Sunday Threat: Jays @ Rangers

This is good. Let’s keep this going. Here’s your Game Threat (more like Lame Threat, amiright?).

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  1. Winning at baseball is much more fun then losing

    • Sure is!

      Zaun’s pre-game roast was hilarious. I don’t agree about the baseballs into the stands not belonging to the Fan’s, but whatevs!

      • Baseballs or baseball bats?

        • no, he specifically said baseballs (as well as bats) are not yours. Can you imagine any team coming over to rtetrieve the balls?

          That’s like one of the oldest clauses in the baseball fan/team contracts. If you catch a ball at a park, it’s yours.

      • So obvious that Zaun wants that roast to be “Can you smell what the Zaun is cookin?”

      • I liked the idiotic bit at the end “remember, all of these things (bats,balls etc) are brought to you by the generosity of the team”

        Who does he think pays for all those bats and balls, and stadiums, and salaries?

        What a pompous waste of groceries.

  2. It is written, any game threat is better than no game threat.

    –Dali Lama

  3. Today’s Lineups
    Jose Reyes – SS Michael Choice – LF
    Melky Cabrera – LF Elvis Andrus – SS
    Jose Bautista – RF Shin-Soo Choo – DH
    Adam Lind – 1B Adrian Beltre – 3B
    E. Encarnacion – DH Alex Rios – RF
    Juan Francisco – 3B Mitch Moreland – 1B
    Brett Lawrie – 2B R. Chirinos – C
    Josh Thole – C Leonys Martin – CF
    Anthony Gose – CF Rougned Odor – 2B
    R.A. Dickey – RHP Nick Martinez – RHP

  4. We’re used to you being lame. This is all the monkey army asks.

  5. Dickey gonna Dick

    • If you move the first letter of his name to the end, it’s Smile Rogers.

      That name changes how I feel about him already. Let’s keep him. You can’t cut a guy named Smile.

  6. Would like to see a 2nd consecutive nice game from Gose.

  7. fuck…..Dickey looks like he might just be on today

    • He’s steadily improved for the last 5 games in runs allowed

    • If he can cut a run and a BB, and add a K for each start he won’t be far off his 2012.

      His HRs are down A LOT from last year, and he’s been much better in the Dome too (4-1 3.05 ERA).

      This Rangers game is his best road start so far.

  8. I’ve decided to watch the Rangers feed. I find them to be painfully homerish. I’ll pass along any nuggets if the Jays keep rolling today.

  9. ANOTHER hit for Lind, man he loves Texas!

  10. The Adam Lind/Steven Seagal run

  11. Holy Thole how about a clutch 2-out RBI?

  12. Thole has a seriously ugly swing

  13. Ant’ny from Woodbridge

  14. It’s still on offer : free beer for all DJFers in Edmonton (well, Canmore, this weekend) , if/when Dickey throws his no-no!!
    Let me know if we need one keg or two.

  15. Jose steals now?

  16. Buck’s advice on how to pitch to Lind made me lol a little. Just let him decide, guy. No big deal.

  17. C’mon Kittens, wait for a pitch you can do some damage with.

  18. well, there goes the perfect game

  19. Well there goes the no-hitter.

  20. Tough air, boys. Tough air.

  21. lol Buck: “The A’s are really starting to swing the bat better lately”

    Uh, you mean the team that’s got the highest OPS in the AL and the 2nd in MLB? If by “lately” you mean all of 2014, then yeah, they are.

  22. Like Pat, I’ve also written nothing on my card; it’ll be a hit.
    Good try by Lawrie.

  23. Now they’re giving props to the Royals manager, saying how Kaufman isn’t a HR stadium, but their manager has “got them” to hit HR, citing high HR numbers by a few key players. Monty Burns is the only manager i know who can “get” his p[layers to hit HR.

    can’t…..breathe……too much……..narrative…..

    • Weren’t they talking about Seitzer, the Jays hitting coach, who was basically fired by KC because they weren’t hitting HR’s?

      • Yes.. lol.. The logic is nonexistant =p

      • Yes they were talking about Seitzer and not the Royals manager. And they also said it was odd Sietzer got canned when the Royals said they needed more power production considering their “power” hitters were hitting home runs..and then listed of those players.

    • “Okaaaaay, Skip!”

  24. Brett was looking at first base and booted the ball. Keep your eye on the ball. Error. My .02.

    • Fair enough. I like being tough on the fielders.

      Hope Gibby let’s Dickey pitch for awhile today.

  25. Johhny Fats!

  26. It’s almost time when we have to start wondering if Juan is another Bautista or EE. Not as good, of course, but maybe he’s for real.

