Not much help available in the bullpen tonight, most likely, so it could be a long one for J.A. Happ. Be prepared.

And with Stroman already likely headed to the rotation in Dustin McGowan’s stead, it’s not like we have any reason to be secretly – or, y’know, blatantly openly — rooting against Happ anyway. So… could be rough. Again: be prepared.


No scuttlebutt, just beat this fucking team and make idiots like the ones in the above picture sad. Thanks.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 8:05 PM ET @ Texas

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP J.A. Happ

Cleveland Racist Logos

CF Michael Bourn (L)
1B Nick Swisher (S)
LF Ryan Raburn (R)
3B Carlos Santana (S)
SS Asdrubal Cabrera (R)
DH Jesus Aguilar (R)
C Yan Gomes (R)
RF David Murphy (L)
2B Mike Aviles (R)

RHP Danny Salazar


Image via @MLBMeme.

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  1. I hoping Happ fools the fuck out of everyone.

  2. Happ is not a good pitcher anymore..

    • Garbage.

      • He is a good pitcher? Awesome.

        • well he’s never really been a good pitcher, more of an adequate one, and there’s no reason to think he won’t continue to be just that.

          His velocity is up this year, and has been year over year for most of his career. Maybe that takes his performance up a notch, who knows?

          • Happ sucks, Maybe his velo is up, but the only reason for that is that he’s been pitching in relief, where he can let it loose.

  3. Considering how bad Salazar has been against righties, I wonder if Gibby considered turning the switch-hitters around? Too progressive?

  4. yeesh a little lackadaisical by Francisco there. nice GB for the double play though.

  5. A wing-dinger.


  7. Eddie smash!!

  8. DINGER!!!!


  10. Walk the parrot!!

  11. I am a little dismayed with JuanFran’s lack of effort and judgement defensively. Maybe he can recover with his bat.

  12. C’mon Fat Juan. Put your Fat into it.



  15. Forgiven!

  16. OH GAWD!!!! that ball was murdered

  17. I sure hope that The Canadian Jesus can come to grips with playing the keystone.
    I love him at the hot corner but…
    This makes the team better.

  18. I bet Tabler would find a dog turd and try to compare it to the best player at a position.

  19. Wow, great AB from Gose there

  20. great AB for Gose there. I hope this is the norm for him.

  21. great at bat, Tony Gose

  22. nice AB from Gose. Making lots of contact up there, which is his achilles’ heel

  23. Fuck. Reyes smoked that ball.

  24. Lots of hard hit balls that inning

  25. Happ better go the distance, the bullpen can’t take anymore of this

  26. Salazar at nearly 50 pitches in 2 innings.

  27. Buck has no fucking depth perception. A hit to the outfield and he’s scream’n like a banshee like its going 5th deck.

  28. Holy fucking range Brett Lawrie

  29. nice half. Efficient and solid from Happ.

  30. great hustle. Pretty good heart.

  31. tabby “wouldn’t shock me if he hits a ball hard”

    wow thanks tabby for the great insight

  32. Stop the racist stuff…stupid.

  33. So, of the Edmonton Eskimos, Chicago Blackhawks, Redskins, Indians, Braves, who do you think get’s progressive first?

    I’ve always thought that the Chicago Blackhawks have one of the coolest looking jerseys in sports. Is it racist to like it?

    • I’ll plead to that.
      Never liked the team since Stan Mikita & Bobby Hull, but the logo still resonates many (many) decades later.

      • Golden Jet was a beauty

        • So was the Brett Jet.

          • “Brett” is a topic today. Howarth was just talking about how many 30 yr old guys in Missouri are named Brett, after George. Add my son Brett to that list. Sidall also has a son Brett. All spelled correctly, of course.

        • Bobby hull was a lazy, wife beating ace hole. Wouldn’t sign autographs after games, skated around an around the blueline waiting for a break, used to beat his wife if internet had been around he would have been done in quickly with his crap office.Really good shot though
          Now can we leave TSN Board and get back to baseball?

    • I don’t think any teams will be changing names any time soon. What you might see instead, are teams reaching out to the Native communities for “permission” to use the names/logoes. In fact, it’s already happening in College sports (see Florida State Seminoles, Utah Utes, North Dakota Fighting Sioux, etc.).

