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Don’t be dissuaded by the title — some nonsense about the “Anti-Analytic Buehrle” — and check out the chat that Alex Anthopoulos had the other day with Peter Gammons… Peter Gammons… Peter Gammons… Peter Gammons… Gaaaaaaaa-mmons, Gaaaaaaa-mmons, Gaaaaaaa-mons (etc.). It’s up and burying the shit out of the lede over at Gammons Daily.

In it, somewhere near the bottom after a look at how the Jays have brought us to this heartening moment in the season, Alex Anthopoulos divulges like he does for no other — or at least no local reporter — explaining his thoughts on the forming trade market, and what he thinks makes the most sense for his club to do as they look to make reinforcements for a stretch run.

We are pretty much maxed out in terms of payroll,” he explains, “but more important, we cannot keep trading our young pitchers. We also have to be realistic about whom we can extend if we make a trade for him.”

The payroll stuff… well… obviously. It’s dumb, of course, but this is a club that had players ready to defer money in order to try to add Ervin Santana this spring before all of that fell apart. Sure, there have been rumours — or at least open wonderings — that the restrictions on payroll may loosen should a situation exactly like the one the club now finds itself in arise (especially if the TV and attendance numbers strongly rise). So, it’s possible that, like the acknowledgement that they don’t want to inflict another blow on their farm system, this may simply be posturing. It’s just, given what happened this winter, that’s a hard one to swallow.

Worse still, this make one wonder if the club might even be inclined to wait until the last possible moment to make a deal, rather than taking an extra 1/6th of a player’s salary by adding him in June instead of July. Maybe — hopefully? — they wouldn’t need to count their nickels and dimes so carefully, but this is the Jays we’re talking about. This is Rogers.

At least we’re not talking about being sellers, though, right???

In his next paragraph, Gammons zeroes in on the part about extensions:

The Blue Jays know that neither Price nor Samardzija will sign an extension with Toronto before hitting the free agent market at the end of the 2015 season. “We have been feeling out teams and doing background work,” Anthopoulos says. “I think we’d probably look at something where we have a pitcher for the rest of this season. That makes sense.”

I’m not sure it’s necessarily a foregone conclusion that neither Price nor Samardzija would extend here — it all depends on the price — but more importantly, so… we’re looking at a rental? I can live with that. It means a significantly lower cost, in terms of prospects, and leaves the club’s rotation options open for 2015. “Options open” is certainly the positive way to spin it, and I get going after a long-term piece, but there’s no need to try to force a move for a guy who fits every single one of the club’s needs. A rental sounds fine, and Gammons lists Justin Masterson, Francisco Liriano, and Jason Hammels as possibilities. Can we throw ol’ Pete Puma’s name into the mix there as well? Yes, I think we can.

That is, if we really think we can take Anthopoulos seriously on any of this. Which, of course, we kind of can’t.


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  1. Not sure if you heard his hit with Bowden/Duquette yesterday, but he went a bit further and said exactly what you suggested above. Would PREFER control, but the lower acquisition cost makes the rental far more palatable. Also said he was looking for a full time starter at 2B/3B (suggesting potential permanent switch for Lawrie) and a LHRP.

  2. If they are in it in 30 days they need to make a push. Samardzija could do the trick if healthy.

    • The June schedule is also really tough…it will be good incremental information on which to make a decision about what this team can do.

    • Yeah, but what are you giving up for Samardzija that other teams aren’t? If it’s one of Stroman/Sanchez, ok cool. Anything more or else (other than lower-rung prospects), nope.

  3. The Peter Gammons theme song, pretty much the best thing ever.

  4. The Sucks are losing again. Buchholz has walked 6 in 3 innings with 75 pitches already.

    This one goes to 11, that’s one losier than 10.


  5. I say AA should be targeting Cueto or Masterson…..

  6. gammon gammons

  7. My vote is for rental.

    Maybe the Barves take a downturn and we end up with Santana? Wouldn’t that be heeeeeeeeefuckinglarious.

  8. Is this the first time he’s actually said that they are “maxed out” on payroll?

    • When he had to borrow money from his players it became pretty apparent.

      But I also wondered if he had actually said it yet.

  9. Won’t Masterson/Liriano/Hammels cost a draft pick? In other words, would anything the Jays are willing to part with for the second-tier available pitching (assuming first-tier is Price/Samardzija) be worth more to their current clubs than the potential first rounder they could have in the winter?

