He has no idea where he’s about to throw that damn thing.

The moment could well be fleeting, and it may be mid-fucking-May still, but I cannot tell you how good it felt to write the records for the Jays and the Sox in the title of this post.

Oh, but don’t worry Red Sox fans. Ol’ John Farrell has got you in good hands. As the season moves along and the division remains tight, you may find yourselves down three runs with none out in the eighth and the tying run at the plate. But fear not. Ol’ Farrellsy will know exactly what to do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


I suppose the World Series he somehow managed not to fuck up softens the blow a bit, eh?

Anywho, I sure don’t mind the lineup that Boston is running out there tonight — though the pessimist that resides in me, as it does all of us, can’t help but figure that the Jays are sure to be the club that helps Clay Buchholz moving on the path back towards his greasy best. Ugh.


John Lott tweets that John Gibbons says he’s not ready yet to announce a starter for Saturday. It being Wednesday, I suppose that  makes sense, right? Doesn’t mean they haven’t basically decided it (though how the bullpen gets used over the next couple of days will factor), but I can get their reluctance to announce it. I mean, what if something changes? Then you’ve got a bunch of idiots talking about how the club doesn’t have a plan is what.

Saturday’s starter is “still expected to be Liam Hendriks,” Shi Davidi tweets.

Another tweet from Lott tells us about Gibbers’ message to Juan Francisco regarding his role on the club: “keep hitting home runs.” Okay, skip!

Credit to a commenter for pointing this out, but Rob Rasmussen may be more than just the bullpen fodder a lot of people may currently think he is. He posted some nice numbers in what was sort of his second go-round at double-A in 2013 — he pitched half a season at the level in 2012, and the posted a 2.55 ERA, 2.99 FIP), struggled in a promotion to triple-A, but then was pretty good there this year in Buffalo. Thing is, though, all that was almost entirely as a starter. Now he’s working out of the bullpen as a lefty who — at least on the three heaters he threw last night — is averaging 93.4 on the radar gun. Walks have been a major problem for him — one that got worse as he moved up to AAA (both last year and this) — but he’s still just 25, and his strikeout rate jumped majorly after the switch to the bullpen in Buffalo. If he could throw a few more strikes — which he maybe seemed to start to do in Buffalo, walking just two over the 7.1 innings preceding his call-up — maybe he could be an actual thing.

Shi Davidi tweets that in order for the Red Sox to make room for Stephen Drew on their active roster, they’ve placed last night’s starter, Felix Doubront, on the DL with a shoulder strain. Doubront left last night’s game early with… wait for it… shoulder trouble.

Texas beat writer Drew Davidson, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, tweets that J.P. Arencibia cleared waivers today, and was formally assigned to Round Rock. Gloat away, if that’s your thing.

Speaking of waivers, the White Sox have requested unconditional release waivers for Jeff Keppinger. MLBTR has the details. With apologies to Steve Tolleson, Keppinger sure would be an interesting piece to move into the Jays’ second base rotation, with he and Brett Lawrie second and third against lefties, and Lawrie and Juanfran doing so against right-handed pitching. I wrote about the Keppinger possibility here.

According to the Globe and Mail, former Edge 102.1 host (fired last year — or earlier this one, who gives a shit? — for homophobic comments) Dean Blundell will co-host Jeff Blair’s Fan 590 show tomorrow. The purveyor of this site can’t get too hoity-toity about offensive frat boy bullshit, one supposes, or about people being allowed to own up to something offensive in their past and move on as more decent human beings, but that said, this is all kinds of fucking dumb — which… well… apparently that’s what they’re going for. Guess the radio biz isn’t so hot these days, huh?

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:05 PM ET @ Boston (And at Opera Bob’s! Join us! Info here, via Facebook).

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Boston Red Sox

CF Grady Sizemore (L)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
1B Mike Carp (L)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
3B Brock Holt (L)

RHP Clay Buchholz

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  1. Guess I’ll be listening to the Getting Blanked podcast or WFMU or something instead of Blair tomorrow.

  2. Screw Boston and their idiot manager.

  3. Crazy how not 1 team in the AL east has a winning record at home.

  4. Tigers lose due to a bases loaded bok in extra innings.


  5. Fuckin’ OHL again?

  6. 1. Collect Underpants

    2. Hit Home Runs

    3. Profit

  7. who the fuck is brock holt

  8. Hoping for another great Hutch start; let’s get a serious win streak going…anyone else wondering how awesome it would be being in 1st by June 1st ?!

