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It’s raining in Boston right now — actually just a light mist — but you can’t rain on the parade of Jays fans at the moment. Nor can you light mist on it. That’s maybe a sad statement on the last twenty years of baseball that this club has produced for us, but… well… it’s been a fairly sad twenty years, at least in terms of the club’s ability to compete in the AL East. So mid-May or not, bunched up or not, other teams spinning their wheels or not, that’s a pretty damn nice looking picture right there.

What makes one feel better about it, even — though maybe not better enough quite yet to start resurrecting talk of the Stroman and Sanchez for Samardzija business we were all so preoccupied with over the winter (and don’t think Stroman’s struggles out of the Jays’ pen this month, and Sanchez’s still troublesome walk rate — which is all part of the plan, or something, he says — don’t have close to as much to do with that) — is that the team really does feel like it can hang with any of the teams they’re competing with, and could even be better, as long as the pitching holds up, or is otherwise reinforced.

That doesn’t mean it couldn’t all come crashing down, but this right here is a moment. The defence is more than passable, the bats have been outstanding, and the pitching — despite continued bullpen shakiness, apart from Casey Janssen — has held up enough to get us here.

How fucking good would a sweep feel? How fucking sad must Red Sox fans think that sentiment is. Doesn’t make it any less true, though!

Go Jays!


Nope! Gotta get to Opera Bob’s for the game! And you should too! (Details here).

Oh, OK, one item: Because of course this would happen: apparently the Edwin Parrot shirt is available again. He is so fucking nails.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Oakland

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And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
DH Kevin Pillar (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Boston Red Sox

2B Dustin Pedroia (R)
RF Shane Victorino (R)
DH David Ortiz (L)
LF Jonny Gomes (R)
C A.J. Pierzynski (L)
SS Xander Bogaerts (R)
1B Mike Carp (L)
3B Brock Holt (L)
CF Jackie Bradley Jr. (L)

LHP Jon Lester


Image via Barry Davis.

Comments (477)

  1. greedy I know, but I wouldn’t mind OAK scratching out one run and going about 18 innings with TB today…top of 9 though

  2. Nice to see Pillar settling in. So much more comfortable at the plate, and not chasing the 2-strike pitch that’s 3 feet outside. (Well, I’m listening to the game on the radio, so I’m imagining some of it, but it sounds good).

  3. Now I have a craving for steamed pork buns. Damn.

  4. Does FuckFace get fired before the All Star break?

    • He won the World Series last year. No chance at all. I mean, this is Boston, so I guess there is a chance, but seriously, no.

      Cito’s post-World Series teams were pretty bad, and yet Cito managed not to get fired until 1997.

  5. Nice grab Eddie

  6. It’s time for the Encarna-shown song.


  7. Oakland just tied it up – now we just need TB to shut ‘em down and go another 9 innings or so…given the way the A’s are playing, they’ll probably end it right now

  8. Happy to see Dusty in the pen, think he’s gonna be great there.

    Imagine Dusty and Morrow back there with Casey, Cecil, Delabar and Loup.

    • That’s an intimidating pen.
      And I know his name is mud but if Santos can pitch like last year when he comes back then the pen is dominating.

      • I know, I was thinking about him too. If we could regularly see that nastiness we’ve gotten glimpses of, it would be damn sweet.

  9. The thing I hate about this start time is that I don’t know what the hell to do now…

    • All the evening games are just about to start…

      • Yes. But all I can get is the Yanks, and I have much less interest in watching them than you do I suspect.

        • Yeah, I’ll be watching. But I don’t always enjoy it! Sometimes it simply must be endured. Once again, I know – I’m a hero. I’m Batman.

  10. Curse you, Sportsnet. Seeing a Masshole get TASERed for running onto the field would have been the sweet icing on this sweepcake.

  11. come on Farrell, lucky #7 you rat fuck

  12. We may be wishing on an extra inning game for Oakland in order to tire out their bullpen, but not only is Oakland’s starter still in the game, he might come back out for the bottom of the ninth. Meanwhile Tampa is already on their fourth pitcher.

