Yep. That’s about how it feels.

There are only three teams in all of baseball to have won eight of their last ten games, and — holy shit! — two of them take the field tonight at Rogers Centre.

Yep, the A’s, Blue Jays, and Cardinals have been the best teams in baseball over the past week-and-a-half, with only the Twins and Angels behind them, sitting on 7-3 in their last ten. Does it matter? Not terribly, in the grand scheme of things, but does that mean that we shouldn’t love the fucking shit out of seeing the Red Sox and the Rays five and six games in the rearview? Hells no. Same goes for the fact that the Jays already have won 14 times in May, with nine games sill left in the month. The only teams in the AL above 25 wins are the Jays, A’s, Tigers and Angels. It’s weird!

That all said, fucking Oakland, man. Add up the ERA of the three starters that the A’s will send to the hill this weekend and you don’t even get to 6.00. How fucked is that?!? Oh, but don’t worry, the A’s lineup has only averaged 6.5 runs per game over those ten. No big deal here.

And actually, it isn’t a big deal. The Jays don’t have to be perfect against the A’s. They’re sending Henriks, Dickey, and Happ to the mound, don’t forget. They’re prooooobably going to lose at least a game, maybe more. And that’s OK. They’re healthy, they’re good, and it looks more and more like they’ll be in this for the long haul. That doesn’t mean we have to be entirely indifferent to losses, or that we shouldn’t expect a sense of urgency, as though these games don’t mean as much as ones later will. That’s not true. It’s just… we’ll get ‘em tomorrow and we’ll be fine.

Super weird, eh?

And, honestly, why should I even be so pessimistic? I heard tonight’s Oakland starter, Scott Kazmir, was once traded for Victor Zambrano — and he sucked. Can’t be that good, right??? Plus, his ERA this year is a full run higher on the road than it is at home — *COUGH* um… 2.96 compared to 1.91 — and he hasn’t yet faced this fucking lineup. Nails much?


Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet chats with the A’s Canadian assistant GM, Farhan Zaidi, while Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks at former Blue Jay Jesse Chavez, who is having a fantastic start to the year for Oakland.

Arden Zwelling tweets that Anthony Gose was out practicing his bunting earlier today. He adds that John Gibbons says he wants Gose to bunt more.

Gibbons also says, according to one of Arden’s tweets, that he’s big on Rob Rasmussen, and could see him even as a multi-inning guy. He went two innings in five of thirteen appearances for Buffalo before his call-up, FYI.

As I noted in the previous post, the Rogers Centre roof will be closed tonight, but should open at some point this weekend. Check the official roof status page if you’re thinking about heading down to the game but don’t want to sit in the damn indoors.

Lastly, @theKaufmanShow appears to have found a new candidate for the greatest baseball commercial in Canadian history. Witness:

sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP Liam Hendriks

Oakland A’s

CF Coco Crisp (S)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
1B Brandon Moss (L)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
RF Josh Reddick (L)
C Derek Norris (R)
2B Nick Punto (S)
DH Kyle Blanks (R)

LHP Scott Kazmir

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  1. I’m liking this Reyes hustle lately, hoping that SB makes a difference here.

  2. Its Casey Time

  3. Cmon CJ, work that magic

  4. Close it up good Casey. Real real good.

  5. How the HELL does he do that??? It’s magic !!

  6. dat slooooooooow curve

  7. Beauty

  8. It’s times like this I wish I were a nail biter.
    As it is I tend to gulp instead of sip.

  9. Egads. Nice save bu Brett.

  10. How nice is this?

  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mighty Casey gets it done!

  13. Woo!

  14. Out- fucking – STANDING !!!!

  15. Keep them doggies rollin.

  16. Sweeeet!

  17. Isn’t this fun? I had fun.

  18. YES!

    Man these A’s are persistent.

  19. One more day in 1st place!

  20. F’N EH!

  21. Great fucking game. Rest of this series is gravy for me now.

  22. Another piece of track nailed down on the path to people taking this team seriously!

  23. If you’re going to contend, you need games like this.
    Bottom of the order bats get the runs and a AAA
    call-up gets the job done as a starter.
    Both very good omens

  24. Starter off the scrap heap throws 5.2 innings of 1-run ball. Bottom of the order drives in and scores 2 runs. Excellent.

  25. This is a ton of fun. NY is winning so far. Boston and T-Bay in a scoreless game. Balto is winning. Wouldn’t have been awful to lose…But we won!

  26. Yes this win is sweet.

  27. Alright, back to tupac day.

  28. Not exactly pretty, but never knock a win. The walks are a concern tho…. Is it just me, or is there a dark undertone to the A´s ??

