He has no idea where he’s about to throw that damn thing.

The moment could well be fleeting, and it may be mid-fucking-May still, but I cannot tell you how good it felt to write the records for the Jays and the Sox in the title of this post.

Oh, but don’t worry Red Sox fans. Ol’ John Farrell has got you in good hands. As the season moves along and the division remains tight, you may find yourselves down three runs with none out in the eighth and the tying run at the plate. But fear not. Ol’ Farrellsy will know exactly what to do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


I suppose the World Series he somehow managed not to fuck up softens the blow a bit, eh?

Anywho, I sure don’t mind the lineup that Boston is running out there tonight — though the pessimist that resides in me, as it does all of us, can’t help but figure that the Jays are sure to be the club that helps Clay Buchholz moving on the path back towards his greasy best. Ugh.


John Lott tweets that John Gibbons says he’s not ready yet to announce a starter for Saturday. It being Wednesday, I suppose that  makes sense, right? Doesn’t mean they haven’t basically decided it (though how the bullpen gets used over the next couple of days will factor), but I can get their reluctance to announce it. I mean, what if something changes? Then you’ve got a bunch of idiots talking about how the club doesn’t have a plan is what.

Saturday’s starter is “still expected to be Liam Hendriks,” Shi Davidi tweets.

Another tweet from Lott tells us about Gibbers’ message to Juan Francisco regarding his role on the club: “keep hitting home runs.” Okay, skip!

Credit to a commenter for pointing this out, but Rob Rasmussen may be more than just the bullpen fodder a lot of people may currently think he is. He posted some nice numbers in what was sort of his second go-round at double-A in 2013 — he pitched half a season at the level in 2012, and the posted a 2.55 ERA, 2.99 FIP), struggled in a promotion to triple-A, but then was pretty good there this year in Buffalo. Thing is, though, all that was almost entirely as a starter. Now he’s working out of the bullpen as a lefty who — at least on the three heaters he threw last night — is averaging 93.4 on the radar gun. Walks have been a major problem for him — one that got worse as he moved up to AAA (both last year and this) — but he’s still just 25, and his strikeout rate jumped majorly after the switch to the bullpen in Buffalo. If he could throw a few more strikes — which he maybe seemed to start to do in Buffalo, walking just two over the 7.1 innings preceding his call-up — maybe he could be an actual thing.

Shi Davidi tweets that in order for the Red Sox to make room for Stephen Drew on their active roster, they’ve placed last night’s starter, Felix Doubront, on the DL with a shoulder strain. Doubront left last night’s game early with… wait for it… shoulder trouble.

Texas beat writer Drew Davidson, of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, tweets that J.P. Arencibia cleared waivers today, and was formally assigned to Round Rock. Gloat away, if that’s your thing.

Speaking of waivers, the White Sox have requested unconditional release waivers for Jeff Keppinger. MLBTR has the details. With apologies to Steve Tolleson, Keppinger sure would be an interesting piece to move into the Jays’ second base rotation, with he and Brett Lawrie second and third against lefties, and Lawrie and Juanfran doing so against right-handed pitching. I wrote about the Keppinger possibility here.

According to the Globe and Mail, former Edge 102.1 host (fired last year — or earlier this one, who gives a shit? — for homophobic comments) Dean Blundell will co-host Jeff Blair’s Fan 590 show tomorrow. The purveyor of this site can’t get too hoity-toity about offensive frat boy bullshit, one supposes, or about people being allowed to own up to something offensive in their past and move on as more decent human beings, but that said, this is all kinds of fucking dumb — which… well… apparently that’s what they’re going for. Guess the radio biz isn’t so hot these days, huh?

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Next game(s): Tomorrow, 4:05 PM ET @ Boston (And at Opera Bob’s! Join us! Info here, via Facebook).

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Boston Red Sox

CF Grady Sizemore (L)
2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
1B Mike Carp (L)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
3B Brock Holt (L)

RHP Clay Buchholz

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  1. Wonder if Shorty will be trotted out to fade Big Papi

  2. Love me some Cletus but wonder what he’s thinking watching Gose be more than servicable filling in for him?

    • It’s way too soon but that thought is definitely creeping into my head.

      Especially if there are going to be more “payroll parameters”. Give Melky the money and see what you can do with a Gose/Pillar (or someone less shitty than Pillar) platoon.

