Ahh, it’s old friends night at whatever they’re calling the Ballpark in Arlington these days (Globe Life Park, FYI), as the Jays come to visit Yu Darvish, Alex Rios, and, of course, J.P. Arencibia.

All of them are in the lineup tonight, despite the fact that one is slashing .209/.255/.401 — GUESS WHO!

We all know the story, and it’s pretty dumb, so let’s not even bother rehashing it.


The Jays will use the off-day on Monday to skip the fifth spot in their rotation, according to… everybody. All the beat guys in Texas that is, at least. How do you spell “letting Stroman have a couple better outings so they can better justify giving him the job”?

According to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, Dioner Navarro will return to the club tomorrow. #KratzNotUp #KratzDown

Gregor Chisholm tweets that J.P. Arencibia agreed to do an interview with Sportsnet, “but twice declined to speak with print reporters.” What a cock.

Ricky Romero started for Buffalo today and walked nine in 2.2 innings. Yeesh. Hard not to feel bad for him.

The Tao of Stieb nails it: “If someone met me in April 2011 and told me the fate of Snider, Romero, Arencibia and Drabek, I’d have sworn off baseball on the spot.” Proooooobably gotta add Morrow to that list, too. Yeesh.

I’m in a car and I can’t be arsed to put the Sportsnet One cock logo below, but it sure should be. Enjoy the young boys hockey championship though.

TV: Sportsnet One

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 8:05 PM ET @ Texas, Sunday, 3:05 PM ET @ Texas

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Texas Rangers

LF Shin-Soo Choo (L)
SS Elvis Andrus (R)
3B Adrian Beltre (R)
DH Prince Fielder (L)
RF Alex Rios (R)
1B Mitch Moreland (L)
C J.P. Arencibia (R)
CF Leonys Martin (L)
2B Rougned Odor (L)

RHP Yu Darvish

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  1. Things that are hilarious

    1) That JP photoshop
    2) Sportsnet cock logo
    3) Toilet humor

    i like djf

  2. Beauty pitch

  3. Hutch… WOW – Doc-esque!

  4. Nice work Hutchinson. Definitely back out for the ninth.

  5. Hutchison at 93 pitches after eight.

    Please don’t pull him, Gibby.

  6. Holy shit Hutch is in the fucking zone.

  7. HUTCH going the distance!

  8. Holy fucking shit. I just tuned in and Hutch is on.

  9. I’ve never wanted to see janssen any less than tonight

  10. Career defining moment for Hutch. This is a good sign for our club.

  11. 6) A good cuddle after making lovef
    7) Peanut M&M’s
    8) Sun dresses

  12. Nice job there Rangers fan…

  13. 9) cigarettes

  14. First initial, Katagana Last name.

  15. Hutch better get the 9th.

  16. You do Aoki’s name in Kanji but Ichiro is in Katagana? Weird.

  17. Gibby…..right decision, much respect.

  18. 10) i bought underwear that looks like a tuxedo to reward my package to being so good to me this year.

    Yes, my dingdong has a bowtie.

  19. Boo, unlucky

  20. “Former Blue Jay Michael Young”…really Buck? He’s was in our system, but was never a Jay. Second time I’ve heard him say that.

  21. Choo-choo goes the double play grounder…

  22. DELABAR sorry man, but please sit the fuck down

  23. Gose has all the confidence in the world out there.

  24. If hutch tosses a bagel i’m ordering a round of blowjobs

  25. Hutch over 100. No Maddux shutout


  27. Yes!!!!!!!!!

  28. Holy fucking shit. Just…holy shit.

  29. CGSO!

  30. Hutch has ARRIVED!


  32. WHOOZAH!!

  33. Wow that is a motherfucking gem right there.

  34. Hutch was dealing like a MoFo.

  35. This was a beaut!

  36. Drew Hutchison. Discuss.

  37. AA just said, “Yu Darvish? I’ve got your posting fee right here!”

  38. Best Game of the season

  39. #kratzdown

  40. Great fucking game, that feels like a big win

  41. And the great thing is, Hutch has already had his TJ surgery. It’s like the chicken pox, good to get it out of the way.