    • They’ve taken Gray out now. Thank Christ we avoid him…

    • dragging that game out is a good thing any way it plays out…I certainly don’t mind that Gray went today, since the pitching matchups already look to be in Oakland’s favour for the weekend…

      • If they didn’t pitch for Oakland I’d disagree with you. I mean really, Kazmir, Jesse Chavez, and Pomeranz…

        • I hear you, but….Hendricks plus the ticking time bomb known as JA Happ puts you on the short end of the stick (on paper) for at least 2 of the games…and god forbid they actually open the roof tomorrow, Dickey won’t know what to do…

  13. I’m taking my son to the game tomorrow for his 7th birthday with 4 other 7 year olds. The Jays have to win.

    • The first Jays game I ever attended was against the A’s. The A’s scored in the double digits in a blowout; I don’t remember the score, but it was ugly.

      • So far my son has a winning record at games we go to. I’m hoping the trend continues. Gt his name up on the Jumbotron. Should be fun.

        • What’s his name? I will look for it.

          • Aidan

            • Awesome… my oldest boy is also an Aidan. Took him to his first game when Doc faced A.J. Burnett in his return to Rogers Centre as a Yankee. That was a LOUD game, and the only problem? Every game I took my son to since then has been rather anti-climatic as a result, it’s hard to get a kid stoked when everyone is kinda yawning through the games after such a hyper first game.

      • My first game was circa 82 at the Ex. Sitting on those metal bleachers! I remember how hot they were in the sun. Plus the fact, that you could literally just fall over the top edge of the stadium…

        • I have so many fond memories of Exhibition Stadium with the old man or my big brother. $4 tickets in the grandstand seats through Loblaws or Dominion if I remember correctly. My brother and I used to call the hotels that the visiting teams used to stay at to get their tickets.

        • My first game was the John Mayberry 3 HR game as a Royal at the old Ex in 1977. I sat in the LF bleacher seats.

      • Not first ever game, but one of my first games after my family moved to Toronto was against the Stairs-era A’s. The A’s put up an 8-spot in the first highlighted by an AJ Hinch grand slam and slowly pulled away after that.

        • As a Cubs (“Craptastic since 1908″) and Jays fans, my first game was at Wrigley when I was 8, in 1985. Our next door neighbour took me (since I was actually a baseball fan), and my 6 year old brother, for his birthday. He spent the whole game playing with Matchbox cars on his seat while I watched the Dodgers crush the Cubs 9-1. Larry Gura was “pitching” for the Cubs. He entered the game with an ERA of like 27.00…and it got worse! He was so bad that year, the crowd was booing him during pre-game introductions as he was warming in the bullpen. Cubs only run was a Davey Lopes home run to the basket in centre field.

          First Jays game was in ’89 at the Dome in the 20th row of nosebleeds in the 500th level in left field. Even though I couldn’t distinguish most players from one another, it was still awesome to be at the Dome (retractable roof…cool!…and it was open!!) with a sold out crowd.

    • Give each of them a baby bottle or two full of White Russians.

    • I hope you have other adult supervisors. + a lot of alcohol. That seems like…way too many kids. But I hope you have a great time!

      • My wife and me with the boys. Sleepover afterward is what’s going to kill us.

        • Oh god. YOU’RE a hero. You’re Batman. Though honestly I’d rather supervise/host a boys sleepover than a girls sleepover. Girls be crazy.

          • The boys are just as bad. It took me till 11:30 to get them to be quiet and go to sleep the last time. If you want to join us on a Saturday, you can run the bases with Aidan.

            • GSMC its my sons birthday today. Fifteen years ago he had friends sleeping over for his bday party, They were watching tv, big wwf fans, saw Owen Hart fall to his death. It was a pretty horrible thing. Esp for kids.

        • Building memories, Pollyanna.

          Very nice (not unexpected, mind.)

    • First game I ever went to was against the Royals in 91. I remember the Jays blew the game because a rookie took his time to throw out Kirk Gibson on a routine ground ball. Gibson beat it out and kept the inning alive. The next batter hit it into the seats and the Jays lost. That was the last I heard of that rookie because he was sent down and never seen again (those were the days). I think it was Rene Gonzales who was the rookie. I also remember Glenallen Hill’s walk up music was “I want to sex you up” by Color Me Badd.

      • May 15, 1991, eighth inning. The next batter was Brian McRae, who hit a 3 run homer to put the Royals up 6-1. But Rene Gonzalez, who was the shortstop that day, wasn’t a rookie – he was a 30 year old who’s spent several years as Baltimore’s utility infielder, spent the rest of 1991 doing that job for the Jays, and went on to have a couple of decent seasons for the Angels. Still – well remembered!

