Big win last night. This is kind of fun, eh? Now we’ve got Dickey taking the hill against Jesse Chavez, looking to assure a series victory. Crazy! This is your Game Threat…

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  1. Hell yeah Jays. Now Rogers quit being terrible and let the Jays go for this thing.

  2. Blue Jays are the only team in the AL East to have a winning record at home and on the road. Whoop! Whoop!

  3. If you had asked me on Thursday, I would have been pretty happy with 1 of 3 against the A’s.

  4. This is looking more and more like the year to grab a rental SP. Gonna get interesting over this next month.

    • Who should the rental be? Cliff Lee once he returns? With salary considerations, I would think that it wouldn’t take much from a player perspective to pick him up. What do others think?

    • Not yet. Staff is doing fine and better to wait until some teams shit the bed.

      Samardjia is far too costly.

      • It sucks that he’s pitched so well and Aaron Sanchez hasn’t been too great. If it was just Sanchez plus then I’d do it. As long as the “plus” doesn’t include Stroman or Norris.

      • 100% agreed. Shark too costly.

        • Too costly for what? I would gladly trade ten years of futility if it meant being in the playoffs this year.

      • Oh I agree, not yet. There is a reason so much action doesn’t happen till closer to the deadline. I would definitely check into Lee because taking on his money will reduce the prospect outlay. Plus Rubes doesn’t really pay hardball and Lee’s peripherals look good yet again.

        • Lee makes a lot of sense. Yeah I think Philly would want to do him a soild and deal him to a contender for chance to win W.S.

          • Can’t see anyone at Rogers signing off on that. I also think that AA wouldn’t dare ask them for it.

  5. They’re showing the Boston game next. I intend to watch. Farrell shuffled the line-up. Again.

    And if you need any further reason to hate the self-important, self-entitled Sawks, here’s this little gem from a Boston-area paper:

    “The Rays refuse to play music on the public address system at Tropicana Field when the Red Sox take batting practice, the continuation of a silly feud that started two years ago when the Red Sox serenaded the Rays with 1920s music at Fenway Park.

    The Rays take their pettiness to the extreme, shutting off the music the second the Red Sox take the field and then starting it up again as soon as they’re finished.”

    So it’s ok for the Sox to play dumb games with the Rays. But not ok for the Rays to retaliate. I loathe this bunch of jerks. Not just the team but the local media who’ve drunk the KoolAid and think their guys are entitled to stomp all over everyone with no come-back.

  6. wow this has been a fantastic month

  7. That’s a nice result to come home to!

  8. so um the red sox might be shit

  9. Got the jump on the Rays now….C’mon Madden, start the mind-fucking games now!!!

  10. Trust Angel Hernandez to blow a call – at least replay helps to expose a shitty ump like him

  11. Esmil clears waivers

  12. Holy fuck, Jays Talk callers.

  13. Abortions for all!

  14. Fucking Yankees in the 9th…

  15. Robin Ventura deserves everything bad that happens to him and his family.

  16. So the redsox org actually refers to the 2004 WS team as the one that “broke the curse”. The official word is there was a curse. And 10 years ago the curse was broken. The sox announcers were talking about the “curse” like it’s an actual thing too. I find this weird.

    • I know this is weird to say on a Jays blog, but I really do hate that team…

    • And yet we talk of the Baseball Gods all the time, and nobody blinks.

      • That may be true Spuds, but if the Star or AA did it, I’d be somewhat concerned…

      • Yeah, and players are superstitious, but for an org to actually think they didn’t win a WS because of a curse, that’s just insane.

        • Yet it’s not just the Sox; the Cubs seem to believe they are cursed too. I wouldn’t be surprised if that factored into their decision to hire Epstein.

          • The Cubs org may feel they are cursed, which is why most Cubs fans know there is no such thing as a curse…just stupid management.

  17. Yankees win

  18. So, that’s the second time in the last four games New York has been down multiple runs in the ninth and come back to win. Fuck.