    • do you think all those guys get a QO? Pirates didn’t offer one to Burnett.

      • Masterson for sure, even with the bad season (so far).

        If Liriano keeps stinking the joint up, probably not. Hammel, shit I have no idea how his contract works.

        • I thought that the new rule was that guys traded mid season no longer had any draft pick implications….

          • Pretty sure anyone coming onboard in midseason has to be with the team for an entire season (ie: til jul 2015) for that team to qualify for a compensatory draft pick. (also has to be QO’d)

          • The point is the trading team might see keeping the pitcher and QO’ing him to receive a pick as more valuable than trading him.

  10. in other news, ha ha Boston.

  11. So um Bucholz may have turned into the Red Sox’s version of Ricky romero

  12. Ervin Santana implodes and Boston has tied it at 6 a piece.

    Going to be a long stupid display of baseball in Atlanta today.

  13. Rental is just fine with me. I refuse to consider the thought that the Jays wouldn’t bolster the team if we’re still playing like this in a month. Thoughts like that would harsh the buzz of this run. That’s also why I no longer read Stoeten’s twitter.

  14. “I’m not sure it’s necessarily a foregone conclusion that neither Price nor Samardzija would extend here — it all depends on the price”

    True, but I think what was being said is that they would certainly test free agency. I agree that wouldn’t preclude them from re-signing with the Jays once they tested the market, if the price was right.

  15. I just don’t think a rental is worth the cost. If you’re the team giving up the player for a rental, what Jays prospects would you rather have than a first-round comp pick in next year’s draft? Because we all know Price and Samardzija are absolutely getting their clubs first-round comp picks.

    Really the list comes down to Sanchez or Stroman, right? Those are pretty much the only two Jays prospects I would consider worth more than a first-round comp pick. Maybe Norris and/or Nolin, but I don’t think I’d do that if I were the other team.

    Are you really willing to give up Sanchez or Stroman for a rental? Especially given that we won’t get a comp pick back when our rental departs for free agency?

    • Especially not for the likes of Masterson, Liriano, Hammel. They’re just not that good.

      • Well yes, but those pitchers (hopefully) won’t be qualified, so the cost might be lower.

        I mean, if they are…

      • Liriano still has a sweet swinging/strike rate. So on a more advanced analysis (wins and losses), he’s not as terrible as you would think.

        I was hoping we could land the Shark. But it seems the asking price may very well be too steep. Hutch and Stroman? GTFO

  16. Syndergaard just went down with an injury. Not terribly clear about the specifics at the moment, but it appears to be a forearm strain; the Mets are flying him to a doctor for further examination, possibly to look for an elbow ligament tear.

  17. It would really suck if Rogers refused to help AA at all if the Jays are still in a playoff position in late June/early July. It would absolutely crush what’s left of the goodwill in this town towards a team that is playing really well right now and cause some pretty serious damage to the Jays brand in Toronto. I mean, it’s already bad enough that Rogers reneged on the three-year plan AA touted last off-season by snapping the wallet shut this off-season; it would be exponentially worse if the wealthiest ownership group in baseball told a team in a legitimate playoff run that it wouldn’t be getting any help.

    • It would obviously be great to see ownership willing to add payroll mid-season, if the Jays are in contention in early July, I don’t think inactivity at the deadline will do much to quell the excitement surrounding the team.

  18. Not surprised Samardzija wouldn’t extend here. The Cubs are having trouble to that end too and that’s a much more appealing baseball market for most players one would think. And with Price nearing the better part of a decade of dominance, there’s pretty much no chance he’d throw away his chance at free agency.

    Aaron Hill and Brandon McCarthy anyone?

  19. It could all be posturing in terms of payroll being maxed out, but it is certainly a different tone from the days of when Nadir Mohamed ran Rogers. The mantra was always we’d add payroll if required mid-season, now who the hell knows?

  20. NY Post poll of baseball execs on how “trustworthy” are teams’ current records, includes view on the Blue Jays:


  21. AA is not gonna say’Sure! Rogers have backed up the truck’. That would be dumb. I have every confidence that Rogers will pony up for the right guy. The team has been making a pretty good case for it. Also, even though it would be nice to get a pitcher in June, there will be more available and cheaper prices in July.

    • “I have every confidence that Rogers will pony up for the right guy.”

