It’s raining in Boston right now — actually just a light mist — but you can’t rain on the parade of Jays fans at the moment. Nor can you light mist on it. That’s maybe a sad statement on the last twenty years of baseball that this club has produced for us, but… well… it’s been a fairly sad twenty years, at least in terms of the club’s ability to compete in the AL East. So mid-May or not, bunched up or not, other teams spinning their wheels or not, that’s a pretty damn nice looking picture right there.

What makes one feel better about it, even — though maybe not better enough quite yet to start resurrecting talk of the Stroman and Sanchez for Samardzija business we were all so preoccupied with over the winter (and don’t think Stroman’s struggles out of the Jays’ pen this month, and Sanchez’s still troublesome walk rate — which is all part of the plan, or something, he says — don’t have close to as much to do with that) — is that the team really does feel like it can hang with any of the teams they’re competing with, and could even be better, as long as the pitching holds up, or is otherwise reinforced.

That doesn’t mean it couldn’t all come crashing down, but this right here is a moment. The defence is more than passable, the bats have been outstanding, and the pitching — despite continued bullpen shakiness, apart from Casey Janssen — has held up enough to get us here.

How fucking good would a sweep feel? How fucking sad must Red Sox fans think that sentiment is. Doesn’t make it any less true, though!

Go Jays!


Nope! Gotta get to Opera Bob’s for the game! And you should too! (Details here).

Oh, OK, one item: Because of course this would happen: apparently the Edwin Parrot shirt is available again. He is so fucking nails.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
DH Kevin Pillar (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
1B Mike Carp (L)
3B Brock Holt (L)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)

LHP Jon Lester


Image via Barry Davis.

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  1. Barry Davis is doing a great job.

    That is all

  2. Canadian steroids for everybody!

  3. So, did Rogers get DFA’d?

    No?, I am so shocked

  4. Pillar at DH….hmmm

  5. God damnit, why is Pillar in? He’s looked just awful lately, should probably go down to figure shit out.

  6. Gotta wonder if they are even going to bother offering EE anything to hit today.

  7. The pic of Josh Johnson in the “Related Posts” is a perfect touch given the spirit of this post.

  8. Melked one!

  9. Clown gonna clown

  10. HA! Get shit on Lester!

  11. Josed one!

  12. A big Fuck You Massholes.

  13. Wooooooowww pop pop

  14. awww yea! Fuck you massholes!

  15. What is this? Back-to-back jacks? Oh doctor!

  16. Jose had to beat Edwin

    Lester sucks

  17. Chance to create some separation here.
    A win puts the Red Sox 5 back and the Rays at least 6 back.
    Lets get goin’

    Melke goes deep!
    Bats goes deep!

    Stomp on these mothers, boys.

  18. WooHoo!!

    Crush this fucker, get Lind into the game for Pillar and crush their BP too!

  19. Has anyone ordered the Parrott t-shirt off tee-spring?

  20. Don’t be sad, ’cause
    Two out of three ain’t bad.

  21. This line up is unbelievable

  22. that is one thing to keep in mind to counteract the wailing and gnashing of teeth with regards to Sanchez’s walk rate.

    If he’s still working out the kinks in his delivery and trying to work in some mechanical adjustments, it’s not surprising his command has eroded a little bit in the meantime.

    it doesn’t mean everything is fine like he says, but it does say something that he remains confident in the process

  23. “Hey Jose: hit me a home run.”

    “OK, skip.”

  24. I’m at work and just checked the score. Please tell me someone homered! Farrell would go apeshit if that happened again.

  25. David Ortiz needs a rascal scooter.

  26. Reyes lookin’ good there

  27. what’s this? Reyes can actually make plays to his left?

  28. I’d love to run the bases like the pros. Now who will volunteer to loan me their kids?

  29. Why is Tolleson still getting hits? Has no one told him he’s supposed to suck?


  30. OK I’ve got Gameday on right now. And if I get time I’ll go down to Opera Bob’s later.

    • What is it like to view + socialize with DJFers in their natural environment? I’m curious, but I’ll never experience it myself.

      • I didn’t get down there :(. Stuck at work and I only just made it home. Of course that may have been because I was watching on GameDay when I should have been working…

  31. Oh look! Gose bunted. In an appropriate situation. Farrell please take notes!

  32. Lovely.

  33. Oh man, I’m loving this, let’s get Lester the MoLester out of the game now.

  34. Reyes!

    I love himb

  35. CRUSH



  36. Damn right. A melk sandwich on jose bread.

  37. Jose, josejosejose

  38. Holy shit we are fucking up these massholes. Now Buehrle’s just gotta buehrl

  39. Wish they had a Farrell cam for these games. I need to see the look on his face as the Sox are downright owned.

  40. My boy gets a hit. Keeps the line turning over!

  41. Nailed it in the opening preamble, and why I’m getting very optimistic. Not because I have delusions about how good this team is overall, but because, for the first time, the team (and the fans) feel like they can hang with anyone in the division, and might actually be the best.

