Well here’s something that probably should turn into a regular feature, and maybe is finally starting to: a collection of thoughts on what went on over the weekend — and this time they’re actually almost showing up on time! Almost…

Measuring The Dick

R.A. Dickey has been a much better pitcher for a whole lot more of 2014 so far than I think he gets credit for, and he’s certainly been a bit hard done by in his last couple of starts — though I’d be full of shit if I tried to claim that a large part of it wasn’t his own doing. The seventh inning Mitch Moreland line drive home run on Sunday truly spoiled a terrific outing, just as yet another late inning mini-implosion was enough to sink him in his previous start against Cleveland (though it hurts his overall line less after Brett Lawrie was charged with an error on an Asdrubal Cabrera scorcher that was originally ruled a hit). The mounting number of games that have slipped away in this manner has been brutal, but it has belied how well Dickey has actually pitched for the most part — much in the same way that his overall line from 2013, and his lack of performance (mostly due to a stiff back that limited his velocity) in the early going, while the Jays were burying themselves, coloured much of the public perception of his season, even as he pitched in the second half to a 3.56 ERA, with a 4.15 FIP and 3.86 xFIP.

This year, since a cold weather disaster in Minnesota on April 17th, Dickey has pitched to a 2.92 ERA and held opposing batters to a .211/.300/.331 line. It’s maybe not the ace stuff the Blue Jays expected when they traded for him, but it’s a lot closer than it looked last year, and a lot closer than this year has felt. Granted, we’re only talking about six starts and 37 innings there, and I’m choosing arbitrary endpoints to eliminate the Minnesota game, a late-inning blowup against Houston, and Opening Day in Tampa.

Throw out just Opening Day, and Dickey has posted a less-impressive 3.60 ERA (not sure on the advanced stuff because I’m working from the game logs at Baseball Reference), but — and, of course, we can’t really do this — if you also take out his seventh and final inning of the game against Houston — a game in which he cruised right up to the very end, when he surrendered an ill-timed double-walk-HR sequence in the final frame — his ERA over that 55 inning span drops just 3.17.

Even a 3.17 ERA — which, let’s continue to be clear here, is not at all what he actually has pitched to this season — wouldn’t put him into the top 15 in the American League. But it would be close — right behind 17th ranked C.J. Wilson (3.16), and 16th ranked Justin Verlander (3.15). Of course, the numbers for those guys aren’t benefiting from any of the kind of “well what if this hadn’t happened” stuff I’m trying to use to make Dickey’s numbers look better than they are, so the whole exercise is utter misleading in that respect. But the point is, Dickey has pitched quite a lot better than I think people think. The velocity on his knuckleball has remained exactly where you want to see it over the last several starts, and with some better bounces and either a shorter leash from the manager or some kind of adjustment from the pitcher himself to help solve his late inning woes, it’s hardly unreasonable to think that we’ll end up looking back in September and seeing a guy who had a very, very good season.

On Phillips On Lawrie

TSN gets Steve Phillips to write as a “Baseball Insider” for them, because, obviously, when you have the chance to get a poor former Mets GM and disgraced ESPN analyst, you damn well better do it!

In his post this week at, Phillips had some rather harsh words for a certain Blue Jays second baseman — or is it third baseman? — and his initial bristling at the idea of being moved off of “his” position.

To wit:

I can understand how a player can be bothered by a position change.  Ball players are creatures of habit.   They don’t like change because it makes them uncomfortable.  Brett Lawrie said, “I am a third baseman.”  It is his identity.  Players are their position.  Lawrie needs to change his view of his identity.  He is a Blue Jay not a third baseman.

. . .

Brett Lawrie isn’t a star.  He is “just a guy.”  He is a borderline starter in the majors.  He is overrated.  Lawrie was hyped when he got to the majors and had a very good quarter season in 2011, but he hasn’t lived up to the hype and has been a disappointment.

Seriously, he is complaining?

He should be grateful for the opportunities he continues to get from the Jays.  He has no room to complain.  … Lawrie is closer to being out of the Majors than he is to being an All Star.

If it were me, I would tell Lawrie that we are moving you to second base and, if he has any gripes, I would option him to the minors and see how he likes it.  If he gets mad, but keeps his mouth shut, maybe it will help him.  As I said earlier, emotions aren’t all bad.  He hasn’t yet earned the right to be comfortable.  The major leagues are about performance.

Be grateful you are a big leaguer Brett.


I mean, some of that’s kind of insane, of course, but… actually, is it?

