Big win last night. This is kind of fun, eh? Now we’ve got Dickey taking the hill against Jesse Chavez, looking to assure a series victory. Crazy! This is your Game Threat…

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  1. It’s my day off after a long week, have been laying in bed all day, drinking donini chardonanny and enjoying a few smokables. It’s great that baseball is fun to watch again!!

  2. Be nice to see the Red Sox lose every game. But it would also be nice for the Rays to not get any sign of life.

    • I’d like to see both teams destroyed as often + as mercilessly as possible. Fuck those guys.

  3. I was thinking a moment ago that I would be okay with walking Donaldson.

  4. I see we picked up an organizational depth catcher.
    They must want to keep Kratzup. Which I’m completely on board with.
    Love that monster.

  5. Dusty making it interesting.

    And by interesting I mean stressful.

  6. Does Norris live in a cave? Or under the streets of Oakland?

  7. Nice to see Norris’ average down 16 points since arriving in Toronto.

  8. Zauny went full salmon today

  9. who thought the jays would sweep the A’s?……. Not me that’s for sure. They are playing some very good baseball 23-1 when they keep the opposing team under 3 runs.

  10. Scott Carson ‏@caRSoN_Stats 4m
    JA Happ’s 7 shutout innings today lowers #BlueJays rotation ERA to 3.66 after 51 starts. Last season that number was 5.50 #DramaticDrop

    • Scott Carson has to remove his shoes and socks and use his toes on most computations.

    • Perhaps more incredibly, our pitching is still in the lower half of the AL, though I’m sure the bullpen blowups earlier in the season had more to do with that than the rotation.

  11. Atta boy dinner. Pinch runner?

  12. Gotta give credit to the happster. He was superb today.

  13. Boston-Tampa tied in the 7th. Maybe they go another 15 today?

  14. how was pitch 2 to gose a strike. god damn.

  15. In Casey we trust.

  16. Odorizzi only going 6 ip after last nights game for the rays, safe to say there bp will be thin tomorrow and tuesday.

  17. josh beckett has a no no going into the 9th

  18. Casey at the (mound).
    If I may paraphrase:

    Oh, right here in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing right here, and right here hearts are light,
    And right here men are laughing, and right here children shout;
    But there is no joy for you, Oakland – mighty Casey has struck you out.

  19. Cj looks amped.

  20. Automatic

  21. Casey doin what he do!!!

  22. Mighty Casey has saved the day!

  23. Sweep!

  24. 1 2 3

  25. YESSS!

  26. Holy shit!

    This is unchartered territory.

  27. Clap clap clap!

  28. Enjoying the ride

  29. HELLL YEAH!!

    Happy + Dusty + Casey = Win

  30. Wahoooooooooooooooo

  31. And all those nasty things we said about Happ…

    • I’ve not said a word against JA Happster. I thought everyone liked him. @ least before he got hit in the head last year. I guess I was misinformed.

      • I think a whole bunch of people were heading over the cliff when the Santana deal fell through. A lot of people thought he wasn’t good enough. But so far he has proved us wrong.

    • I’ve always been a Happ supporter. He’s got good stuff.

  32. How many SB does Reyes have now?

  33. This team looks SO dangerous right now. DAMN

  34. And just when you thought Josh Beckett was done… no-no. Against Philly, but still.

  35. Don’t have much to say at the moment. I will continue to watch the games. Furthermore, I’ll listen to them on the radio when i can and I will absolutely 100% for sure return to the site, not only as a lurker but also to post.

  36. Meanwhile, in the lower reaches of the division, it’s a 3-3 tie in Tampa. I hope they don’t go into extra-innings…

  37. Just awesome. Gave up 5 runs all series against the highest-scoring team in the AL, and their best two starters didn’t even pitch!

  38. If we just swept the best team in baseball then in theory are we not the best team in baseball?

  39. We don’t have as good a record as they do. But right now we are the hottest team in baseball!

  40. So Drew you still wan’t to say everything needs to go for the jays to possibly win the division like you did during the podcast…

  41. Congrats Josh Beckett. Glad he didn’t do it for the Massholes (shudder)

    • Just saw the highlights…Beckett sure seemed to be helped a lot by a very low strikezone from the ump.

  42. Beautiful win to cap the sweep against a very good team. The Blue Jays find every way to win a game. Some of the best baseball games in some time, and if Happ keeps up the velocity like he is, he will truly be a happy find on the rotation. This is fun, let’s keep winning!

