Yep. That’s about how it feels.

There are only three teams in all of baseball to have won eight of their last ten games, and — holy shit! — two of them take the field tonight at Rogers Centre.

Yep, the A’s, Blue Jays, and Cardinals have been the best teams in baseball over the past week-and-a-half, with only the Twins and Angels behind them, sitting on 7-3 in their last ten. Does it matter? Not terribly, in the grand scheme of things, but does that mean that we shouldn’t love the fucking shit out of seeing the Red Sox and the Rays five and six games in the rearview? Hells no. Same goes for the fact that the Jays already have won 14 times in May, with nine games sill left in the month. The only teams in the AL above 25 wins are the Jays, A’s, Tigers and Angels. It’s weird!

That all said, fucking Oakland, man. Add up the ERA of the three starters that the A’s will send to the hill this weekend and you don’t even get to 6.00. How fucked is that?!? Oh, but don’t worry, the A’s lineup has only averaged 6.5 runs per game over those ten. No big deal here.

And actually, it isn’t a big deal. The Jays don’t have to be perfect against the A’s. They’re sending Henriks, Dickey, and Happ to the mound, don’t forget. They’re prooooobably going to lose at least a game, maybe more. And that’s OK. They’re healthy, they’re good, and it looks more and more like they’ll be in this for the long haul. That doesn’t mean we have to be entirely indifferent to losses, or that we shouldn’t expect a sense of urgency, as though these games don’t mean as much as ones later will. That’s not true. It’s just… we’ll get ‘em tomorrow and we’ll be fine.

Super weird, eh?

And, honestly, why should I even be so pessimistic? I heard tonight’s Oakland starter, Scott Kazmir, was once traded for Victor Zambrano — and he sucked. Can’t be that good, right??? Plus, his ERA this year is a full run higher on the road than it is at home — *COUGH* um… 2.96 compared to 1.91 — and he hasn’t yet faced this fucking lineup. Nails much?


Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet chats with the A’s Canadian assistant GM, Farhan Zaidi, while Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star looks at former Blue Jay Jesse Chavez, who is having a fantastic start to the year for Oakland.

Arden Zwelling tweets that Anthony Gose was out practicing his bunting earlier today. He adds that John Gibbons says he wants Gose to bunt more.

Gibbons also says, according to one of Arden’s tweets, that he’s big on Rob Rasmussen, and could see him even as a multi-inning guy. He went two innings in five of thirteen appearances for Buffalo before his call-up, FYI.

As I noted in the previous post, the Rogers Centre roof will be closed tonight, but should open at some point this weekend. Check the official roof status page if you’re thinking about heading down to the game but don’t want to sit in the damn indoors.

Lastly, @theKaufmanShow appears to have found a new candidate for the greatest baseball commercial in Canadian history. Witness:

sn1logosmallTV: Sportsnet One

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 1:07 PM ET vs. Oakland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
C Erik Kratz (R)
CF Kevin Pillar (R)

RHP Liam Hendriks

Oakland A’s

CF Coco Crisp (S)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
3B Josh Donaldson (R)
1B Brandon Moss (L)
LF Yoenis Cespedes (R)
RF Josh Reddick (L)
C Derek Norris (R)
2B Nick Punto (S)
DH Kyle Blanks (R)

LHP Scott Kazmir

Comments (391)

  1. A’s have been white hot and represent a stern test for the Jays.
    But the Jays also represent a good test for the A’s.

    Kazmir has been good. But he’s faced Cle, Hou and Sea twice each,
    Min, Tex and Wash. His only “hitters’ park” was in Texas.
    If the boys stay patient, he might find the Rogers Centre a different animal,
    particularly the way these guys have been rakin’.

    Chavez has not made it to the 6th inning in three of his last five starts
    Pomeranz has not pitched more than 5 innings since joining the rotation.
    If the boys stay patient, maybe they can get into the bullpen early.
    And the Oakland bullpen has been a mess all season.

    I’m calling the Jays for two out of three.
    Play Ball.

  2. Anyone else noticed Rogers really overloading us with country music this year?

  3. Damn. There goes the perfect game.

  4. If the Jays play .500 ball through the 3 series against the A’s, Tigers and Cardinals and over .500 ball through the 2 series with the Rays and KC that would be, IMO, a pretty clear indication that they have a good chance at playing well enough the rest of the way to take the division.

    I’m am not at all saying “This is MUST win…” horseshit or anything, or that this will make or break their season only that this is a tough stretch and therefore a good test of how good this team is. All that said, they could, of course, still kick-ass (lose horribly) and suck (kill it) the rest of the year.

    So, yeah. Exciting times!

  5. The A’s bat their DH ninth? Was the explanation for this a deleted scene in Moneyball?

  6. Hendriks struck a guy out! We’re gunna weeeeeeiiiiinnnnn!

  7. while all you suckers are stuck watching the Jays game, i’ll be over here watching high school aged kids play a game of shinny.