  42. Terrific night. Patient professional approach from the offense and Hutch was amazing.
    Just a great win

  43. Hutch and Buerhle…. saving the 2014 season!

  44. Great effort all around! This team has something.

  45. So many of these games are the complete opposite of last year. Tells you how fucked last season was.

  46. SHUT

  47. Last CG shutout by a Jays pitcher… Anyone know?

  48. This is more than HUGE this is a biblical fucking story, Hutch just posted a goose egg against one of the best pitchers in MLB and corralling one of the most potent offense teams in the MLB. This changes things…GO JAYS. AA get a starter ASAP.

  49. I’ll have you guys know zubes was hilarious at twitter today, that guy might be my sipirit animal

  50. I love this Japanese feed highlights. It has no announcer voice over and just crowd noise.

  51. Big ups to kratz for that game calling and receiving as well.

  52. I am so proud of Hutch and this team. It’s time to kick some ass.

  53. Great game by Hutch. Loving it.

  54. Well that was fucking beautiful.

    Gose looks really good in CF. If he could just make half-decent contact at the plate, losing Colby next year wouldn’t be the worst thing the world. Still bad but tolerable.

    • I’d give Gose the edge on Defense, but Cletus would be missed.

      • let Colby go, resign Melky if funds are limiting.

        maybe some kind of Pillar/Gose platoon.

        • I think I’m down with the re-sign Melky + platoon at CF for next year too. There’s no reason to believe that AA will be allowed to actually spend so the Jays will probably have to let one of them go.

        • They could trade him at the deadline. IMO with a player like him you don’t want to end up with zero. If they don’t trade him they’ll likely QO him and let him go, depending on how this season goes.

      • AA is looking a a looming problem come Deadline day.

    • The more work Gose gets with Kevin Seitzer, the better he will be at the plate. He needs to stay relaxed, be patient and use his hands. I’d prefer him concentrate on making good contact with the ball rather than trying to do too much at the plate by swinging at pitches out of the zone. Put the ball in play out of the infield and get on base. This is where he is dangerous and could give the Birds a huge speed boost.

      He has the potential to do more for us than Colby in CF while bringing back the speed that Rajai Davis brought to this team. Cant’ rely on Melky and Reyes to steal all the bases this year. Gose makes plays in CF look a little more routine than Rasmus does.

  55. Tonight….Drew Hutchinson whipped out his 9 inch Cock and beat Rios and JPA with it.

    • I hear he pitched a great game too.

    • Halladay on sportsnet talking about the Philly’s “expect to win attitude , from the top down” not the Jays mantra “hope to win” he said we need to take on that mentality. Lets GO GET BOYS. Lets make this the year.

  56. taking into account a relatively poor Rangers lineup, Hutch was great tonight. He certainly gives one hope for this rotation.

    and hey – bunt singles!! swooonnnn…

    doesn’t work very often, but when it does, it’s real pretty. and obviously kudos to Melky for a massive hit to make that great execution count.

    will also have the nice benefit of keeping the “manufacturing runs” brigade quiet for a while, least until the Jays hit some more goddamn HRs.

  57. Hutch, wow. This must be karma for that fluky inning he had in Philly.

    Just so fucking nails.

  58. Never have I been so glad to not have to cheer for Texas at all anymore [not that I would cheer for them v. the Blue Jays anyway].

    Now the Tigers have to wrap up their win against the Red Sox.

  59. This could be the turning point…right here, right now.

  60. Did I read this right? Jays have 7 shutouts this year so far and most in AL?

  61. Sorry jays are second with 7 now to Texas 9

  62. If the ALE is this tight all year, this is going to be a fun season.

  63. Hutchinson superb. For the most part, starting to give us innings like we thought we could also get from Morrow. Had that been the case, of course, the angst over giving the ball to Happ would not be so palpable. Kratz giving us vaue in the b/up role,much more so than having a useless mop up man in the pen (looking at you Jenkins). He hit that homer off Cliff Lee when Lee was dealing in a 1-0 game. That alone, will be more than Jenkins provides, I would think, yet they want to send him off again?
    Forward Soviet FFS

  64. That was an excellent game! Everything was working, Hutch was outstanding. Boston lost to Detroit. So a great night all round!