  43. Blue Jays win, despite Mark Carlson’s best efforts.

  44. Yunel just started a scrap in the rays-redsox game.

    • Gee, never would’ve expected it out of him.

      • Well the redsox bench was yaping at him because he stole 3rd., so he challenged them. It’s not like the rays are up by 20, they’re up by 5. Guess teams get sensitive when they’re on the verge of losing 10 in a row :-)


  46. Escobar stole third and it was scored defensive indifference. The Sox bench took exception to this because, hey, he shouldn’t be running against the 5-run-down Sawks. Escobar lipped off. Gomes ran in from the outfield to have a go. Gomes out. Escobar out.

    • gomes is going to be suspended right?

    • Don’t think they were mad that he stole 3rd as much as they were pissed off that he just jogged over doing it.

    • More Mass-holiness from their broadcast crew about how someone shouldn’t do that to a team that can’t score and is five runs. Fuck off Boston…

      On the bright side, I will agree with them that Escobar is a less than decent human being.

  47. Keep it alive in TBay boys.

  48. the red sox fans asshurt over the escobar situation is hiliarious

  49. Damnit, O’s beat the Racist Logos.

  50. Scum of the Earth Lueke is pitching for the Rays…time for a big rally BoSox!!!!

  51. 10

  52. Awesome win.

    Also, Fuck Jonny Gomes, fuck David Ross and fuck everything to do with the Boston Red Sox. Eat shit and die.

  53. Wow, Jonny Gomes is a piece of shit. He should get 30 games. He’ll probably get like 3 because the league office sucks Red Sox dick, and Escobar will get 5-10 even though he didn’t do anything other than respond when Ross chirped him.

    • Gomes should get 30 games? Lawrie got 6 for whipping his helmet at an Ump.

      30 Games? Come on now, that’s a tad ridiculous.

      • 4 for this incident. 26 for the way he looks and how he spells “Jonny”.

      • Lawrie wasn’t throwing his helmet at the ump. He threw it at the ground and it bounced and grazed the ump. If he had actually fired it at the ump’s head he would have been gone for the rest of the season.

        Gomes was 200 feet from the confrontation and decided to run in all on his own and sucker punch Escobar. He was the sole reason it escalated above a verbal thing. As silly as they are, players and coaches do sometimes get hurt in these brawls. 5 for starting it and 25 for the sheer stupidity of being the only one to run in like that.

        • Hopefully Yunel sits out a few games for his actions, but I didn’t see anything particularly egregious from him other than just the principle that he’s a complete asswipe. Maybe Madden will just sit him for a game to let him stew.

          If any of you guys here work at the airport, see if you can get the customs folks to give him a hard time with his luggage and paperwork.

          • “Hopefully Yunel sits out a few games for his actions”

            What actions? He stole third in a game that was still plenty close enough and then verbally stood up for himself when he got harassed from the other team’s bench.

        • sucker punched? he pushed him.

          • he pushed the third base coach to get at yunel and then tried to throw a punch that didn’t hit at yunel from what i saw.

  54. Jays now 11-2 in their last 13 — and they did it against 3 playoff teams from last year (CLE, BOS, OAK) and beat C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish as well. Granted, some of the teams aren’t playing as well as they did last year, but this 11-2 run is legit with no weak teams in the bunch (unless you now see the Sox as a weak team). Got a fourth 2013 playoff team coming up in TB, too.

  55. In Honor of back to back sweeps I am listening to Public Enemy- bring the noise. NOW LET’S BEAT THE Consecutive wins (11) which happened in 1998 and in 1987.

    • I forgot last year as well. Which makes me think that if the jays did not face so may bad breaks they would have been much better. Tampa broke the streak in 2013 lets not let them break it monday :D

    • They also won 11 in a row last year.

      I’d be thrilled if they could beat the record this time around, but I’ll take consistency over winning 5, losing 4, winning 5, losing 3 and winning 6, etc.

    • Turn it up.

  56. Anyone at the game today know what that rap song about Jose Bautista accompanying the Bautista video montage on the Jumbotron was?

    My hasty googling for a song resembling the lyrics brings me to this song called Joey Bats by Buck 65, but I’m not positive if this is the one:

    • if you have a smartphone (non blackberry or windows phone) download shazam it will make you happy whether at a club/ bar or at the jays.

  57. We really need to break a thousand comments…just because I’ve never seen it here before.

  58. 979

  59. Woot woot!

  60. I’m excited to see what the Jays bring in using the Josh Johnson / Ervin Santana money. If they stand pat I’m going to topple the Ted Rogers statue like a freed Iraqi.

