Today J.P. Arencibia deigned to speak to an actual print reporter from Toronto — something he wasn’t willing to do yesterday — and it led to a marvelously clueless performance from him, not terribly unlike his performances on the field, in a piece reflecting on his tumultuous final season in Toronto from Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star.

There’s more gold than just this — go read it — including the amazing implication that media coverage he received was part of the reason he wasn’t retained by the Jays, but this was by far the most hilarious part:

“I think the media made me out to be a monster — I wasn’t. They changed a lot of things that I said or made up stories. So I thought that that was a big thing that went down. I learned how much media does control things.”

Arencibia did not specify to which reporters or media outlets he was referring. Of the allegations he said were falsely reported, he mentioned only one: that he had complained to team president Paul Beeston about Hayhurst and Zaun, which he said “wasn’t even close to what happened.”

Arencibia himself was actually the source of that report, when he said in an MLB Network radio interview that he spoke to the “team president” about broadcasters “that we employ” and asked, “How do you build a fan base when everything that fans are hearing is negative?”

Though he once again declined to specify about whom or what he was speaking, Arencibia also said he considered taking legal action against some members of the media, whom he vaguely accused of defaming him.

That stuff itself is worthy of a post, but as you can see from the above image, it doesn’t quite end there. After spotting a post about the piece on theScore’s Facebook page, Gregg Zaun — and yes, that’s really him (not some lame unfunny parody account): Sportsnet Zaun is the Facebook profile that fans are directed to from Zaun’s official website — provided a fantastic response to Arencibia’s continued delusions [everything sic'd]:

It was my fault I kept the media off his back during his first 2 years of ineptness behind the plate. I guess that gave him a false sense of security about his performance behind the dish. I’ll still be here for him when the Rangers release him. All I want is an apology for his well rehearsed assault on Hayhurst and me. Then we can go forward like MEN. He could always call me or email me. He has both. Oh wait, he’s had both for years. Maybe he should have called me if he was upset with the way I was doing my job and then we could have discussed it like MEN

Well-rehearsed is right, and that was what I thought was so especially bizarre about it when first writing on the incident. But, of course, it was all pretty bizarre, and Zaun is certainly bang on here — and in his further comments. Oh yes, there’s more…

Sorry gang it was all my fault. I was always 20 feet from him before games and available for advice, which he never asked for. I guess he had it all figured out. Things were different when I was the starting catcher and he was in AA. Followed me around asking for instruction.


I wouldn’t comment on or criticize him during his first 2 years because I know how hard it is to be a young catcher in the show. NO ONE WAS ROOTING HARDER FOR JP THAN I WAS. WAS

And one more:

In the end it was our (Dirk Hayhurst and Me) unwillingness to spin the fact that he was in the top 10 in Rbi for a catcher in the league in late May into something positive. 15 teams in the league BTW.


I’d suspect Gregg has said such things before and elsewhere — why wouldn’t he when he’s so entirely right? — but for obvious reasons I thought it was pretty cool that it was via theScore that he did it. Also: this little soap opera isn’t close yet to being not funny, so I’m all for more back and forth.

Oh, and as if this night wasn’t good enough already, the GIF of grown men fighting over Edwin Encarnacion’s bat is pretty fantastic too.


Crotch grab in the direction of the Zubes for alerting me to this deliciousness.

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  1. JP continues to not just dig his own grave but the general area around him at this point.

    • It’s not his fault and it has nothing to do with the shovel in his hands, it’s the general area around him’s fault.

  2. Can’t wait to see what happens when Soto gets back

    • I can’t see how or why the Rangers would do anything other than release him. He’s not a major league catcher, not even a backup on a 100-loss team.

  3. Yeah, seriously. JP could have acknowledged that his game was lacking in certain aspects (important aspects at that) but rather then do that and commit to improvement he instead elected to act like they didn’t matter and develop a persecution complex.

  4. Poor JP, he still doesn’t realize how terrible he is.

  5. JPA, if you didn’t suck like shit and become the most guaranteed out on the Jays since 2013, the media would of not been a problem. It doesn’t help with 1 out and runners on 2nd and 3rd that you can’t at least get one runner in, you just strike out like a bitch. Zaun is not playing and saying dumb-shit on TV, in which should not effect you at all if you FOCUS on getting better. Join with Rios and share your joys of wasting your breath on insignificant things you can yell at instead of doing things that will help your team win.

  6. Good god this loser is like that guy who yells about his ex girlfriend he broke up with a year ago to a group of people at a party when nobody could care less

  7. Random observation: Arencibia’s OPS is lower than Jose Bautista’s OBP by 22 points

  8. I’m so tied of this story. Witch hunts sick. JP just shut your face please.

  9. Ushers are such assholes. Why can’t a guy fight over a bat, win that fight, then stay and watch the rest of the game? See him hide the bat on the way out? Fuckin’ awesome. Left his old lady behind too. Anything for an EE bat.

  10. “Are you in loser denial or something? I had a bad case of loser denial myself.”

  11. Zaun has been saying this same shit publicly on PTS for months now. It really isnt new, other than the avenue/means he used this time. Though the message remains clear and understood. JPA has serious mental issues.

  12. JP perceived himself as a guy who should have been immune to criticism because he was nice to fans (which he was, at least what I witnessed) and did charitable stuff in the community. Which was all fine and good, except it didn’t cover up the fact that he was terrible at baseball and handled Zaun and Hayhurst’s legitimate criticisms like a little bitch. All that goodwill has a way of going away quickly when you suck and start getting into whiny fights.

    It’s gonna be fun when the Rangers DFA him in about a month.

  13. At this point Arencibia needs to let his bat do the talking. There really isn’t anything else to say, because he’s not that far away from winding up in independent ball.

