This kid is ballin’ hard right here. Just so amazingly the best.

HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE HER THE BALL HE JUST CAUGHT! Guy in red also killing it. So much good here.

Full video via following the jump!


Crotch grab in the direction of Melissa Couto (aka @ThrowinSmoke) of the Canadian Press and @CDNBaseball for being the genius with the presence of mind to Vine it.

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  1. that kid is gonna get his hands on my bumper than mechanic…

  2. Pimpin ain’t easy

  3. Thanks for posting this Stoeten. I don’t know you at all, but I suspect for all your crusty rants, you’re a pretty big teddy bear. Here’s to people being good to one other!

  4. First time I read that I swore it said 10 year old fan nails “wife” . . . was like holy shit, they weren’t kidding when they say everyone in Texas does things big

  5. This kid is not messing ’round…

  6. Hahaha, play of the game

  7. Zaun just used the commercial break cut-in to break down this kid’s game…beautiful…

  8. let’s not forget this little baller’s pink sunglasses… unlimited swag

  9. Love the expressions on the other two ladies! “Like, you gave her the ball instead of me? My boobs are bigger than hers you know!!!”

  10. If you guys need me, I’ll be asking that kid to be my wingman.

  11. I’d give her both balls to fondle, not just one.

  12. loooooooool wow this kid knows whats up, immediately went to the hugest babe with the extra baseball, not even a second wasted…wish i was this smooth at 24 let alone 9

  13. The girl who got the ball is pretty for sure, but the one on the right (black shirt) is also pretty cute. Smooth move kid.

  14. Also I think his friends (wingmen?) are also directing him and letting him know what to do JUST IN CASE loll

  15. This is cute but he actually does not give her the ball he just caught with his left hand. He gives her another he has on the right hand. You can still see the ball in his glove when he is handing her the other ball. This is obviously arranged. You can tellby the easyness ofthecatch. Yet… Still sooooo cute that he wants to impress her like that! Adorable little fellow!

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