Why spoil the Game Threat for the best game of the season so far by shoehorning a bunch of comments on tonight’s tilt into it? Let’s leave that little slice of perfection be. This is your game threat.

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  1. Lmao Bautista hit a HR quicker than this post was up

  2. Yea Bautista! Keep ‘em coming.

  3. That’s only his second in the Rangers’ ball park. I’m really surprised. I thought it was a band-box.

  4. What they call Robbie Ross is what we call Batting Practice.

  5. Beauty play by ole Burls

  6. Well done, beardo…. Finally.

  7. Hope this is the start of a fine run by pillar….love the 40 pitch coint on 5 outs by Ross…can you say bullpen soon.

  8. Nice at bat for Reyes.

  9. Yeah last night WAS pretty sweet. Those are the types of games that we most definitely would not win in years past.

  10. Not a thing of beauty, but…

  11. See those offensives buck and tabby went over..if only the pitching staff were like that…i hope we can find someone to stabilize the backend if the rotation…..

  12. You’re right. And I’m not a troll, but just to remind you we’ve lost a bunch of games we should have won. I’m hopeful McGowan will help the bullpen.

  13. Does anyone else think that Lawrie’s batting stance, ie the shake, has returned for his first to at-bats?

  14. Wonder if there’s gonna be any Tolleson on Tolleson action tonight

  15. There’s another player with SOFT hands (per Tabby)… by my count, that’s just about everyone in MLB, right?

  16. Hahhahaha kid gives ball to pretty girl. He’ll prolly get arrested for sexual harassment, but he can drink here anytime.

  17. I love how quick Buerhle works, he gave rios no time to get set after that foul ball.


    (sorry had to get that out of my system)

  19. Did the game start a bit late tonight? I’ve been watching off + on, but was watching another game @ 8pm.

  20. this umpire thinks hes enrico pollazo with the delayed calls. its pissing me off

  21. that ball barely left the infield, who the fuck sent him??

  22. tooo shallow…we saw it coming

  23. Ugh looks like no Tolly on Tolly action tonight. Would that be considered Tollygamy?

  24. Nice illegal plate block by Chirinos but I guess we’re just letting those go now?

    • Thought the same, though admittedly I don’t entirely understand the rule.

      • all i know is mike scoscia and benito santiago made their living blocking home and would be fucked if they played today.

    • No way. He was out front until the ball got there. You can’t take tht play away. The ones that are the issue are the ones where the catcher is camped out without the ball. Once he has it he can block the whole plate

      • That’s my understanding. The catcher can’t block the plate if he doesn’t have the ball. Is there someplace we can pull up another replay?

  25. I don’t understand why Reyes wouldn’t slide head first there. If he goes head on he beats the ball to the plate.

  26. Leonys Martin is known to have a very good arm, not sure why we tested him on such a shallow flyball.

    also, it was not illegal. you can block the plate if you have the ball, which the catcher did by the time Reyes was anywhere near the plate.

  27. Buehrle’s pitch count is a bit high. It’s like someone on the Texas coaching staff noticed that they were shutout in only 105 pitches last night and told the batters to take more pitches.

  28. Hope the jays don’t live to regret all of these stranded base runners

  29. Maybe Reyes is just showing everyone that he knew Lawrie with two outs is a risk we could not take tonight.

  30. bats gone cold..

  31. I see Tolleson was afraid to pitch to Tolleson. I don’t know if I can blame him.

  32. Tolle on Tolle match begins….

  33. One Time on a pick-off at third base, me being the 3rd basemen, I tagged out my brother out.

  34. Nice to see Tolleson bested Tolleson.

  35. What’s with the ridiculous disparity in the two teams’ strike zones? And how is Buehrle succeeding in spite of it?

  36. Buerhle doi his thing but the JAys can’t seem to hit a couple of AAA stiffs tonite. Someonw please tellthem it is not Yu Darvish out there. Just be patient and stop swinging) I I’m lokon at you Lawrie) atball over your head

  37. Buehrle has sure improved after briefly losing command that one inning. I love watching him pitch.

  38. Fuk, I have to stop drinkin.
    Forward Soviet FFS

  39. Bunt here for base hit?

  40. A few thin spots on this team, but there’s an awful lot to like. Loving that were in it and we’re in most every day… Winning our share of series’ too.

  41. id almost say bunt w reyes

  42. Gose with the speed!

  43. This is dickish but funny. I might try the beer one, cuz…. BEER!


  44. even a seeing eye single we take the lead… come on guys

  45. The Gose knows.

  46. Fuck Gose is fast. He should have been out on such a great throw and tag.

  47. Reyes has got to get the runner over there. Fuk,man 19m goota execute

  48. I think it’s time to keep him up.

  49. Holy shit. Can you believe that play?

  50. Wow I can’t believe how fast Gose is.

  51. Gosw showing why he just might be taking over for Rasmus next year. Better D, better speed , better arm, and a whole Lot ,as in 14m cheaper. Yeah no power, but we got lots of power. Use the money to sigh Melky at 14m /year and invest in pitching, my man. I’ll miss the Bannerman comercials

  52. Gose just demonstrated his value three times on one inning… And that’s without him putting his excellent fielding skills to use.

  53. nice…

  54. Don’t agree with Zaun on much but if Gose leans to bunt for hits more often and can walk once in a while, his speed and defence will play in CF. I could buy trading Rasmus for some pitching help.