    Heading to Cincy in June and Chi-town in August for our annual Jays Road Trip. We’ll be that much more obnoxious if in 1st…

  9. Best lineup of the year, looking for a big game from Hutch, man what a nice surprise, pitching like a SOLID #3 starter, did not see that coming…

    You gotta love this lineup, good for 10+ hits, 2 HRs and 5 runs any day of the week.

    • Solid #3 starter? Hutch has been pitching like an ace this year. 1.5 fWAR already

      Lineup looks fucking awesome. Though TBH I’d rather have Kratz in there…

  10. Cubs gave it away.

  11. Clay Buchholz has a 6.17 ERA this season.

    This fact soothes me.

  12. My GOD he’s ugly.

  13. Not that I mind buck and tabby..in small doses..listening to Boston feed is kinda nice for change

  14. Buccholz is getting smacked already… Liking this.

  15. why were lind and reyes laughing?

  16. Love to see the Jays put a beat down on this oily bastard. Some hard hit balls that inning.

  17. I see we’re already in full-blown “Fenway calls” mode. The sixth pitch should have been strike three. Meanwhile, Buchholz got a favourable strike call with his first pitch of the game.

  18. I love that the NESN lineups are sponsored by McDonalds in a game that features Ortiz, Navarro and Francisco.

  19. Haha, too obvious Juan

  20. Guys. I’ve watched what can only be considered an ALARMING amount of baseball today. Like, a dangerous amount. I’m more than a little concerned for my health. + yet I soldier on. I will watch this game with intense intensity. Some may call me a hero. But I don’t do this for the status it brings me.

  21. Wicked slide

  22. Why does Gomes bother me so much?

    I hate that guy (he says with gritted teeth).


  24. BOOM! Polly’s feathers better be flame retardant!

  25. HAHAHA!

  26. This game is gonna take for…ev…er.

  27. I like how Buchholz got a joke strike call on the last at-bat and still managed to walk Francisco.

  28. Every time Francisco walks it gets a little more real for me. That was a close pitch and he let it go. I’m falling in love guys..

  29. If the Jays sweep a little bit of John Farrell will die inside.

  30. Hittin some liners off this greaseball

  31. If DUck Duck Gose can hit that ball to that garage door gap, that’s an in the park HR….

  32. I take it back. This ump just has a high strike zone. Low stuff are balls, and high stuff are strikes.

  33. Poor Gose, Dinner and Fatjuan ahead of him.

    He’s going to pushing them in the back to run faster.

  34. This has been a fun team to watch this season. Great to see some optimism around here.

  35. Please give us robot balls and strikes.

  36. fuckin sucks to let Buckholz off only down 2 after that shit show of an inning. For Melky and Bautista to be the ones to choke is a little surprising..

  37. 10 Homers for Edwin already with 10 days left in the month.

  38. It feels like the ump’s strike zone has settled back down a bit.

  39. That second looked a lot like Buchholz’s first inning at RC. Please let’s not let him off the hook for his shittiness.


  41. That’s my boy.

  42. The beard with a triple!!

  43. Adam Lind triple? WTF?

  44. That was like a Bengie Molina triple.

  45. Remember when the Massholes wouldn’t part with Buccholz for Halladay? Good times.

  46. Adam Lind, triples hitter.


    This man is too good for MLB.

  48. Oh God EE is wearing them out!

  49. wtf am I watching. dude is unconscious

  50. Holy crap

  51. Holy shit!

  52. 11 dingers in May with ten+ days to go.

    Edwin is the fucking Hulk right now.

  53. holy eff man.

  54. We’ve been waiting for EE to turn the fuck on. His hard hit doubles to cf have nearly doubled in distance, it seems.

  55. Might need to add another 10 feet to that joke of a wall, massholes…

  56. Let me guess, Tabby was surmising that they’d pitch around EE and then expressed surprise when they did not.

    • I’m at work, so this is a pure guess. I would bet my signed Reed Johnson HR ball that I’m correct.

  57. Lawrie’s been smoking everything lately.

    • Remember how Farrell was gonna go over and sort out all the issues with the pitchers? It’s a great thin he did tha cause if he didn’t imagine how much worse they’d be if he didn’t

  58. EE is SkyNet.

    He has become self aware.

  59. You know at the end of last season when they kept Pete Walker and let the hitting coach go and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t the other way round? Well, they were right.