The stuff about optioning Lawrie for complaining, I think, entirely is. So is the idea that Lawrie, still just 24, is at this point a finished product, and not a player to embrace because of his potential, rather than to push away because of his failings. But the idea that Lawrie has been allowed to think that he’s a bigger thing than he really is? Yeah, I can get behind that. Be it the passport, or the explosion onto the scene back in 2011, or the video game covers, or the media attention that comes with all of it, Lawrie is definitely a bigger star than his play has warranted.

Lawrie currently sits on a wRC+ of 94, which is exactly the number he posted last year. Granted, he’s dealt with injuries on and off basically ever since his dramatic first cameo, so there’s some slack that needs to be given, but nonetheless his production has been decidedly pedestrian. There were 19 third basemen with more than 400 plate appearances who hit better last year, and 16 produced more fWAR (granted, many had far more games in which to do so). This season so far, 14 3B with at least 150 PA have been better hitters by wRC+, as have twelve second basemen.

Obviously spinning it like he’s barely a big leaguer, or “ closer to being out of the Majors than he is to being an All Star,” is pretty hilariously dumb. But the way he’s going right now he’s a few flyballs not turning into home runs from having numbers that would make him look like a poor man’s Scooter Gennett. Maybe not the best position to be complaining from. So… that bit is at least not nuts.


- This is supposed to be about the weekend, so… um… how about that weekend of baseball in Texas? I mean, I know the Rangers are the walking wounded right now, and I know that the series ended on a sour note, but that was pretty terrific. If the Jays keep playing like that against Boston and Oakland this week, they’ll be fine.

- Speaking of the Rangers, J.P. Arencibia was sent to triple-A today. Been inevitable for about a year now, so… whatever. Not a lot to say on this, really.

- You’ll hear whining about a club’s production with runners in scoring position every year, no matter what the actual numbers say. Proof? The Jays have the sixth-best wRC+ with RISP in the majors.

- So the Jays made their reciprocal move for the demotion of Marcus Stroman (which I wrote about back on Sunday) today, and it’s reliever Rob Rassmussen who received the call, giving the Jays an extra lefty to use in dealing with the Red Sox this week, and rewarding a guy who has pitched very well for Buffalo. Makes sense.

- Gotta think it’s going to be a short stay for Rasmussen, though, as he’s the prime candidate to go back down when the Jays call up Liam Hendriks to take the start on Saturday against the A’s — which I think is likely to happen simply because Hendriks is more stretched out, and therefore less likely to tax the bullpen, than Todd Redmond is.

- Stephen Drew is finally off the market, having signed with the Red Sox for the prorated portion of the qualifying offer he turned down last fall. He won’t be in the lineup this week against the Jays, but this move sure does… speak to the desperation among the jowly, white-haired, Ted-Kennedy-lookin’, Tip O’Neil motherfucker set, eh?

- And lastly, speaking of Boston, don’t forget that on Thursday, the Jays and Red Sox are going at it at 4:05 PM ET at Fenway, and so it seems like a hell of a time to ditch work early and head over to Opera Bob’s, where once again us DJFs will be watching the game with some of the folks from Sports Bar Heroes — the excellent web series I’m involved in! — while enjoying $5 pints, $4 tall cans, $2 hot dogs, and hopefully a better damn result from the team than when we last tried this, back on Opening Day. Join us! Hit up the Facebook event page, if you’re still into Myspace 2.0.

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  1. Hey Stoeten, the mediocre play by Lawrie in your eye’s is making all the highlights. Hmmm imagine that…

    Any robberies from Lawrie at third should be called “he just got Stoeten’d”.

    • I didn’t call it mediocre you fucking twit.

      I did succeed in getting your goat, though, didn’t I?

      • Oh sorry jack ass, you said “let’s not overrate the play, it was alright”

        • Enjoy ESPN and all the highlights tonight and tomorrow. “He just got Stoeten’d”

          • Awww, did your widdle feewings really get hurt this bad?

          • Also: let’s not overrate the play. It was alright.

            • It was terrific, you negative Nancy. Name a more exciting, game-saving play this year. A ‘baseball’ player would have suffled a few feet outside the baseline and thrown home. Lawrie spring-boarded off of third, did three flips, whipped the ball home, crotch-grabbed when Ortiz was DOA, fucked half of the Sox’ wives, then yelled “Let’s go!!!”

