Things are going so swimmingly for the Blue Jays lately that I didn’t even breathlessly rush today to post about ol’ Nose Snygen and the wonky elbow that has landed him on the DL. Think about that. (The Mets are being cautious, by the way, and are saying that it’s just a “mild” flexor-pronator strain. has the basic details, and also reminds us that “flexor-pronator strains have preceded elbow ligament tears for big league pitchers such as Stephen Strasburg and Josh Johnson. In many other cases, they have not.” Hopefully all is well for young Syndergaard. No, really.)

I also didn’t rush to post dispatches from the American media’s sudden awakening to the possibility that the Jays might be good. (Matt Snyder of CBS Sports is a believer, detailing how the Jays got to this point, and explaining that “given the state of the AL East, with the Orioles’ inconsistencies (including being allergic to walks on offense), the Yankees’ rotation and overall fragility issues, the Rays’ colossal struggles and the trainwreck that has been the Red Sox, the Blue Jays could be phrased as the favorites by default. Only that wouldn’t be be fair. The Blue Jays are the best team in the AL East in 2014 based upon their own performance and there are plenty of reasons to believe it will continue.” He continues, saying that “however weird it might sound, the Blue Jays are clearly the favorites to win the AL East.”)

I didn’t even post about Alex Anthopoulos shoring up some triple-A depth and cornering the market on Melky’s by reacquiring one-inning Blue Jay, right-hander P.J. Walters (of the Colby Rasmus trade) along with outfielder Melky Mesa from the Royals, and adding catcher A.J. Jimenez and Deck McGuire to the Bisons roster (with Austin Bibens-Dirkx and Jack Murphy moving the other way, down to New Hampshire — and Esmil Rogers clearing waivers and landing in Buffalo as well).

I didn’t get into the painfully uninteresting debate about the Jays having the “audacity” to recognize a U.S. holiday — which they will do tonight, donning Canadian Forces-inspired camouflage on their jerseys and hats — as though… fuck, I don’t even care. This and November eleventh are, like, the two days where I’m not going to complain about all the militaristic bullshit that crops up everywhere in modern sports. Go nuts with the camo, do a poppy instead, I’ll be over here waiting for the baseball to start.

Shit, I’m not even gloating about being someone who insisted all along that J.A. Happ was better than a lot of people believed.

Does this speak to my state of being and the long recovery from last night’s $3 wine glass special at Sweaty Betty’s? Perhaps. Perhaps it does. But it also, I think, speaks to my adoption of the mindset that all this peripheral stuff is just noise right now. I’m just trying to tune it all out and bask in the moment a little bit here. This is fun. Who knows how long it will last? I don’t want to waste it being petty or overconfident that meaningless moves are something other than that. This sort of feeling will disappear one day, so I kind of just want to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain for a moment. And yes, I know it’s May and that’s sad, but it’s been twenty damn years. Can you blame us?

Go Jays!


The only major piece of scuttlebutt — and it’s a troubling one of sorts — is the fact that Jose Bautista was originally slated to play in right field, but was switched with Kevin Pillar just before game time. Jose will DH, so obviously nothing catastrophic has happened, but not exactly something you want to see, because you know he wants to be out there if he feels 100%. No reason had been given for the switch at the time of this writing. (Update: and he looked fine getting hung up after his first-inning RBI single… well… apart from the whole TOOTBLAN thing).

The Rays are on a bit of a roll themselves, FYI. No need to not take them just as serious as always simply because of their injury-decimated record.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Tampa Bay

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
2B Steve Tolleson (R)
RF Kevin Pillar (R)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Tampa Bay Rays

DH David DeJesus (L)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
LF Matt Joyce (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
1B James Loney (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Cole Figueroa (L)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)
C Ryan Hanigan (R)

LHP Erik Bedard

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  1. Omg I am glad I decided to skip the gym for this.
    (I’ll make it up tomorrow)

    • Worrying about your physical fitness
      Tell me how you got this sickness
      ~~~~~Elvis Costello

    • I feel like this is my reward for going to the gym. Of course, I go everyday + the results are not always so spectacular.

  2. Ed-win En-car-na-ci-on!!!!

  3. EE,

  4. Too bad he went up there without a plan, eh Buck?

  5. EE is making me Cummings!

  6. Everyone at the dome should do the chicken wing for EE rounding the bases lol


  8. Love watching Fat Juan take a plug of Red Man. Think it’s illegal in Alberta. Not sure, but I may cave and buy a tin of Skoal wintergreen…just like Big Tobacco would want me to.

    • I (for a time) not only sold Red Man in Alberta, but also rocked a Red Man hat.
      Have things changed that much?

    • I’ve not chewed in a while, just dipped. But I really don’t think chew, proper, is illegal here. As far as I know, the only illegal tobacco product here is actual snortable snuff. Even though science suggests it’s probably the safest tobacco product.

