Do I even bother pointing out that the dumb Yankees and Orioles are surging a little bit as well? I guess I already did. And while they’re maybe not quite keeping pace with the Jays, they’re not exactly falling back dramatically, either, with the Yankees being winners of three straight and the O’s of two. Seven it ain’t. A 9-1 record over their last ten games it ain’t (and right now the next-best record in the AL over the past ten games belongs to five teams, all of whom are a paltry 6-4). But both of those AL East foes are within one game of the Jays in the loss column, and just two and two-and-a-half games back overall. Obviously it’s too early in the season for scoreboard watching of this sort, it’s just… let’s not lose sight of the fact that if the Jays really hang in this like it looks as though they’re capable, this is going to be a fight. One that’ll be fun as fuck and they seem well equipped for, but one nonetheless. How awesome is that?

Now the Jays just have to keep it going. By which I mean Buehrle’s gotta Buehrle. And kick the Rays while they’re down.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? Though… fuck, with the way this offence is going, the Jays may not have any other choice but to win.

I can live with that.


Pitcher wins are meaningless as fuck, but if Buehrle gets his ninth before the end of May, that’s pretty impressive, I guess. Maybe not pretend-Miguel-Cabrera-had-a-better-year-than-Mike-Trout-because-he-won-some-outdated-phony-title impressive, but kinda cool.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that “at 35, Buehrle is oldest MLB pitcher to win 8 of first 10 games since Randy Johnson (38) & Curt Schilling (35) did it for Diamondbacks in 2002.”

Arden Zwelling reminds us that Colby Rasmus had told reporters the other day that he didn’t want to do a rehab assignment once he was fully healed from his hamstring issue. Yeah… John Gibbons says that he’ll definitely be heading out on a rehab assignment. If it ain’t broke… (Also: Colby hearing footsteps?).

Arden also tweets that Gibbons says he thinks this year’s streak-team is stronger than the one that won 11 games in a row last season. Let’s hope so. The Jays went 36-52 post-streak last year.

Bad news for those of you hoping for the Jays to ramp up their pursuit of the Royals’ James Shields: according to a tweet from Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star, Yordano Ventura’s MRI came back clean and he’ll only miss one start. Good news for those of you hoping for the Jays to keep rolling: the start he’ll miss was slated to be on Saturday at Rogers Centre.

Following last night’s game, John Lott of the National Post wrote about the healing Rasmus and Sergio Santos, and how the pieces may fit once everybody’s healthy. (HELLO KEVIN PILLAR!!!!)

The Jays have signed left-hander Mike Zagurski to a minor league deal, after the Triple-A hurler opted out of his prior minor league deal with Cleveland. MLBTR has the details. D-meh-pth.

Chris Zelkovich of Yahoo! gives us a ratings roundup from over the weekend, and includes Monday, where the Jays drew 836,000 viewers. Somebody tell Rogers, for fuck sakes.

Andy Martino of the New York Daily News tweets that the MRI on Noah Syndergaard came back clean. Shift your Shadenfreude to Round Rock, I guess.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lott points out that Ricky Romero starts tonight for Buffalo [tugs at the inside of shirt collar].

Because he’s awesome and it would be hilarious to see an army of folks wearing them, I’ll point out again that that Encarnacion parrot shirt is back selling this week, and also available in lady sizes/cuts and stuff, apparently.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game(s): Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET vs. Tampa Bay

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
3B Juan Francisco (L)
2B Brett Lawrie (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
CF Anthony Gose (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

SS Yunel Escobar (R)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
2B Logan Forsythe (R)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
LF Sean Rodriguez (R)
RF Wil Myers (R)
1B James Loney (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
DH Matt Joyce (L)

RHP Alex Cobb

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  1. Jesus tapdancing Christ EE is unconscious right now

  2. This team can hit a little bit.

  3. Jose Cruz leads MLB in HR with 16. EE has 14 in May with 5 more days left in the month

  4. Captain Redbeard and his parrot.

  5. You know how seems like every season some team emerges from the shadows and goes on a tear and we watch that team and wish it was us just for once!


  6. sheeeit. and to think I was worried when the rays went up 2-0…


  8. walk away for 5 mins, come back to a 4 run lead. YES!