              • It was a nice grab. The jump throw, however, was the kind of flashy unnecessary stuff you probably would shit on another kind of player for as being “me-first”. Hmm?

                • Come on Stoets, I know talking down idiots is pretty much your job description, but it’s okay to have some fun once in a while. That was pretty fucking awesome.

                  • Oh sure, it was fun, great, etc. Really was just responding original to people trying to hold it up as a reason why Lawrie ought to be above criticism, basically, which is, of course, ridiculous. (And which they weren’t quite doing, granted.)

                    • It was a great play, and a fantastic time for it boot…. at the moment plays like that are the only argument for keeping him at 3rd…. but that argument is retarded, because long term defense doesn’t mean shit compared to getting a bat like Fransico’s in the lineup (as long as he’s hot)

                      To put Lawrie above criticism is just stupid, no athlete is above criticism its the nature of the job.
                      But he’s a 24 year old kid who wants to play 3rd and has confidence oozing out his ass, so if he yaps a bit and needs to be sat down and told hey this is whats best for the team, thats a symptom of being a still maturing player…..and for Phillips to go off on him is really stupid.

                      So because Phillips is criticizing peoples character lets take a tiny look a his…

                      Divorcing your wife for the 20 year old intern you’ve been banging at espn, this explains a lot, it must seem strange to you that Lawrie would have more attachment to his position than you had to your wife and children.

                      Go fuck yourself Steve no one cares what you think, might as well keep telling us why Hamilton should have to play in the minors.

                  • As much as I respect you Andrew, you’ve really been coming across as kissing the ass of the Jays broadcasters lately. I remember you used to stand up and fight against them and the stupid things they have said, but now you seem to be actually defending them. Are you hoping to get a job proper with the org?

                • The jump throw wasn’t unnecessary,he had no open throwing lane.Especially if Ortiz was actually running towards home.

                • The dive was a great reaction, and Lawrie showed good poise in recovering the ball quickly. The jump throw was a bit…weird.

              • My sentiments exactly. Possibly my favourite play this year because of how “fuck you” it was.

  2. Canadian Jesus.

  3. served up a couple meatballs just to make it interesting, but Casey showed some great command on those last two batters.

    a good win. Happ was Jekyll and Hyde (aka: JA Happ), and not great at the end of the day, but damn he’s good when he commands that fastball. bullpen was a little shoddy, but really it was the bats that came to play. Melky and Edwin were ridiculous.

    • I question Gibbers letting a flagging Happ pitch to lefty masher Gomes. A minor quibble, I know, but I would manage every A.L. East game like it’s game 7 of the World Series.

      • Certainly that’s how games against TBay should be run. Those guys have killed us for decades. That’s a big reason we haven’t done well in the division, all those games down the drain to the Rays.

        • You just can’t, though. Certainly not literally — you manage game seven like there is no tomorrow, regarding bullpen usage. Can’t do that in the regular season. You can’t play back to back AL East series’ and only use your best relievers for a week. Just can’t do it. I get the sentiment, though. Fact is, they just have happened to lost in Tampa. It’s not due to undermanagement, it’s just happened, partly because the Rays are good, partly because of luck.

          • Well you’re right. I don’t mean you actually manage that intensely. But T-Bay beat the shit out of us when the only other team they could beat was the Podunk Tigers of the Massepaqua T-Ball League. Yes, they have been a good team for quite a while. But they killed us season after season when we finished third and they finished fifth.

  4. I cruised by SOSH and they aren’t pleased with Farrell’s tendency to put on the bunt in entirely the wrong circs. The bloom is starting to wear off the rose there I think.

  5. 2 games over. Who would have thought in March ? AA has certainly assembled a good line up. Let’s hope they can keep it rolling for a long enough that Rogers frees up enough $ to add a pitcher or two. Great game tonight.

    • God is in the details…
      “I have to make an adjustment or whatever…”

      This is disappointingly non-introspective.
      He just doesn’t get it, and probably never will.

    • “It’s tough because it’s one of those things in talking to [hitting instructor Dave] Magadan, he told me I had the highest percentage of hard-hit balls. It’s a matter of, just hoping they fall. That’s all you can do. There’s got to be a consistency in your approach. I don’t know, just getting down there and working and trying to stay on the path that I’ve been. Unfortunately the results haven’t been there but the contact, the hard-hit balls, that has been there.”

      What a weirdo. When he doesn’t strike out this year (22% of the time and 5 to 1 vs BB) he grounds out 2/3 of the rest of the time. Plus isn’t he supposed to be a home run hitter? Highest % of hard hit balls? Christ man. Just admit you have been totally neutralized by the league and need to revamp everything.