  65. I mowed lawn on both front and backyard today, took three and a half hours and just about drenched, didn’t catch the game. But I dedicate this menial labour of love to Hutch and the Jays being the team it can be. Much respect to the winners today, and beyond. Let’s go Jays!

    • How big is your yard?

      • That, and drenched? As in , it’s hot somewhere is this fukin country. As in, sundress hot?
        It was 11 here today FFS and felt like October-The Argos s/h been out there. Or is it my kind of drenched where I habitually try to drink too many tall boys in a row and the I look like I pissed myself as well as being, well, pissed. I guess it was hot ,then, huh?

        • Just read it. Remember I had some wine after the tallboys, plus I don’t read well anymore. It’s why the politicains can tell me anything

  66. Bean, you’re the star of this site, much to Stoet’s chagrin. KyleZ, FowlCanada, Gill Faizon and Fukstik come a close second.

  67. Such a good game, I could hardly stand to watch. I <3 Hutch

  68. Whay a fuckin gsme. Good night drink jays fans . Go get fucked this lonh weekend

  69. what a win wow so refreshing having another PITCHER like you no what I mean this kid is actually a pitcher Morrow is NOT a pitcher. Shi Davidi writes about the jays rotation woes then just like our rotation suddenly has respectable era’s

    Mark Buerhle – 2.05 era
    Drew Hutchinson – 3.64 era
    JA Happ – 3.57 era
    RA Dickey – 4.19 era

    man if Happ could just not be siv and Stroman could pitch like a number 4 then it’s possible

    • While ERA is a fickle stat, I’ll humor you:

      Dickey actually has a 4.70 ERA, and if you look at JA Happ’s underlying numbers, you’d notice that he’s been incredibly terrible thus far.

    • we knew our offense was going to be but we really needed that “frontline ace” type. Fact is, we seem to have that. Buerhle has been one of the better pitchers in baseball so far and we’re 25% done the season.

      We;re starting to get to the point where we’re beginning to become a favourite to win a WC spot IMO

      • I’d be hesitant to say “favourite” at this point, but we definitely have a shot.

      • Fuck the WC spot, add a solid SP and they’d be pretty close to being favourites for the division.

      • Buerhle’s going to slow down (barring some total freak miracle), but I think there’s room for Dickey to get hot. I think Hutch has shown he can be an exciting #3, and jesus, maybe Happ can be an OK 5. Need another arm though who won’t be a black hole.

        Maybe that can be Stroman, but if not, they *have* to go out and add someone.

    • Dickey’s numbers are getting better too. He’s quite a bit better than last year. His walks are up, but HRs are way down. If he can cut a walk and a hit off of every start he won’t be far off his 2012.

  70. Great job by Hutch. Didn’t back down from Darvish and pitched his game. Big time complete game statement win for him. Now, he has to work on being consistent with his delivery and getting past the 6th inning. He’s not gonna give us 9 and a complete game with the frequency of Doc or Stieb but I’d be happy with a strong 7 from him. Takes stress away from the bullpen which is key.

  71. No afternoon game? FUCK. I have a hangover that only couch and baseball can cure. Wtf do I do now

    • Have something to eat.
      Watch a movie.
      Take a nap.
      So you wil be able to see the game tonight and drink till dawn.

      • S

      • Showered and cleansed some of last night’s sins from me. Time to fire some McPoison down my gullet to complete the cycle of shame.

        • That’s the spirit.
          Know the ways of the DJF.
          Live the ways of the DJF.
          And you become one with the DJF.
          Go in peace young one and spread the word to the masses.

  72. Honestly I’ve always felt Gose was one of those guys who had underwhelming minor league stats for a heralded prospect yet who will do well at the major league level. Perhaps it’s because he’s got a chip on his shoulder, feels like he belongs in the bigs, I’m not sure what it is.