    • he doesn’t look to worried…mostly because whether it’s here (I hope) or elsewhere, that dude is gettin’ PAID in a few months

      • Too true, and while I’d love him back, come what may, he’ll always be a particular favourite of mine.
        Go (or stay) in peace, Cletus.

    • There’s no substitute for Cletus.

      • Not suggesting there is, but it makes one wonder, even so far as contract negotiations go

        • I remain unconvinced on Gose. I’m a tough sell. Until I’m suddenly not.
          No doubt about it – he’ll be cheaper than Cletus.

    • Rasmus is getting a big long contract if he has a decent year. The Jays might be priced out of what he will command. Boston for instance will throw big money at him.

      Gose is a pretty good fall back position.

      • I think we’re gonna look back at “We’re willing to pay a little more for more data” as one of those catch phrases around this team that sounded OK when first said, but after thinking about it, is totally stupid.

        What possible reason does Cletus or Melky have to negotiate with the Jays at this point?

        • Couldn’t agree more, pertaining to Cletus.
          I’ve hated that phrase from the first time I heard AA put it forward.
          More data always struck me as more money, and more money, more regrets.
          (It has to be said that we have no idea if AA has or hasn’t already tried to negotiate an extension.)

          It seems like Melky still frightens many other organizations.
          This is a good thing.
          We have much more data than they have.
          If we’re fair with dollars and term, hopefully a deal can still be done.

  3. Runs like a deer on plastic grass!

  4. Gose is putting on quite a shoe in center

  5. lmao show

  6. Clutchison.

  7. Bucholz isn’t nearly as effective without his vagisil/suntan lotion/pinetar ball.

  8. Joey still can’t get anything to hit even with a guy batting .325 and a .950 OPS behind him AND a guy with 13 HRS and a near .600 slugging percentage behind that guy. That’s how afraid they are of him.

  9. The east is ripe for the taking. Should AA pull the trigger on a starter? One more solid starter and the Jays could really take off

  10. Oh look it’s Rogers.

  11. Here comes the Ishmael Show. Lets do it motherfucker

  12. If we started a “Rogers sucks” chant at the Rogers Centre, would our corporate overlords be offended?

  13. No lead is big enough for Esmil this year….warm up another arm Gibby…

  14. [scrotum tightening]

  15. Jesus Christ get this piece of shit out of there…I don’t want to root for an injury, but what is it going to take for us to flush this turd?

  16. Mike Carp ladies and gentlemen.

  17. Who finishes the game? Cecil?

  18. Good lord Rogers makes me nervous

  19. Yank him NOW

  20. Get that shitballing clown out of there!

  21. Rogers wanted to make a game of it.

  22. DFA this POS

  23. all the hangers…

  24. get him out of there

  25. We were trying to get Janssen another save.

  26. Right arm up and tap the fore-arm with the left-hand.

  27. [scrotum tightening intensifies]

  28. I’ll give pretty much anyone in the bullpen a 2nd, 3rd, 4th chance, but fuck me, Rogers just sucks.

  29. How do I spell Esmil Rogers? DFA.

  30. Cecil has had a couple days off, but matchups tell me Gibby shouldve went Rasmussen then Rogers. Maybe. But I am no manager.

  31. Finally.

  32. Seriously Gibbons, trying to make the game interesting or what?

    Get the fuck rid of Rogers, he’s Captain Shitacular.

  33. Goggles-mania

  34. What the blue shit? How the fuck hasn’t Rogers gotten the D to the muthafuckin’ FA?

  35. Andddddd NOW is the point where this org is done with Rogers.

  36. Have we not seen enough of rogers this year to determine he is dogshit!!!

  37. God, he is SO FUCKING SHIT…I don’t care about potential – seriously, what the fuck is he going to turn into that we would regret losing? He’s fucking garbage…AA, no one is going to hold the Gomes deal against you – just FLUSH THAT FUCKING USELESS PIECE OF SHIT…..RESULTS MATTER GODDAMMIT

  38. Cmon boys, jfc, lets fucking finish this cocksuckers

  39. If Esmil puts all the confidence in the Mass-hole bats and we fuck this game up, someones gonna get a DFA.

    • Bet ya he doesn’t.

      AA is ruled by his ego about the Gomes trade. He’ll keep Rogers like a 19 year old rule 5 guy.