  60. Those boys are looking like there having a lot of fun in that dug out.

  61. I feel like we should be up 7-0 by now

  62. Hutch just made Gomes look like minor league – wow

  63. Yeah, take that Fenway!

    At least Jose isn’t taking it out on umpires.

  64. Has Hutch abandoned the changeup? Haven’t seen one in a while.

  65. C’mon Hutch

  66. On the road for work today. Get home and see Eddie’s lit that greasy fucker dickholz up for two wing ding dongs. Mucho happy.

  67. The game between Baltimore and Pittsburgh has been a slaughterfest. Orioles’ SP went 1 inning and Pittsburgh’s went 1 2/3.

  68. somehow we’re only up 4-1 on that greasy little weasel Buckholz, and Hutch’s pitch count has shot up all of a sudden…

    FYI, a real pitcher’s duel in Pittsburgh…8-6 Pirates with one out in the top of the THIRD

  69. So now would be the time to put the boot on the throat of this greasy fuckbag.

  70. EE is now more Home Run Machine than Man. Tweaking and booming.

  71. Clay didn’t have enough grease on the dome tonight.

  72. And DOWN goes Bucholz !

  73. Hope to see you real soon Clay!

  74. Love that tubby, clutch-hittin’ little bastard…such a massive upgrade on you-know-who…

  75. Yeah the walk of shame. Sadly Bucholtz used to be an amazing pitcher. I’ve no idea what happened there.

  76. Good game so far everyone #blessed

  77. Even with two outs, I’m cool with Gose bunting against a lefty.

  78. No more greasy pigfucker Buchholz!

  79. Well ump, that was a twatty call.

  80. Wait, what the hell? Jays lead the division in starter ERA?

  81. How are the Red Sox starting Buchholz over Capuano?

  82. Looks like the Rays have finally run out of rabbit’s feet.

    They’re the cursed team of the east this year.

  83. Did Reyes dive OVER that ball?

    • sure looked like it…love what he brings to the table overall, but between the curiously weak range and just flat-out missing some balls, his defence seems mediocre at best…not Jeter-esque or anything, but definitely not a plus

      • And they all seem to be when he’s moving to the right.

      • He’s definitely not a plus, and if people are judging against that standard it’s their mistake, but he’s not close to mediocre, better than fair to middling’.

      • He needs some coaching to deal with the fact he’s not 25 anymore. Get him to work on his balance and first step.

        • I criticized his D last night; Stoeten called me an idiot. I said last night he missed two that might have been had…usually it is just one. He met his quota tonight. I still await a ‘mea culpa’ from Our Faire Purveyor, Mr. Stoeten.

  84. I like Navarro overall, and there’s no denying that he’s good for Buehrle, but I have to agree with Buck and Tabby that the excessive slider use tonight seems a little odd…

  85. Aaron Loup… Shattering the dreams of Massholes one strikeout at a time!

    • I’m sure the Massholes HATE him. To them he’s just a nobody that’s shutting them down.

      • At least that asshat who was behind home plate isnt there tonight yelling shit constantly.

        • A different Asshat is there I’m sure. Fenway is Asshat central.

          • Never been to a game at fenway, are you constantly fighting off asshats?

            • I’ve been, and I’d say there’s just as many at your typical mid-week game at the dome. Or maybe it’s just louder at Fenway and you can’t hear them all. Let’s say, as many per capita.

    • Gibby giving shit to the ump, so MLB strikezone was right, ump is calling some shit calls for all teams.

  86. In!

  87. There are fruit + vegetable plants/trees in the home + away bullpens @ Petco in San Diego. I’m so impressed by this. + yes, I’m watching still more baseball. Ever more baseball.

  88. Throw the freaking ball.

  89. Boom Goes the dynamite.

  90. Our little boy’s growing up right before our eyes.

  91. GOSSSE!

  92. Anyone else feel like Gose is finally breaking out at the plate?

    • Gose is a better than average CF right now. His eye is radically improved, he doesn’t chase bad pitches anymore. If he can OBP .325+ he’s a plus player.

      .9 WAR in 24 at bats before tonight

      That’s nuts.

  93. I’m wondering if this Gose stuff lately is for real. It’s a fairly extended stretch of looking pretty good at the plate.

  94. Yes, Goser the Goserian. Don’t cross the streams!

  95. I had to break off from the renovations to finish watching this game.

  96. Sweet Caroline will be full of schadenfreude tonight.

  97. Wow I looked away for a moment and missed something. What’s that ugly little rat-face Pedey whining about now?

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