    • The Blackhawk nation doesn’t seem to mind. The team doesn’t play up any stereotypes and the fans don’t chant and do the tomahawk chop. Maybe that’s the difference. It’s hard to call it racism when the group involved doesn’t care..
      It’s kind of like the Fighting Irish, sure it’s a stereotype, but those of Irish descent don’t care, they actually like it.

      • and yet…Stoeten himself seems to take offense. Seems he wants to take up their cause. Where’s the rally, muthafucka!

      • Idiot. Who are you trying to claim speaks for an entire people, exactly? What a dumb as fuck generalization. Hey, but as long as it means you don’t have to feel guilty, right?

        • Fuck you must be just a peach to hang out with….”Oh, here comes Stoeten and his enormous opinions”. You have an authoritarian manner of arguing that is reminiscent of Generalissmo Franco.

        • I’m sympathetic to the cause. But I’ll be damed before I strap on the Jackboots and start spreading hate under the guise of “combating racism” like you do Stoeten.

      • The Chicago Blackhawks do not derive their name from
        Native North American Culture.
        They are named after a military regiment:
        1st World War if memory serves.
        Not sure how the military outfit got its name…whether or not
        there is a cultural tie.

  34. liking the all the grounders from Happ tonight

  35. Tip of the cap to AA for picking up Kratz in the offseason.

    What would life be like without Dinner otherwise?

  36. Kratz has muscles in his shit.

  37. goodness, Francisco ISOing .338 to date.

    that’s higher than everybody not named Tulowitzki or Abreu

  38. twice on base for gose . Lovely.

  39. Salazar is doing a sweet mcgowan impression

  40. Watcha gonna do, Terry?

  41. Checking in from vegas

    Go Jays

    Suck shit Indians.

  42. Why is there ONE guy on every team that you can’t fucking get out? That was a decent curve ball

  43. That fucking Murphy. He needs to be pitched inside next time. Like in the ribs maybe?

  44. damn, golf shot

  45. Gameday has Happ throwing 93-94… that can’t be true. Happ can actually throw that hard? Not too bad from a lefty, even if he has average at best secondary stuff

  46. Fat Juan saves the fucking day for Happ.

  47. Juan’s got a pretty nice arm there

  48. I will bid bottles of tequila and 2 topless college babes to hang out with gregg zaun



  51. Edwin da gawd

  52. wowwww

  53. YARD!!!!

  54. It just never gets old.

  55. he really hit that

  56. Honestly, this is awesome. Happ is giving us exactly what we need, great for a 4-5 SP. Juan Francisco continues to show why he belongs. Man, if he can be our everyday third baseman and Brett sticks to the 2bag that’s a massive fix for AA.

  57. I’ll say it. Outman sounds like the name of a gay superhero.

  58. would maybe be smart to sub in francisco for tolleson, but i guess its the 5th inning so it might be too early

  59. Scott Atchison is 53 I think

  60. Holy shit how old is Atchison? I swear this guy plays on my 3 pitch team

  61. Really? Replay still trash

  62. Are they seriously reviewing this? Jesus.

  63. In live action, I thought he missed the bag.

  64. That’s not the Red Sox, Buck.

  65. That was so Raysy

  66. Wait. They’ve already tossed the ball to 1st for the appeal…. is that not a ‘play’? They’re reviewing after the ball is returned to the field of play?

  67. happ is keeping the ball low and locating the inside fastball, i think thats why he’s having a solid game thus far

  68. Juan should have stuck that one in his pocket. He had no chance.

  69. Tabby: “hes got some power. Just look at the size of his body.” Will this guy just come out of the closet already.

  70. dont’ hurt us Gomes

  71. Happ’s got a nice FB tonight.

  72. Tabler: “What was that WAMCO thing? Oh, the top of the lineup?”

  73. So I just got here…

    How does a pitcher throw 100 pitches in only four innings and only give up two runs?

  74. That kid in the front row with the Colorado Rockies cap on? He fucking sucks. Get him out of there.

    Also I’m sad that once again I’ve missed out on meeting my heroes Buck + Tabby. I figure I would get harassed by Zaun + then I could sue him to get the $$$ back. But that’s a tad steep for me to afford upfront.

    • The bean could learn to bat her baby blues.

    • Yeah, I never understood people whp go to games wearing paraphernalia of teams that aren’t playing.

      • Sometimes, a hat is just a hat.

