Seriously, though. Look at this guy. In 2014. If that’s not reason to beat on his shitty team, I don’t know what is.

Image via CleveScene. Consider this your Game Threat.

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  1. Time to show those Racistname broadcasters the coronation they wouldn’t shut up about

  2. The funny thing is, that idiot totally gave the native guy the predictable spiel of “I’m honoring your culture!” Like, in real life, when questioned by a reporter.

    As in he saw someone from the media ask him about his getup, and completely didn’t think, “Maybe there’s something wrong with what I’m doing, here.”

  3. Not this picture, but the one from yesterday’s thread, says 1,000 words.

    When you’re trying to explain your opposition to Chief Wahoo / Washington Redskins to someone who does not agree and is trying to defend it with false equivalencies, I think you just link that image of the look on the American Indian guy’s face while he’s looking at the Pro-Wahoo protester and I think it says it all.

  4. I’ve never noticed but somebody else noted that Jerry only refers to the “Tribe” or “Cleveland” and never says the team’s nickname directly.
    Haven’t paid attention to it but I’ll listen and see if it’s true.

    • Tribe isn’t all that much better though, is it?

    • Ya, like ‘tribe’ isn’t racist as hell.

      Jerry isn’t what he used to be. Get ready for a dozen or more ‘the Blue Jays are in flight!’ tonight RADAR

    • I could be wrong, but I think the protests were related more to the Indians logo (Chief Wahoo) and less the team name. I think the main group that arranged the protests (at least against the NFL Washington’s) is called the National Congress of American Indians.

      Having said that, Jerry very well may avoid using the term regardless.

    • Tribe is not strictly a “Native” thing…

  5. I’m shocked he spelled “explicit” correctly on that shirt

  6. We live in a country where I have never heard discussion about the Edmonton Eskimos having their name changed. Before you get too high and mighty Stoeten I would like to cite the case of pot-kettle black.

  7. Seeing as how we’re all so sensitive about First Nations now, maybe we can look a bit closer at the pic that Stoeten/Griffen post of the apparently homeless guy.

    • Ouch

    • I never noticed until you mentioned it,that Stoeten does look like a homeless guy.

      Aren’t you making an assumption that the guy is an “apparently homeless guy”?
      He’s a guy sitting on the bench with 2 wine bottles.Appearances may be decieving.

  8. I hope Dusty has the good stuff in his pump tonight. Let’s kick some Cleveland ass.

  9. That guy in the photo needs to suffer….

  10. I just realized how little of a fuck I care about the Habs game.

  11. shitty leadoff walk, although to be honest i think it was more to Santana’s credit than anything – he laid off some tough ones and fouled off a couple good pitches.

  12. At least we’re going down swinging.

  13. Phat Juan struck out, but at least he saw 6 pitches. Meh.

  14. I see the TD comfort zone was moved to a shittier spot this season. Although I guess you cant sit TOO comfortably when you are first in line for a foul liner. Guess someone realized that that was kind of counterintuitive

    • I just noticed the change the other day. Sucks now. I would rather almost get hit than sit where it is now. Used to always sit on the baselines when I was younger. Most memorable time was when I was nearly hit multiple times by foul balls but totally didn’t notice because I was really fucked up on allergy meds. I knew how to party back then.

      • That anecdote took an unsuspected turn. Delightful.

        • Most of my anecdotes do. Anyway my family found my near-death experience to be delightful. I do believe the Yankees clinched @ that game + I totally didn’t notice.

      • Are you Kathy Ford, by any chance? That would explain the Yankees fandom.


  15. Gross

  16. two soft grounders -> hit, reach on error

  17. Given several things, first that pitching is generally more highly valued than corner of/1b, and second that the market completely fell out from under Santana, it’s amazes me to visit that fucker Swisher’s B-Ref page and see that the Clevelands gave him $56MM for four years. Can’t recall if he was QO’d but it seems like a lot for a bat like that.

    Then I say to myself, well they did give Bourn $48 MM…

  18. Ruh roh. Dat Dusty pitch count risin too

  19. Maybe Dusty doesn’t make it to the sixth today, but I’d take a 1-run, 5-inning effort over what Verlander gave the Tigers today, for example. In all honesty, I’d probably take it over Hutch’s 8-inning 5 run one in Philly.

  20. Third time through the lineup, that’s when the parrot should squawk

    • May I file my prediction now? Edwing’s second home run of the fifth inning will chase Goober from the game, and it will be 8-1 Blue Jays. You heard it here.