      • There’s nothing to say AA has an ego – He signed Romero to his contract, that he now has to bury in the minors.
        Rogers has been there for the infamous depth, till AA knows he has enough depth/a replacement – then Rogers is gone I say.

        • Bullshit!

          The only reason they’ve had an 8 man bullpen all year is because Rogers is dead weight out there. AA doesn’t want to etch it in stone that he got taken like a rube by the Indians.

          He’s a waste of a roster spot simply because the GM can’t take it like a man.

  40. There is just no excuse anymore. Rogers has to fucking go.

  41. Is tonight the night when Baltimore’s number one troll makes a comeback?

  42. Fantasy owners with Casey Janssen on their teams
    LOVE Esmil Rogers.
    He can create a save situation out of any lead….no
    matter how big it is.

  43. Esmil “Groundhog Day” Rogers

  44. Goggles let the other run in to troll Esmil, an unintentional dick move there…**THUMBS UP

  45. Esmil Rogers is awful. Demote him, who the hell cares if he gets claimed.

  46. 6 days off for a reliever isnt exactly a recipe for success but when you consistently pitch like that when are you supposed to get innings? It’s just not working, unfortunately

  47. Why not keep Cecil in? He’s not a LOOGY and then you at least have him for Ortiz.

  48. Well that worked, but I probably would’ve stuck with Cecil there with Ortiz lurking.

  49. Yep, Delebar threw 30 warm up pitches just to throw one in game.

  50. On the plus side, we could probably get Rogers to Buffalo without anyone claiming him now.

  51. This sucks now cause if they end up using Janssen again it likely means he’s not available tomorrow, where the game could be closer and he’ll be needed more

    • Buehrle gonna Buehrle tomorrow.

      Use Janssen to win today, tomorrow can take care of itself.

  52. This happens when you can’t get your fastball within 2 feet of the strike zone. Esmil couldn’t locate the heater.

    • And then get it square in the exact middle of the strike zone

    • Navarro set up low and away and three times in a row he hung his slider over the inside part of the plate. 3 times! that’s called pushing your luck.

  53. Man, how bad is rogers?? The ONLY thing keeping him on this team must be AAs ego

    • AA is playing fantasy again hoarding players. Doesn’t he know these games count?

    • If I had to make a choice between AA’s supposed ego and your consistently dour take on just about everything Blue Jays, well fill in the fuckin’ blanks.

      AA’s ego has us positioned very prettily, thank you very much.

      • Just saying the truth though. Funny that you pick on me when all the posters say the same thing i.e rogers is garbage. We will see about the AA having us positoned pretty. Get back to me in september. Right now, we are in May with a lot of time left.

        • You’re an itch I feel compelled to scratch, afdg.

          I’m not arguing Roger’s effectiveness, just your claim that his only raison d’être is AA’s swollen ego. By my count, AA’s ego is doing just fine. We’re tied for 1st in the ALE. What’s not to like, amigo? Why can’t you just enjoy a hard-fought win(s)? We’ve already fuckin’ WON the Masshole series, FFS.

          As far as your suggestion to wait until September before we sum things up; here’s a suggestion: stop posting your usual shit in real time, thereby saving me the effort of replying to it in such.

          “See You In September”
          “Bye bye, so long, farewell.”


          • Yet you fail to name a reason why he could possibly still be on the roster, Tiny Tots. You see, at least afdg is naming a reason why Rogers could possibly be there. An entirely plausible one at that.

            • Come on, Garfoose,… “I’m not arguing Roger’s effectiveness.”

              Unlike afdg, and possibly your own good self, I don’t believe that I know a pittance of what it would actually take to do AA’s job. The fact that I don’t quite comprehend something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense. My point was that AA’s stuck with a team many (most, certainly afdg ad nauseam) said couldn’t compete (for any number of reasons), and yet, here we are, competitive as fuck. To attack him for his ‘ego’ is laughable, as it is to single out his support of one arm in the pen as his undoing.

              • Fair enough. I take your point.
                If this is the case, I wish someone from the mainstream media could straight-up go and ask AA why Rogers remains with the club. It is a fair question to ask.

  54. How does Uehara get that slop past guys? 89 mph and slower.

    • he looks pretty deceptive to me. bit of a slow, quirky delivery and then boom the fastball’s on top of you.

      and then of course a filthy splitter that looks exactly the same until it’s 3/4 of the way to the plate.

      add in some Janssen-like command, and you have yourself a dynamite reliever.

    • See Janssen, Casey.