  8. Tons of swinging strikes from good hitters on fastballs in bad places. Hendriks being incredibly lucky or is he doing something to throw them off?

  9. Go Jays. Hopefully this is a sexy sexy series.

  10. Kazmir’s nuts probably won’t make a reappearance for several innings.

  11. throwing strikes

  12. OK, now a few warning track balls. That’s a bit more like what I expected the way Hendriks is pitching.

  13. Based on these two inning Hendriks is better than Lester although to be fair last time out Lester was facing a better hitting team… the JAYS! Harharhar.

  14. Those are some long fly balls, but so far so good. Is Hendricks considered a fly ball pitcher?

  15. Is the Oakland ERA so good because they can shut down anybody, or is it so good because they haven’t faced the Jays yet and are about to be “Corrected to the Mean”.

    By that I mean, this ain’t the Stros and M’s you’re tossing into tonight, Scotty Boy. It’s the mutherfuckin Jays and EE has been eating Wings AAAALLLLLLLL DDDDAAAAYYYY.

  16. lmao Tabler.. “Kamir is what we call in the business.. a blower” ahhahaha

  17. A’s scared of the Man in White

  18. Was that a…screwball?

    • - But you don’t throw a screwball.

      - I was trying to surprise him.

      - Don’t throw that again.

  19. It never gets old.

  20. “In, out, up + down…”
    Hold off on the sexy talk Buck!

  21. Whoa! Tolleson can do that?

  22. Tolleson has been…. decent?

  23. Nice!

  24. That’s why Tolleson is in the lineup, for big power production. A good ole fashion slugging, no glove second baseman lol. (Seriously though he is a fine fielder and that was a bomb)

  25. Holy shit, were getting production from the bottom of the order. Were leading the league in home runs.
    If I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up!

  26. Freaking Tolleson joining in out it now.

    Kazmir… oh Scotty how high can that ERA go when you face the Jays…

  27. F U Punto!! Swing at something!

  28. Drawing walks….Damn you MONEYBALL!

  29. Dat DP!

  30. Hendriks works fast.

  31. Hendriks and Tolleson for Samardzija who says no

  32. That Kazmir Photo on the MLB gameday player looks like the cover of Silver Linings Playbook

    • Jake: Did you get the jersey?
      Pat: I got the jersey.
      Ronnie: Beautiful jersey. Love that jersey!
      Pat: Stoeten didn’t like it.
      Ronnie: Stoeten hates that jersey.

    • Hate that movie. Hollywood’s feel-good version of mental illness.

  33. How cool would it be if Kevin Pillar keeps doing awesome thing

    A: sooo coool

  34. Who’s that chick in the Jays shirt behind home?

  35. I did that once in little league. It was very embarrassing.

  36. everything is working for us now. I’m unfamiliar with this feeling…

  37. Why hasb’t Fat Juan been playing? I agree that Lawrie is the 3rd basemen and should play there the majority of time, but Dioner for DH over Juan?

  38. Do you think Reyes is trying to hit the ball to the right side? Good on him.

  39. I like how Buck was yelling “go” at Pillar after the ball went into centre.

  40. So is Pillar or Gose our small sample size center fielder of the future today?

    • If Colby could headline a package for a starter (very doubtful) I would be all for a pillar/gose platoon

      • What else would the Cubs want for Shark (FA after 2015), beyond Cletus (FA after this year) and Sanchez? Would that be a do-able trade? My general thought is that another decent pitching prospect that is not Stroman or Norris might work.

    • Bautista. He hits more HRs.

  41. All the other teams announcers call Brett Lawrie “Lowrie”, so Buck calls Jed Lowrie “Jed Lawrie”

  42. Melky dialed in with nothing to show for it

    • He’s still dialled into Fenway. He’d have a green monster homerun and a triple to the triangle already.

  43. Warning track is a busy place tonight.

  44. Fuckin idiot fans. I really wish I was there to yell at that fat bastard.

    Get out of the way.

  45. I’m lovin these Jays at bats tonight, lots of pitches, lots of fouls – rack up that pitch count! This is what it was like to be the Yankees for 15 yrs – at bats you time with a sun dial

  46. Well something had to give =p

  47. Liam and me? We gonna fuck you up.

  48. If Hendricks is throwing a legit 93 mph (Is rogers gun hot?) & able to continue to locate his secondary stuff… shit – we may have a usable innings eater for our 5 spot. Gotta say reminds me a little of Litsch stuff-wise.

  49. Holy shit ballboy

  50. Whatever Melky just did dot gif

  51. A sticky wicket moment erased.

    I ain’t broke, but I’m badly bent.

  52. When Lowrie hit that I thought it was gone for sure

  53. Yup. 5 innings is great. Get him out now.

  54. Happy Birthday Aiden!

  55. Strikes please.

  56. Gibbons just poured himself a large whiskey.

  57. Is anyone keeping tally of these warning track flyballs?

  58. So of the girls I’ve got right now one is five years older and grumpy, one is five years younger and is five years younger and one is in LA and there’s no way for us to hang out.