  29. Hahaha, love the gatorade shower

  30. Remember that time last year, we talked about Santos the closer and trading Janssen and one of Goggles or Delabehemoth at the deadline for max value since the season already went to shit? Yea, good thing AA didnt give in to peer pressure!

  31. I don’t understand what’s happening. But I like it.

    I’m also impressed with my spelling and grammar given how many Old Fashioneds I’ve prepared for myself tonight.

    • Both catchers are calling NAILS games and doing something at the plate. The team is scraping their ways through games and still playing focused if their avg.’s start dropping

    • I’m impresed with you as well.

  32. Well pastlives, I think I like our chances of taking two of three now. :)

  33. With each win I care less and less about Aaron Sanchez and more about getting a pretty damn good starter soon. I know that’s not rational but damn, I want IT this year. All of it.

    • I hear ya, great start from the Aussie but is he really the answer? Be great if he was, I just can’t see it. Negative nancy I know.

      • He wasn’t that convincing, but A’s are pretty tough themselves… wouldn’t mind running him out there against the Rays.

      • It’s not negative. I can’t remember how many amazing games pitched by newcomers I’ve seen. It’s because opposing teams don’t have tape on them yet. And now they do. So his next start will be more telling than this one. Even so, he got us the win and Casey gutted out the save so it’s all good.

        • Yeah for sure. Its almost like the Dusty situation, flashes of brilliance, great story, but really, at the end of the day, would we not prefer to have Smarzjjajuaugahiauiji as a regular in the rotation?

          • Dusty was great in his first couple starts wearing the pump. Hendriks was lucky in his first start. Big difference.

        • this is the IR I love.

      • No. Please God no. Too many warning track fly balls. Too many heaters down the middle.

    • AA is undoubtedly working the phones. I don’t think it takes a nuclear physicist or even Stoeten to realize this fucking division is ours for the taking, especially when our batting lineup and defense is arguably the fucking TITS in the AL EAST.

      • Right???!? Like we’re kicking ass with 3 decent/regular starters. If we had 1 more and let the Aussie, Happ, and whoever fight for that 5th starter role? Let the bats do what they do? Fuck, cautiously optimistic and all, but that sounds fucking wicked. All depends what it costs but fuck.

        • Drunk K9, who really gives a fuck about a # 5, we’re talking about solidifying our rotation, take a look around at the top rotations of the east, its fucking shit. I’ll take Happ or Stroman or fucking Jessie Litsch at 5, if we get a top of the rotation starter, we’re competitive. Fuck dude, open your eyes.

          • +1 Litsch.

          • Don’t get the venom cause I think we’re on the same page, but yes, with another front end starter, who does give a fuck about #5? We got enough fill in arms for that slot.

            • no venom K9, all the question marks you had threw a Dickey knuckle ball at me. :)

              • All good dude, I guess the only question now is, how much do you give up for the front line starter? I’m still on the Stroman boat, but other than that? I”m on board with pretty much anything else. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude given how early it is, this season just seems like it could be special.

  34. So, maybe this is the year the baseball goddesses (I prefer bowing to female deities) feel some sympathy for T.O. We slipped the noose that could have been Josh Johnson’s qualifying offer, and maybe even the Ervin Santana money would be regretted – who has he feasted on – the Mets twice (29th in OPS) and the Cubs (25th in runs scored) plus he is in a pticher’s park. He just got crunched by Milwaukee and St. Louis so that $14 mill may be put to better use elsewhere this year.

    Bob Elliott dropped a little nugget today (maybe others have mentioned) that the caveat to the “no more money” Heisman from Rogers was “come back to us on June 1st”. In the immortal words of Jim Carrey . . .

  35. We’ve got a couple of important factors in place so far. If they hold we might have a chance. A few players seem to have decided to have career years–come on down, Buehrle and Melky and possibly EE. And a few more players are giving us a nice surprise–hallo Hutch, Kratz and Gose. If they keep this up I’m hopeful.

  36. Boston just lost in the bottom of the 9th.

    • Ha Ha! These are the best of times. John Farrells nightmare job.

    • I see Farrell used Burke Badenhop in the 9th inning of a 0-0 game. Smart move. Gotta save Uehara for the potential save opportunity. He would have no idea how to pitch in a tie game.

      • The asshole did the same thing last week in the 10th at Minny. 3-3 uses Miller in the 10th instead of Uehara. Fucked it up good and his team never batted again. same thing tonight. Managing for the save. But,alas, he is not alone
        LOve the lads battling, playing good ball, giving me a chance to enjoy my old bottle of Merlot tonight while I cheer on the Chisox.
        Hendricks was OK, so let me enjoy it for now.
        For Okaay Bjays it is Forward Soviet! DA

    • Victorino also out again with a hamstring. Awwww….