  55. Uehara has to be one of the filthiest relievers I’ve seen in some time. Just a shade below Eric Gagne in his prime.

  56. There are two pitchers on this staff who I simply CANNOT watch – Mister Rogers and that guy on the DL with a boo-boo in his forearm. Honestly, I’m just mystified as to why we keep having to endure this cocksucker.

    E Rogers 0.1 3 3 3 6.97

    Even a PASSABLE job and this one’s still I’m the bank. Now…who the fuck knows.

  57. There are two pitchers on this staff who I simply CANNOT watch – Mister Rogers and that guy on the DL with a boo-boo in his forearm. Honestly, I’m just mystified as to why we keep having to endure this cocksucker.

    E Rogers 0.1 3 3 3 6.97

    Even a PASSABLE job and this one’s still in the bank. Now…who the fuck knows.

  58. How the fuck is Ortiz so beloved?

  59. Happy cheering Massholes are nails on a chalkboard – not sure if I react more viscerally to anything in this world then that hollow, bullshit, joy they show.

  60. Sorry for the double post. Don’t know WTF happened there.

  61. Relax, it’s Janssen pitching. Give him any lead and it’s a win in the books.

  62. I just noticed that Boston’s 4-9 batters are all listed in exact reverse order, by their batting average.

  63. If Esmil didn’t create that 4th Boston run, I wouldn’t mind seeing Janssen firing a cutter into AJ Pierzynski’s rib cage

  64. That’s right! Shut these Massholes’ mouths!

  65. Yes!

  66. Two road series wins!

  67. Yeeeessss that Jansen is something else

  68. The Red Sox should’ve sac bunted more tonight. That’s why they lost.

  69. Is there a better sound in baseball than quiet disappointment in Fenway?

  70. Thank you Casey

    Esmil Rogers is bad

  71. Lovely! Just lovely!

  72. Damn, I just wasted three and a half hours when I could have just watched Jays in 30 from last night…

  73. Esmil, the Basball fantasy hero for Janssen holders

  74. Thanks to Esmil, Casey probably not available tomorrow.

  75. I wonder how things are going in Pharaoh land now..

  76. Let’s get greedy and sweep these insufferable bastards tomorrow.

  77. Watching Red Sox feed and their post game show.
    Sounds just like the Jays post game segment after a loss.

  78. So so good. Nothin finer than beatin Boston.

  79. another good win.

    Edwin mashed, Hutch was decent, Rogers sucked, Janssen was dynamite as usual, and it all amounted to a win.

  80. If Baltimore goes on to lose tonight’s game–they’re down 9-8 in the top of the ninth–then we finish the evening tied for 1st place in the AL East.

  81. Funny how a shit day can be totally erased by a jays win over the massholes

  82. Thank you Casey.

  83. They’re kinda impressed with the Jays without giving too much praise.

  84. Aww Casey Janssen…. Eases the pain.

  85. Jays now in 1st place. I’m sleeping well tonight.

    • Be nice if the Cubs didn’t blow it, but… they’re the Cubs.

      • Cubs have been doing it for 106 years. It’s to be expected.

        • Cubs actually have the fifth best record in MLB. Their suckitude is mainly confined to September on for some reason. Of course lately they have sucked all year, but has there been a worse team at developing talent than the cubs?

          • Should note that should be fifth best All Time record.

          • The Cubs are like the Leafs. They are consistently mediocre or better, pay too much for bad contracts and cave in to pressure from fans and the media.

            Things have changed in the last two years though. Epstein came in and went full rebuild and their attendance is way way down. For a long time Wrigley was full and the price of tickets got really high for a shit product.

            Just like the Leafs.

          • The jays?

            Ok, ok I’ll stop. Too much optimism right now.

  86. Jays would be alone in first is the Cubs hadn’t blown that lead this afternoon.

  87. Reyes gives the best interviews. He’s just a dude. Love him.

  88. Man I love this, I go check the standings come back here etc…

  89. In the last 21 years, what is the latest time in the season we’ve been #1? Stats and records guys? Can anyone tell me?

    • In 2007or 8 they were 9 games up in May.