    • That’s all sweet and everything but I much prefer my situation: my youngest is moving out.
      Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last,

  14. WOW. Ump wants to go the fuck home already. This was a Buerhle/Lester game, they were supposed to be done 45 mins a go!

  15. Anyone know if the A’s picked up Kazmir this offseason? Seems like he would’ve been the perfect decent starter at an affordable price.

  16. Woo sweep!

  17. Remember back when most of the posters on this site crapped all over AA
    for the “ridiculous” contract the Jays gave to McGowan?
    Doesn’t look so ridiculous now, does it.

    • It was some not most

    • Well, it didn’t really make sense. Even though it is working out that doesn’t make it a smart move. It is not like they couldn’t have retained him.

    • Never again with a Chris Carpenter situation. Letting a future CY Young winner walk cause we thought he was done. That’s why Morrow will at least be given a chance at relieving next year. Unless he throws a Carlos V. hissy fit and insists he’s a starter and leaves elsewhere… to end up relieving anyway!

  18. What is that outfield celebration?

  19. What a terrific series. 5-1 on the road trip, who saw that one coming?

  20. I wish I could bathe in the sadness and frustration of the Boston fans right now.

  21. Having a guy like McGowan that can come in during a non-save situation, but you want to preserve the win, and throw 2-3 innings out of the pen is really handy.

  22. Have you ever noticed how HazelMae’s hair looks like Chewbacca hands holding her breasts?

  23. the jays are in first!!!

  24. I hope no one remembers me offering everyone a free lager before the first game if the Jays swept Boston..

  25. Fuck you Farrell.

    Nice outing by Buehrle. EE is a fucking star. Joey Bats looks to be heating up again.

    Hope Esmil Rogers was taking notes. Dusty looked pretty solid out of the bullpen.

    Let’s start something special against those pesky A’s

  26. Suck it Farrell

  27. Jaystalk caller already being dumb.

    • After a 5-1 road trip like this one, any half-negative caller should just get disconnected no questions asked

      • For example, the dude who just called said he thought it was great that Buehrle gave up a home run to show that he doesn’t care about ERA…if I were Wilner, I’d drink on the air…

  28. Man was Buehrle good today. Amazing command.

  29. I love how they kept showing Farrell’s despondent mug in the dugout.

  30. Hendriks to start tomorrow

  31. A’s and Rays in the bottom of the 11th now. A’s have blown three relievers so far, and the Rays have runners on 1st and 3rd with 2 out.

  32. CLE up 3-0 on BAL. Where’s the OrioLOLs troll now?

  33. So happy that bosox lost 7 in a row. Sweet.

  34. JPA removed from the Rangers 40 man after clearing waivers.

  35. Bahaha also super nice that Boston’s next series is vs TB. Each game played will.be a victory for the Jays

  36. Tonight, I’m a White Sox fan.

  37. Thanks for the heads up on the Edwin Parrot shirt. I was bummed when my last order got cancelled.

  38. don’t look now but Jays are in first place in the division.

    (just kidding, go look now!!)

  39. If Edwin doesn’t play another game this month (and god forbid that) does he still win player of the month?

    • Probably…….the MLB HR leader has 15 this season. EE has 11 in May alone.

    • Do we dare dream of a team triple crown? Melky could take the BA, JBats and/or EE could take HR and RBI. Fuck I love this team.

  40. A friend from New Hampshire, a Sox fan, texted me thank god the Jays were coming in after Detroit so Boston could get right. Part of me half expected that to exactly happen. Haven’t felt this good since the Jays won 10 or 11 in a row last year. (then promptly flat-lined.)

    • I hope you rubbed the salt in the wound really hard.

      • It’s a difficult task. His take (which also seems to be SOSH prevailing wisdom) is that the Sux weren’t “scheduled” to be competitive last year but won the World Series, so it’s okay to suck this year. They weren’t really supposed to compete until 2015.

        • I noticed that the tards over there aren’t gnashing their teeth and freaking over singles like they used to. They seem to accept that it isn’t happening this year.

          How the Red Sox are better next year however is beyond me.

          • Well they’re not owned by Rogers for one thing.

