Why spoil the Game Threat for the best game of the season so far by shoehorning a bunch of comments on tonight’s tilt into it? Let’s leave that little slice of perfection be. This is your game threat.

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  1. just as i say that he almost kills our best player

  2. Did you see that one Smasher?

  3. And.. Eddie losea another…bat

  4. Lucky they don’t allow guns in Texas….

    • they’d likely say that was a justifiable shooting

      • Hehe not gonna say what I was thinking, but it’s Florida with the “Stand your Ground” law. And they’re both pretty pale.

        • I winter in Florida and stand your ground scares the crap outta me. You could literally be walking down the street and reach inside your jacket to answer your cell phone and somebody would be In The clear to gun you down claiming they thought you were reaching for a gun. I’m not joking, similar stuff has happened. They don’t even bother with a trial, the D.A. knows it will never stick!

          Read up in what people have gotten away with, even shooting unarmed people in the back, and you will never cross into Florida again. I’m selling my Florida place and moving to San Diego or Phoenix.

  5. wanna see two fat texas rednecks get into a fight?? throw something free in the audience.

  6. Wow, the fans in Texas are intense! I think EE really needs to learn how not to lose his bat.

  7. the fat kid standing up top had no right or argument to that bat and he was trying to choke him..

  8. Looks like the fans have better grip than any of the players

  9. oops LOL

  10. Mitch Poorhands

  11. Boy that easY DP botched by the 1B. See if Lawrie can take advantage of it

  12. oppos!

  13. Looks like another hard luck inning for Frasor.

  14. Nice hit by CJ. Now, keep Dinner away fom the DPhere

  15. C.mon Dinner-just a fly ball man

  16. We have two backup catchers, right?

  17. I see Frasor is still the human rain delay

  18. So acceptable is 70%, the jays are at 67%…the logical conclusion according to Tabby is that the Jays are doing a great job.

  19. Thought there was no such thing as an error for failing to turn a double play

  20. Yes!

  21. Atta way jesus, heads up

  22. Sweet!

  23. JUST Deep enuf by Diner-Phwe we needed that run

  24. Donair!

  25. Nice for Casey to have a cushion.

  26. Of all the flies, the sac is my favorite.

  27. C’mon Casey -shut her down, now!

  28. kind of weird to look at league stats, the mightly AL east has fallen

  29. Deja vu

  30. Janssen is good for my heart rate.

  31. Best. Name. Ever.

  32. rougged odor is this dudes name?

  33. Yeah Casey!!
    As everyone’s favorite announcer would say,
    “You Can Put it on the Board. Yes!”

  34. A win is a win is a win.

  35. Sweet. Fucking love it.

  36. Woo!

  37. Navarro and Francisco are soooo excited to get to the catering in the club house!

  38. Love it!

  39. By the time I finish reading the comments my MLB TV catches up. Woo for winning.

  40. i miss scott downs. when he was on he was the best middle reliever going for a few years for us.

    • I was actually a big fan of ole Scotty “no lips” Downs too

    • He was boss fo sho. But he was also one of the leaders of the Cito Rebellion and all those guys got shipped out or left to walk on their own.

      • You may have forgotten, but that was the era of Anthopoulous abusing the comp pick system. We let Downs go so we could get a supplemental first-round pick for him. A supplemental first-round pick that turned into… Jacob Anderson. Can’t win them all.

        • LOL That’s right.! Man Anderson flamed out bad. Might have been the injury. Might have just never meant to be.

  41. Reyes is such a dude, love him

  42. Excellent. This a good game to win. Baltimore and Boston lost.

  43. Yea see this is why people continue to pile on him . . . guy just can’t let it go

    • He’ll have a lot of time to think about it when Soto comes back and he gets DFA’d.

    • Wonder if him and Ricky Ro are still bff’s? Not making fun of Ricky, that’s just sad. Fuck Aaron Cibia tho.

      • Pray tell Wolf, who do you think will join Vernon Wells on the sidelines first, JPA, or Ricky Ro? These fuckers get to enjoy their salaries in spite of being horrible at their jobs.

        • Sadly probably Ricky. Every team needs/has a shitty catcher. Dave Valle had a 10+ year career and he wasn’t a “run producer”.

  44. another good start, and very Buehrle-esque – some hits, not too many walks, a few strikeouts, some nice plays in the field, etc, etc

    i wanna say the offense was good, cause they knocked the opposing starter out before the 5th and took walks galore, and they did do enough to win the game… ah hell i’ll call them good. most of the time 8 hits and 8 walks does better than 4 runs.

    o and the bullpen was pretty great too, particularly Delabar.

  45. Gose and Reyes are a deadly 9 and 1 in the order. Speed kills on the bases.

  46. Nice to see Gose, Lawrie and Reyes hitting the ball the other way. Paul Molitor would be proud.

  47. one more quality starting pitcher and this team could be dangerous. glad to see the offence look more cohesive and together.

  48. I’m sure somewhere AA is breathing a little easier.

  49. I enjoyed watching the last few innings of tonight’s game.

    Zaun mentioned that the Jays have improved from 18-26 last year to 23-21.

    baby steps, but I like having Casey Janssen back

  50. Another fine outing by the Hurdy Gurdy man, singing songs of love- OK so that was his cousin Donavan after he was mellow yellow.
    Enjoyed the game, MB should be the winner but the main thing is they got the W.
    Bringing my broom tomorrow toclean up a bit. Now have to grab me a bottle of Mondovi Merlot and watch some reruns with the wife. ” Still crazy, after all these years”. Not Donavan

  51. Casey is automagic! 1 hit and 1 BB in 4 innings so far his year. He just stabilizes everything for everyone too. Loud and El Beardo go back to their normal selves too. Too bad Loup couldn’t save the win for Buerhle to take him To 8. Be nice to have another Cy Young season here!

  52. this team has to go and get another starter. The AL east is there for the taking and I don’t see this opportunity being there next season… Tampa will be revamped and NY and Boston are always looking to get better. Take a risk and go for it if , if they can’t get it done this year I promise you this group never will

  53. Something about the warm weather, and the Dominicans playing baseball like second nature, Buerhle just holding down the post, winning games in tight and clutch situations…I agree, AA should look at adding some quality to the rotation, I guess experimentation is over. Let’s Go Jays!

    • I don’t think the experimentation is over until we see Stroman start. He’ll probably get two before they decide what’s next, but we’re getting closer to buy/sell, and it sure likes ‘buy’ — excellent!

      Janssen and McGowan make the bullpen soooo much better. Even without a decent Santos, we have closer, 2 righties, 2 lefties, Rogers only for long situations. Casey makes SUCH a difference!

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