      • I don’t wish harm on anyone but holy fucking monkey ass, it seems a lot of fucking quality players are going down in 2014.

  37. Yeah SOSH has found out he’s not the best at tactical management. It sounds like he called for another ill-timed and unproductive bunt.

    • So a bunt, then?

      • Apparently. They were bitching about it something fierce.

        • Farrell had Victorino bunt the runner on first over with no one out in the 8th. Which would have been fine. If the 1st base runner wasn’t the catcher Pierzynski. Who is old and cannot run and couldn’t get to 2nd in time to beat the throw. Note to Farrell: only bunt players who can run faster than 4mph. Otherwise your amazing unexpected daring tactic will crash and burn. Victorino got to 1st at the expense of his hamstring and left the game.

        • I would totally like to troll the crap out of SOSH right now. The Sox overcame Farrellball last year when everybody was putting up career numbers. Farrellball is pretty ugly when things breaking wrong.

  38. So, we just rolled in from the game after dropping off a bunch of sleepy 7 year olds. I have to say, the Jays got my kids birthday right. In the second, they sent 3 cheerleaders to our section and gave my son some Jays swag. They then got the section to sing him happy birthday. The look on his face was priceless. The Jumbotron was pretty wicked too. All in all, a great time was ha by all. Cheers for the shout out Número Huit!

    • Haha, awesome dude. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

    • Nice!

    • That’s perfect.

    • Sounds like you had a great time! The kids must have been thrilled!

      • The kids were jacked. They spent more time shoveling hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream into their faces than watching the game. It was hilarious. 7 year old boys are more interested in fucking around than watching the game. Good times though.

        • That’s the way kids should watch the game.
          Maybe that’s the way some of us should watch the game.
          Never think about it.
          They’ll remember it 30 years from now,with details that will amaze you,about stuff you thought was inconsequential and trivial.And thank you for making it happen.
          Trust me.

          • Right on Radar!

            After checking Baseball Reference, my recollection of my first Cubs game upthread was bang on…except Larry Gura’s ERA was not at 27…more like 8 ish at the start of the game…it did go up though (8 runs in 4 innings)! His last MLB appearance was a couple of weeks later, also against the Dodgers.

            An oddity, that first ever baseball game (seats were 22 rows up, directly behind the catcher…sweet, except for the Cubs sucking) occurred on my future wife’s birthday.

        • Nice to hear that your family had a great time.

  39. This season has me believing in baseball karma.

  40. Mmmmmm Boston loses again. Atta Rays!!!

    • Can’t they both lose?

      • Yankees lose in walk-off fashion thanks to Adam Dunn! David Robertson blows a save! John Sterling actually sounded excited for the Sox. Anyhow, thanks to the ChiTown homies.

  41. Walkoff for the White Sox!!!

  42. Yanks just lost bottom 9! Dunn doesn’t even like baseball!

  43. Love how so many of us were waiting for this!

  44. Fuck yeah

    (Do they really use Sierra as a pinch runner?)

  45. It’s why having David Robertson as my fantasy closer is never a bad thing

    • Fuk, Garfoose-don’t you and the other cocksuckers have something better to do that report that Yankees score?/sarc
      I was coming here to do it and you cunts all beat me do it!
      Jesus H cheist-well it’s nice to know you fuckers are minding the store
      Forward Soviet! DA
      Bring on the barley sandwiches

      • You can tell my merlot is kickin in -Fuk I gotta stop this drankin at nite thing-where is spuds? He can sing me a lullaby, can’t he?

        • Fukstik, as a lurker and occasional commenter, you are welcome to rant until all hours of the AM. Can’t get enough of this season, which includes the comments here.

          I also have tossed the odd fuk into my written vocabulary, you should be happy.

      • Well Fuksticker, I watched the Jays (I never drink during the game), then crushed a few celebratory pops after, then had to catch up on some legal work, while listening to the ball game. That’s how I happened to be listening to the male/female tandem of John Sterling/Susan Walkman. But it’s all good!

        Forward, Icelander!

  46. Hey guys. I heard the Yanks lost too.

  47. Aaaaahahahaha and Boston gets Price tomorrow

    • True, but Price has had a couple of iffy starts lately, looking particularly ho hum in his last start. He’ll be decent for sure but I think the Bosox win tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, that means we miss him in the M-W series here in Toronto which is good as we ALWAYS have trouble with him. We have to face both Archer and that nasty cunt Cobb, though

      • Fuk, for a second I reverted to a past life and thought ‘nasty cunt Cobb’ meant Ty Cobb. Long live the history of the game. I’m thinking Brett Lawrie plays how Ty Cobb did…just with less talent with the stick.