      Then it all turned to shit

      • 2008 we were 27-14 on Vicdtoria Day leading by 3.5games after a 4 game sweep of the Chisox then it fell, as they say , to shit and beyond.
        Man, watching EE is a thing ob beauty. Even got the wife watching when EE bats. Yesterday while watching him I said he is a strong MFO, maybe more than JB, so she watched and he did the parrot walk. Then she watched when he came up later and hit the laser. Now we are going to a game together agianst the Chisox in late June and she has 2 sluggers to watch ( Well, I did have to agree to buy dinner to get her to go but,still).
        Janssen is the relief pitcher Buerhle style-The main thing is he basically does not beat himself and throws stikes. As fans, we know if you throw strikes, sooner or later a couple will be tattoed, but that is making them beat you, not beating yourself like Santos et al were doing. Hutch solid and giving them innings.
        Smasher, if you are around, give me your opinion on Kratz as I think in some ways he is beetter than Navarro especially in throwing, but you as a catcher would spot stuff i miss.
        As for Rogers, he is bad with his command right now, obviously but I think they keep him. Besides, who would come up-Romero? And yeah, the trade may factor into that too.
        Unfortunately I too agree with those that say rogers F?up means Casey is out tomorrow. They will not use him 3 days straight coming back from arm probs-no way.
        Trying some Pinot Noir tonite-spuds, Now for a computer saying paraphrased ‘Get the Fuck off my cloud”
        Forward Soviet ( not into eastern Ukraine)

        • No one is more of a mensch and a maven than you are, fukstik, pudgy digits notwithstanding.

          It was so very quiet and peaceful
          There was nobody, not a soul around
          I laid myself out, I was so tired and I started to dream
          In the morning the parking tickets were just like
          A flag stuck on my window screen

          • Bang on spuds, although technically they say windscreen ( being Brits and all)
            This Pinot Noir along with some barley sandwiches is making me feel like “2000 lightyears from home” AHHH, get off my cloud is going to be resurrected by some computer company-you heard it here first.
            Rock ON!

      • That was actually 2009…I know because I attended the last win before they lost 9 straight.

        • Your right but I have been drankin. I do remember them winning that game while only getting 4 hits ( Wells whiffed 3 times I think) and RIOS was MIA. Kinda figured it would not last and yeah withn a month, poof!

    • No clue.

      1-NNY 24/21 .533
      2-TOR 25/22 .532

      It’s like downhill skiing.
      Fingers crossed tomorrow!

  90. When was the last time Toronto was six games ahead of the Rays? This is fun. I hope they keep it going.

  91. Interesting wrinkle speaking of Reyes and the vulture media in NY and Boston.

    The players get to play in a great city here but they don’t have the endless trolling shit from the likes of Dan O’Shaughnessy. They get to go to work in peace while not living in Kansas City.

  92. Geez could roger’s suck anymore. Anytime I’ve watched him he has sucked the bag. Please drop this dude

  93. Would the Jays ever consider calling up Gregory Infante to pitch in the bullpen?

  94. Stayyyin positive here, real happy with how Janssen put them away with relative ease. Esmil clearly has work cut out for him, whatever happens hopefully he gets it right quickly.
    Let’s go for the sweep tomorrow!

  95. This team is fuuuuuun to watch I will never get sick of seeing that line up card – Reyes, Cabrera, Bautista Edwin and now Navarro looks sharper again as well he went into a bit of a slide but looks sharp again… Lind always good. Gose is a baseball player he’s not just great on D he has a good eye and can take a walk… That ability will allow him to be an MLB player something someone like goins doesn’t right now. This wasn’t even a good start by Hutchinson but he still wins, let’s sweep these guys they have been doing it to us for years

  96. The broom I had for Texas on Sunday is out for tomorrow’s game. Burhle and Cecil to do a 4 hitter on those guys-go ge tem
    BTW, Fukin Oakland won tonite scoring 3 runs in the game on ONE hit!
    The one hit was a solo home run, others scored on errors. Sounds like what we were doing last year(looked at from Tbays perspective, that is)

  97. I really like the way the line up looked tonight. Much respect to Cletus, but with all the L/R action in the line up would it be insane to see him slotted in the 9th spot upon his return?

    SS Jose Reyes (S)
    LF Melky Cabrera (S)
    RF Jose Bautista (R)
    DH Adam Lind (L)
    1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
    3B Juan Francisco (L)
    2B Brett Lawrie (R)
    C Dioner Navarro (S)
    CF Cletus (L)

  98. On this day in 1993, the Jays were 4th in the East, behind Detroit, the Wankees and the RedSux, with a record of 22-19.

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