    • I had to research all of this plug/dip business. I learned a lot. + a lot of it was gross.

      • Nicotine is a wonderful drug. Stimulative, calming, proven to improve memory, retention of learned information, learning ability and concentration.

        It’s just shitty that it’s usually consumed in tobacco and that tobacco itself is so tempting to the initiated.

      • So Bean, you’re saying you wouldn’t make-out with a DJFer who had recently had a dip? You’d be in flavour country.

        • PS: A tin of Skoal out here is $28. Larceny. Fortunately, I head to Arizona enough on business. In that enchanted desert, it’s $4/tin.

        • In my younger + more impressionable years I actually used to smoke. But even then I always thought the taste/smell was really gross. So I don’t think I’m cut out for flavour country.

          • dip and chew don’t smell or taste much like cigarette smoke.

            I’m glad my university years were spent in a smaller city in Alberta with lots of rural girls around. Many were tolerant, even approving, of my dipping habit.

            Now I just ‘vape.’ Mostly.

            • Every time I head down to Minneapolis from WPG to catch Jays Twins, I always gotta stock up on the Red Man. Here in Manitoba its like 30 fucking dollars for a pouch. And dipping just isn’t the same once youve had chew. Skoal can go fuck itself.

  9. Damnit, an out, we’re in a slump again.

  10. Buck just won over my heart. #selfaware

  11. Edwin drinking one of those delicious pink-PED-smoothies.
    Kidding, of course!

    • Those little pink drinks in the little water bottles? Reminds me of my pink lemonade Emergen-C.

  12. So Arencibia didn’t care about his average or OBP because it was his job to hit home runs. Dinner now has double the amount of home runs that of Arencibia this season.

    • Arencibia is the just the most loathsome fuck alive.

      • He was a bad catcher, but that may be taking it just a little far all things considered. For instance consider that those school girl kidnapping fucks in Nigeria are alive too. Although possibly one of them would be a better catcher I submit that they are the more loathsome fucks.

      • He will be back in Toronto soon in the booth. Lol

        • Yep three man booth with Zaunie and Hayhurst!

          “Mumble, mumble, mumble”

          “Es te no por queso, ola arriba arriba”

          “I’m going to fucking kill you!!!!”

          ” Praise Jesus, praise Bonnie! Do you know guys walk around in the clubhouse with their dicks out? How gross is that!”

          “Brett lawrie broken swing broken swing”

          “Dee catcha hits Dee homer roonos”

          “Guys talk about fans boobies while in the bullpen. Not me because god is awesome!”

  13. Zone’s suddenly huge.

  14. This 10 runs doesn’t feel like 10 runs.

    • Because it’s the Rays. + they’ve screwed us so many times in the past. It’s hard to feel safe + secure.

  15. U know

  16. Wow, Tabby’s grasp of basic math skills is fucking phenomenal.

  17. I don’t care that it’s May. These Jays may play with my heart, it’s borderline abusive, but deep down I know it’s true love.

  18. Impressive Pillar.

  19. Why is the 680 Roof Report such a thing this year? Other than, you know, the Rogers-owned 680News is providing info about the Rogers-owned Blue Jays and the Rogers-owned SkyDome.

  20. “Fastballs + thinking about taking it up the middle…”
    Oh Tabby…

  21. I left, it was 5′s.
    Back and we are up 5.

    Love these pricks.

  22. The Gameday “scout”:

    “Alex Colome may prefer to go after Melky Cabrera, whose OPS is .846 this season, with the two-seam fastball rather than facing Jose Bautista, whose OPS is .940.”

  23. Escobar laughing with EE and down by 5 will not endear himself to many of his TB teammates.

  24. Tabby tripped over the power cord again…

  25. Fuck off Sportsnet. This happens all the time.

  26. Oooh.. switched to the Ray’s feed. What’s wrong Sportsnet?

  27. What the fuck Rogers???? You can’t control the feed in your own building.

  28. Feed just changed WTF? Buck, Tabby……..where are you?

  29. “Mike” Redmond?

  30. Ryu is perfect through 7 for LAD.

  31. .106 avg for molina. man he looks bad right now. I feel kinda bad because of how good his defense had been years ago. he is swinging at junk.

  32. wtf? Nice feed SNO

  33. Where the hell did Buck go?

  34. C’mon, Redmond, don’t be the shart at the end of a fairly happy evening.

  35. Has Todd Redmond always had a bit of a beer belly?

  36. Pillar!!!!!!!!!

  37. Gettin’ Pills!!!

  38. Smoke break for Buck and Tabby

  39. Maybe just me but every time they show the Dominicans having fun on the bench, Joey Bats is curiously absent.

  40. See how much we miss Buck + Tabby when they’re gone? Let that be a lesson to you!

  41. Colome channeling his inner Fernando Rodney

  42. That one little guy right behind the plate in the Olerud helmet can barely see.

  43. If anyone tries to take a base we duel at dawn.

  44. my dog has serious farting issues today and there’s nowhere for me to go

    this is my hell

  45. Those hats look like they would blend well into a video game from 1996.

    No disrespect for the purpose of wearing them, of course.