  48. Haleufuckingleujah.

  49. Easily the best Canadian baseball commercial ever? By a long shot!

    • I dunno…I remember the old ‘PitchTrack’ f/x commercial by Cito Gaston in 1994. It was basically a cell phone that broadcast Jays games only. I got one for my birthday as a 12 year-old. I checked the mail every day for it, awaiting its arrival. That was a pretty good commercial, if memory serves.
      Sadly, I lost mine on a ball diamond in Lacombe, Alberta in 1995.

      • believe it or not, I did a weeks worth of work in Lacombe once. Took a cab to Calagry airport, cost me 250$. Those were the days, my friend, I thoughtthey’d nevr end….

    • Nah, Halladay fist pumping after sicking the bee hive on those bratty kids was the best.

    • As you might expect, I was kinda fond of Gary Carter and his little girl’s 7-up commercial in the ’70′s.

  50. Things are going very good, let’s win as many games as possible, every game is important in the division. Hope Hendriks replace Luke Prokopec as my favourite Aussie Blue Jay!

    • Wasn’t Mark Hendrickson also an Aussie? Tall drink of water with no velo though.

      • Hendrickson was an American. He and Jon Rauch were both amazingly puzzling examples of the question “how can someone so big pitch so slowly?”

        • Rauch used to throw with velocity more befitting a man his size, IIRC. He had some pretty bad shoulder injuries.

          • You’re totally right Rob. I was thinking in the Jays era. I always thought, ‘how does a man-mountain with a fucking neck tattoo max out at 87…?!’

    • Graeme Lloyd!!!!!

  51. Blue Jays should consider trading Rasmus (and prospet[s]) for a SP. Discuss.

    • Select starting_pitcher where trade_bait equals Stroman and Rasmus?

      • Sanchez may net a better return, and with his wildness, that’s not exactly a bad thing. I wouldn’t mind a Sanchez + Rasmus for Shark as long as the Jays have a window to get an extension. Ditto with Rasmus for the Cubs if it requires it.

        • Again, Rasmus is not getting traded unless the Jays are out of it. The new CBA rules no longer attach draft picks to UFAs if they are traded during the final year of their contract.

    • Which bottom feeder would take Rasmus in light of the fact that he’s a UFA? He isn’t going anywhere unless the Jays (a) are in contention and somehow swap Rasmus to another contender who needs a CF and can part with a starter who will also be a UFA or (b) are out of the playoff race and a contender needs a rental.

      • If you use the term “UFA” again, you are risking immediate beheading.

  52. I really hope the Dick is ok with the roof open.

    • He won a Cy Young pitching in open air stadiums.

      • I know, but I would hardly say he is displaying CY Young form right now. His splits last year and this year are pretty pronounced.

        • I’m just tired of hearing him make excuses for his meltdowns. Lol. Just shut up and pitch.

          • Yeah, I get that, but I’d rather listen to his frank comments than the platitudes and cliches that most of the players give in interviews.

            • That’s how I feel GSMC. I actually think he gets unfairly tagged for making excuses. There are a lot times where he will identify exactly what he did wrong, and the MSM sites will blow up with comments saying to stop making excuses for sucking.

              Identifying what he believes helps his KB work better is not an excuse. It demonstrates introspection…

  53. I really hate to say this, but I’m agreeing with The Manalyst today…


    Seriously, though, close the damned dome…

    • Maybe I’m stubborn ( surprise) and in the face of sss statistical data,RAD should be able to adjust to the conditions.I’m no totally convinced with the open vs closed debate.
      Call me a moron ( where are you Stoeten?) but it’s an issue that can be overcome or maybe is a nonissue that is overblown.

      • I’m sure you’re stubborn RADAR, lol. However, you might be right about this. I just think there is sufficient data to justify the idea that he’s been better indoors since he joined the Jays. If someone hasn’t already done it, there should be a statistical analysis done of the problem. Maybe one of the two analysts employed by the Jays could knock one out…

        • The two analyst thing is a red herring issue.The Jays aren’t as backwards as some make it sound.
          There’s enough data produced and disected.
          Microsplits and SSS can become overkill and become a bad influence on decisions.

          • I pretty much 100% agree. The two analyst thing was me just being a dick.

            That said, I see no real evidence that the Jays are the cutting-edge analytical team that they are sometimes portrayed as.

  54. Dear Blue Jays Fans,

    Please stop wearing JP Arencibia jerseys if you are going to the game. The guy was a disgrace to the team and we are better fans than this.

    It is the equivalent of wearing an Andrea Bargnani jersey to a Raptors game.

    That is all

  55. Every single baseball “fan” whose favourite player was either Brett Lawire or JPA because “he’s hawt.”


  57. Is it time to trade for Brandon McCarthy yet?

  58. Looking for that other starter, AA’s job is saved and i’m in heaven. could go all the way with another quality starter. Go get him AA.

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