    • My view on this is that guys who can hit for legit big power have a hard time harnessing it because they want to hit every pitch into the second deck. Teach them to be patient and they’ll mash. Obviously not everyone can learn that kind of approach but Juan’s learning from two of the best in the game today. Maybe he is for real…

  27. the juan is fat

  28. Keep this dude!!

  29. Juantanamera!

  30. Pretty sure Lawrie would have made that play from 3rd.

  31. Really nervous about opening the series in Fenway with Happ & Redmond (he is starting now right?). Gah….gonna be an important series and I hate that we have to throw those 2 out first.

    • OTOH… we know Dickey, Buerhle, and Hutch will more or less be ok. What saves/dooms the season is how the other two guys do, and we are going to have to see them put up eventually. Better now than an implosion in September (a la Boston 2011, though for different reasons)

    • They’re skipping the fifth starter. Happ/Hutch/Buehrle

  32. Dickey has the most fragile psyche in baseball. An infield single leads to a meltdown.

  33. Something tells me the offense is gonna out up more than 1 run today…

  34. You REALLY do not want to walk Gose

  35. YOu never want to walk the lead off #9 guy the inning after your team gives you a 1 run lead…..especially when that #9 guy is Gose and the next batter is Reyes

  36. This is going to be a good inning. I feel it…

  37. Gose doesn’t need to steal… Martinez is going to walk the bases loaded like this

  38. And then all of a suddenly

  39. Great throw, he was out.

    That’s not Arencibia is it? Can’t be.

  40. That catcher is good. I can’t see JPA staying after Soto comes back

  41. Dickey’s at 54 pitches through 4. I’d say an easy 7, assuming he doesn’t have another high-pitch inning.

  42. Holy fucking hell…what is that hot dog…?!

    • Apparently it’s 5 pounds. Comes with it’s own carrying case.

      • Rumour has it they were smuggled in from the Soviet Union during the Reagan administration, and sat in storage for a few years until the weight and food consumption of the average Texan reached a certain threshold.

        • I’d rather pay $26 for that then $12 for the crap at the dome. Really though, nothing beats a Fenway Frank. A regulation sized dog with a slice of white bread for a bun…

      • Everything is bigger in Texas. We saw roaches the size of a hand. In restaurants. One was on my husbands lap, like a cat. The regulars looked at us like “what, you’ve never seen a roach before?”

    • This is how I imagine Texans eating all the time. Just normal everyday food.

  43. hate the steal with good hitters at the plate

  44. I have to ask since I’m not watching the game, on what pitch was Gose stealing on? 3-1? If so, it was dumb.

    • Gose has the worst base running instincts and gets the worst jump in baseball, and it’s not even close. He reminds me of the time the As hired a track star to be a pinch runner exclusively. That guy, despite being the fastest runner baseball has ever seen, also got thrown out 40 percent of the time just like Gose does.

      • that’s why he’s now 21/28 in steals in his MLB career.

        he could (and probably will) get better, but your making a lot out of something that hasn’t been a problem

    • Yes, it was 3-1. The pitch was a strike. Contrary to Kevin, I would have been ok if Gose had wanted to run 2-1. But 3-1? Martinez was distracted and wild.

      • Granted he needs work. Rajai wasn’t as fast but always knew when and when not to go and also how to read pitchers. But you have to give credit to Cherinos. The guy has thrown a few lasers to exactly the same spot every time

      • Thanks. My instincts of stupidity from Gose were right. Coming from my professional arm chair manager, stealing on a 3-1 pitch is the stupidest time to steal. Ever. I was hoping for Reyes to get on base and then double steal for Melkman.

  45. Nice comeback by Dickey

  46. Great inning by the Dickster. Next inning will be a challenge with the middle of the order up. If he slaloms through that, the 7th will be a cakewalk.

  47. i think there’s only been 2 balls hit in the air all afternoon against Dickey. that’s pretty good.

  48. PARROT!!!

  49. BRAWWWK!!!!

  50. Another wing-dinger.

  51. Tabler: “just wait for it. He’ll make you a mistake”

  52. Were those Booster Juice ads made as a school project?

  53. Oh, Edwin hit one out? BRAWWWK!

  54. DICKEY is slipping… Bring in McGowan!

  55. Fucking sweet DP!!

  56. That Beltre dude is SLOW!

  57. Great stuff by Dickey so far. Almost everything staying on the ground.

  58. I don’t know if I agree with pinch-hitting Gose here. I mean, bases are empty, one-out, what was Pillar going to do here anyways?

    Pillar, prove me wrong.

  59. Is it just me or have Pillar’s at-bats been the ugliest thing ever over the past week. Has he even pulled a ball in fair territory yet?