  19. Sure those Yankees fucks won, but hey, Tampa just tied it up with the Massholes when they were down 5-1. I can stomach a Yankees win if the Massholes lose.

  20. Red Sox blew their 5-0 lead.

  21. Goodness, that Masshole colour guy sounds like an absolute toolbag.

  22. If boston loses this game, after scoring 5 in the 1st, it will be a truly glorious day.

  23. I’m going to suggest we will not be under .500 for the rest of the year. No guarantee of playoff ball, but just sayin’ I don’t think we’ll finish under .500.

    • Dream bigger, Garfoose.

      All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.
      T. E. Lawrence

  24. I’m just so happy right now I don’t really know what to do or think.

  25. Think Farrell’s gonna try and bunt oil’ AJ over? Nope looks like he learned his lesson.

  26. I love just soaking in the standings right now. Not in a cocky Mass hole way. But in a damn I am truly grateful to have this feeling again way.

    • I know some on this site are not Cito fans, but the guy could have spelled his last name correctly. Otherwise, he seemed to use a handful of actual stats/analysis to show that the Jays may be legit favourites for the division. Huzzah!!

  27. 12 innings now into the game that no one wants to win.

  28. In 5 innings, Farrell has used five relievers for three outs each.

  29. Whiny little rat-face gets the walk. I loathe Pedey.

  30. Please let this be a Tampa win in 20 innings.

  31. It was tied 5-5: I bowled three games of 10-pin, got my best score ever, came home & made a birthday meal for my son. Drank some wine. Still 5-5.

  32. What the hell with this ump? The guy has been helping the Sox all night. Those calls have Ben brutal.

  33. That would be Ben Brutal the WW Wrestling champ…

  34. I hope the rays win after 27 innings.

  35. No I’m tired of this. Let them win it now. Then I can celebrate and switch off the tv.

  36. Can none of these Rays hit the long ball?

  37. Christ, this game is still going.

    • Mowed the lawn, cooked supper, drank half a 40, played with the dog, cleaned the kitchen. Love extra innings.

  38. that’s good for us. I would be happy if this game goes 19 innings and wears down the rays pen.

  39. As I pour my first drink of the evening I feel some of you are way ahead of me.

  40. 30 fucking strikeouts in this game.

    TB and Boston are both shit right now.

  41. As much as I hate TB, I take tons of pleasure in Boston looking like shit right there.

  42. This should do it for the Sox. 9 in a row coming up.

  43. 9

  44. It’s done finally. Time to get a drink

  45. Excellent.

  46. deeper down to the basement they go. haha.

  47. In honour of Miller and his mates…

  48. If this keeps up sox fans might be calling for the firing of fara :D

  49. Lets hope they play another 15 innings tomorrow.
    Wear out the Rays bullpen before they get to Toronto.

  50. Hahha get fucked fuck face the team won in spite of you in2013

    • Crazy thing about that game was that Price got dinged for 5 runs in the first and still went 8 innings.

      Maddon used four relievers, Farrell used seven.

      Maddon will need relievers tomorrow most likely. Odorizzi isn’t an 8 inning guy.

      • Just checked Odorizzi

        He’s averaging about 4.5 innings, longest outing is 6.

        TB’s bullpen should be pretty gassed on Monday.

  51. Red Sox put Victerino on the DL this afternoon.
    Looks like Bogarts is headed there too.
    I don’t wish ill health on either guy…..
    but it is nice to see those fine gentlemen
    from Boston getting crapped upon.

  52. Moving to Twins and Giants @ 10

  53. I love how everybody here hates boston so much. The level of hatred is almost pathological.

    • It’s the smugness while being a bunch of Dunkin Donut eating slackjawed Loogans.

      They’re so full of Don Cherryesque shit including the beat writers. They managed in ten short years to supplant the Yankees as the most obnoxious team and fans on earth.

      All sympathy for the curse was wiped out in no time flat.

      • I can’t even stand their announcers. The sense of entitlement is shocking. “Well I guess it caught enough of the plate”. Fuck off, you’re more qualified than pitch tracker? I don’t know why I’m this angry, everything is good in the baseball universe.