  9. You said in ur mailbag that Navarro been a dissapointment cause of his power but has he really been that bad? He does have 20 rbis tho and is hitting around .270

  10. Man, this is great.

  11. Calm down people.

    We all know this team has too many Dominicans on it to ever win.

    And their not strong fundamentally.

    And you can’t win in the AL East with NL pitchers.

    And BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Bullshit!!!

    • And we have to deal Bhurle now cause a national league pitcher can never win in the AL East don’t ya know!

      • Oh Shit on a stick I almost forgot….Fire Gibbons cause he’s a hayseed hick who’s out of his league!

  12. I just realied something odd…..when we were down 2-0 against a pitcher who was dealing, I wasn’t even really worried. I knew we’d come back.

    Whereas it’s usually a given with us that if the pitcher is dealing, our guys never adjust to anything and go meekly.

    now i expect the comeback. This must be what being part of a winning team feels like

    • I know. When the team wins more than it loses over any fair stretch like this, even the losses are more tolerable.

  13. since we need something to grumble about…’roid boys Ortiz and Nelson Cruz lead the All-star voting at DH, EE not even mentioned…

  14. Dammit, Lind or Bautista could’ve had that pop foul with a little hustle.

  15. Doesn’t this Rays team know that they are supposed to go quietly?
    With them, ya never feel like its over.

  16. 6-3 in the 6th……..that means if they try to steal a base, they’re disrespecting us and we should kick their ass right? They need to play the game the right way!!!!!!!!!

  17. What I love about this line-up is that everyone seems to do something really well…Lawrie not having a great overall season, but he leads the team in BA with runners in scoring position. Phat Juan and Catface (that beard is no longer a kitten) can’t touch lefties, but will destroy righties. Dusty doesn’t have the enduro for starting, but is a flamethrower as a reliever, etc.

  18. Ehh, no biggie

    The Buehrle abides

  19. RR is just so incredibly lost – it is just sad. 31 BBs in his last 5 starts. It just boggles the mind.

  20. Meanwhile, Daniel Norris with another scoreless start (6 of his 9 starts this year with no ERs and only 1 ER in each of the other 3), over 1 K per inning and 3 to 1 K to BB.

  21. C’mon Reyes bud! He’s having a rough game kind of. They need a goat in the locker room he can point at when need be.
    okay…nice walk and steal.

  22. Why the fuck have they not announced a 5 year contract for Melky?

  23. Love it

  24. Wow, walking Bautista…

  25. holy fuck
    Are you kidding me?

  26. C’mon Kittenface, put this game to bed.

  27. Make ‘em pay, Grizzly Adam.

  28. Prob not the setup Joe had in mind with the IBB

  29. Maybe they should walk EE

  30. My boy’s wicked smart.

  31. Smug fucking grin gone from Madden’s face, eh?

  32. everything just seems to be going our way

  33. Lind got a hit off a lefty? This is the end of days!

  34. God bless Kevin Switzer.

  35. I know it’s one streak in one season but are the Jays exorcising some demons with Boston and Tampa?

    • That it’s been achieved against our divisional rivals is why I love this streak so much. Because I don’y accept good for anything but the fact that bad always follows.

  36. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  37. Parrot induces a bawk!

  38. terrible…now they can duck EE…

  39. A balk?!?!

  40. a Karma Balk, courtesy of Alex Cobb.

  41. Balkin’ Boxberger!

  42. Wat a dick. I wanted a grand slam

  43. Implosion

  44. So Cobb doesn’t get called for his 80-something balks, but this one gets called?

  45. Maddon looked like his head was going to explode after that balk.

  46. 66 years in pro ball…wow respect.

  47. Base loaded balk. Delicious.

  48. Why pull Buehrle now? Am I missing something?

  49. What the hell is Gibbons doing out there now? Can’t let him get one more out with nobody on, only at 100 pitches, and up by 4?

  50. Hail Caesar.

  51. I love Buerhle. Guy is just a solid pitcher.

  52. Beuhrle is such a likable guy.

  53. Tabby “blowing” things again…

  54. In addition to the Blue Jays successes, the Yankees are losing 4-0. This information might as well make some people happy.

    • O’s are behind 5-0 and Red Sox are down 3-2.

