Big win last night. This is kind of fun, eh? Now we’ve got Dickey taking the hill against Jesse Chavez, looking to assure a series victory. Crazy! This is your Game Threat…

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  2. Man – it’s like we infected the other team with the disease of the 2013 Jays.

  3. This is some kind of little league defence from the A’s today.



    The baseball gods maybe haven’t forgot about Toronto after all

  5. Speed kills

  6. For real — every bounce going our way. I fucking love this!

  7. Amazing what a guy can do without a tumor on his spine.
    Who knew?

    • I didn’t…

      • C’mon Buster, his running couldn’t have gotten any worse. Plus his BA, without power but with a tumour, was .279. It’s just logical. My guess is though, that because PEDs do some pretty weird stuff, like acne, and crooked teeth and man breasts, is that that’s where the tumour came from too.

  8. heeheeheee

    little league baseball!

  9. Hey Chavez, welcome back to the AL East, bitch!!

  10. hahahaha

    I love this.

  11. Karmic Baseball.

  12. Lots of airs, according to Buck.

  13. crash and burn motherfuckers

  14. Making the other team pay for their mistakes is just the sweetest thing.

  15. Welcome Back, Mr. Chavez….

  16. Wow — I know people are over reacting, but Stoeten is sure being cunty about Gose on Twitter….

  17. this seems to be the team we thought we had last year

  18. Rough day at-bat for Bautista. The awesome thing is that Joey Bats having an bad day doesn’t guarantee a loss anymore, we have a whole team that can play baseball!

  19. God Damn. Yanks and Os losing too. I don’t know what to do with myself

  20. and…nice to see yankees down 3-0 after 1

  21. Except for Cespedes, Dickey is pitching a one hitter with no walks to the hottest offense in the AL.

    So quit yer bitchin’ Nancies

  22. Looks like Rogers got through waivers…

  23. Look at these two beauties.

    Guy A has a shirt 3 sizes too short and guy B has a penis sign.

  24. man Dickey has looked great the last 2 outings. maybe 5 hard hit balls against him combined in both games.

    now we just need to put this bullshit 5-6-7th – whatever inning it is that he apparently cant pitch in – to rest and we’re good.

  25. That is one ugly beard, Lind. However, if he thinks it is making him hit, he’d better leave it alone…

    • There’s probably a shitload of that superstitious stuff going on in the clubhouse right now. For that matter, It probably smells to high hell with no one changing their gotch.

  26. Man, EE just about hurt himself on that curveball.

  27. I love it when the Jays are finally getting good media coverage from espn in the states, its so rare and i eat it up everytime we get the chance!

  28. Fat Juan walks. In prior years, wouldn’t that be a sign of the apocalypse?

  29. They really do show a lot of shots of Seitzer…

  30. Sweet Jesus, I hope Chavez goes and eats a big cheeseburger and fries with a side of porterhouse. Bulk up, son.

  31. Gosh, the A’s colour guy is just a real smug prick

  32. You can actually hear Lind’s iron feet on the concrete.

  33. No such thing as an insurance run Buck.

  34. Im watching the a’s broadcast on extra innings and they just said tm will be a sell out at the center.

    • Probably, free “promotional replica jersey” day. I’m pretty confident that the word promotional really means cheap, crappy’ screen-printed, knock-off. But ya, it’ll be a packed house.

  35. Nice to see Thole not looking like shit at the plate.

    • Ya I’d say .367 over 50 AB = not shit

      • SSS at work. Last year, he just looked absolutely helpless up there. He seems to have a plan and has remembered he’s not a power hitter and that he knows how to take a walk.

  36. How deep does Dickey go?

    (grow up)

  37. Cleveland putting the smack down on Baltimore. How sweet it is.

  38. This is the Dickey we traded for – awesome!

  39. Oh RA keep it up! Now do we get the Dickey effect tomorrow w/ Happ on the hill? One can only hope!

  40. Dickey should definitely go 8″ deep–it’s the bottom of the order, he struck out the last two batters, he’s retired 16 of 17 in a row, and the sun is shining. Everything auguring in favour of another inning or dare I say a CG baby!?

  41. Holy fuck, if Reyes gets going…. I think my head may explode from the awesomeness. Better have a beer.

  42. OK, voice on reason here:

    Things are good right now but watching the scoreboards on how the other AL East teams are doing right now is just fucking crazy. I noticed Sportsnet cut right to the Yankees game highlights last night after the Jays recap. Then Baltimore. So it’s just not the fans.

    Come on dudes, it’s early, let’s just focus on how the Jays are doing.

  43. Ridiculous!!! Hahaha

  44. Woody Woodpecker strikes again!

  45. Jose, josejosejose.

    Fucking A, this is fun.