    • And I love the level of disappointment and malaise that is setting in for Farrell. May it continue to epic proportions.

  54. Who knows what the rest of the season will bring but I’m fucking loving this. Other ALE teams shitting the bed/getting bad breaks. Jays tearing the cover off the ball. Pitchers dealing. Bullpen…well mostly good, haha. Rum’s a helluva drink.

    • To be honest though, the Jays have the most talent and the most balance to their lineup.

      The Yankees are old and their infield is a travesty. The Sox ran out of career year oixie dust. TB finally has injuries they can’t replace and Baltimore doesn’t have the arms.

      The Jays are the best team on paper for sure. Gose and the pitchers from Buffalo have played well and Francisco is one of those gifts from heaven that most playoff teams need.

      • Can’t argue with any of that. Last year was just suck a punch in the dick its hard to believe basically the same team is doing this. Love it though, fucking love it.

        • Melky, Buehrle and Hutch are way above expectations

          Gose, Francisco and Happ are contributing where little to none was expected.

          The rest like Dickey, EE, Joses, Lawrie, Lind and Rasmus are anywhere from solid to excellent. The bullpen is stabilizing nicely with Casey back. Tolleson has been a nice super utility guy that even pitches.

          Then there is the catching situation. Navarro has been huge especially with Buehrle and Thole has been a very pleasant surprise as well.

          This is a very good team.

          …and they aren’t that incompetent -10 war fucking cancer JPA.

          • Agreed. Like Dusty back in the pen. Gose has been excellent recently. Melky is just killing it and EE, Jbau and Reyes are just world class. I mean everyone is making contributions, like you said. Love having Gose at #9 too.

            • Gose and Reyes on base with under two out reminds me of Devo and Robbie.


              • Absolutely. Scoring from 1st on a single? From 2nd on a ground out? Amazing

                • Also…and this is important

                  Someone pointed out how they can throw all righty or heavily lefty lineups at other teams.

                  Three switch hitters helps that a lot.

                  • And Casey? I’ll admit I had no idea how vital he is. Obviously he’s great and has been amazing for the Jays, but the bullpen seems completely different since he’s been back.

                    • Casey is the leader, the wiley confident veteran that calms all their doubts.

                      Casey is Dad to the boys beyond the fence. It wouldn’t have meant shit if he hadn’t been lights out but he was.

                      Whenever a group of people are expected to do something it is much easier when you
                      have a leader that they have confidence in. They can forget doubts and differences and have focus. Then they get confidence because they believe in themselves. If it works then the world is their oyster, and it’s working.

              • ^ this

  55. Apparently Jerry Remy, the Sawx colour guy called this out before the 15th inning when he thought he was off air.

    “Got any hot dogs downstairs? Mustard if there is.”

  56. Do you think those T-Bay bunts in the 15th were Joe Madden’s little managerial joke on John Farrell? The bunts the Rays laid down generally worked. Whereas the Sox bunts…

  57. Supposedly the Cubs wanted Hutch and one of Sanchez or Stroman for Samardzija

    That almost seems worse to me than how the Dickey deal looked originally but who cares didn’t happen and I’m fine with that

    • I think that is worse than the Dickey deal. At least Dickey was coming off a Cy Young and open to an extension. Samardiza has had a great 2 months, but not that much a track record.

      • And with d’Arnaud and Syndergaard you’re talking about prospects. While Hutch was coming off tommy john I was a big believer in him when he was first up and it seems like pitchers are coming back from tommy john and not having too much difficulty returning to form or getting even better.

    • Wow. That’s easily worse than the Dickey deal. For one thing, Samardzija had never come close to what Dickey achieved in 2012, and they’d be giving up even more, I feel — especially if Shark isn’t willing to talk extension.