  60. Let’s go Melkman!

  61. Baltimore got spanked today. C’mon Jays, we want to move into 1st. That’s not helping, Juan.

  62. Fuck balls…

  63. Game over

  64. Errors…

  65. Wow that 2B ump is a piece of shit. Reyes should have decked him.

  66. Well, so much for that good start.

  67. I know it’s not reviewable, but is the neighbourhood only in effect when he makes a throw to first?

  68. This is sooooo brutal…

  69. Damn 7th inning barrier again

    not helped by Francisco, or Lind/Reyes now, but a 2 strike HR and a 2 strike eventual BB too…

    • True. That pitch to Moreland was not at all good. Generally speaking, though, I’d like that outing from Dickey every time.

      • I don’t mind the 7th inning much. His defense let him down more than anything. But the 4th inning was a little frustrating, from what little I caught from Game Day on my phone. Looked like he was breezing and just lost it.

        • Bear in mind that Lawrie at 3rd actually gets to the ball that Reyes can’t make a throw in time on. That minimizes the damage there…

      • o for sure, Dickey was great today. The Rangers could barely get the ball out of the infield.

        Errors cost him 2 runs.

    • That was a pure hanger to Moreland though. Gibbers just needs to forget about Dickey in the 7th unless it’s a laugher.

  70. They’re not reversing this. Not on that angle.

  71. If you look closely you can see the Rangers logos on the T shirts the umps are wearing under their uniforms.

  72. That ump couldn’t see the play from his position. The guy was out. It may not be evident in the vid though

  73. He was out.

    They def need to change the review scenario that only the players can ask for one. Or at least, with the manager unable to come out of the dugout. Would really speed it up so we don’t need to see the manager trot oout on every sinlge close play, which is annoying.

    As we’ve seen this game, the players know better then anyone. Juan knew right away he was out youn could tell from his body language, whereas Gose didn’t even argue, he knew he was out.

    In my experience so far, the players are right about 90% of the time, as judging by their body language

    • Yeah because Reyes totally would have called for a replay on the force-out at second.

      • That’s the neighbourhood play. Start calling that one strict like that fucking idiot did just now and you’re going to have a lot of shortstops with broken ankles and torn ligaments.

      • You have to think that Reyes thought he should have got a neighbourhood call. He can’t possibly think his feet hit the bag…

      • Reyes knows he didn’t touch the bag, it wasn’t even close. His argument is that play has never been called before this season.

    • Another thing I thing I think they should do is be like other sports… hockey or football, after the call is made, the official goes to the centre stage and flicks on a speaker and announces it.

      I just think it’s great drama, watching the ref take his place, wondering what the call is going to be. The way they do it now, with the tv guys just tell you like it’s an afterthought what the play was, is really anti climactic and it seems no right somehow.

      I’d like to see the ump go to homeplate, and say “after reviewing the play, the call on the field is blah blah”

  74. Yah! Great play by Fat Juan!

  75. I’m reading this comment string on the toilet.

  76. Irritating. Pitcher throws more balls than strikes and we get ourselves out. I guess it’s not the Jays day today.

  77. 4-2 really the time to just concede the game by putting Redmond in? With a day off tomorrow?

  78. So much for the “statement” game. The bats could’ve been better when their pitcher was pitching his 3rd game.

  79. Not the Jays day. That´s all right, they happen from time to time.

  80. Fuck it’s 6-fucking-2 why would you waste a Cecil appearance?

    • Ass-backwards managing by Gibby, as he had Redmond in at 4-2, and now Cecil for garbage time. I’d fire him. The players are quitting on him as we speak.

  81. Well…that’s enough of that. Time to get my drink on to celebrate the birth of some German lady. Prost!

  82. Jeez us what a gong show.

    But never mind, Cecil is into the game, Bean!

    • The only redeeming factor of the afternoon for me. Luckily I’ve got more baseball left today beyond this game.

  83. Actually my own preference for BJILF would be Bautista.

    • BJILF! I’m totally stealing/borrowing this…
      Though the Blue Jays are lacking in hotties [to my taste, anyway]…

      • Am I allowed to ask? what’s a BJILF?

      • Yeah in general they aren’t a good-looking bunch of guys.

        • Who is the best-looking team in MLB?

        • Which is fine…sometimes players become more attractive if they’re especially talented or have interesting personalities on display. Most teams only have a couple of truly hot guys.

          • So if I were of the female persuasion, I think Jose would be a great choice. He’s good looking , smart, articulate and intense!

            • Not sure if I can definitively say which team is the best looking [especially as I don't follow NL @ all]. At the moment I would give a slight edge to the Detroit Tigers, but probably just because I watch a lot of their games so I’m paying more attention.