    • If he happens to face Romero in AAA, he might even manage to work him for a walk. #progress

  6. By the way I found this little gem from a week or so back. Farrell justifying his obsession with bunting. Apparently the ‘one-dimensional power hitter’ is a thing of the past so the Non-power-hitting Sox are gonna bunt their way to glory. I guess no one told the Jays sluggers that home runs are out of style.

    • Jerry Remy seemed a bit exasperated tonight as he remarked that the Sox are down by 3 but they’re playing for 2 runs. Suck it, Farrell.

    • I’m not sure that giving away outs willy nilly is the solution, but the Sox gotta do something.
      After Ortiz, Napoli and Pedroia there ain’t much proven talent or producing veterans.

      They’re going to have to pitch very, very well, or it could get ugly in Beantown this year.

      • Not saying they’re prepared to fully punt a season,
        but the Red Sox may be prepared to live off last year’s glory
        while they find out whether or not Bogarts, Bradley, Betts, Checcini,
        Ownes, Webster, Renaudo and Barnes have what it takes to
        be part of the core for their next run.

        As we well know, the only way to find out is to let them play.

        The Drew signing looks like they’ve decided Middlebrooks is
        not part of the plan and that Bogarts is better suited to 3B than SS.
        Perhaps they are prepared to take this year and next
        to sort all of this out, while trying to stay somewhat competitive.

  7. Tanaka got roughed up a little today, and come to think of it, the Cubs are the only team to see him more than once so far. maybe there’s something to that, or maybe he was just a little off/unlucky.

    still a gaudy 7 K’s to 1 BB

  8. Let’s sweep these assholes. Make Fuckface Farrell eat some dick.

  9. What a great game tonight, can’t wait for tomorrow.

  10. Also, optioning Lawrie to the minors for complaining would be a grievable offence by the Blue Jays. There was a Marlin from a couple years back that alleged he was optioned to the minors for his Tweets and he successfully grieved that through the Player’s Association.

  11. My perspective of this game: Jays came in prepared for everything that Boston will throw at us tonight. Early 5+ insurance runs, check. JA Happ, throwing his “best for” 5 innings, check. Bullpen ready for anything from the Boston Bats , check. Casey Janssen, check. Nails Defense, Check, check, check.

    That Lawrie DP in the 4th was the play of the game because the dive was from a John Woo movie and it fooled all the runners to get the Cookie Monster out at Home. Then Lawrie DP in the 9th nailed the coffin for these MASSHOLES.

  12. Happ was Ok-prety much a 5th starter calibrre start-4 ERs in 5 innings is not particularly great is it? Yet he gets a W ( shows why W’s can be a little misleading).If not for Lawrie ‘s play with the sacks juiced he is likely looking at 7ERs and we’d be shitting all over him.
    Delabar continues to be unimpressive in my view. I now shudder when he starts an inning ( unlike the first half last year) as the WHIP rate is way up. I think he better revisit the weighted balls thing as his velocity is declining from last year by 2-3 MPH.
    Mcgowan was hitting 96 with the FB, looked decent and I thought he was squeezed on a few there.
    Finally, Smasher, as a catcher I would like your take on Kratz. To me he has been great. Defence solid,blocking balls, strong arm, and providing oomph with the bat in limited opportunities. Seems to frame well. I think he has contributede solidly and a lot more than we could ever expect from Brad Lincoln for whom he was dealt.
    Rock On, I mean Forward Soviet-fuck go gegt em Drew, baby.
    Smasher: thoughts?

  13. Aw shucks, JPA got sent down to AAA Round Rock today, and I didn’t get the chance to help him pack his things.

  14. PS: Lest ye take Stoet’s Twit-feed for gospel, Fenway is not a joke stadium. Nor is Wrigley’s 353 feet down the lines or the dimensions of new/old Yankee Stadium. Do we want a return to 70′s-80′s cookie-cutters like Three Rivers, Memorial Stadium in Baltimore and dare I say, Skydome?

    My personal favourite is the hill in CF in Houston with a flag pole in play. The more variables, the better!

    • I do. Maybe a little nicer and without the wall-t-wall. Watching guys like Ron LeFlore, Otis Nixon, Eric Davis, etc. leg out triples on grounders through the infield was f@cking exciting. Way more exciting than a line drive home run.