      At the time of the Dickey trade, Syndergaard hadn’t pitched above A ball and d’Arnaud had inflated numbers in the PCL (still hasn’t hit at the major-league level after 200+ PAs and can’t stay on the field), while Hutchison had already exploded through the minors and held his own in the bigs as a 21 year old rookie. I was really impressed with his body of work — just needed a bit more seasoning, and voila.

      • I’ll never say I knew Hutch was going to be awesome as he is. BUT, when he went down with the TJ surgery, I was totally gutted. He seemed to be putting it together, even at such a young age. I didn’t think he’d ever be the same, let alone be what he is now, still super young. Next to Burls, cause he’s just dope, Hutch is my fave Jays pitcher to watch.

    • Epstein can go fuck himself.

    • Jesus, June 10th to get to 28 wins last year

    • That was right before the 11 gamer though.

      That streak matters this year, dress rehearsal and all.

      • Oh yeah, you’re totally right. fuck, such a small ray of sunshine last year.

        • Nah

          The problem last year was being out of it by the end of June. After the 11 game streak they lost 7 in a row I think. wild swings.

          By the time Reyes and Dickey were healthy it was too late, then the other injuries happened.

          This year is very different.

          • It absolutely is. In almost every way. I’m a big fan of everyone’s approach at the plate this year. The defence seems light years ahead of last year, but take away JP and Boner and it would be hard to be as bad or worse. Better baserunning. Starters going deeper. Not planning a parade just yet but things are fucking wicked so far this year.

  58. LOL, just seen the Red Sux 15th inning clusterfuck. Comedy of errors.

  59. winning streaks > losing streaks.

  60. All this virtu-highfiving is great, and badly needed for us Jays fans.

    Though, how long until we start wondering if Rogers is going to all-too-reluctantly creak open the Ted’s dusty old chequebook being held by the latest tight-asses at Rogers?

    The end of July deadline isn’t that far out of the way, and you’d think the suits at Rogers will, one way or another, by default or otherwise, put AA in the crosshairs as their messanger/scapegoat until a move is made. Assuming the team stays in anything close their current form for a few more weeks, you’d have to think the pressure from the general public to get said Rogers tight-asses to turn their head and cough, even for a second, would be more intense over the next 6 weeks than it was over a 6 month long offseason.

    • It’s not the money….. it’s the pitching prospects.

      A decent chunk of this team will be gone or old in a few years. The got to keep some talent in the pipe line.

      If it was just money I’d be with you, but I intend to be a Jays fan for years to come and I don’t want to this team to overpay (in talent/assets) for a starter.

      However a B prospect and cash for Cody Ross, absolutely!

  61. Is Samardzja not a FA until 2016? If that’s the case, I’d put a high value on him. I’d definitely do hutch straight up, and I’d strongly consider Hutch + Sanchez.

    With our core, I think our window is most realistically this year and next. This team has the potential to win WS’s in the next two years, and we need an ace to take us there.

    Scrabble is an ace, and with another ace this team would (IMO) be a favourite to make the ALCS at least. Prospects are just that, and often don’t pan out.

    • I don’t know about Shark. His peripherals suggest that he’s due for some regression. His K/9 is way down, his HR/9 and HR/FB are unrealistically low, his BABIP is pretty low, and his strand rate is much higher than his career average.

      Giving up Hutch for him doesn’t make any sense for a team looking to add another solid SP, you wouldn’t be solving the 4-5 spot rotation issues.

      Also, if most were upset with what was needed to get Dickey, and his overall performance we’ll likely see from him over three years, it’s hard to see a deal for Samardzija that ends up looking any better than the Dickey deal (I.e. Giving up much less and getting better performance).

    • Have you been watching Hutch pitch this year Captain? He’s pretty much on par with Shark through 10 starts (1.5 fWAR with stronger peripherals) and he’s making league-minimum with 3+ more years of control. He’s incredibly valuable right now.

  62. Wait a couple of weeks. Scrabble won’t be the only game in town. If we can hang on there will be other sellers and this season it’s possible we will be in the market to buy.

