He has no idea where he’s about to throw that damn thing.

The moment could well be fleeting, and it may be mid-fucking-May still, but I cannot tell you how good it felt to write the records for the Jays and the Sox in the title of this post.

Oh, but don’t worry Red Sox fans. Ol’ John Farrell has got you in good hands. As the season moves along and the division remains tight, you may find yourselves down three runs with none out in the eighth and the tying run at the plate. But fear not. Ol’ Farrellsy will know exactly what to do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


I suppose the World Series he somehow managed not to fuck up softens the blow a bit, eh?

Anywho, I sure don’t mind the lineup that Boston is running out there tonight — though the pessimist that resides in me, as it does all of us, can’t help but figure that the Jays are sure to be the club that helps Clay Buchholz moving on the path back towards his greasy best. Ugh.


John Lott tweets that John Gibbons says he’s not ready yet to announce a starter for Saturday. It being Wednesday, I suppose that  makes sense, right? Doesn’t mean they haven’t basically decided it (though how the bullpen gets used over the next couple of days will factor), but I can get their reluctance to announce it. I mean, what if something changes? Then you’ve got a bunch of idiots talking about how the club doesn’t have a plan is what.

Saturday’s starter is “still expected to be Liam Hendriks,” Shi Davidi tweets.

Another tweet from Lott tells us about Gibbers’ message to Juan Francisco regarding his role on the club: “keep hitting home runs.” Okay, skip!

Credit to a commenter for pointing this out, but Rob Rasmussen may be more than just the bullpen fodder a lot of people may currently think he is. He posted some nice numbers in what was sort of his second go-round at double-A in 2013 — he pitched half a season at the level in 2012, and the posted a 2.55 ERA, 2.99 FIP), struggled in a promotion to triple-A, but then was pretty good there this year in Buffalo. Thing is, though, all that was almost entirely as a starter. Now he’s working out of the bullpen as a lefty who — at least on the three heaters he threw last night — is averaging 93.4 on the radar gun. Walks have been a major problem for him — one that got worse as he moved up to AAA (both last year and this) — but he’s still just 25, and his strikeout rate jumped majorly after the switch to the bullpen in Buffalo. If he could throw a few more strikes — which he maybe seemed to start to do in Buffalo, walking just two over the 7.1 innings preceding his call-up — maybe he could be an actual thing.

Shi Davidi tweets that in order for the Red Sox to make room for Stephen Drew on their active roster, they’ve placed last night’s starter, Felix Doubront, on the DL with a shoulder strain. Doubront left last night’s game early with… wait for it… shoulder trouble.

Texas beat writer Drew Davidson, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, tweets that J.P. Arencibia cleared waivers today, and was formally assigned to Round Rock. Gloat away, if that’s your thing.

Speaking of waivers, the White Sox have requested unconditional release waivers for Jeff Keppinger. MLBTR has the details. With apologies to Steve Tolleson, Keppinger sure would be an interesting piece to move into the Jays’ second base rotation, with he and Brett Lawrie second and third against lefties, and Lawrie and Juanfran doing so against right-handed pitching. I wrote about the Keppinger possibility here.

According to the Globe and Mail, former Edge 102.1 host (fired last year — or earlier this one, who gives a shit? — for homophobic comments) Dean Blundell will co-host Jeff Blair’s Fan 590 show tomorrow. The purveyor of this site can’t get too hoity-toity about offensive frat boy bullshit, one supposes, or about people being allowed to own up to something offensive in their past and move on as more decent human beings, but that said, this is all kinds of fucking dumb — which… well… apparently that’s what they’re going for. Guess the radio biz isn’t so hot these days, huh?

sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:05 PM ET @ Boston (And at Opera Bob’s! Join us! Info here, via Facebook).

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Boston Red Sox

CF Grady Sizemore (L)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
1B Mike Carp (L)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
3B Brock Holt (L)

RHP Clay Buchholz

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  1. This song should have to play in it`s entirety before every Edwin at bat the rest of this season.