    • al these news make me happy

    • Does that mean that you’re bridled and buttoned tonight bean?

      • On the contrary. I’ve got my hot pink shorts on + I don’t feel like death warmed up despite achieving many things today. One of the perks of multi-fandom is there’s probably always something to be happy about.

    • I’m am pleased

    • Did you hear dumbass Farrell the other day defending his players going after Escobar for taking third? When asked if he thought it was inappropriate for Escobar to take third when the Rays were up by 5, he said something to the effect of, “well that’s a grey area”.

      A grey area? What an idiot.

      You gave them the base, you moron.

      Oh yeah, and the very next day you scored 5 to tie it against Atlanta.

      Suck it Farrell.

      • How many Blue Jays do you think Fuckface is gonna choose for the All-Star game?

        • Oooh, good question. Only the safe ones. So probably, Melky, Bautista, EE and Buehrle. But it will really hurt him to pick more than zero.

  55. All right 6 more outs to go.

  56. So a third of the way into the season… is it a dead heat between Buehrle and Jesse Chavez for the Cy Young?

  57. Beuhrle was by far my favourite player of the big trade last year. I could never understand were anything less than ecstatic over his acquisition.

  58. Fuck you Lueke…

  59. ALERT: convicted rapist on the loose at Skydome

    • Some Juan should fuck his shit up.

    • Unfortunately he was never convicted of rape. “False imprisonment with violence” is what they got him for.

      Do not let this make you think he didn’t rape the victim.

    • As an old softball teammate of mine used to say to our pitcher every single time he was about to throw a 2-strike pitch, You got eem where you want eem, now get eem.

  60. Buck and Tabby should have not mentioned his name at all…scumbag.

  61. Here comes josh lueke you know him from the news. He’s been featured in stories such as “Josh Lueke is a Rapist”

  62. Phuck ya, Phat Juan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. The Juan is Fat!!!

  64. Fucking rapist

  65. Take that you rapist!!!

    Did I mention he is a rapist and always will be?

  66. nice

  67. Fat Juan does it again.

  68. What is the team even?

  69. I am the Juan and only.

  70. Fat Juan!

    good start, but it seems wrong that Cobb has been hit twice, and that piece of shit Lueke has yet to take a line drive to the balls (perhaps preventing future crimes?)

  71. Fuck me. So awesome.

  72. Thank you Fat Juan. You could not have hit a homerun off of anyone better. Fuck that guy.

  73. Yankees, OriLOLes, and Massholes all losing right now.

    *knocks on wood*

  74. I’m disappointed that Gose didn’t deliver a flying elbow there…

  75. Just catching up on the game. Kratz continues to display some solid bench man game.

    • missed it, but I assume you mean the golf clap? That contribution is already more than JPA brought to the table his entire time here…

      • haha…I caught that as well…Kratz in the shadows golf clapping Navarro’s shot from last night.

  76. I know scoreboard watching is a little ridiculous now, but fuck it… this is exciting. Both the Yankees and Orioles are losing!

  77. I’m assuming Phat Juan was pulled from the game so that he could “discuss” with the rapist how he hit his homerun.

  78. Yeah well, Delabar keeps this up and we might be losing.

  79. Uh oh, Delabad not Delabar

  80. Anyone notice Lind called Juan “Juan-E” to Edwin, as a pun to say Edwin is double e but Juan is one e?

  81. I can accept getting hurt by Longoria, but when scrappy little pieces of shit like Rodriguez do it, it’s goddamned annoying

  82. More rum required.

  83. Delabar has been fucking atrocious this year. I get the Esmil Rogers feeling every time he steps on the mound.

  84. Delabar has really not been good.

  85. Delabar needs to get his head unfucked.

  86. Helluva play by Gose to keep that from going to the wall.

  87. left that one up

  88. Good thing the offense is on fire cuz the pen is struggling big time.

  89. Shut ‘em down Goggles.

  90. lets just get to the 9th, goggles

  91. Thank Fuck. Bring on Casey.

  92. Goggles gets it done.
    Now we can hand it off to Casey

  93. Very LOUD inning there.

    Lucky to escape

  94. All right, gird your loins everyone.

  95. Rasmus wouldve had that

  96. can’t believe this is actually a game at this point…Delabar has been VERY shaky

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