  63. By the way, Fuckface is nothing if not political. He’s hanging the error that lost them the game on Andrew Miller, the pitcher. Who grabbed the ball and threw it to second base. Completely the right play. But Andrew failed to take a few minutes to notice that Hot Dog Pedey was bustling over to 1st to help out there rather than covering 2nd which is, you know, his job. Andrew just sort of assumed Pedey would be there. His bad. He’s the reason the Sox lost. Not fan-favorite clubhouse pal Rat Boy there. No no. Farrell would never be dumb enough or honest enough to blame Pedroia.

    • I was gonna mention last night that Pedroia seemed to be alone in a sea of strangers in the late innings, and on that team. (13th, 14th). I’d love to know what he was really thinking…..

    • The hit was to the left side meaning the short stop would field it, but it was duffed to the pitcher. Pedroia has to go towards second on the play not first, he was timing the dp to ss but the pitcher made an awful turn….as much as I try to dislike pedroia hes just too good, ive never seen him hot dog it.

    • Here’s the thing IMO:
      I did not hear Farrelll but I am going to agree with him here in the sense that Miller never should have thrown the ball (plus it was a horrible throw).
      Pedroia may have made a mental error breaking iniatially for first but Miller made a bad physical error there, throwing the ball with no one covering.
      I can tell you, as a piycher many years ago, it was drilled into me by more than one coach, that on a play at second like that, throw the ball over the bag, chest high, and lead the defender. If no defender, then DO NOT THROW it!. Miller s/h realized no one was covering and just taken the out at first. Farrell , as an expitcher, would also know this.
      Miller definitely screwed up there.
      Those are the plays we were making ( or rather, not making,last year)

      • Hey fukstik, don’t ever use your childhood baseball experience as your basis for criticizing major league players, because frankly you have no idea what you’re talking about. Things happen a lot faster in the pros than they do as 12 year olds.

        money quote: “I did not hear Farrelll but I am going to agree with him here…”

        you’re an idiot.

        • Fundamentals are taught across all levels laser shark. If you read his comparison youd see that it makes sense. What do you figure the magic level of experience everyone should get before we are able to talk to each other about such things?

        • Hey Laser Shark, otherwise known as Dummy
          Don’t tell me what to criticize or have an opinion on,OK?
          I know you are a dummy because you have to resort to ad hominem attacks rather than argue intelligently,m and have to make porno references ( money ..) to be cool.
          Please go perform an anatomatical impossibility, you dummy

    • I don’t mind that throw, it’s do-or-die. If they don’t turn the DP right away the game’s pretty much over anyway.

      • Yep, I can see that point of view as well. Merely giving the opinion, which a few people have a hard time understanding what the word opinion means i guess, that of the two people to blame ( Pedroia or Miller) I just happen to think Miller should not have thrown it to second there. Miller w/b right in thinking someone should be there, but, alas.

        • I’m with Fukstik. When there was no one at 2nd, Miller should have spun and looked at home.

        • I can totally see both sides on this. Most important thing is the BoSux fucked up and we can laugh at them together.

  64. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but this is bullshit.

    If you go to ESPN’s main MLB page today, the feature article is on the Red Sox falling apart and among all of the articles in the sidebar, there is not one about the Blue Jays.

    On the other hand, go to a site like CBSSports, for example, the Blue Jays are the feature article and there’s an article about yesterday’s win in the sidebar.

    So what’s up with shitty ESPN’s bias against Toronto? They’re quick to write pieces about a so-called Man in White helping the team cheat and how Melky “might” still be taking PEDs. But when good things are happening? Crickets.

    • ESPN is Connecticut based, and have always focused on the Boston market. Strange for a national sports network, but a bit like TSN and the Leafs.

    • Well, they are American, and they did the WS so I can understand why it’s a big deal. There’s also 67% of the season still to go, so while it feels great to see the Jays in 1st with a bit of a lead on the division, it doesn’t mean too much in the long run.

    • ESPN has always been like that.