            • They still kind of cheaped out this winter, losing Ellsbury and bringing in Sizemore, and losing Saltamacchia while bringing in A.J. Those were definitely fiscal moves. Also they really needed to find an upgrade on Doubront in my books, as well as needed some BP arms after Bard fell flat on his face (their own Ricky Romero!).

              • It’ll be interesting to see how Sizemore works out. The guy’s been out of baseball since 2012 and the Sox figured they could take a chance on him because they have a soft tissue specialist who did wonders with Papi. So far not great, but that could just be rust from the 2 year layoff.

  41. And now, in schadenfreude, I’m heading over to SOSH. Which will probably remind me of us this time last year. I feel their pain. I really do. It’s a lovely feeling.

  42. Jesus titty fucking Christ. I am just so goddam happy. I love you monkey army. Even you Stoeten.

  43. Finally got me one of those new fancy-dancy smart phones.
    Realized why they call it a smart phone, ya need a god damned Phd to operate the fucking thing.
    Had to ask the sales guy how to answer it.He looked at me like I had a third eye.
    Everytime you touch it, it buzzes or vibrates or beeps or bumps.
    Thought for sure I heard burp or fart more than once.
    The things I do, to be able to read DJF and what all the commenters are sayin’.
    I blame all of you.
    Fuck I’m old.

  44. I really hope we can keep some of this up and still be in the hunt come august/september.

    Because this May success is at ton of fun, and gives me plenty more reason to happy drink

  45. I’m so afraid to fall in love…but I can’t help it.

    It certainly is only late May, but I don’t remember ever feeling so thoroughly satisfied about a series at Fenway. It feels pretty fucking good.

  46. Holy shit if it wasn’t already the best day in the Jays life since 92,

    Drabek went
    8 innings and gave up 2 hits, 0 ERs, 5 Ks and 2 BBs

    • Good, he might have to provide some September starts, to give Hutch a break before the (hopefully) post-season!

  47. Holy Shit! All alone in first place after Victoria Day for the first time in 20 years! Oh God, I don’t even know how to act.

  48. Hey wake up everybody!! We’re in first place! By a full game! It wasn’t just a dream.

    • Weird standings factoid, gleaned while basking in the glory of the Jays being in 1st place, the Marlins have the best home record AND the worst road record in all of MLB…weird.

  49. I have a good feeling about this A’s series. If it was in Oakland I’d be worried but I like our chances in a hitter’s park. Take 2 of 3 and I’d be ecstatic.

    • Hendricks/Dickey/Happ vs. 2 Lefties and the best team in the league..I’d be very happy with 1 of 3.

      • Dickey’s been exceptional lately, so I think we both agree that is our best chance at one win. Happ is a coin toss. If we manage to get 5 okay innings out of Hendricks we should consider that a success.

        • I agree the Dickey is our best chance at a win, but more because the Jays are facing a righty than anything to do with Dickey.

          Then again, I would have been happy with 1 win against Boston…3 game series vs. 2 lefties In Fenway Park…so who the hell knows?

  50. Turns out that Oakland T-Bay game went to 11 innings. I’d rather it was 14 but I’ll take it.

  51. Ive baked
    my bybays

  52. Parrot shirt has the bird on the shoulder when it should be on the forearm or elbow. Just say’n.

    • Agreed. I bought one regardless, but you’re spot on.

      • I was one the people that pointed that out when the gif first appeared. The issue was, that as obvious as the error is, the rest of it is just so awesome that I think people were scared of messing with it and now it’s practically iconic.

  53. My fav play last night by far was Beurhle Buerhleing off the mound to get the ball and throw out the speedy David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Play of the season so far! Yes I would absolutely trade Stroman and Sanchez for the Shark, but I’d like to work out an extension first if possible. Or would you guys take him as a loaner for th erest of the season with the chance he walks??

  54. I started my day with a huge shit eating grin, I don’t think an undertaker could wipe the smile off this mug today.

  55. I remember at the start of this roadtrip reading on here that a split would have been okay. 5 – 1 through Texas and Boston .. well hell yeah.

    I know its early days, and this could absolutely still come crashing down, but it sure is fun right now. And with the depth of this lineup and the sudden shittiness of a division, there sure is reason to think they could be in the hunt come September.