  55. Bautista sure took yesterday’s 0 for personally. He is having a good day. Four times on base.

  56. Where are we on the EE lost bat tracker?

  57. smart play by JB there

  58. C/mon CJ make them pay for walkin our studs

  59. Am I the only one that misses Joe Siddal (sp?) in the booth? He was a refreshing change in the broadcast.

    • not the only one. nice to listen to someone who A) isn’t a mindless mouthpiece for traditional baseball cliches and axioms, and B) is actually well-spoken and well-thought out in their commentary on the game.

  60. Jesus Jesus! be careful

  61. Fuk, that was an rbi for sure and the cunt stops it. Bad luck for cj there

  62. C’mon Dinner, make tonight relaxing….

  63. As if the Rangers need any more pitchers on the DL . . . dumb move by Ogo, but I’d probably do the same thing instinctively

  64. I mean… I know we’re a long way from knowing whether Gose can consistently hit… but I’m really enjoying what he’s brought so far this year. Amazing defence, game changing speed.

  65. Hope DINNER IS on time here

  66. id put in francisco for dinner ph

  67. Geeez 10 stranded runners, hope that doesn’t bite us on the ass.

  68. Gose is working out nicely. Speed kills.

    • Something we need with Rajai gone, a pest on the bases.

      • He opened the whole left side for Melky that last at bat.

      • Well we do have Reyes as well. But I’m glad we have the two of them. Reminds me of the old Henderson/White duo. Huge speed on the base paths lead to pitchers and fielders making hurried throws.

  69. Buehrle is dialled in.

  70. ahhh id let beurhle pitch himself outta the inning, he let up 2 penis dribblers

    • Did seem surprising with the #9 hitter up.

    • Get thee to a dispensary.

    • jesus christmas wtf! poor lineup thrown out by gibby today.. lawrie needs to suck it up and play 2nd its whats best for the team. until francisco shows he can do it anymore you put your best lineup out there.. the ten lob would prob be lower, and dinner should hv been pinch hit for w bases juiced.

  71. Couple of cheap hits and Gibbons yanks him at 102pitches-a guy who han an era of 2.04 for the gas cans-dumb. Wait o go asshole

    • I’m not surprised you see stupid shit so often with that hindsight camera of yours, firmly lodged up your ass.

      • More Gibby all the time!

      • You obviously never played the game seriously, jerk off. Buerhle won;t show but is pissed.You don’t yank yer best pefformer at 102 when he is dealing. Gibby managing to the save which is wrong.
        FWIW, I used to pitch, hated coming out. One thing if the guy coming in is generally doing the job, quite another when they are not. Try using your head for once.Loike your name though-it suits you

    • You’re bang on, Stik.

  72. If Buerhle got out of the inning, would of tried to stretch 8 innings…

  73. And now Buehrle gets a no decision at best.

  74. Jesus Christ this bullpen is a fucking mess.

  75. yuck, two chintzy hits there.

    not cashing with the bases loaded twice really sucks now

    • But you know what the stat heads say,
      RBI’s are not important.
      Guess they’re not…unless you have
      some kind on antiquated notion that
      winning games is important.

      • RBI’s are useless for evaluating hitters, but obviously they are crucial to winning games.

        those two things are not mutually exclusive. it’s really not that difficult to wrap your head around.

        • We absolutely wouldn’t want to evaluate hitters
          based on what they do to help their teams win games.
          That would be silly.

          • right

            but when your statistic of choice is heavily influenced by position in the batting order and the skill of the hitters ahead of you in getting on base…

            Bat Bautista 4th, he gets 100+ RBI. Bat him leadoff, he struggles to get 50. Should that change our evaluation of him as a hitter? I think not.

  76. Another hit and Buerhle could get a loss. He , at 7-1 has earned the right to do it himself-especially with the crap we bring in. Geezus,man

    • Are you fucking for real? Gibbons has earned the right to get this team another fucking win (that’s sarcasm to you, genius). Or would you rather that Loup comes up in an even higher leverage situation? Yup.

  77. And now its’ the Gibby Show!!!

    • i wish we brought back the psuedo nam vet. i imagine him to be like sgt four leaf from tropic thunder when telling name stories.

  78. And now, to throw gasoline on the fire…

  79. Can someone tell me why they don’t keep the stat of “inherited runners scored” or “inherited runners stranded”?

    Loup just came in and did dick all yet it is never reflected anywhere.

  80. reyes is a horrilble shortstop, the ball was right under his glove

  81. tough luck on Loup there. generated pretty poor contact.

    i dont necessarily disagree with the decision to go to the pen, but why not just go to a right-hander right away with three righties in a row due up?

  82. Gibby is a cocksucking idiot for pulling a slow throwing lefty for a another similar lefty. Go with the vet!!!

  83. villar has played ok, not impressed with tolleson at all.


  85. If Kevin Pillar continued at tonight’s pace for an entire season, he would finish with a .500 BA and 324 hits. Both of which would be franchise records.

  86. the delayed 3rd strike calls are a little much lieutenant frank drebin

  87. Robot umps anyone?

  88. Gose took one too many of those

  89. Reyes!

  90. Jose earning his 19m-Tee Hee-wicked single there but we’ll take it

  91. Finally Reyes gets a bit!

  92. There’s the bloop, where’s the bomb?

  93. tabby: “he’s and exciting player and he’s an excitable player too”

    words of wisdom

  94. nice night at the plate for Pillar. almost like we shouldn’t jump to conclusions over a couple game’s worth of AB’s.

    also, the BABIP gods giveth, and the BABIP gods taketh away.

  95. nice pitch

  96. RIP Beltre’s knees

  97. filth from Delabar

  98. hey i wouldnt mind frasor back.. good reliever!

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