  46. What a gun

  47. So, does Juan F have a strong arm, Buck? Tabby?

  48. Seven!

  49. BALL GAME!

  50. Aaaand scene.

    I could get used to this.

  51. getting that win on a night when Hutch had absolutely NOTHING is pretty sweet

  52. They didn’t stop the streak this time!

  53. Doesn’t it feel like Tampa gave this game to us to catch us off guard for tomorrow?

  54. Good win boys. Needed that one.

  55. Ohhhhhh fuck ya buds

  56. Good win.

  57. I really hate the fact that the Jays are going to lose at least one more game this season. I’m getting real greedy and I want more Ws.

  58. If they smoke Ryu in the ribs with a 93 heater….there’s gonna be a war….

  59. This team sure is “gelling”, hey Stoeten? What chemistry!

  60. The Maddon Express only A.L. East team to lose today. Earnin’ Ervin Santana visually demonstrated his obvious reluctance to come to the A.L. East too. Boston’s personal slump buster.

  61. Great win tonight. Hutch wasn’t on (tipping his pitches?) but the bats picked him up big time.

  62. Not that it really matters, but it is fun to lead these categories. The Jays are now 2nd in MLB in runs, OPS and SLG (and only 6 runs behind the Rox, but they have a game in hand). The most fearsome offence in baseball currently. SWEEEEEEEEEET. #Humbaby #SwingIt #LawrieControlsMyMind

  63. Hahahahaha, Dinner. “We just gonna keep riding these whores”.

  64. LOL, they increased Bedard’s ERA by over a run.

  65. Thanls to Rogers I missed this one, total outage.

    Looks like I missed some raking and tenacious D.

    • I got mine back just in time for the 5th. It was pissing me off getting At Bat updates and not being able to watch…

  66. There goes the perfecto.

  67. awww fuck…. there goes the NO-NO

  68. bye bye shut out

  69. Who doesn’t score from second on the hit by hamilton?

  70. In the “Continuing Good News Dept, Long View Edition”, one of the hottest hitting prospects is 19 year old Dominican SS Dawel Lugo (hitting .333 for May) and he has cut down on his errors from the last 2 years

    • Love it. The plan was always solid: draft well and develop a young controllable core which will contend. Right now they’re on the brink of AA’s first picks arriving

  71. Can someone explain to me why both Rays and Jays fans are friendly battle rapping against each other on the wrap of this game?

  72. Winning is great, but a part of me misses jesuscristo.

    • He’s in a better place now. Where every day is the Jays vs Orioles. And every website leads to Orioles Hangout. And the Jays win 700-0. Every day.

      Also: in other news. Saw this starting to float around the internet. God bless GIF people.

      • Dunno where you guys find this stuff but that is amazing.

      • Amazing. There’s been a serious lack of gifs for this team this year despite a lot of gif-worthy moments.

        For example, anyone notice Kratz does the demure slow clap after home runs? I’ve seen him do that many times already since he’s usually at the front of the dugout when guys come in.

      • I love that not only is The Man From Muncie the token non-Dominican, but he definitely looks like he belongs on the bus.

        The wheels on the bus go
        round and round
        round and round
        round and round
        the wheels on the bus go
        round and round
        all day long.

    • I too miss jesuscristo, and I trust that he’s revelling in our particularly positive, present circumstances under another sobriquet.
      His heart was in the right place; his judgement, to his detriment, was singularly, and sadly, not.

      I also miss birddawg, but that’s another story.

      • ” Winning is great, but a part of me misses jesuscristo.”

        Given that you and the rest of us show up for most every game and comment civilly on the proceedings. And also given that “person” shows up only when the Jays lose and has only negative contributions, exactly which part of you misses that?

        • There is a certain joy in the journey that I’m trying to express I suppose.

          As you said, most of us have hung in there during the lean times. Some of us handled it well, and could just enjoy the game for what it is, and others struggled.

          jesuscristo had a hard time dealing with losing baseball, but I’m convinced deep down he was a fan of the team and not a troll.

          I guess I’m just longing at the though of somebody who had it so backwards perhaps now being happy.

  73. Speaking of gifs, saw this on BBB, fucking great!

  74. I was at the game tonight. Hutch wasn’t great but I enjoyed the offense.

    I am surprised the crowd was so low, but I think attendance will pick up as the weather gets better.

    I am very impressed with Melky . It looks like he’s a changed man .