    • Yes. We should actually throw it in the lake if that happens. I’ll help.

      • Me too.

        • Don’t forget that while they got rid of Johnson, guys like Buehrle and Reyes got raises that almost made up for Johnson. Reyes: $6 mill, Buehrle: $7 mill. Guys like Lind ($2 mill) Rasmus ($2.5 mill) and some others got smaller raises too. Plus they added Navarro ($3 mill).

          Not that there’s anything wrong with your idea mind you.

  61. besides being an above .600 baseball before this series started the A’s came in to this series with 18-7 on the road record a (who were sporting a .720 and now a .642 away record). Although Drew want’s to remind people that the giants have the best record in baseball, however the best road team in baseball was the A’s and not the giants. now it’s the Tigers sporting a .667 road record. The giants away are sporting a .600 record.

  62. Today was the first time in a long time I was turned away from the box offices when trying to buy tickets. I must say that I was actually quite impressed by that.

    • Stubhub is your friend.

      Dickey bobble head day was a sell out too.

      • I looked yesterday 500s were going for 50$ a piece. Decided to go for a day out with my lady, and follow the game on mlb at bat on my phone every 5-10 minutes. True Jays fan fare, not that fake I wear a jays uni when I go to the game, but couldn’t name a fucking player outside of bautista or lawrie to save my life bull shit that I saw at the go station.

  63. The more the jays win the more I think, when can we get fireworks and get rid of the foghorn.


  65. BTW, Jays don’t need to head to the Trop until just before the all-star break.

  66. 999 (number of dingers Edwin will hit this year)

  67. Too bad Stotts was too lazy to give us a proper Game Threat. I’m sure it takes all of five minutes. Would be nice to reach 1,000 legitimately one time.

    • Yeah, too bad. Because then it wouldn’t have happened at all. (?) You can’t blame Stoeten for everything.

      Wait for September. It’ll happen first then.

    • He’s too busy screaming at people on twitter.

  68. Now the TB series. This be important. All other ALE teams are facing relatively large beasts of the NL

  69. The rays still scare me the most out of anyone. That team is just built for a marathon, price won’t be this bad all year, Cobb is healthy, archer is pitching well again and bedard is some how great again. Yankees don’t scare me at all, but their obviously in it… We should have won the series vs them. The orioles are the most comparable to the jays, they could surge at any moment. Boston will heat up eventually but I’m convinced this isn’t their year…. 8 games back isn’t a lot but they aren’t showing any positives I hope there skid can continue.

  70. Nick Carfado had a couple Jays nuggets in the Boston Globe today:

    “Just asking, would Chase Utley ever give up his 10-5 rights to play for Toronto? Nice fit.”

    “Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Cubs — Samardzija, who is 0-4 with a 1.46 ERA, is being watched more than any pitcher by major league scouts. Among those watching are the Blue Jays, who are more convinced than ever they can win the AL East if they obtain a top starter. While they struck out on Samardzija before, one major league scout said they haven’t given up trying to repackage but are still insistent on not giving up Drew Hutchison. Whether it be Samardzija or someone else, the Jays have all hands on deck, including special adviser Fred McGriff.”

    “Sean Nolin, LHP, Blue Jays — A pitcher not often talked about in the Toronto system is Nolin, though scouts are beginning to take notice. Nolin, 24, is 2-2 with a 2.70 ERA in seven Triple A starts but is nursing a left groin strain. In his only major league start, May 24, 2013, he got lit up for seven hits and six runs over 1⅓ innings. But scouts believe he’ll settle into being a decent starter in the majors.”

    • I think I am confused as to the mention of Hutch, when was it ever listed the jays would trade Hutch. I know that Hutch will never be an Ace but to talk of trading a # 3 pitcher now for a # 2 pitcher with 1.5 years left on his contract?

      • That’s coming from what the cubs asked for in the offseason. If he was “maybe” on the block before the season I’m quite sure he’s no where near it now. Why would he be?
        He’s exactly what we need. If AA pulls the trigger on any trade I doubt if it will include anyone off the major league roster.

    • Interesting – he mentioned that Fred McGriff was a special adviser to the Jays. Didn’t know that.

  71. Their*

  72. Didn’t know we’d brought The Crime Dog back into the fold! He was my first favourite player! Pretty cool that he’s a Jay again.