  21. So much warmth and love between Buck, Tabby and Gibby.

  22. Holy Pat & Tabby ball-gobbling of Kluber. They won’t fucking shut up about him.

    • Did you hear Buck drop the Halladay reference?

      • Actuslly told my TV to go fuck itself when I heard that

        • Definitely deserved such a reaction.

        • The Kluber-Halladay thing is just supremely stupid. The recent spate of injuries/ineffectiveness from many pitchers, in spite of the near-unprecendented offensive depression in the game today has highlighted just how rare a thing we witnessed with the Doctor.. Halladay was amazing, in a hitter’s park, against two beastly offences in NYY and BOS for basically his entire career as a Jay.

  23. I was talking to someone who hates Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler but “would be sad if they died.”

    She is remarkably kind.

  24. Get the BP going. Dusty aint fooling anyone tonight, gettin slapped like a bitch. Stop the bleeding.

  25. Seeing Yankees Gomes makes me sad… Seeing Mike Aviles’ SSS batting line next to 2b doesn’t help that sadness.

  26. Anyone else can’t wait for “Better Call Saul” to start?
    I don’t even know when it’s due to start but Breaking Bad was the tits and Saul Goodman was great.

  27. I can’t believe he didn’t get tossed.

  28. Fuck sakes, umpire. Don’t make up for a bad call by making a worse one.

  29. I love these 30 minute half innings by Dusty

    • He’s the anti-Buehrle but I love them both.

    • I normally like a long baseball game, but this is not good. I’m dividing my time between two games but I’m shocked the score is what it is.

  30. Unfortunately, I’m getting the no-hitter vibe. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Couldn’t be … We have one of the best offenses in the game and anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron, right guys?

      Don’t worry, we’ll throw up 12 against some tomato can in a couple days and win 12-2 and the overall numbers will still create the illusion this team can hit.

    • we’ve hit 3 lasers right at people. Kluber has been good, but not that good.

  31. When the Blue Jays finish the season at an entire game’s worth of strikes called outside the reasonable zone against them, I will be very frustrated. Especially because that time it cost us a runner on base with Bats up.

  32. Dusty actually hasn’t been too bad. the error and a couple gifts from the BABIP gods have really extended his pitch counts. the walks dont help either, but he’s only had 2. by my count there have only been maybe 3 hard hit balls

  33. Leadoff baserunners versus no baserunners. Wonder how that’s gonna work out…

  34. McGowan is a tee.

  35. Ugly ugly ugly outing


  37. Well, that was overdue.

  38. McGowan and Happ starts, not my favourite things to watch Jays-wise.

  39. What’s the “on-field delay” here?

    • pitching change?

    • Dusty’s arm, which is more machine than man, is beginning to bend inwards from all the tragic force of his soulful comeback bid. The metal struts holding the arms together got too fatigued and snapped, causing a rupture in one of the tissue sacs containing the bionic liquid Dusty now relies on for simple tasks like combing his hair. And like Charles Radbourn in 1884, he will no longer be able to reach up and comb his flowing locks.

    • Not to be a dick, but Brantley gets that ball.

  40. Right Dusty, it’s probably better if you don’t keep grooving pitches down the middle. Lucky to only be 4-0 at this point

  41. I feel like McGowan is the quintessentially average big league pitcher. Decent stuff no longer overpowering, mediocre command, exactly the kind of guy you can work over unless he’s got some magic working.

  42. Dustin McGowan ≠ starting pitcher

  43. Running McGowan and Happ out there back to back is just a brilliant move.

  44. Does Lawrie suddenly forget defensive fundamentals when he’s not at third? What the blasted fuck is this?

  45. There were a few pitches that Kluber got strikes called for and McGowan didn’t. Home plate ump was not consistent with the strike zone. McGowan still didn’t help his cause by leaving the ball up in the zone. He was flirting with danger from the 2nd inning. Both his curve and 2 seam were rising up in the zone. It also helps their cause seeing that Terry Francona has brought the patient-first-work-the-count approach from his Boston days.

  46. Just leave the glove in front of the bag, Brett.

  47. Shortstop “ink-stinks” eh Buck? Sheeiiiittttt.

  48. Team really could be close to contending in this division, but McGowan/Happ at 4 and 5 could really ruin that.

    • Plus the shit-show at 2B.

      • I think their offence can handle one shitty spot in the lineup.

        But you can’t overcome too much inconsistency in the rotation. AA/The Jays/Rogers really failed by not brining in a starter this offeason.

    • If Morrow could maybe come back in July and not be shitty, sub in Stroman for whoever has turned out to be worse between Dusty and Happ after another week or so, and maybe the rotation has what it takes? Maybe?