    I used to be much better at this.

    I would trade my game for Blue Jays being in 1st place every time.

  59. Great. outing. Well done, Liam.

  60. Great to see the crowd give Hendricks some love.

  61. jit·ter·y
    adjective informal
    adjective: jittery
    nervous or unable to relax.
    “caffeine makes me jittery”
    synonyms: nervous, on edge, edgy, tense, anxious, agitated, ill at ease, uneasy, keyed up, overwrought, jumpy, on tenterhooks, worried, apprehensive

  62. Morrow wishes he could have an outing like that.

  63. Hendricks…..hell of an Audition, he’s got something that Kyle Drabek will never develop, mental stability and focus.

  64. Eddie baby!!!!!!

  65. Eddie is a boss.

  66. Holy Edwin!

  67. Dioner head nod in approval of that play

  68. Fuck JBau looks dialed in this year. Just good hitting.

  69. Should have let hendriks go deeper into the game.

    • Reddick could have tied the game up with a mistake pitch. And with all the warning track flyballs, the quick hook was for the best.

      • At least we can debate it without remorse. I think he’ll get more rope next time out. Glad to see I’m not alone in wanting the starter to stay in as long as possible.

        • Yeah, he was doing good. But i believe that 75 first start pitches =/= 75 regular pitches.

          That and they were hitting him hard, one bad pitch game could be tied. Play your matchups there,

          • It was only the 6th inning. Runner on first and reddeck has a 275obp. He’s left handed but still fairly early. Hendriks could have pitched another inning potentially.

  70. Derick Norris looks like a Star Wars creature.

  71. I must say…I’m fervently cheering for Tampa again the Red Sox tonight. Would love to see their losing streak continue.

  72. Colby cowboy hat commercial = instant classic

  73. Anyone else notice the plethora of blondes in the 1st 5 rows?

    • You’ve got colour?

    • Nah – the cranky old lady’s presence is all that matters.

      • I saw her…now i’m gonna have bad dreams

      • Ya that 4some was fantastic – crab apple old lady; hot-fake blonde, chubby dude, and little kid. Can’t make sense of that

        • Lots of negativity re: age & women here tonight. Assholes.

          Anyway, the elderly lady you are referring to has been following the team since day one. Her & her husband had seasons tickets behind home plate, but he passed away. She comes to pretty much every game. Always dressed up. Why you assume she is “crabby” is beyond me.

          • I referred to her as cranky because she looks cranky. Her expression rarely changes – whether the Jays are doing well or sucking it up. She’s a lot like me in this respect. I don’t mean any disrespect – she’s a hero to me + I would aspire to be like her [yknow, if I left the house - which I don't].

  74. Sure, give the Blue Jay from Alabama a cowboy hat and put a camera in front of him. That won’t be awkward.

  75. Oakland hitters are patient fuckers.

  76. Just wondering, why the fuck is gibby bringing in a loogy to face RHBs?

  77. I like Kyle Blanks.

  78. Just what the doctor ordered.

  79. Boston and Tampa scoreless through five.

    I guess somebody has to win that one.

  80. A’s should leave Kazmir in for the CG loss.

  81. Good Delabar or bad?

  82. Commercial breaks featuring only Brett Lawrie and Kenny Powers are what all commercial breaks should aspire to be.

  83. Kratzup seems to be pretty good at pitch framing. At least, relative to what we have seen around here.

  84. Alright that could have been worse. Two outs till Casey.

  85. ruh roh….cmon bullpen…

  86. THis A’s lineup, without any big names besides Cespedes, will do weird things to your anus.

    • They reside on the wrong side of the bridge, though.

      • Classic.

      • I went to that ballpark last summer. Talk about the have-nots. It’s like the owners bought up the cheapest piece of land they could find, and built a ballpark. It’s surrounded by chainlink graffiti and an industrial park. Not a restaurant or hotel in sight. Say what you will about the dome, it’s built on prime land, easily accessible, and the perfect location for pre and post entertainment.

  87. Eddie is the cat’s meow.

  88. Willie Mays Encarnacion !!

  89. Edwin’s putting on a show tonight

  90. Nice play Edwin!

  91. Is it just me or does the carpet behind 1B have a serious lip on it?

  92. This nail biter is stressing me out – I miss the Red Sox

  93. Totally need a gif of Navarro bobbing his head in approval after Edwin made that diving play.

  94. Cecil pitching well, these FUCKING A’s just play the game smart….

  95. Thank goodness that freaking Viking caveman is less patient than his teammates

  96. Thank you, Googles.

  97. Phew! Let’s get an insurance run or two.

  98. Would be like a series win to win one of these games against the A’s. Onward Comrades or whatever Fukstik usually says!

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