    I was trying to think of the last time there was any thing resembling a meaningful game in September for this club. Closest I could recall was 2008 (I think?) when they went on that 10 game win streak at the start of september. And even that was people getting excited on a hope and a dream with no REAL chance

  56. Yes. We need to make hay and build ourselves a nice comfortable lead in the standings before the other AL East teams come ’round.

  57. So here’s my question — at this point, would you send Sanchez for Shark, with the assumption that Shark would sign an extension? While I was previously dead set against this, I’m now changing my tune. I’m not sure when the next time will be that we can expect the AL East to be so shitty. It could be a time to seize the day. He would need to be resigned, because if unmentionable players get unmentionable injuries we would still be fucked this year, but I have to feel like some stars are aligning to give us a decent chance this year. With all the injuries and overall shiftiness in the division right now, this year may be a pretty unique opportunity to go for broke…. I think I’d roll the dice.

    • I go back and forth on that question from being a ‘greedy fan who wants a playoff birth now’ to ‘let’s not fuck the farm on the off chance’. Things are pretty damn fine right now but I think it is important to remember the Boston and Texas teams that the Jays just hammered are not the same teams of last season and are quite midland to shitty right now. This series with Oakland and the rest of the home stand will give us a better idea of how good this team really is in the longer term. Judgement reserved.

      • I agree. I can’t really see past us dropping at least 2 to the A’s this weekend. I just don’t know when the next time will be that the Yanks are shit, Rays have all their pitchers injured, Boston have shown how lucky they were last year, etc., all at once. If we wait, then surely at least a couple of those teams will reload, and we could be back down in the middle again…..
        It’s a tough call, that realistically will be academic since I can’t see Rogers pulling the trigger on any big deals, but who knows? If it’s just selling the farm, I can’t imagine they’d object

      • Also, if AA has job fears, he may be more inclined to try to win now….

    • I think at this point, no one is making pitching available for trades. Even if they were, I think it’s a little premature to start selling the farm. Let’s see what the team, as constructed, can do until the All Star break. Teams will be willing to wheel and deal at that point, because everyone will have a pretty good idea of what their teams are capable of.

      I know flags fly forever, but I would like to sustain a competitive team by not depleting the farm every time we get a sniff.

  58. So if you only look at teams that are unlikely to push for playoff spot and are already a few games back, the SP market is thin, but not bare. This is a list I came up with that the Jays would likely be interested in if you take into account contract status, state of the franchise and ability.

    Cleveland – Masterson

    Chicago White Sox – John Danks

    Texas – Scott Baker

    Philadelphia – Who knows what crazy move Ruben will try to pull to save his job. Jays should be front of the line for any of Hamels, Burnett or Lee (if healthy)

    Chicago Cubs – Shark, Edwin Jackson

    Arizona – Arroyo, McCarthy – although not sure how either would do at this stage of their careers moving back to the AL

    • I don’t think Cleveland will pull the plug. If not for this year, then for next. They got Tito, Swish et al for a reason.

      • Agreed. Cleveland is only two games below .500 right now. Not to mention, with Masterson a free agent-to-be, Cleveland needs to be offered something better than the first round draft pick they could potentially get back.

  59. Masterson is a FA and their negotiations fell apart in the Spring at a very reasonable $ value.

    That said, Masterson looks out of sorts so far this year.

    • His Velo is way down too. Among the worst in the majors.

    • He’s like a good race/bad race in-and-outer thoroughbred race horse.
      He’s been crap this year; was quite good last year.
      Was crap for most of 2012 and quite good most of 2011.
      Unusual pattern for a baseball player.

  60. Relax y’all. It’s early.

  61. Esmil DFA

    About time.

  62. No to Masterson for some of the above reasons and others. Cleveland has a lot of guys underperforming at the moment, they will start winning more soon.

    Cubs may be too damn desperate and overinflate prices on all their pitchers.

    Baker is very underrated IMO, but despite all of Texas’ injuries I still see them pushing for a playoff spot in the low 80′s win range. They still have three really good players in Beltre, Rios and Choo so I dont see them trading from an area of weakness right now in pitching just to try and get a few more wins closer to playoff spot

    D-backs have tons of possibilities, furthered more so by the fact that their GM is all over the place when it comes to making trades – at that rate may as well even add Cahill to the mix with the other mentioned names

    Danks is an interesting one. ChiSox rebuild ramped up faster than expected in part to how beast Abreu has been. Danks would be a bit of a buy low-ish candidate and ChiSox have history of giving Jays decent trades without asking for too much.