      • This post is the first time I’ve thought of Morrow since he went down. I think the safe assumption is that he’s done as a Blue Jay.

        I’m just hoping that Stroman is a phenom and turns either the Happ or McGowan spot into something great. That’s the only thing that can save this team from mediocrity.

        • Well, it’s a dreamer’s game, so dream big, right? I think the double miracle that is Morrow healthy and effective is just too much to ask. So yeah, Stroman better come out firing darts next week, or sooner if they lose patience.

    • Gibbons is giving Happ a chance to continue pitching in the five spot where he left off before taking the head shot. A lefty starter is still a bonus in the rotation whether you like him or not.
      Happ has had good moments for this team. If he mixes all his pitches and keeps them down in the zone he has the potential to reach double digits in wins. He needs to make it happen now.

  49. I’m liking Rogers in middle relief and long work. He’s capable of holding it down three or four innings depending on how many pitches he uses.

  50. Rogers vs Aviles.

    What is vs What could have been.

  51. Rogers showcasing the funky, Fernando Rodney style toe tap today

  52. There goes the no no.

  53. Broke up the perfect game anyway.

  54. Adam Lind. Crisis averted.

  55. I know this drum’s been thoroughly and roughly banged so far tonight, and this year at large, but I must again remark that these motherfuckers masquerading as impartial sports officials seem to be doing their damnedest to sabotage our team. McGowan threw one in that exact spot and didn’t get the call.

  56. Jesus!!!!!

  57. Tabby admiring Jesus’s quick wrists.

  58. You wouldn’t see that at-bat out of young Brett a year or two ago.

  59. good at bat

  60. Let’s all drink a Lawrie in honour of our Canadian Messiah.
    2 parts vodka of your choice
    1 part red bull
    1 teaspoon pure Canadian maple syrup.
    To mix: dunk a few basketballs with this tasty concoction in your back pocket, then drink up drink up when our Canadian Messiah comes to the rescue.

  61. Load up Thole!

  62. Good job by Lawrie to stay calm after another gift strike from the home plate ump. Ended up with a double and an RBI rather than a walk! McGowan had a couple of low sliders that were higher in the strike zone than either of the two pitches that Kluber threw to Lawrie before the double.

    It just goes to show that some umps won`t give you the low strike calls if most of your pitches are “up“ in the zone.

    • As Howarth said, “the Blue Jays players won’t be having a lot of meals with (Jerry) Meals after the game”.

  63. Fuck off Pillar

  64. That was an ugly ugly strikeout.

    Totally overmatched

  65. Pillar sucks.

  66. Wow, Pillar looks awful.

  67. And how, dear Mr. Pillar, do you expect to be deemed “too good to be sent down” when you pull an absolute fuck-show of an at-bat like that, only one day after pulling an identical fuck-show of an at-bat like that?

  68. They officially have a book on Pillar.
    Get ahead and junk a slider.
    VDub read from the same book.

  69. Lind’s swing is a thing of beauty

  70. Pillar looks like he’s here to stay.

    I was really hoping he’d make it impossible for the Jays to send him down.

  71. Meh, Pillar will never be a regular. He’s a 4th OF at best. I’d still rather have an OF like him on the bench than a 3rd catcher or one of the many shitty infielders.

  72. Kid`s only been here a couple of days, he`s not gonna light up the field yet.

    • Yeah, he definitely looks like he’s pressing. Probably didn’t do himself any favours with his bold statement. Like he needs to put anymore pressure on himself.

      Funny thing is if given the at bats I feel like he could be a better fielding version of Frank Catolonatto. ( I’m sure I butchered that spelling)

  73. And again, justice is done as the batter contrives to reverse this fucker’s terrible game-calling.

  74. I know its a sss but I too am of the opinion that Pillar just isn’t that good. Had some ugly ABs. After a few hits last season, the same thing happened.

    • Yeah, it’s not the batting stats. It’s that he looks frigging terrible up there.

    • He just doesn’t have professional AB’s. That’s the second time in as many days that he’s reached for a pitch way out of the zone and struck out both times.

  75. Wish they could find a way to keep Kawasaki up here They need a sparkplug like him here.

  76. Ohhhh come on UMP

  77. Seriously MLB, get a handle on that bullshit ump’s union ego show. Call the zone you cock.

  78. Someone break a bottle over this umps head after the game.

    • I’ll oblige. I’ll have a few empty ones kicking around by the time they close this book on this one.

  79. “Baseball is a game of failure”- Pat Tabler. I prefer to think of it as a game of selected instances of success. Except this umpire’s strike zone. It’s just abject and uniform failure.