    And everyone should kneel.


  2. Also, why not try to get Hammel from the Cubs instead of Samardjia.
    Hammel would cost much less and has proven he can do it somewhat adequately in the ALE.

    As Davidi mentioned in his latest, we just need someone adequate with this offense.

    Hammel is making 6 mill, I think we can pay that no??

  3. Just read this on ESPN and lol’d a little:


    “They designated Encarnacion for assignment, which means they had 10 days to either trade him, release him or outright him to the minors if he cleared waivers. I mean, the batting average wasn’t great, but he was still slugging .467 and he had a .167 BABIP, which suggested he had been hitting in some bad luck when he wasn’t hitting the ball over the fence. The Blue Jays surely knew this. They had analytics guys in the front office…. ”

    Nope. No they did not.

    • Classic, but not suprising. ESPN has fallen below TMZ when it comes to reporting accuracy. They make so many assumptions and push hidden agenda’s, its mind boggling.

    • Noticed the commenters beneath that article crying ‘roids. Idiots.

    • You get the feeling sometimes that the ESPN bloggers call up legal and ask, “Can we just straight up accuse the Jays of having some super-secret undetectable steroid program? Because we don’t understand hitting enough to explain the career turnaround of these guys. “. Then Legal responds, “No! But you can dance around it. Just say other people were proven to be on roids, and then try to equate the two players, in the reader’s mind.”

      From this article: “Players aren’t supposed to get better after age 27.

      Sometimes they do.”

      This was a major tenant of the Steroids era. Players magically becoming better at later ages because of steroids. You would think in this article that Marty would outline the reasons why EE turned his career around at the plate. But he doesn’t. He just keeps going on about other teams making a mistake giving up on him.

      This of course follows the Buster Olney article from two weeks ago, where he says, ” If you think Melky Cabrera might be on steroids again. You might not be wrong.”

      Well that there is straight up accusing him, just wording it to look like you aren’t really saying it.

      If the Jays get more and more successful throughout this year. Especially, if we end up with like seven 30 HR hitting players (Cabrera, Bautista, EE, Lind, Cletus, Fat Juan, Lawrie). Yes, remote but plausible, you can bet the steroid accusers will be out in full form. Plus the White Shirt Conspiracy guys, plus the “Changing the air currents in the Dome when the Jays are batting” guys, plus the Masshole, YankPees, and OrioLOLes douches. It’s just going to get worse not better.

      • Well last night the SF broadcasters were claiming Tulo was getting signs, as an explanation for his torrid hitting, which is absurd, because it’s Tulo and he’s always man a monster. I can definitely see a comment like that coming from a divisional and regional rival like the Giants, moreso than other teams.

        Perhaps because ESPN has a significant east coast bent, you get the dumb articles about the Jays – from the Boston, Chicago, Washington (Baltimore) and New York media. I mean, I haven’t hardly ever heard negative and absurd stuff like that come from the Rays writers. And Detroit, despite being close geographically, also seems to nary give a fuck, possibly because they are out of division and not really a “rival” like in the past and/or possibly they are not as active on the media front as those other cities

      • Quite right. If the Jays continue to contend, this kind of stuff is going to get even more common.

        Not only do the Jays have the magical invisible Man in White helping them, they get secret undetectable Canadian steroids as well. That will be the narrative.

    • Oh, come on. Was anyone really crying when the A’s claimed him?

      It’s weird to look at his numbers now and see that they’ve never really been awful, but he didn’t feel like a $6M player at the time.

      Schoenfield saying he got dumped for Hoffpauir and Richmond is slightly revisionist, though. He wasn’t sent down to clear roster space for replacement players so much as he was sent down to work on his swing and roster filler was called up to replace him.