    Phily pitchers would be huge improvement but would all depend on whether Rogers says ok to adding big salaries.

    Its still too early to tell which teams would be in sell mode . . . a few more bad losing streaks and Pittsburgh could also open up as a trade partner, maybe buy low-ish deal on a struggling Liriano.

  63. It’s funny how players can just switch teams and go from being terrible to, for the most part, great. MLBTR in their Esmil DFA post also noted how David Carpenter, the other piece of compensation for Farrell has become a “bullpen ace” for the Braves. And we already know about Gomes, and Aviles has been what he’s needed to be.


    Still, we can hardly be angry about this because it’s happened in the Jays’ favor too. Bautista, EE, still a wait-and-see on Francisco but yeah, you guys know who they are.

    I find it difficult to really get upset with AA about deals like this. There’s such a large human factor, and it is damn near impossible to make a great trade every time; it’s not like these players would be for the Jays what they are now for other teams. He has been unlucky with some hard-throwing guys like Rogers and Morrow, but it seems like it takes as much luck as skill when it comes to being a GM. That’s just the harsh reality of baseball. Potential doesn’t always result in production. Don’t get me wrong, though. Obviously when those types of moves pile up and the team’s play goes south, something has to change.

    I try not to get my hopes up, but the team is doing well right now (the A’s should be a real test) and another good starter would be sweet. Let’s just hope the move is made and it ends up as a “plus” on AA’s record, no matter what players go both ways.

    • Morrow’s worked out great. You remember who they traded for him, right?

      • The trade may not have sucked, but how has Morrow himself done? That’s what I’m referring to. I’m still curious how he could do as a reliever this time around, if they decide it really is near-impossible for him to hold up as a starter for a full season. That is, if they resign him after declining his option.

        • This is where their self imposed policy restrictions may come back to bite them.
          Signing Morrow to a base salary plus incentives for IP or appearances
          just seems to make lot of sense.
          But apparently, they don’t give do incentives in contracts.
          Scratches head and gets quizzical look on face.

          • Incentives fuck with the, well, incentive structure. If you’re going to get a bonus for IP or appearances, are you really going to keep throwing as many sliders?

            • There’s some language in the new CBA re incentives. There are no more “milestone” incentives for breaking the old HR records (like Bonds’) but All Star and playoff appearance bonuses are still ok. Bit hard to follow (such as personal services contracts and “grandfathering” guys like A-Rod, Pujols etc) but it’s not what it used to be.

        • 9.6 fWAR for the Jays. So pretty well.

          Maybe he’s medically fucked now (or maybe he’s not; haven’t paid attention), but the past few years of his performance mean the Jays won that trade hands down.

  64. Adam Jones signed for 6yr $85.5m plus some performance bonuses.
    Got my doubts that the Jays spend that much to re-sign Colby.

    If Gose and Pillar keep looking like major league players
    could see a 2015 OF of Melky, Gose and Bats with Pillar as the 4th guy.

    Problem is, if that is the plan, it takes both Pillar and Gose
    out of the trade market while Colby probably does not have much
    trade value as an upcoming FA.

    Any trade for an established SP is likely to cost at least one of
    Sanchez or Stroman plus some other parts.

    Doubt that they part with those guys
    for a Baker-Danks-Arroryo-Jackson type of guy.
    If Nolan, or other further away prospects are enough to be key guys
    in getting something done, they might go for it.

    • Unless you do a free agent swap – trade Colby to a contender for a different 2015 free agent – something like Cueto for Rasmus . . . obviously Cueto is much more valuable here and Reds would want more than Rasmus, that kind of idea

      Maybe something like Rasmus for Iwakuma? M’s OF sucks, they have no established CF . . . Iwakuma has favourable road splits . . . mostly . . . so possibly wont get shelled too bad in the AL East

      • M’s have a $7m option on Iwakuma for ’15.
        Doubt they move him in such a deal.
        But, you’ve got a point. Dealing Rasmus
        for a SP who will be a FA might work.

    • Jones signed that contract before he hit the open market, so it’s not a great example.