    • I always hate these comments bitching about whatever team not being covered so i’ll explain……

      Could be a bunch of reasons, maybe they don’t get as many readers for jays shit, maybe they simply don’t get as much advertising money for Canadian site visitors as for Americans….ultimately they’re a business they put out what they think will make them the most money, and they really don’t owe you anything, so stop bitching and read and support some of the hundreds of sites that are talking about the jays – much appreciated Stoets

  65. I seem to recall that against Cleveland, Happ was nibbling and walked a couple batters. I think Pete Walker came out and shat on him for it. Ever since he’s limited his walks and has even accumulated a few strikeouts. If I’m recalling this correctly, I sure hope that pep talk is still working for today.

    How sweet is it that our starters are going deep in games now? I feel that the bullpen is turning it around a little too.

  66. #1stplaceproblems

    Who gets sent down when Colby comes back? Pillar or Gose?

    Hey Colby, take an extra week, or better yet, go fuck yourself and get traded (along with Sanchez) for a quality SP

    • Also, ya gotta love it when JB and EE go 0/8 and the Jays still win, that’s some depth right there fellas.

  67. Team WAR rankings on Fangraphs.

    Jays are 5th in batting at 8.7, 11th in pitching at 5.2.

    In the AL East.
    Rays are 14th and 18th
    Red Sox are 26th and 1st
    Yankees are 15th and 2nd
    Orioles are 16th and 21st

    A little affirmation that they Jays are in a good spot, especially if the bullpen has settled down. Fingers crossed that the Red Sox and Yankees don’t find a groove on offence.

  68. Jays just acquired Hector Giminez, catcher. AAA depth while Ochinko is on the DL I guess?

  69. Speaking of the Bisons, ol pal Wang shut them down yesterday, 8 inning shutout gem.

  70. Sanchez threw a stinker in NH:

    0.0 IP, 4BB, 6R

  71. Watch out barry davis, looks like that new kid doing on the field reporting has a higher ceiling, mostly due to his more likeable face

  72. This is how the world will prevail.

    Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t care

  73. Sportsnet better have it together today.

  74. Six in a row? Sweep the A’s? Can they do it? Go Jays Go!

  75. For the few that may still be pining for Emilio Bonifacio:

    “He has only two SB in his last 26 games, or more than half the season so far. He’s also batting just .240 (25 for 104) during that stretch. In other words, after an impossibly hot start, he has come crashing back down to earth even though his overall numbers look satisfactory still.”

  76. 95 mph from JA Happ?

  77. Let’s do this.

  78. Happ = Flame thrower? Who knew?

  79. LOL Happ mowing them down with 95 mph heat

  80. Well I think the gun’s a little hot but those FBs were in a perfect spot and that WAS Cespedes so maybe they were 93/94?.

  81. According to Fangraphs touching 94/95 mph has happened occasionally with Happ in his career.

    Y’know, there is a reason the Jays like this guy, even though some fans may not.

  82. Happ struck out two!! WE’RE GUNNA WWWEEEEEEIIIIIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Go ahead and steal, get the crowd into it, eliminate the DB.

  84. DP

  85. They are comparing Pomeranz to Ted fucking Lilly.

    He’s Boned

  86. Fuckin right. Reyes just stares Lowrie down, all “throw it bitch I’ma go and you know it”

  87. I love Jose Reyes.

  88. Damn. Bats is looking a little sludgy now. Pomeranz fooled around with the breaking ball and he was all out of sync. At least we drove the pitch count up.

  89. Sorry to have missed yesterday. Feeling slightly human/alive today so I’m able to be on the sofa rather than in/out of consciousness in bed.

    So…the Blue Jays are going to sweep, right? Because that’s what they do now?

  90. One of the many things I like about the Jays recently is that when they have an inning like the first that forces the pitcher to throw a lot of pitches it means they’re going to get to the bullpen early because they CONTINUE to have good innings like that and eventually they will score. They are much more consistent of late.

  91. Hap is looking good early.

  92. A sweep today would be tits.

    Also I ordered my Edwin parrot shirt yesterday.

  93. Wow, Dinner really cooled off lately. Not making a lot of good contact.

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