    This is not an all time great BJ team. The offense is prob ranked up there, but theres more to baseball then just hitting and when you consider the whole, I don’t think this team is as good as even some recent “sad sack” team. Reading through this ESPN tripe reminded me how killer this division used to be:

    What stuck out to me was a side note…..the Jays were 38-32…..AND in 4th place and 5.5 games back. My guess is when we hit 70 games, 38-32 is going to put a team in 1st by a healthy margin. So that team in 2010 was very possibly better then this one…..but everything is relative and the other teams were far, far better then they are this year.

    And frankly, I’d rather make the playoffs with an 85 win team then miss them with a 90 win team. This is the first year I truly feel like we can play with and beat anyone in the division on any given day. Whether thats cause we’re better or they’re worse is irrelevent. It’s going to be a fun season

  42. Did he hit an hr? All it says is in play runs

  43. Fuck Jose got a little lucky there

  44. Sweep sweep sweep sweep! I hereby commission this, the exorcism of the demons of 2012/13, viz. injuries, right/left arm shittiness, bullshit of any type, and…

    J.P. Arencibia.

  45. :) Hope u guys are having fun at Opera Bob’s. Best wishes from Montréal

  46. sweet

  47. Jays hitters are like seeking death missiles.

    Lester looks like shitty JA Happ

  48. With this lineup ….jays should really consider dealing for shark .. This is a championship level offense but not a pitching staff to go with that

    • Do you give up Sanchez and Norris?

      Honestly, I just want them to keep one of Sanchez/Stromon. Other than that. Do what you have to do.

      That is…unless Rogers is willing to pony up for Price at more dollars but fewer prospects.

      • That’s the million dollar question isn’t it ? Who do you pick?

        Id prefer they keep Stroman over Sanchez .. Norris seems to have seriously figured something out command wise .. Scouting numbers is a fools errand but Sanchez hadn’t had dominant numbers at any level . He’s a stuff guy.

        If it takes two .id give me Sanchez and Norris

      • if Lee comes back healthy and Rogers is willing to open up their wallets, Lee is the best bet.

        He is owed a ton of money which will mean phillies will have to kick in some cash AND not get a return like shark or price.

    • Here’s the thing, we didn’t deal or acquire anything big the last off-season, only Dinner and Kratz. We tossed out JPA, Bonerface, & Johnson. This sub-par talent in our pitching rotation is by a long shot of a miracle is keeping us in games for most of the time, BECAUSE OF DINNER AND KRATZ PLAYCALLING the pitchers AND DOING SOMETHING AT THE PLATE!!!

  49. Never a bad feeling sweeping the massholes.

  50. This situation here, with Fuckface unable to pull Lester when he probably should be pulling him, is why it’s important to fuck up the bullpen in the opening games. Cause now Lester has to limp through 4 innings, or more.

    • I’m actually surprised he’s only at 46 pitches. They were just jumping all over him early in the count.

  51. Nice snag.

  52. It’s only the second.

    Boston is fucked.

  53. Really hoping Buehrle can get through 7 innings today…at least 6. Hopefully Rogers can finish up the rest. Not to get ahead of myself here, but the A’s are super patient and It’d be great if the bullpen was fully rested.

  54. six runs in the second! fuck yeah! lead could still disappear! don’t care! fuck yeah!


  56. This whole Dominican connection thing that some see as a negative might end up being a big positive…….IF Rogers is willing to pay a fair price (don’t think they need to hugely overpay, but they can’t expect a discount) we might keep the core together longer then otherwise could.

    Guys like Melky have to place some value in being in a place where they’re comfortable, where they’re wanted. I read the other day that Melky is, in real life, almost painfully shy. Now, he’s not going to accept millions less because he’s shy, of course……but if Toronto at least matches other offers, there’s a real good chance he’ll want to stay here and play ball with his friends.

    And of course, it’s a big draw for any future DR players. Frankly, if you’re team is going to have a clique, oyu could do a lot worse then a clique from the DR.

    • Agreed. I’m loving the Santo Domingo Blue Jays

    • sorry but if you think playing with his pals is worth 30 million to Melky you’re in a dream world.

      If all things are the same then sure I can buy that he would stay here. but he’s not going to turn down a 5/75 to stay here for 3/45.

      • Keep in mind this will be Melky’s big payday after 14 years in MLB. And if it comes down to 2 teams offering equal AAV, the Jays wont go near even a 5 year deal but I bet some other team will. They’re still going to have to QO him.