      I’d prefer greater variety in parks shape and size myself, with a good handful of cavernous behemoths for sure.

  15. It’s obviously still too early, but the Jays are now tied for the second wild-card spot with the Yankees.*

    *in order to be honest: Yankees actually have it by .001 points, on account of their having played two less games. But we’re basically tied.

  16. What do you guys make of Reyes’ play lately? I’m not calling him out (yet) but there were some plays I thought he could have done better with. I’m not even talking about his bat, he will always have that ability to heat up… but the defense hasn’t been very good. The Reyes of 3 years ago would have dove for that ball in the 9th inning, the way Lawrie does. He’s never been on a winning team either. Is this what he is now or is it just a few bad games?

    • “He’s never been on a winning team either.”

      This is how you analyse a player? And you question not diving with a guy who slams into bases and runs like a possessed demon despite always being on the brink of injury? Come on. The bat is weak and the D is average as it has always been. When the bat wakes up it will be a welcome boost.

    • You almost had something there until that winning team bullshit at the end. Not only is that a patently retarded point, the fact is that Reyes HAS been on a winning team – the 2006 Mets came within Carlos Beltran inexplicably leaving the bat on his shoulder for strike three from being in the world series.

      Anyway, it was a dumb concept which, if this is possible, was made even dumber by being wrong. Thanks for playing.

    • Thank god you aren’t calling him out yet. Probably a huge weight lifted off of Jose’s shoulder. He’s going to start playing and training harder know that he knows you’re looking over his shoulder.

    • You maybe had a decent point about his apparently sub-par defense (though the metrics have him around league-average, so possible confirmation bias there) but you ruined it with the “winning team” bullshit.

      How do you feel about Stanton?

  17. Not sure if this is at all a playoff bound Jays team… but they seem to take the claw and crawl through the mud and dirt mentality. All of us and including myself felt this team will drop to 20 games under 0.500 at the first month, but then when you upgrade/improve the catchers and rid of JPA’s guaranteed K and wild pitch/passed balls off the field, your team has a fighting chance every game with the questionable starting pitching. I think Dinner and Kratz placed a new shred of confidence on these surprise pitchers for the last two months: Drew and Mark.

  18. This blog needs more love for Erik Kratz.

    He loves bacon, things flavoured like Bacon, he’s built like a fuckin Terminator, he hit’s jacks, chucks out any idiot silly enough to stray off a bag, and can coax mediocre starts out of Happ.

    This guy should have his own fan club.

    • I agree. I liked him the first time I saw him play here and expect good things from him this season.

      • I agree as well. How great to have not one but two good defensive catchers who can also hit the ball. Sort of thing that could have come in handy last season, eh AA?

        • i don’t know if I would call Navarro a good defensive catcher, I think he calls a decent game, but a he doesn’t have an arm and isn’t that great a blocking balls. Or were you talking about Thole?

    • Sign me up smasher, your enthusiasm has reeled me in.

      To Kratz be the glory.

    • Plus doesn’t seem like there’s any point to having Thole so long as Kratz can get the job done defensively in terms of keeping the knuckler in front of him.

      Sorry Dickey, third starters don’t get their own personal catchers. Thems the breaks.

  19. Any chance the jays move to this for home game? Lovely idea

  20. Think gibby leaves dickey in too long and his stats suffer for it. Last year and this year seems he often gives up runs in the late innings after cruising

    Lawrie absolutely sound like a tool complaining about position change when he has decidedly performed at an average level. On the flip side how do the jays not have him practise second in spring training?

    Wow Drew really screwed himself it seems especially signing so close to when draft pick comp after this year goes away when you’d think he could get more money

    • It does feel a little like the Red Sox rubbed his nose in it by signing him to THE EXACT SAME CONTRACT as they offered him with the QO.

      Fuck, if I was him I would be firing Boras tomorrow. I can’t imagine baseball players love to be embarrassed by horrible advice from their agents.

      • Drew got the exact same money (prorated) as was offered last off-season, but by rejecting the qualifying offer and waiting until after the start of the season to sign a contract, Drew ensured that he would not have any compensation picks attahed to his free agency this off-season. As a result, he will be in a position next off-season to likely more than make up the $4M lost this season by waiting until now to sign… Boras is no dummy.

        • Well except JD Drew has had two seasons of over two fWAR play vs three seasons near or below replacement level and two more below league average (est. 2 WAR). Yes, if he plays at the same level this year as last he could be in for another pay day. But if he stumbles back to his previous (and more frequent) production level? He’s going to be missing that extra four million.