    • Those are all fair assumptions except that a team like the Cubs, for example, have no interest for Colby. What they want is a prospect package heavily leaning towards pitching. Despite trading away Syndergaard, the Jays still have a decent stable of young, high ceiling arms at various levels

      Stroman, Sanchez and Nolin in the upper levels.;

      Norris in high A ball ( where he is dominating and deserves a shot in double A);

      Tirado and Osuna ( recovering from TJ) in the lower levels

      Throw in a a Crouse or a Nay or a Jiminez along with 2 pitchers from the above list and the Jays can easily attract some real interest from the Cubs to deal the Shark.

      Question is this. Does AA burn up more prospect capital to acquire an established MLB pitcher? Or will he settle for a Jason Hammel and keep his top prospects?

  65. last 4 years of O-Swing for Juan Francisco:

    2011: 45.2%
    2012: 43.4%
    2013: 38.1%
    2014: 28.8%

    mlb average typically around 30%


    • mlb avg for O% has gone up significantly since 2000 . . . probably why there are more strikeouts, at least one reason why

      for Juan, couple that with O-contact % of 55% . . . not good . . . mlb avg this yr is 68%, usually around 60 over last decade

      meanwhile Melky has slightly higher O-swing of 31% yet is making contact on pitches outside the zone at a pretty crazy 78% . . . the poor man’s Vladdy Guerrero is how I been describing him for years (Vlad actually was a way more free swinger – 40% and mid 60′s contact rate, still very good bad ball hitter)

      funny seeing Seitzer jabbing Melk about hitting bad balls but the fact is Melk has incredible hitters eye

      • making contact on pitches out of the zone isn’t necessarily a good thing though. most times you’re better off not swinging at all.

        the Royals are one of MLB’s most aggressive hitting teams and also lead the league in making contact. they are also the 5th worst team in the MLB by wOBA and 3rd worst by wRC+. they make contact on all sorts of pitches that they shouldn’t be swinging at, and thus they rarely hit the ball hard – they have one of the highest GB% and lowest LD% in the baseball.

  66. Watch the Yankees scoop up Esmil Rogers, comes back to haunt us for years and years…. #worstcaseontario

    • Even as a low-likelihood worst case scenario that is part of the game. The most economical way to build a bull pen is to scrap heap claim when guys with a little bit of promise become available and then hold on to them if they can piece it together. You look at our bull pen now and its all about guys who’ve salvaged their careers back there with Janssen, Delabar, Cecil, and Santos.

      I’d say we’ve seen enough of Rogers to think that he is probably capable of at some point stringing some good innings together – but not at the risk of a roster spot at this point for the Blue Jays.

      • Janssen and Cecil were Blue Jay draft picks.
        Delabar and Santos were acquired in trades.
        Redmond was a waiver pick up.

        • Thanks for the history lesson. I never said they were picked up via waivers. I said they restored their careers in the bull pen after flaming out in other ways. My point is that you can’t necessarily predict these things or worry about someone who hasn’t figured it out yet.

          • We all knew someone had to go. I would have thought maybe Redmond, or maybe send down Rasmussen again, but in a way I am glad to finally end this circle-Buffalo-jerk and eliminate some dead waste, get down to a 7 man pen. It had to happen sometime.

  67. Got to eat a bit of crow but not too much here. They DFA’d rogers which I did not think they would do as I still think he has a decent armand only pitched 20 shit innings this year. However, we pretty much knew that eventually either he or Redmond was going under the bus so it is not a huge surprise that he was gassed here. Still, essentailly “trading” Liam Hendricks ( Lifetime MLB ERA 6+) for Rogers (ERA 6+) seems daft to me but I can live with it.
    Rather see them make a solid move for a decent SP and bump Happ back to 5, but in May no one wants to deal yet. AA had a few chances but let them get away so we’ll see

  68. Just heard Fukstik Blair on PTS, twice, say the Jays will have no trouble trading Rasmus, because at the least whoever gets him will get a first round draft choice if he walks, at the very least.
    No wonder so many fans are fucked up in their comments when we have guys who are paid to report accurate info feed us humourous Bullshit. Does Blair pay any attention to countless comments and references elsewhere about the neew CBA and Qo’s? Fukin Idiot

    • yea heard that too . . . Blair increasingly becoming an idiot

      he also said trade Rasmus and Sanchez for the Shark . . . . right . . .

  69. Not to mention he has to be with his new team for an entire season for them to qualify for compensation.

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