    • Also, maybe I’m missing something but, shouldnt we be able to get like every single cuban…..why isnt Puig a Bluejay? All that shit he had to go through to get to LA, he could have just hopped on a plane and come to toronto…. that really has gotta be worth a few mill off a contract

  57. I’m actually sitting at the bar at Opera Bobs. Drinking wine. They have one choice.


  58. This is the one game out of the 3 that looked like a pitcher’s duel, and three more runs would make it the highest scoring game of the series.

  59. 1-2 fastball right down the middle? really Buehrls??

    let’s not do that no more

  60. tuned in to 7-2. nice.

    keep fucking their asses

  61. Haha, here I was expecting a tight pitcher’s duel

    Let’s pad on a few more eh?

  62. If you guys want to boost your spirits even more, check out the game threa on SoSH.

    It’s like Jim Jones’ compound over there, pre Kool Aid

    • Lest we forget.

      Signed, Two Weeks Ago.

      • Seriously, the suspense is great……I’m slowly scrolling down, just at the part where they almost lost their shit because the Jays went up 2 runs in the 1st. I’m now just past where Gomes made it a 1 run game, and they’re all very relieved, hoping thiis starts a rally.

        This is 1 million x more enjoyable because I know what the score is right now, and thus, what’s to come.

        Schadenfreude O’ Plenty

    • Some charming posts there. Like this:

      “Are the sox the only fucking team in baseball not doing PEDS?”

    • That was glorious. Thank you.

  63. Yes, hope you all enjoy Opera Bob’s. We’ll have to do a Western Canadian meet-up /piss-up sometime this summer perhaps.

  64. Holy shit, Gose looks like a big leaguer now.

  65. Get the fried chicken and beer ready in the the Sox clubhouse.

    • a disillusioned Fenway employee should plant some in the clubhouse.

      could you imagine the stink the media would make out of it? it would pretty much destroy the team.

  66. So… Melky made a catch bottom 3rd. Wha was in his mouth?

  67. Nice catch Joey!

  68. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

  69. I was worried that Buehrle wasn’t going to Buehrle but there he goes, Buehrleing away.

    • What I love about Buerhle is that he has no fear.

      Soft tossing lefty in Fenway? Not a fucking problem.

  70. It feels good to be a Jays fan right now. We need more runs in this ballpark, though.

  71. Buehrle’s leaking a little oil this game. i fear he may not make it past the 6th.

    thank god the Red Sox lineup is stacked with lefties (Ortiz, Bradley, Holt, Pierzynski, Carp). what kind of manager plays that lineup against a good left-handed starter?

  72. Jesus we’ve hit into some hard outs the last couple games or we’d be whipping em even worse

  73. Clearly a strike. Not the umpire’s fault that Pedroia is a wee man.

  74. Hahaa Pedroia you lil bitch

  75. Pedroia is such a little bitch.

  76. and victorino looks likes like a fucking chipmunk when he makes that stupid face

  77. According to senile old Peter Gammons

    Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo 4h

    yes, in 2010 when Mike Lowell asked for trade and was dealt for Edwin Encarnacion, Lowell declined deal, per his rights

    Mike Lowell in 2010, why?

  78. What a Buehrlicious inning…

  79. Awesome inning by Buehrle.
    Ferret-boy can suck it.

  80. Good, the weather’s been threatening all day in the Boston area. Now it’s an official game.

  81. win or lose i’m cool with pillar going there

  82. Replay may be interminable, but the weirdly funereal organ music is just killing it!

  83. Time to introduce myself to Andrew.

  84. Holy shit get on with it

  85. Come on MLB, what a fucking gong show.

  86. Man, it’s like there’s a man in white giving signs to the Jays…

    …at Fenway.

  87. holy crap the rays have the 4th worst record in the majors

  88. Buehrlin Buehrlin Buehrlin

  89. The shot of FuckFace after EE beat that out was priceless.

  90. Love me some hustle.

  91. Bogaerts is some kind of terrible defensively. hands of stone and lackadaisical on a lot of plays, and he doesn’t appear to have good range or a good arm either.

  92. Yeah but shit something needs to be done about Lawrie. It’s like the ghost of JPA is in his head making him swing wildly and anything within 10 feet of the plate. In general the hitters have been great this year and some have been majorly improved. Just not Lawrie.

  93. Dusty warming up.
    Thank goodness its not Rogers.

  94. Greasy greasy pitch from Buehrle

  95. THREE hits for Pilar? Didn’t he have 2 total before today? I don’t know what the hell is going on around here, but I like it…

  96. Pillar with a three-hit game trying to make a case for not being sent down.

    • More like making the case for not relying on box scores in evaluation

      He hasn’t hit one ball well yet

      One bounced off the plate .. Other two were end of bat bloopers

  97. you think edwin will get any love with a gold glove at 1?

    • He might. He’s hitting well enough obviously. The only problem will be him overcoming the bad-defence past because a lot of the GG is also lazy inertia…

  98. I’m really surprised Gose doesn’t beat that throw…

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