  4. It goes from bad to worse for JPA


    Maybe Rogers should hire him to do commentary with Greg Zaun…ha ha

  5. I haven’t delved into the 400+ comments here, but I’m going to assume that at least one thinking person chimed in on how insulting it is to be lumped in with the Dean Blundell moron demographic. I’d give my left testicle for a sports channel that speaks to how fucking dumb 24/7 sports media can be.

    • “…I’d give my left testicle for a sports channel …”

      The anchorman should be named James Westfall. His vacations can be spelled off by Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.

  6. I thought Keppinger’s numbers (.325/.367/.439) from 2013 warranted a serious look this winter, but WSox would need to eat some of his salary. No doubt 2013 stats are on the high side, but if Jays are looking towards 2015 as bench guy he would be an excellent option.

    • That was 2012 with the Rays, he was downright terrible in 2013 with the Sox (-1.5 fWAR)

      Agree that he’d be a nice bench piece, though. Do it AA!

  7. Pillar DH-ing today. Ick

    • Are we intentionally trying to avoid the sweep? He’s been fucking brutal in his AB’s since his recall. Funniest was his line “I’m going to play so well they won’t be able to send me down”. Right.

    • There is a LHP starting for Boston.

      Considering it’s a day game after a night Kratz will likely be catching.

      Adam Lind has not hit LHP well since 2009.

      Fenway has a HUGE OF in center so Gose will start stickily for defensive reasons.

      Both Lind and Fat Juan will be available to PH for Pillar once Lester is out of the game.

      Pay attention to what Gibby is doing to the line up guys. This current rotation is optimal in my opinion.

      1. Putting players in a position to succeed with splits.

      2. Keeping regulars fresh

      3. Ability to adapt to what the opponent throws at you.

      • Just saw Lotts tweet, looks like Navarro is in.

        I guess it would have been between Pillar and Kratz, I can live with that.

      • I’m not much opposed to Pillar starting, but it seemed like a good chance to give Melky or JBau a break at DH with Gose also in.

      • Not to mention with the way the lineup is hitting, not a bad idea to get Pillar some reps just to keep his swinging and fielding semi-regularly before his inevitable demotion back to AAA when Colby is healthy. Pillar still very raw so despite his shitty hitting so far, he should still see some AB’s

  8. I have to repost this from a Fangraphs chat. Original credit to commenter “Terrible Ted.”

    “On Tuesday night EE was holding Papi on at first. Gibbons promptly got EE’s attention, pointed to his own gut, then moved EE off of first base. Baseball.”

  9. Arizona is all but finished for this season, and the shuffling of their front office shows it. got me thinking… Brandon McCarthy would look pretty good in a Jays uniform as a low cost alternative to Samardzija.

    • hell, you could probably have Bronson Arroyo for peanuts, and he’s starting to turn things around.

      or perhaps the return of Aaron Hill. or perhaps Cody Ross as the long awaited RH bench bat.

      there’s plenty of things that should interest the Blue Jays on that team.

    • Its way early to count out the Reds.. but… they are 6 back in the division and 3.5 out of the wild card so bear with me…

      With them being cash-strapped and already all in on Bailey, Philips and Votto long term, not to mention Latos, Bruce, Chapman and Broxton…

      Could the Blue Jays possibly land Dominican home-boy Johnny Cueto? Obviously an injury risk given the past couple years but mahahahahahahan would he look good in our rotation.

      • Cash strapped Reds? Will the Jays players have to donate some of their salaries again to acquire a player off the Reds?

  10. I just noticed couple interesting tid bits about Edwin’s May stats…….

    His 1.090 OPS and 193 sOPS+ has been accomplished with a BAbip of .158!

    Fat Juan in May sports an OPS of 1.071 and an sOPS+ of 192!

  11. there it is. knew we couldn’t get through Jays central without mention of killer instinct and statement game.

    kinda hope the jays do great this year, but don’t do anything that Zaun says breeds success, just to shut that numbskull up.

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