    • My first ever blue jays shirt as a tyke was a McGriff shirt.
      Loved the Crime Dog, followed his whole career.
      At one point he had held a record as homering in the most MLB parks in history.
      (I think it was 29)
      Ridiculous career numbers, maybe hall worthy. Just consistent.
      .284/.377/.509 with 493 home runs is a lot better then some players from larger markets that writers fell in love with.
      Love the Dog.

      • Plus he could scoop. No range, but shit he could scoop it.
        Saved a lot of errors.

        • If McGriff hit 500 homers, he would be in the HOF. He could hit absolute bombs when he played. I remember he went upper deck at Yankee Stadium

    • Huge.
      Like to see the ToT on that blast.

      • When he was a Brave he went upper deck at either Veteran Stadium in Philly or at old Busch Stadium in St Louis. The announcer was speechless

    • damn. didn’t even look like he put everything he had into it. just kinda swatted it into the fifth deck.

    • If the broadcast focused on a guy in a costume like this with a sign that said something to the effect of “I’m ready for my walk”, I would find a deep new-found respect for humanity.

  73. Ok, can I take a stab at a headline for the summary for the last couple of days?

    “Reyes of Sunshine Spotted at Rogers Centre This Weekend: Did That Just Happ-en?


  74. 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Posts

  75. Get ready for the bandwagoners!

  76. Get ready for the posters who complain about broadcasters praising other teams players to clear space in their mouths for Joe Maddon’s dick for the next few days.

  77. It’s as we all feared. Anthopoulos admits the team is maxed out in terms of payroll.

    “We are pretty much maxed out in terms of payroll.”

    My fingers are still crossed for a Colby trade and a Melky extension, but my expectations of Rogers wanting to fund a winning team are now down to a new low.

    • Well then Stroman better get his shit together fast. He’s the only hope for the rotation if they won’t add anyone through trades. The poo poo platter of Hendriks, McGowan and whoever else they plan to try at #5 is not what you want for a team trying for the playoffs.

    • @EP

      Pretty much a given,once the news about the passing the hat broke.
      Disgusting and confusing move by Rogers.

    • I still think its way too early to figure out all the possible pitchers AA could acquire. Most writers and fans have been hung up on the usual names, The Shark, Price, Masterson, Cliff Lee, and couple lower tier arms like a Hammel. Surely there are other names out there that may not cost the team as much in either prospects or possibly a bigger name arm that will cost prospects but wont be needing a big payroll adjustment.

    • Things could change as revenue increases for a playoff run. Also one of Rasmus or Melky coming off the books at the end of the year might be enough to resign one of them.

  78. Jays just acquired PJ Walters and Melky Mesa from the Royals for cash considerations.

    THE Walters from the Rasmus trade of 2011

    And another Melky

    AA has been acquiring some AAA depth lately. Havent paid too much attention to the Bisons, but it didnt look like they were doing too poorly or had many injuries so I wonder why he’s spending coin on these type of players

    • the starting pitching is getting lit up, besides Hendricks that is, stroman has not done well since he went back down. Second melky is likely a pillar fill in if Colby isn’t back as soon as we’d hope

      • the Melky signing I understand a bit more . . . basically fills the shoes of the departed Sierra and can be stashed at AAA, but Walters is horrible and wasnt good at the AAA level either

    • Walters is pretty much nothing, but Mesa looks like a good depth move/AAA stash. He’s had some decent numbers in the minors over his career and is having a good season. Bit of power, bit of speed, needs to learn to take a walk. You could do worse as a… what would he be? Seventh outfielder on the depth chart?

      • yea i dont mind the Mesa move at all . . . plus another Melky!

        maybe Walters is coming dirt cheap considering he has like 7.50 ERA this yr


    *commercial ends awkwardly*

  80. Please feel free to let me know via Twitter when shitstain “Wake Up Asshole” posts here. He’s not allowed to play.

  81. As a certified cretin, you were banned, so please fuck off

  82. you’re just NOW realizing the payroll is maxed out? You couldn’t figure that one out by now?

  83. Anyhow, who cares, would you rather be a fan of any other team in the AL East? Get over it, they’re a corporation, not a bunch of baseball fans, they’ve given the Jays $140M for a payroll, I’m sure they’ll adjust once the Jays show they’re more than a last place team.

  84. Of course I knew. Doesn’t mean i didn’t want to be in denial. But it’s the first time that I can remember where Anthopoulos has admitted something like this.

  85. I think Stoeten deleted the comments that my comments were directed at

  86. Indeed.

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