  46. Fuck yeah

  47. Hit and run on. Reyes is run to watch.

  48. Wow! Just fucking Wow!

  49. Let’s put the A’s away…this Rodriguez guy pitched for the Astros last year…let’s remind Oakland of that little fact.

  50. Who the hell scores from second on a groundout without an error. There wasn’t even an “almost error”.

    Just nutty.

  51. Jose Reyes is a Blue Jay!!

  52. surprised Gentry didn´t fuck that up too

  53. The baserunning has been great. Aggressive but within reason. The 9 hits are pretty great too.

  54. If bunting is done against you, you just want to find their car and key it

    • My immediate reaction to the bunt was ‘chicken shit’ – but I guess it’s a pretty decent play.

      I just finished a book on the ‘unwritten codes of baseball’ – and bunting against a guy havin a good day, back in the day would get you a fastball in the ribs.

      Then I thought of Dickey throwing at Sogard his next time around, and I laughed

      • I think doing it against a guy working on a no hitter / perfect game would still get you beaned.

  55. Why the fuck is Walker on the phone to the pen?! It was a goddamn bunt!

  56. For once I’d like to see RA leave the mound happy. That means 9!

  57. McGowan is a good choice to finish up.

    A fireballer following a knuckleballer, the A’s will be whiffing away.

  58. let’s CG this mofo!!!

  59. Good game, RA. Here is a pat on the ass. Now hit the showers.

  60. Like how Zaun agrees with me–there should be no bullpen action. 5-1 game, for fuck sakes.

  61. Zaun is right – let dickey finish this gem

  62. RAD will finish.

  63. 3 outs away from taking the series against the A’s.

    We are all a bunch of pessimists , talking about how we’d be content with 1 of 3.

  64. Cleveland -9 Baltimore -Sweet fuck all.

  65. Maple boner swordfight!

  66. Maple boners!

  67. A win today and another bosox loss will pretty much make my weekend

  68. CAnuck vs. CAnuck ends in disappointment

  69. Thole’s music is Rock you like a Hurricane

    The man has a sense of humour.

    • I think Tim and Sid had him on air one day and helped him pick it out. I thought he should have gone with one of the other options “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica (Tolls/Thole…see what they did there?).

    • And last year wasn’t it that absurd bubble “butt” jam? ..wait, bubble butt jam..

  70. Let’s go!

  71. #burgerking

  72. You know he’s pissed… probably more at himself though. Great job regardless

  73. C’mon! All we wanted was a little tip, Dickey…. Of his hat.

  74. hard to argue with pulling him. 113 pitches, just gave up a walk and an albeit blooped double.

  75. At what point in this resurgence did Pat and Buck stop telling us how wonderful the other team was? All I’m hearing from them is Jays this and Jays that…what a nice change .

  76. Ump being equally bad with both teams, no probs with that

  77. Holy shit that command from McGowan.

    • don’t get why Dusty didn’t try some high heat there, after all those low/outside pitches

      • I was thinking inside, but yeah. If you’re hitting the low, outside corner with surgical precision, I dunno why you’d change anything.

  78. Come on boys…

  79. fuck….nothing you can do, pitched him right, just flared a shit ball Bautista

  80. Okay, tying run up.

    Time to stop screwing around.

  81. Sweet Jesus

  82. So RAD needs the dome closed eh?
    Musta mind-melded it shut.

  83. A’s still taxing our bullpen….we are playing a playoff team

  84. I’ll make that trade.

  85. Toronto Blue jays…keeping fans in the stadium ’till the beer and dogs are gone.

  86. 1 more…

  87. too many similar pitches in that AB. individually they were great pitches, but together they form a pattern that the batter gets used to.

    would have liked some high heat there

  88. One of those umps that you have to hit the glove for? Cecil’s first pitch was right there but he missed the spot

  89. All right!

  90. Another win for the Bwu Yays!

  91. Woo! Series win!

  92. Did we just win this series?? Holy fuck!

  93. Yes!

    10 of the last 12 and widening the lead!

  94. Hip, hip, Blue Jay!!


  96. Dickey was fucking fantastic.

  97. 23 of the Jays’ 28 wins they held the Oppo to two runs or less.

    23-1 in those games. Leads the league.

  98. 5 in a row
    10 of 12
    2.5 games up in the East
    Could be 3 games if Baltimore and NY don’t make comebacks.

  99. Cecil’s curve must be one of the most deceptive pitches in the league. without fail even good hitters will swing at it in the dirt, even in hitter’s counts.

    and it’s a spiked curve too, which is usually easier to pick up out of the hand. special pitch that one is.

  100. After yesterday’s win’s postseason probability has us leading the Yankees 48%-39%

    • The Jays have now taken two games at home against the team with the best road record in MLB…nails!

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