              I don’t like Jose’s pouty baby-man routine. Or facial hair.

              • I am a married man, but I can appreciate handsomeness and I watch a lot of baseball. I would go with the Phillies.

              • Well, there IS that. He’s got buckets of “pouty”. I just realized something: This game was their 20th of 20 in a row. So maybe I’m not all that upset.

                • I don’t recall anything special or any FEELINGS about the Phillies when the Jays played them. I know Mac from IASIP crushes hard on Chase Utley. Maybe it’s a straight guy thing.

                  + pouty CAN be good – but I don’t like Jose’s particular brand of pouty. Too aggro-pouty or something.

                  • Cliff Lee is handsome. Parkes was right, Cliff Lee could market anything. He’s got that rugged, masculine look.

                    • Cliff Lee doesn’t do it for me. I guess rugged + masculine isn’t my thing…

                    • Evanka doesn’t do it for me, though I can understand why some guys find that appealing.

                      Martine is the one with the real curves, and she looks like she’d be a tiger in the bedroom.

                  • Aggro…See, I learned a word today. Cept I had to look it up. Also learning that there’re a couple of different kinds of pouty well, no surprise there. Someone needs to offer a PHD programme in this stuff.

                    • I would think someone who uses Karl Sagan as their name would be an exceptionally learned individual. BTW I heart Cosmos…the new + the old…

                      + another BTW – the best kinda pouty is the Marlon Brando version.

                    • Ah Brando! Now there was a MAN! And yes he invented pouty!
                      Did you see him in The Wild One?

                    • Evanka is not to my taste either. She’s the very definition of basic blonde. Meh.

                      But Brando is my ULTIMATE. So of course I’ve seen The Wild One. On repeat.

                    • Brando is too girly for me. He always struck me as a kind of straight version of Rock Hudson in looks. I never loved the pout. My sexiest star ever is Clint Eastwood. In Coogan’s Bluff. Sigh. That guy was sex on a stick. Now…not so much. But back in the day he was hot as hell.

            • Yep. That’s why he’s my fave. Also you left out that he’s very well-built.

  84. Maybe tomorrow is the day Gibby gets canned?

    • Because it’s Gibby’s fault that the Jays made 4 errors?

      • Gibby’s fault for going with Redmond in the 8th. Almost any other option would have been more appropriate. Personally, I’d have had Dusty go out again — he only threw three goddamn pitches in the 7th.

  85. very unimpressive effort from Reyes again. he coulda kept that ball in the infield easy.

    also: Redmond, ugh.

    sometimes i think he can survive in the big leagues, other times he looks like a slower version of Esmil Rogers, which is not anywhere close to good.

    • I’ve seen Reyes do that a few times and wondered. First I thought he was dogging it but now I’m thinking he may be trying to protect his hammies.

  86. Ok Jose. You have to get on so Melky can hit a 4 run bomb.

  87. A part of me dies when someone swings at ball 4.

  88. 4 errors ? What the fuck?

  89. time to prank call jays talk. who’s in?

  90. Bit of a shitshow today, but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. Sweep the Sux and all is forgiven.

  91. Stroman back down.

    • huh? that’s disappointing.

      why call him up prior to the super 2 deadline just for a cup of coffee out of the pen?

      • Weird, but they’re probably thinking they don’t have to worry about minor things like that.

      • There’s no deadline for super two, it is a cumulative thing. The deadline often given is an estimation of the time required to ENSURE your guy won’t be a super two. The dealine is a moving target because Super 2 status is based on what kind of time everyone else is putting on. In theory, the Super 2 deadline could be August if absolutely nobody ever got called up.

        And the clock that starts when you come up stops when you go back down, so Stroman can (and likely will) get Super 2 status assuming he doesn’t come back up until, say, July. That’s likely what’s driving this.

        • It’s kinda like the QO amount……because the amount is based on the combined data of a group of people and a moving target. In theory, the QO could be $20 million next year if lots of guys signed crazy deals this offseason. In reality, it won’t be and they can pretty accurately estimate it.

          That’s all the super 2 deadline is… estimation based on past results. I.e., in previous years, early june has always been enough to ensure your guy doesn’t get super 2.

      • There is no such thing as a Super Two deadline, unless the player stays up the remainder of the year. It goes on amount of service, not the date of a player’s first call up. If the player doesn’t accumulate enough major league service, he’s not a Super Two. I doubt Stroman will be a Super Two.

  92. Shame that the offense and defense spoiled a good effort by Dickey today. Let’s remember this the next time he hits a rough patch. I truly believe he’s pitched like an ace, but for the “we’re pulling you because you gave up a dying quail hit, and it’s the 7th “. To me, this defines this era of baseball, and the Gibby regime in particular.

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