    I think we are in for a fun summer. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

    • Weather gets better? It was 30 degrees yesterday.

      • @firth. I know the weather was good yesterday . The dome has only been open for a few games.

        There are a percentage of fans that don’t like to go to games when the weather is bad.

        I recall the dome being open in April a few years ago.

  75. Let me tell you something. Every year theres a team that rides performances from basically shitty players to the playoffs. The Sox had career years from Carp and Nava.

    We never seem to get these types of dudes….unti this year. We may have found our needed carreer year scrubs in Fat Juan and in Tollesan, to augment the already powerfuld top and middl of the order.

    Dare we dream?

  76. Congrats to Spuds, RADAR, GMSC, Garfoose,Kyze Z and the rest of the zoo for bringing that game in to victory. Just caught the ninth at the “library” after our heartbreaking last inning loss last night. It’s great to see them on a roll. Make it 8 boys. Hutch obviously didn’t have it, but the ump was dogshit.
    Tell ya, hope Franscico can keep it going, would help tremendously. Tolleson giving us move oomph at 2nd in his short time , than I think we got ALL of last year , there plus he is steady on defence.
    Forward Soviet!
    Can’t have a barley for a few hours yet so…

  77. Oh, and Spuds, like you admonish me from time to time, don’t bother replying to dinks. I did love how you recited a famous tune and he thought it was poetry. After having had a few barley sandwiches, that made my night…and then I fell asleep. Rock On

    • next time I think this is the “poetry”
      SP should recite
      We’re you born an asshole
      or have you been working it your whole life
      either way it doesn’t matter
      cause you’re an asshole tonight
      yep jaun has issues

      • Spuds innocently was was agreeing with the guy.
        Maybe Jawn was having a bad day, when he overeacted to a misinterpreted comment, that could be considered slightly ambiguous, due to it’s brevity.
        It happens.
        But what the hell do I know.
        Let’s go for 8 tonight and cheer together.
        Even Stoeten has put away his statistical sliderule and seems to be enjoying the ride.
        He’s exposing the fan side of his brain.
        It’s a good thing.

        • Amen. I haven’t been this optimistic since the WAMCO days. Have to admit I’m more than a little relieved that so far things are going well for the team, and therefore the current management group, as I always felt they were doing a great job setting the team up for success –yet with the way last season played out made me think there was a good chance they would be let go before they could finish. Here’s to hoping they can at least win the series against the Rays.

          • Now if only those Dominican’s could stop goofing off and take the game seriously we might just go the entire season without another loss…cause you should never have fun at work. Ever. And for those who lack the ability to detect it, that is sarcasm folks.

  78. Relevant:
    Cathal reporting that the Argos will not play at BMO after all.

  79. Just took a look at the seat maps for the rest of this home stand…. not great.

  80. How about Chase Headley and Ian Kennedy? Would you trade for them, and if so, at what cost?

    • Ian Kennedy absolutely. More control than just a rental, has had experience playing in AL East. He wouldnt be a world bender, but I could see him slotting in the #4 spot nicely in Morrow’s place.

      Headley will be very pricey and if you get him, it’d be beyond rental as AA would want him to sign here. I cant see that happening unless Lawrie flat out says make me a 2b for the next 5 years kinda thing.

  81. AA has almost redeemed himself with the Rogers trade – Kratz and Rasmussen for Lincoln, the forgotten trade of yesteryear

    Both players look like they will be key cogs on the team going forward, rather than minor league dwellers . . . Lincoln on the other hand is toiling in AAA for the Phils.

  82. Has anyone floated the name Edwin Encarmashion…seems like something that exists

  83. So I’m absolutely convinced that while every other team in baseball is looking for, and ultimately raising the price of starting pitching this trade deadline, that the Jays should stick with the group of arms they have and add to the offence.

    My philosophy is that one arm can’t change the tide of this group either performing as a group, or not. They just gotta be league average, and let the offence mash.

    The move I’ve identified is aquiring Cody Ross to mash LHP as a DH, serve as a 4th OF, and PH.

    So here is my question what would be a realistic trade for him?

    He’s getting paid about 9 mil this year with an option next year at the same price. Let’s just assume that the pro rated salary is doable by the Jays……

    I propose Pilar and Drabek for Ross and 2mil.

    Am I taking crazy pills, or is this as perfect as I think?

    • I’d want to make sure Pillar isn’t going to work for us long-term before I did that–but it’s a good thought.

      I’d also want to make sure Arizona’s GM is even allowed to make trades at this point.

  84. From Kenny Ken Ken

    *Outfielder Rajai Davis gave me stock answers when I asked him about choosing the Tigers as a free agent, but his face lit up when the conversation turned to his former team, the Blue Jays.

    “They’re loaded,” Davis said, referring to the Jays’ lineup. “They’re so loaded, it’s unbelievable.”

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