        • It makes no sense.

          • See Sigmund Freud:

            “Gentlemen, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

            Then see Slick Willy.

            • “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”

              Wearing a hat that is unrelated to the game is just stupid. Especially when you’re in the FRONT ROW. You have front row seats but NO Blue Jays hat? Seriously? Fuck off.

              Also, National League? Just say no.

              • Stoeten got dissed last year (it could have been the sammy shot) for not wearing a Jays lid, and he claimed that he had simply put a hat on his head, with no intention of showing his clan allegiance. It happens.

                • Fine.

                  It’s just a pet peeve of mine. + I like to use my swears liberally.

                  However, I’m sure if you’re sitting front row you can afford a Jays hat [which do not cost $50. I bought one the other week @ Sport Chek for $15 for my little BIL].

                • I’ve gone to games every year since 1977. I sat on cold wet benches at the Ex to watch an expansion team full of scrubs.

                  I wear whatever the fuck I want to the game.

              • Haha, Magrit came to my mind also. Are you single? Hi, I’m Lou, the ladies call me Ironhorse Lou. I won’t tell you why but trust me when I say it’s surreal :)

          • It’s a fucking kid with a hat. Not everyone can afford the $50+ for a Jays hat. Maybe he’s a Rockies fan, always wears his Rockies hat, and his dad or his friends dad took him to the game. Fucking people on their high horses, fuck off.

            • I’m also using the term “kid” liberally – he’s probably older than I am.

            • I wore my jays cap to yankee stadium, because I like wearing a ball cap to the park and there is only one team I will ever wear.

          • WEST: Look. Either you take the cap off, or you’ll have to leave.

            ELAINE: Well, I don’t care, I’m not taking it off.

            GEORGE: Just take the cap off!

            ELAINE: No!

            (a fight starts between Elaine and George; Elaine ends up taking off

            George’s hat, and throwing it onto the field… West calls security over, they proceed to remove Elaine)

            KRAMER: Hey! Just wait a minute. We just got here!

            GEORGE: (to Elaine) Do you want us to go with you?

  75. Really starting to dislike David Murphy

  76. Wow that curve is nasty

  77. Something about the way Cecil strides off the mound…does things to me…I’m talking about FEELINGS, guys…deep, girl boner feelings…

  78. Just an FYI, I recognize Brett Lawrie every time I see him at the laundromat.

  79. Woot! Rzepczynski.

  80. Who here is a toy designer?

    Because I would like to commission a Steve Tolleson action figure.

  81. Oh boy… Canadian on Canadian action.

  82. So….once again Pat and Buck are borderline unlistenable (not a word?) while they push this auction ALL FUCKING GAME. I mean I’m all for raisin money, but they just keep saying the same garbage over and over. It blows my mind how Buck Martinez continues to have a job.

  83. Fuck. Evanka. Fuck.

  84. Does it bother anyone when osmak comments that one of the packages is “a steal” at only $2500? Do they realize that only $2500 might be a ton of money to 90% of their viewing audience?

  85. Ohhhh, we’re getting THAT Delabar tonight.

    Seems fair, since we got the other Happ.

  86. Seems we are being treated to bad delabar today

  87. Some loud ass outs. Lordy


  89. Loup into face Murphy? I’m getting flashbacks…

  90. Nice….

  91. If I didn’t wear my Angels hat to a Jays/Twins game a few years ago, I’d have never gotten a Blyleven signature on it. Obviously, I didn’t have a Twins hat.

    I’m one of those guys that make it a point not to wear a jersey or hat to a game. Last game I went to, I wore a vibrant, Blue Jay blue polo shirt. Because I don’t play on the team.

    • Should I not watch the game because I’m not related to any of the players?

    • Blue Polo shirt, I should have said.
      Alao, I have worn an Expos replica jersey a couple of times. It doesn’t offend anyone.

      • Expos stuff is starting to replace the ubiquitous “sew a Canadian flag on your backpack/luggage” trick for Americans trying to fool foreigners into being nice to them. Hope they don’t sully our good name.

      • I have one of the real things from back in the day, and sometimes wear it to Vancouver Canadians games.
        Never had a bad reaction..
        Never expected one.

  92. Like to see a better AB from Gose there.

  93. Christ! How long is this fucking game?

  94. This replay sucks monkey nuts. Hate it.

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