    If you add up all of his games, his stats aren’t that bad . . . he hasn’t played even a full season’s worth of games and he’s in his what, 3rd year playing in the bigs? His slash line in 113 games is:

    .241/.303/15 doubles/8 triples/20 SB

    in a full season he’s capable of putting up at least 20 doubles and 30 SB’s and Gose has shown to be pretty injury-free thus far as well, plus you add his plus defense and there’s a lot to like for someone will no doubt improve his batting and OBP to at least a respectable .250/.320 line in a few years time

    Those #’s arent too different from other similarly skilled players in the bigs . . . like an Alcides Escobar, guy with speed and superb D but a very unpolished bat and he’s got far more playtime by his age than Gose has had and Escobar is looking like he might just be fully breaking out this yr in his age 27 season.

    I still want Rasmus and Melk re-signed but I really hope Gose can continue to get plenty of playing time. A rotating 4 man OF of those 3 and Bau would be insanely good.

    • To sign Melky next year it will take more than the QO which will probably be 15MM plus per year. And for a guy at or near the top in all the batting categories there’s no way he won’t get that from someone.

  73. I felt the same way about RedBull . . . extrapolate those #s over a full season and whats not to like

    He’s in his 4th year but only played 311 games . . . so technically 2 full seasons if he was healthy

    Averaged a line of .265/.324/19 HR/28 2b/70 RBI/15 SB

    plus insane D

    I think we take for granted how insanely skilled this roster is and can be. I think AA has finally got a point of depth for the position players to account for the injuries and inconsistencies of young developing players. A bit of a boost to the pitching and this team can and will be crazy good.

  74. “Enjoy the young boys hockey championship though”. Idiot

    • Really, who gives a shit about junior hockey? I’ll give a fuck when/if they’re in the NHL.

    • Is there any level of hockey people in this country wouldn’t watch?

      • sadly, there isn’t. It’s like the souterhn US if you have been there during FB season and they get all bent out of shaoe over HS football FFS

    • If you don’t live in Toronto, it’s all you’ve got.

      • Either way, fuck hockey!

      • Yeah it’s interesting.. I think in most of Canada it’s hockey, hockey, hockey – then CFL in summer.

        Toronto’s really an unique market in the country, sports wise. The Leafs are an institution, but the Jays are Raptors (especially now) really have their audiences and are totally capable of taking the spotlight from the Leafs for a time when they get good. Plus, I don’t know I know one person invested in the CFL here.

  75. Reading this blog is sorta like hanging out with someone who has bipolar affective disorder.

  76. Whenever Gose gets on base, the TV crew needs to put a goddamn camera on him at all times. Seeing him run is a thing of beauty. I wanted to see him run from 1st to home plate, but none of the highlights have that shot.

  77. There an article on MLB frontpage by Jim Bowden on how the Jays should trade for Smardizja now. It’s Insider (doh).

    • Doesn’t Bowden shill for someone? I forget who.

      • He’s an idiot, but I’m curious what he thinks the Jays would have to give up to get him.

        • “Daniel Norris, right-handed pitcher Roberto Osuna and third baseman Mitch Nay “

          • Sounds like the going rate. The problem with Shark is he’s losing velocity, which doesn’t bode well for his future, and he’s due for some negative regression. I would say give up the farm for David Price, but he’s kind of in the same boat in terms of velocity.

            • losing velo, but gaining performance in other areas.

              career best BB%, GB%, HR/9 (even if you adjust for his unsustainably low HR/FB%)

              I’d trade Sanchez + for him, as long as the plus isn’t Stroman.

          • Really? I’d do that.

  78. Not that he’s been a threat, but Prince injured with herniated disk. Makes their lineup a little lighter the rest of the series.

    Also AA scouted Hendricks start today and said he has a shot at the open spot on May 24th.

    • not sure i like that idea. his surface numbers don’t indicate any kind of adjustment for him – they’re basically in line with what he’s done in the minors over his career.

      he’s never been able to keep the ball in the park in 156 IP in the majors, so to me he offers nothing different than Rogers or Redmond, who at least has some strikeout ability.

  79. It’s early but Tony Gose is making his case to stay with the big team. If he keeps pushing the ball to the opposite field and taking the pitch, there’s no way he should be sent back. It’s what he needs to do and continue doing. Put wood on the ball and get it out of the infield. Get on base, get to second, take third if it’s there and make use ov your speed. The lineup can be deadly with him at 9 and Reyes after him at 1.

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