      If Bautista and Buehrle lend them the money right?

    • You used “confidence” and”Rogers” in the same sentence,
      ………and that sentence did not contain a negative?
      I’m dumbfounded……speechless…..amazed…..confoosed.

      • Yes. I know. But Rogers are cheap bastards who are good business people. I do think they’ll open the vault. But I’ve been wrong many times before…

    • I think prices will go up as the deadline approaches.

  22. Who is Pete Puma?

    • Pete Puma marked his first and only appearance in Rabbit’s Kin (1952). Though Pete Puma made only two appearances, in Rabbit’s Kin and in Pullet Surprise, he is often vividly remembered by cartoon fans, especially for his bizarre, inhaled, almost choking laugh, called “ihhhhh” (based on comedian Frank Fontaine’s “Crazy Guggenheim” character). In Rabbit’s Kin, Pete is chasing a young rabbit (named Buster Rabbit by some fans; and though he is called Buster at least once, in the cartoon Bugs repeatedly calls him “Shorty”), who asks Bugs Bunny for help. Bugs is eager to oblige, and subjects Pete to some of his trademark pranks.

      • Hey – you copied and pasted that from Wikipedia…me so smart.

        So, who is Stoeten referring to, when he says “Can we throw ol’ Pete Puma’s name into the mix there as well? Yes, I think we can.”?

    • AJ Burnett, I believe…I have no idea why.

      • I believe it is based purely on physical appearance. Don’t you see it?

  23. A market for Rasmus could be unfolding in LA where Kemp has been benched for 3 games with poor CF defense and is now platooning with crawford in left. That leaves Ethier as your starter in CF who is no gold glover and an inferior hitter to Rasmus as well. The Braves could also be in the mix. Dealing Rasmus for prospects then flipping those prospects for a starter could be a salary-neutral way of adding here if the Jays are sold on a Gose/Pillar combo in CF, which i am. I love the extra contact that Pillar brings and of course Gose’s speed.

    • Prob is rasmus won’t bring back the prospects from LA needed for a 2nd or even 3rd starter with the third team.

      Not even close, really.

  24. Re: “That is, if we really think we can take Anthopoulos seriously on any of this. Which, of course, we kind of can’t.”

    What the fuck is that about?

    AA has never lied to this fan base.

  25. If the Jays keep winning then AA should think about making the SP trade sooner than later before another team makes the trade to prevent the Jays from getting better. No?

  26. It’s not even June. Can we put off talking about trades until the All Star break. There are still 101 games to be played.

  27. Yup,let’s see if this works

  28. Shitbirds and Sawx win. Keep that gap strong, Hutch!

  29. Fuck Greg Zaun

    • What has he said, Buff?

      • Regarding the Boston/Rays scuffle, he largely blamed Escobar, taking the “Im from Oldschool Baseball, and if youre up by more than a grand slam late in the game, you dont so that”

        Fuck off Zaun. Cause 5 run meltdowns in THREE INNINGS are unheard of? Us Jays fans know that better than anything

        • Yeah, it was ridiculous……Boston wasn’t even holding him on, expecting handouts.

          I.e. we’re gonna keep trying to score runs but don’t you dare try to score anymore!

          What is Boston ties it up and then wins and TB misses the playoffs by a game? Idiocy.

          I think Boston scored 5 in an inning today against Atl so it’s not like it’s impossible.

          • You’re right.In facr we haveblown a couple of six run leaqds this year. Also Madden did a good job of telling Bosox nation to stuff it as in the first game of the palyoffs last year Ellsbury stole 2nd in the 8th while leading 9-2. Funny that..

  30. PS: I’m still at work, so have no idea what he might have said.

  31. That green looks like shit.

    • I tell you what else is shit-this fukin umps’ zone. He has squeezed Hutch for at least 3 already

  32. What’s the streak of bad umps up to now?

    Oh that’s right, 347,841

  33. Reyes starting to jeat up. Great job Jose on the bunt

  34. The Melkamn selivers a run.put it on the board,yes

  35. Bautista with a cheap RBI but we’ll take it

  36. Fuk, we’ve used up 4 of our hits already and only 2 runs-c/mon lads

  37. Is severyone On Nytol FFS

  38. FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. 5 straight hits and only 2 Runs.WTF?

  39. Abd..the streak ends.unfortunately. Well at leat hisPC isa t 22 already

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