  21. Man, talk about overanalyzing things. Lawrie sees himself as a third baseman. He worked hard to become a third baseman, and if not a gold cailber defender, plays solid defense at the hot corner. Now he’s asked to switch to a position where he doesn’t have the same degree. And what is his response?

    “I’m a third baseman,” said Lawrie. “I’m not a third base/second base guy. I’m a third baseman and that’s my position. I’m not necessarily going over there thinking I’m going to be Chase Utley tonight. I’m just going to try to make the routine play and roll a double play if we can.

    “It’s for the team and if it gives us a chance to win than that’s how it has to be.”

    So…he understands its good for the team, so he will play there, but he still sees himself as a third baseman. What exactly is wrong with that? You want him to see himself as as econd baseman? He’s not. You want him to be thrilled to be in a position he’s not comfortable in? He’s not. You want him to take one for the team and not complain? He is, and he’s not complaining. All he’s saying is that its not his position. Contrast this with J.A. Happ who huffed and puffed about pitching in the pen, and says he sees himself as a starter.

    Realize Lawrie has matured. He is not yet a final product, but he’s not glaring and fighting with the umps, not running himself into outs, and not giving death stares for sacrifice flies. Stop looking for an excuse to complain about him and enjoy what he’s giving this team. Sure his average can improve and he’s far from a finished product. But maybe stop trying to make fires when there isn’t even smoke.

    • Yep, I would tend to agree

    • It’d be better if he embraced the swingman role instead of reluctantly accepting it. This version of Fat Juan might be for real, so that bat has to get into the lineup vs. righties every time out – and Lawrie needs to believe in that need for this adjustment to truly work.

    • With all due respect to Longoria and Beltre,
      both of whom are very good, the argument
      as to who is currently the best defensive 3rd baseman in the AL
      is probably between Manny Machado and Lawrie.

      I don’t have any problem at all with Lawie saying
      he’s a third baseman first, but willing to help the team
      by playing at second. Good on him, in fact.

      But I’m not about to let the team off the hook for failing to sign
      a legitimate major league 2nd baseman. Fat Jaun is a nice story
      and all, and he may save their ass with his bat,
      but if he’s at 3rd last night, good chance the Jays lose the game.

      Juan at 3rd; Lawrie at 2nd may be the best short term solution.
      But the best long term solution is Lawrie at 3rd and a legitimate
      major league second baseman at 2nd.


    MLB: #10
    AL: #4
    AL EAST: #1

    Don’t look now but it’s approaching June and the Jays are 0.5 games back…

    • I don’t know if they have some kind of formula or something to determine the rankings or if it’s just some guy picking teams, but Fangraphs currently has the Jays with the best odds of winning the division. Obviously last season taught us a lot about how to manage expectations, but it’s cool to see how the Jays play so far has changes some opinions.

    • And this quote from those same rankings:
      “It’s worth wondering about the impact Casey Janssen’s early-season injuries have had. The Blue Jays had five blown saves and nine bullpen losses before he came back. Since he’s been back? Zero bullpen losses and four Janssen saves in four chances.”

  23. Any article that starts off ‘Farrell defends his decision…’ is fine by me. The Boston media are going after him about those completely dumb bunt decisions and he is sounding defensive as hell. Which has been picked up by various commentators…

  24. Point taken Re: the Dickey. He hasn’t been bad. But yes, if you take away a bad game and a bad inning from any pitcher in the AL (cept maybe Happ…or Morrow), their numbers look pretty damn good.

    What sucks I think is the neverending Dickey marketing we have to watch every time we sit down to a Jays game. Whether it’s Westjet or Bobbleheads or just general Jays commercials…they REALLY need to stop making him out to be anything more than a borderline #3 starter. The whole “check out the amazing knuckleball of our best pitcher” act has gotten mighty tiresome.

  25. Tell who would be a nice little pick-up at the mid-season: Xander Bogaerts. Last night he was horrible. But yesterday afternoon he had a private one-on-one with Fuckface to explain about why they were replacing him with Stephen Drew. I’m sure that went well. I remember what an excellent effect FF had on Ricky Romero. No wonder the poor kid was a complete mess last night. However, in general, he’s got some talent and potential I think and we are somewhat thin at his position…

  26. […] of hangovers, Andrew Stoeten over at Drunk Jays Fans throws a small dose of positivity in to the pie about the starting rotation, specifically R.A. […]

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