  80. Good luck boys/girls, going to the pub to watch the rest.

  81. fucking buck just said this will be the last ab for the top of the lineup????

    it’s the fucking 6th inning!!! there are 12 more outs!!!

  82. It’s not over yet. No leaks in this boat.

  83. So close, Kitty. So close…

  84. Fuck that was close

  85. Holy shit close

  86. Buck really makes this game exciting.

  87. This ump will be reviewed come time to pick the officials for the playoffs and world series. With strike zones like the one tonight, he won`t work those games.

    • And if umpiring like this proves to have made it more difficult than it otherwise would have been for a team to win ballgames, then being left out of the playoffs is not near punishment enough. Umpiring in MLB is one of the few professions I can think of that reward incompetence and stubbornness with high salaries and secure jobs.

      • Agreed. I think they should be called on by the commish about their strike zones and also be subject to the appropriate disciplinary procedures.

        Perhaps a ban from working the home plate for a certain number of games and being withrawn from the umpires list for the post season games.

    • Just like those refs that fucked the Raptors will never work another playoff series again … And certainly won’t be rewarded with even more plum assignments. Suuuuuuuuure.

      I don’t think it’s exactly conspiracy theory at this point to suggest that none of the major sports leagues want Canadian teams in the playoffs ever (pretty clear that the NHL doesn’t even want Canadian teams in the league), and that their officials have kind of figured this out.

      • The reffing was piss pathetic throughout the whole series. Give the assist to Jason Kidd for whining to the refs to get the advantage. Raps need an Oakley type guy that won`t take any bullshit, grab as many boards as possible and give the the team the tough points in the paint.
        Ross really struggled and the team needed him badly.

        The Jays on the other hand, need a spark plug like Kawasaki up here when the going gets tough. So glad to have CJ back in the bullpen.

  88. Get one back and give one back, drive a manager and fan crazy!

    On another note, Lawrie is hate’n second, his facial expressions say it all.

    • I’m not a fan of Lawrie at second, and as a result I’m flipping between the benefits of having Phat Juan in the lineup and the benefits of a solid defence, even at the price of a black hole at second.

      • yeah i don’t get it. his first couple games looked all world – getting to balls on the other side of 2B and doing a great job making the turn on double plays.

        then yesterday bungles a relatively easy grounder, and even today looked like a nervous little leaguer fielding a grounder earlier in the game.

        i’m split – everyone knows he can do it, but if he doesn’t want to and is gonna sulk about it to the point it that it affects his play, then absolutely it can’t continue. it would be a pretty unideal situation though, cause there is no other way to get Francisco’s bat in the lineup.

        • To me, these are the guys you trade. If a guy doesn’t want to do everything he can to help the team win, then fuck him. When they asked Stroman about starting vs relieving he said whatever they want me to do, whatever helps the team, that’s what I’ll do. Sure, he’s a rookie so he has to say that .. Doesn’t matter.

          Lawrie is great defensively but a below average third baseman offensively — he could be well above average with both bat and glove at 2B, which would up his value tremendously. If he’s too dumb to see that and too selfish to accept the change without popping off to the media and sulking on the field, trade him for a legit guy who wants to play second for us. I don’t give a shit about clubhouse chemistry/intangibles, but letting a guy have this affect his game doesn’t make sense, and letting a 24 year old average at best player write your lineup card doesn’t either.

    • He said he’s playing second for the team but he’s a 3rd baseman.

      People don’t understand the differences so they think his athletic ability will make up for his not knowing the position.

  89. Unless Cleveland’s bullpen is worse than the Jays’, this game just might be put to bed now.

  90. Let Pillar get some extended work with Kevin Seitzer before people start calling him a POS.

  91. At least the Bruins lost

  92. Took a little break to read Old Hoss Radbourn’s twitter feed. It rejuvenated me.

  93. Fuck hockey but at least a Boston team lost. So there’s that. That city can burn in hell.

  94. Ortiz is heating up. I don’t like it when that guy gets in the zone.

  95. Well that’s the game folks. Go Ducks.

  96. Branch Rickey said “luck is the residue of design.”

    I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

  97. Dear me, we’re reaching ugly loss territory. And Stroman is falling short (!) of expectations so far. Though, to be fair, it feels like the expectations were that he would give up -1 runs, plant grass at the Dome, and teach Morrow how to stay healthy.

  98. Need to send Stro back to Buffalo. He’ll be good someday, but not now. At this point even if he provided marginal value, which he doesn’t seem to be doing, managing his service time would be more important.

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