  14. Unreal.
    Somebody should tell JPA to clam up for his own good.
    When he gets released from Texas,other teams are gonna think twice about giving him any sort of chance.I know he’s not criticizing the Jays but what team needs the drama or the zoo that will surround him as reporters try to goad him into a controversial soundbite.
    No team is gonna want the aggrevation enough to give him a shot in the minors.
    He’ll never rebuild any value

  15. can’t wait to see JPA at the strawberry festival!

  16. I wish JP good luck in holding down catching work at MLB level, but him having this kind of running issues that keep cropping up outside of the stadium serve as distraction for his team, which is the last thing it needs right now.

    • These ‘issues’ aren’t just ‘cropping up’, as if it’s a story following JP around. He is the one spouting ridiculous passive aggressive theories about the media. He is the one who started the controversy, & the one who keeps it alive, & the one who is so lacking in self awareness and basic knowledge of how a public figure should conduct himself, that he digs the hole deeper with every statement. Not Zaun, nor any other media figure, is keep this story alive…only JP is. That’s what makes it great entertainment, fascinating to follow, and hardly something to be tired of…..

  17. I really hope JPA can hold his job untill the Toronto series, that would be awesome. I don’t think it will happen though.

  18. The press made him out to be a ‘monster’? Typical JPA self-aggrandizement. He’s not a monster anything. He’s not even a monster loser. He’s just a bad ball player who got promoted above his level of competence. Which is something I will always blame on the front office. It’s not like he’s a RickyRo who had been successful before. One big reason this team is better than last year? JPA isn’t on it.


  20. I really enjoy Zaun’s commentary. He calls a spade a spade. JPA should listen to some of the things Zaun says about other Blue Jays to get some perspective. Come to think of it, the only thing I dislike about Zaun are those ridiculous suits he insists on wearing

  21. Is that a long lost Rasmus brother top right in that gif?

    • the variety of expressions that Rasmusian/Chris Hardwick clone goes through is hillarious – anger, then pain, then about to cry, to almost a look of nervous laughter and then finally complacency . . . probably when he realized how dumb the whole ordeal was

  22. JP is so stuck up that his finger has to make an appointment to scratch his damn head.

  23. The sad thing is that if he put together a few seasons like his rookie season, or even his second season, he could have had a long major league career as a Miguel Olivo/Rod Barajas/John Buck type of catcher. Instead his apparent thickheadedness in making adjustments and glaring lack of self-awareness is going to drive him to Japan or an Independent league before he’s 30.

  24. And Kimberly Perry seems like such a nice kid.
    How did she ever get hooked up with this loser?

    And, BTW, can we go back and delete any posts
    in which I might have defended him?
    Need a “do over” on those…lol

  25. Who gives a fuck, really.

  26. You guys don’t seem to understand the real issue here, which is social injustice.

    Like Jon Hamm’s character in 30 Rock (a beautiful man that was incompetent at everything) portrays, good looking people are fed compliments all their life. When a criticism is made, it’s like being blindsided.

    My opinion on this matter is: it’s not that he can’t hit; it’s that he was batting cleanup all year. That’s not his fault. Him playing in the bigs isn’t his fault, either. Society is entirely to blame. We are the monsters. All of us. From Claudia Schiffer to Quasimoto.

  27. hilarious…’s not defamation if it’s true you idiot. Having one of the worst statistical offensive seasons in the modern era kind of precludes any lawsuit.

    And nobody made you out to be a monster. I’m sure monsters could at least OBP over .227.

    This guys bought into his own hype and thinks his 20 HR/year makes up for the fact that literally every other thing he does on the baseball field is well below average.

    The sad part is, 20 years ago, it would have. Thank god we’re out of the dark ages.

  28. I kinda feel bad for JPA at this point.

    Because he does seem like a nice enough guy even though he’s completely delusional about a lot of this stuff.


    Interesting read on Rogers. Might be same line of reasoning AA is using and why he hasnt been dumped on the scrap heap like many Jays fans have begged for

  30. This was handled inappropriately by everyone Zaun wants to be the next Din Cherry but for baseball and Arencibia diesnt want ti believe he is a sub par catcher

  31. I see a one way ticket to Japan or Korea in JP’s future.

  32. It is sad that he believes media dictates who management decides makes the team. Over the years many players have had difficult relationships with the media and have remained. JP will never improve until he takes responsibility for his play. Navarro was released and rode the bus in CIN minors. It was at that time he realized he needed to change his approach, attitude and work ethic to have any success in the majors. Maybe being demoted or released by Texas will open JP eyes to realizing HE needs to improve, or maybe he is destined to be a player that never fully reaches his true potential due to denial and arrogance.

  33. JP has to face the fact that he is a poor man’s Rod Barajas, and that’s without the ability to do much from the catcher position. Adapt or die.

  34. Josh Towers – Wow love the guy but wow

    Yes…THAT Josh Towers

  35. It’s a contest to see who can dig themselves a bigger hole. JPA or Donald Sterling?

  36. 14 teams

  37. Zaun is a buffoon and his schtick got tired long ago.

    Charles Johnson called. He wants his second WS ring back.

  38. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  39. I dont like JPA i think hes a bitch who creates a false reality of his skills or what he did THAT season…but I agree with him. Our media and sports media especially is HORRRRRRIBLE.

    Even Stoeten (who is probably one of the best) succumbs to the shitty mindset of the others at times. No diss. Just reality.

  40. Just to point out, in regards to the grown men fighting over Encarnacions bat, one replay clear showed the bat landing beside the old lady, her and her son picking it up, and the fat douchebag stole it from them, he should be choked.

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