I dont see why people have to beat a dead horse

        AA wasn’t given money to add a starter.

        Mcgowan was a last resort.

        I don’t see why we keep complaining about it, it is what it is. Would it have been better to have Santana out their and Mcgowan in the bullpen? Sure, but shit fucking happens.

  49. One thing that is and could be the biggest find in baseball this year, is Juan Francisco. If he can continue to put up anything close to what he’s doing at 3b, Lawrie will have to bite the bullet and become an everyday 2b.

    In the 12 games since Juan has seen action at 3rd, he hit .308 with a 1.032 OPS, with 6 walks and 16 K’s. To put that in perspective, in those same amount of games, Jose Bautista has 3 walks and 7 K’s.

    • Even his defense, which seemed like a weakness, has looked decent in his limited opportunities.

      He struggled for three games against the Angels, and in three games since then his numbers are back to almost right where they were before that series. Still only 92 PAs into the season, but his walk rate is still up at 12% and he seems to have a great read on the strikezone. The strikeout rate is 5% higher than even Arencibia’s last year, but it’s amazing what happens when you show a little patience.

      Even the projection systems seem to think maybe there’s something to it: ZIPS had him projected for 0.7 fWAR this year, and that’s been revised to 2.1. Not bad for a minor league signing.

      • he has to keep producing at that rate.

        Essentially the team is taken a downgrade in 2 defensive positions to have his bat in the lineup.

        Thats a lot to make up with the bat.

        • Yes and no.
          Agreed, it is a big downgrade at 3B
          Not convinced it is much of a downgrade at 2nd.
          Plus, Lawrie’s bat stays in the lineup and you
          have Juan’s bat instead of Goins/Getz/Diaz,
          and none of them had bats.
          Plus, when leading after 7, Lawrie can move
          back to 3rd and Tolleson can play 2nd.
          Would rather have a real, live 2nd baseman
          and Lawrie at 3rd, but this is not all bad.

  50. its still beyond me how the Jays did not pick up a good starter. One more good proven starter and they would be leading the division by a few games now. Its too bad, because the offence and defense are looking good..get a starter AA! Shark!

    • 100% agree. It’s incredible. So many great pieces on this team, but so blatantly in need of even a decent, semi reliable starter.

  51. Speaking of Boston – who else is loving that Buccholz has been utter shit so far? 6.17 ERA. Not great today (6IP, 3ER, 10H, 3BB, 5K) against the TWINS. What’s up with that?

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